One comedian just told the blistering truth about the 2020 election


The so-called “mainstream” media were in a rush to anoint Joe Biden the President-elect.

Networks instantly called razor-thin states for Biden while states that Donald Trump won by a large margin weren’t called until late.

And one comedian just told the blistering truth about the 2020 election.

Comedian, podcast pioneer, and filmmaker Adam Carolla is fed up with the authoritarian Left.

He produced the film No Safe Space to address the issue of radical leftists censoring speech, particularly on college campuses.

But the speech policing of the Left extends beyond universities.

In an interview with libertarian podcast host Dave Rubin, Carolla explained that the corporate press essentially rigged the 2020 election for Biden by suppressing stories that were harmful to Biden and favorable to Donald Trump.

Carolla said, “It’s not that the election was rigged, per se, by the states or the vote counters or mail-in ballots. It was essentially rigged by CNN, the Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, most all legacy and mainstream media and then Big Tech, all the Googles and Twitter . . . If you really think about it, it’s not much hyperbole.”

Carolla is correct.

There are only a handful outlets on the right that must contend with the entire Democrat Media Complex, which controls a considerable amount of what the average person sees.

Carolla continued, “If you think about just the Hunter Biden story as an example…there’s a story that’s a credible story and it would hurt one candidate. I don’t know if it’s three points or seven  points . . . it would definitely be damaging to one of the candidates.”

A study conducted by the Media Research Center showed that 17% of Biden voters across six swing states would not have voted for Biden had they known about at least one negative story about him.

The respondents had not even heard about the allegations against Hunter Biden, or the Biden family’s dubious business dealings in China.

They also hadn’t heard positive news about Trump such as his economy and jobs numbers.

Big Tech got in on the act, too.

The New York Post broke the story regarding Hunter Biden’s scandalous “laptop from hell,” but Twitter froze them out of their account because of an arbitrary terms of service violation that turned out to be bogus.

The corporate press without question put their thumb on the scale in the 2020 election to swing it for Biden.

Hopefully more people are waking up to the blatant media bias.