One author and activist just issued a stark warning about modern day “feminists”


The current “feminist” movement to destroy anything masculine has perverted a movement once based on equality.

Instead of choice, the current “woman’s movement” demands that women do what they are told, as long as their doing what feminists tell them to do.

That’s why one author and activist just issued a stark warning about what modern day “feminists” are trying to achieve.

Today’s feminists insist that stay-at-home moms and wives are an embarrassment to womanhood.

Their theory is that if more women had “fair” opportunities and could earn as much as men, no woman would actually choose to stay home.

Even leading politicians across the globe have fallen into this trap.

Just a few years ago, for example, French President Emmanuel Macron said educated women don’t have large families.

And American politicians as varied as Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have attacked stay-at-home moms.

Author and activist Elizabeth Broadbent, writing in Scary Mommy, summed up the current feminist view of stay-at-home moms in an article titled “How Feminism Has Left SAHMs Behind.”

In the article, Broadbent tells the story of Nell, who informed her graduate English class she was leaving school to “drop out, have babies, and run an organic farm.”

Broadbent went on to explain how appalled they all were.  That wasn’t feminism to them, in their minds she said, “Nell was violating every tenet of feminism we’d ever been taught.”

Among those feminist tenets, according to Broadbent were views like, you’re only worth the work you produce; use the talent you have; shatter glass ceilings; do anything a man can do; and, produce work on par with a man’s.

Staying home and having babies did not, of course, fit this definition.

Broadbent would follow Nell into the abyss by dropping out of her Ph.D. program to stay home with her son.

And she has harsh words for the modern feminist movement.

“Like the rest of the stay-at-home moms I know, feminism has left me behind. Feminism doesn’t see our child-rearing, much less all that goes with it, as valuable. There is no glory, no glass ceiling in poo-wiping, or mac and cheese cooking, or alphabet-teaching.  There isn’t even value in breastfeeding, which you’d think would be vaunted in feminist circles for using the female body for something only women can do.”

To be clear, Broadbent was, and still is, a feminist.  But a feminist who believes in, well, feminism.  The right of a woman to choose her education, career, and yes, child rearing and being a stay-at-home mom.

Yet the “feminazis” persist, insisting that women like Broadbent are just falling prey to patriarchal privilege and are not truly free.

In fact, at this month’s sparsely attended “Women’s March,” a big part of the agenda was to make sure the attendees knew that women cannot be truly “free” unless they are defeating men at every turn and advancing feminism.

To these modern day “feminists,” there are no free stay-at-home-moms.

But in reality, these feminazis are destroying womanhood, motherhood, and the very feminist movement they claim to represent.

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  2. “Today’s feminists” are an embarrassment, period!! I attended college. received two degrees and held a very important job in IBM for years. But when I married, I CHOSE to stay home and take care of my family. I NEVER wanted to be better than my male counterparts or belittle them. Or was out to prove anything! And how dare these radical feminists state any women that stays home to care for their family is an embarrassment. These so called women are insane and are truly out of control !! Their opinions mean nothing!!!

  3. Because feminists are democrats, and democrats hate when parents raise their own children.
    Democrats want the state to raise children, and indoctrinate them into leftist thinking.
    That’s why democrats oppose home schooling too.
    None of this is rocket science or difficult to figure out if you know how they think.

  4. It has less to do with “being a stay at home mom is as embarrassment” . . . It has EVERYTHING to do with WEMEN CHOOSING to be RESPONSIBLE mothers and HOUSEWIVES towards their families – which is something that the FEMINISTS do NOT do. The Bible calls it the “VIRTOUS woman, whose price is FAR above rubies”. It did NOT say “Feminists” which are WORTHLESS merchandise. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  5. I’ve been saying this for a few years. In fact, I wrote several research papers on it. Radical feminism is now the worst fascism there is. I applaud true and genuine feminists who simply embrace women’s equality and a fair society NOT dominated by one gender. But mainstream feminism has been hijacked by this new radical feminism that is evil and wrong and serves to disrupt humanity.

