One college is abandoning its fight song for an unbelievable reason


The sports world has been turned inside out because of the rise of wokeness.

Fans looking to watch sports for escapism instead are finding biased political messaging.

Now one college is abandoning its fight song for an unbelievable reason.

The Texas Longhorns band said they would not play their fight song The Eyes of Texas before their game with the Baylor Bears.

The reason they gave was that the song at one point was performed by minstrel show performers in blackface.

The leftist notion that anything inappropriate at any point in history must be purged is reminiscent of Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

The song became controversial over the summer at the height of the social justice incursion from the radical Left.

Activists at the school insisted that the 120-year-old fight song be abolished along with a laundry list of other demands including 0.5% of the entire athletic budget going to Black Lives Matter, an avowedly Marxist organization.

Stadium attendance is still limited due to the coronavirus restrictions so the band wasn’t expected to play, but a survey of band members said that many were not willing to play the song at all.

University of Texas president Jay Hartzell said of the situation, “Together, we have the power to define what The Eyes of Texas expect of us, what they demand of us, and what standard they hold us to now . . . The Eyes of Texas should not only unite us, but hold all of us accountable to our institution’s core values. But we first must own the history. Only then can we reimagine its future.”

Despite the hectoring from campus activists, players joined together after their win against Baylor to sing along to a recording of the song.

Co-captain Ta’Quon Graham said after the game, “When it comes to the team, within the team, my honest opinion was it wasn’t an issue. But hopefully we can all put this behind us and we can move forward and just focus on ball.”

Once again, woke leftists are sowing chaos for no other reason than shameless power grabs.

Unfortunately, Americans’ good-hearted nature is being manipulated by Black Lives Matter radicals.

The organization has raked in untold millions in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death.

People need to realize they’re feeding the socialist beast that intends to devour them.

Eliminating fight songs is just a small part of a big totalitarian movement.