One church bent the knee to Black Lives Matter in the most disturbing way


Political “wokeness” is infecting every aspect of culture.

Media, academia, Hollywood, and even corporate America have been shot through with social justice messaging.

Now one church bent the knee to Black Lives Matter in a disturbing way.

Churches have not been immune to the infiltration of so-called “progressivism.”

Leftists have used religion to justify socialism, abortion, and other ideas that contradict the doctrine.

Now one church is using the Nativity scene to promote Black Lives Matter.

Reverend Karen Clark Ristine, the church’s senior minister, said of the exhibit, “We couldn’t think of any other issue that we wanted to keep under the light of the Bethlehem star than the need to address racism.”

Black Lives Matter is an openly Marxist organization that endeavors to subvert the nuclear family.

Their stated anti-family position was prominently featured on their website until it was finally scrubbed due to backlash.

The Black Lives Matter organization isn’t trying to end racism; it’s trying to spread Marxist ideas while fundraising in the process.

BLM has raked in countless millions of dollars in donations, and many local chapters have argued that they haven’t received any money from the national organization.

Donations to BLM go to ActBlue, a nonprofit that puts money into the coffers of Democratic candidates.

BLM is essentially a racket that’s being used to undermine free markets and sow chaos and division.

Unfortunately, many liberal churches have adopted this message.

During the Summer, the Jesuit magazine America published a piece that literally compared George Floyd to Jesus Christ.

The article read, “Jesus was laid on the ground to be nailed to the cross. George Floyd was laid face down on the ground and pinned by Derek Chauvin’s knee on his neck (along with the helping hands and knees of other officers). As time passed, Jesus suffered from thirst; George Floyd asked for water.

“Both Jesus and George Floyd were repeatedly mocked by their killers. Jesus cried out to his father, and George Floyd called for his mother.”

The people pushing wokeness are not going to stop until their radical ideology has been spread everywhere.