  6. When I grew up in Hampton, Virginia, not a single mom within the two block area where I played, worked outside the home. They made sure we kids behaved ourselves and if we did not, we were punished by the neighbor and twice as badly at home. We were taught to respect our teachers and if we did not, our parents backed the teacher. The word F**k was NOT in our vocabulary. Our mothers taught us a vast intelligent vocabulary on top of what we were taught in school. Curse words were not needed to express ones self properly. We were taught to respect our elders and be polite to others, to listen to all sides of a situation in order to make up our own minds about things. I could write a book on how wonderful that was and how much more “together” my generation is than today’s. I could also point out that women were top dogs in those days. They were highly respected by men and if a man did not respect his wife or left his wife, the judge took him to the cleaners in favor of the wife. During WWII women filled many of the men’s jobs while they were fighting for our country. And they were celebrated when the war was over, for doing so. I have no problem with a woman working as long as SOMEBODY is at home with the children. I personally am very upset with today’s woman’s culture. They spend so much time on their I-phones, I-pads and computers that they don’t read and inform themselves of history. And many, especially the Hollywood elite, often times are so scantily dressed that they may as well not have anything on at all and yet they complain about men accosting them. What do they expect? Some of the speeches at the last women’s movement I watched, were shocking. Women are making a huge mistake in my opinion.

  7. Feminists are the same as LGBQ people. They hate anybody and everybody that does not think like they do or condone their behavior.
    When democrats tell you they are tolerant, that’s just as big a lie as when they tell you Islam is the religion of peace. Basically, whatever democrats tell you the complete opposite is actually the truth.

  8. Linda’s first comment above is quite right. My mother was a stay at home Mom and had 7 kids, I was the oldest. My mother was a fantastic cook, could make clothes on a sewing machine, planted flowers and vegetables and her greatest pleasure was reading, she literally read hundreds of books. She just passed on at the age of nearly 98 and was a wonderful wife and mother. Modern feminists are completely missing the boat in life. If women don’t have kids, there will be no human race! Sure women can do anything a man can do, be a doctor, a fighter pilot, anything they want to do, but to shut out ever having a family to add to humanity is absolute nonsense which I don’t think most women would want. Only women can have babies and nurse them. Men can’t and neither can transgender women!

  9. That’s what Feminism was always about, the right to choose your path in life. Not to be forced by anyone, even other women, onto a single life path. Many old school Feminists still wanted to be mothers and wives, they just wanted it to be their choice to do so, not because they had to. They wanted the right to control their own lives without having to ‘get permission’ from their husbands to get birth control, get a loan from the bank, open a charge account or be able to work out side the home. It was the men who decided the movement was because the Feminists hated men and wanted to take their jobs.

  10. I have to agree with Squeaker comments. I over heard my father saying after my mother died,
    that the feminists movement would do a lot of damage to our country that was 34 years ago.
    How right he was. Motherhood is the most reward job when you can stay home and care for
    your children. If one does a good job, the real pay off is when we get to be 75 and up they will
    be there to help you. The woman that want to be Feminists and take over men’s job and the men’s
    world will have no children to care for them when they get old. Who wants to look forward to
    that outlook???

  11. I personally never wanted a stay at home wife. Not my job to support a woman if they are able to work.

    Now with that said I also believe the housework is everyone’s job so if my wife needs to shop I don’t have a problem picking up the load at home.

  12. Ah, more lies and distortions from the wrong wing (I guess that’s supposed to be right wing, but we know they’re wrong for the USA and humanity.) As long as you view feminists as enemies and not those who seek to bring all humans to the same level of rights and respect, you will always succumb to lies and distortions.

  13. The lefties need to learn a hard lesson about feminism. I am a woman, independent, great career. It would mean nothing without the love and support from my husband. I also support my husband, thats called a relationship, a marriage. He is my best friend and my love. If that sounds weak to some hate filled, man hating woman, so be it. Couldn’t care less.

  14. The Middle East is where females are second-class citizens in their respective societies. This is where feminazis should be protesting…..

  15. Jack, I truly feel sorry for you. I hope by some miracle you find Jesus before it’s too late because you will find Hell isn’t a fantasy. It’s real & it won’t be fun.
    I don’t know why you hate Christianity so much but I have a feeling it’s because you have seen people who claim to be Christians act like anything but Christians. Anyone can claim to be a Christian but a true Christian won’t announce that they are a Christian. You will know a true Christian by the way they live their lives. So Jack, don’t let anyone keep you from accepting the gift that Christ has offered you.

  16. Another part of the planned destruction of society. Even the anti-UN ( and rightly so!) John Birch Society railed against this many years ago in our study-meetings as the F movement was at that time rearing it’s ugly head.

  17. Thanks to the Government, when they took the parents rights in correcting their children, for fear of jail. These kids have gone to hell. They’ve learned how to use the system. In my days, when the police came to the house and a child said mommy or daddy spanked me. “Well then you needed it” was the response. These women have taken the values of a home and family down the toilet. I’m single and because of the way women are today. I’d rather stay single. They are not worth a dam. ARMY VET HUURAH!

  18. Feminist movement was never based on equality!
    The Birth of Feminism at Seneca Falls New York 1848, StudioBrule (YouTube)
    Get to know your average establishment elitest psychopath more intimately than they know themselves. Right now these psychopaths know you better than you know yourself & that means you lose the battles (even when you thought you won) & you lose the war.
    JIHADIST PSYCHOPATH: How He Is Charming, Seducing & Devouring Us, by Jamie Glazov.
    Your feminist traitor to womanhood is a leftist leader who knows you better than you know her.
    Get to know your Feminist traitor to all womenhood better than they know you, etc:
    The Birth of Feminism at Seneca Falls New York 1848, StudioBrule (YouTube).
    GODLESS: The Church of Liberalism, by Ann Coulter.
    DEMONIC: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America, by Ann Coulter.

  19. The absolute most offensive thing about feminism is that the majority of that group are more interested in dominating the male population than something they forgot long ago, simply put, being a lady. They live and talk like a drunk sailor and never think about the value and benefit of being a mommy, wife, friend and yes, LADY! My mother was a real lady and also mother of eight who was a strong disciplinarian, but an equally loving mom. She patched our injuries, kissed our bo bo’s and although not rich, never let us go without what we needed. The modern feminist wouldn’t have a clue when it came to being a real mom. Don’t get anything I say as an indication of how I think about the ladies in our world. Women, as any honest man will say are the best thing that happened to them. It’s just that too many women put their ego, as do too many men, ahead of the God given right to be a loving friend, wife, parent, caregiver or so many more things that are ultimately more important than that every man cowers in fear of the ladies or their power. Ladies don’t demand power they demand and deserve respect. Thank you Aritha

  20. yeah, like i respected and held a bank door open for a lady coming out..years ago..she gave me a look like a demon from H. Too many if NOT a majority of “murikan’ women have gone over to the dark side..fact. And you wonder why American men are marrying ‘ladies’ from overseas..most still are…ladies..but alas, they get corrupted after talking to the fems here..and that’s it–kaput…all fact..been there..

  21. What I found most ‘fake liberal’ in papers and so-called comments, lately, was the propaganda of putting “woke and women” into one pot. Real women. i.e. women who love what nature gave them and what makes them uniquely ‘female’ have no time for “wimmin” who live ‘woke and unhappy’ in bodies they hate, because they don’t want to have sex, love and children but see their role on Earth in work, career and money – and turning the whole (dehumanized) humanity into a bee hive: full of workers making honey (all female – but not developed) while there is only “up there” one – doing what? having babies (and not thinking of abortion even one second)
    Let’s face it: Both are wrong: Queens and automat-bees. And the ‘woke’ “men”? – Just give them the inverted commas. – And the “liberals” and “progressives”? Real ones – without inverted commas? – I haven’t seen any lately. You can’t hear or see them, because they are not allowed to speak, or show who and what they are: Men – Women – children – all hated “bigot” creatures of the past – and even if they’re black or brown, they are “white supremacists” – named so by the new Overlords who pretend to still be “poor victims”.
    It is high time that real people stood up and insisted in their rights: Of thinking in terms of logic – not ideology, living lives as nature made them – not as sick dreams; and still believing that Nature, Science, and Real Knowledge are not humanity’s enemies – but wild ideologies and virtual worlds are! It’s time, Men and Women, be what you are and stand up!

  22. CONCUR: LINDA M., above.

    I am a woman of color and a professional. My femininity is a facet of my identity. Men, graced with testosterone, are the other half of the human race — they, with all their teen hormones, angst, strength, should be honored; not, vilified.

  23. If they have their way; these very radical so called feminists will be directly responsible for the demise of human kind. They are not feminists in a true sense. What they are is bitter, selfish, and destructive.


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