One actress said something about President Trump that infuriated Hollywood


Almost all of Hollywood is livid at Donald Trump.

It’s no secret the liberals in the industry despise Trump, and it’s only gotten worse in light of the Chinese coronavirus.

But one actress said something about President Trump that infuriated Hollywood.

The coronavirus has done significant damage to Hollywood, as it has to other industries.

However, out-of-work waiters and waitresses aren’t engaging in tear-filled meltdowns on social media like many celebrities.

Some celebrities are using their platform to rail against Donald Trump and the Republicans’ response to the Chinese Coronavirus.  But one actress went against the grain.

Actress Kirstie Alley, a Trump supporter, angered Hollywood when she praised Trump on social media.

She tweeted:

“Dear Mr. President, I want to thank you for your recent decorum, sincerity, and care towards us. You’re taking charge and leading in a manner needed and wanted for this country. I highly commend you for your boundless energy and willingness to solve problems. Thank you.”

Producers, comedians, and others immediately jumped all over Alley because Hollywood is essentially a monoculture where very few outspoken conservatives, Republicans, and even libertarians can work without severe backlash.

It’s not uncommon for conservatives to get dropped by their agents or have deals fall apart because of their politics.

It recently happened to James Woods despite a long career as a successful actor.

Vince Vaughn, a libertarian, was pilloried after he was photographed shaking hands with Donald Trump at a football game.

Alley’s tweet shows the divide in the country.

The leftists in Hollywood only get their news from left-wing sources, so they’re unaware that they’re out-of-step with the American people.

According to poll data, a majority of Americans approve of Trump’s handling of the coronavirus scare, yet leftists in Hollywood believe Alley’s tweet is somehow preposterous.

And while Trump’s White House press briefings rack up huge ratings numbers, Democrats are contemplating whether or not they should air them.

The fact that left-wing news outlets are arrogantly discussing how not to cover Trump’s pressers shows that the corporate press no longer serves its purpose.

Instead of informing the public, they’re trying to shape the narrative to fit a particular agenda.

That’s why Trump calls the corporate press the enemy of the American people and that’s why he’s right.

Will liberals in Hollywood begin to realize that their influence over the American people is fading away?

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  2. Never been a fan of Kirstie Alley, so I never thought I’d be supporting her – but, I do support her honest post.

    On another note… this hatred emanating from Hollywood, tears Trump is just the truth of who these “Fake” individuals are. They are intolerant, bigoted, racist ones! They are self-centered, selfish & totally immoral.
    Which is why I’ve all but ceased to watch anything from them.

  3. What have democrats always accused Christians and conservatives of being besides racist?
    Answer: intolerant.
    I’ve always maintained that whatever comes out of a democrat’s mouth you can trust the complete opposite to be true.
    Democrats are the most racist and intolerant of any group of people.

  4. Gerald Ladd- There we’re only 12,000 thousand deaths in the US, you lying, moron trumptard pos.

  5. Thank you Kirstie. Maybe some of the other idiots of hollywood should stop their Trump bashing and try to pull together. This is serious and all their worried about is illegals. Time to stand up for the American people. God Bless USA & President Trump.

  6. @Michael Hylant…….find your mommy….you need a diaper change…..yours is full. H3N2 got far more than that.

  7. Thanks, Kirstie but to be honest I don’t think we can make enough pacifiers to shut the Follywood children up. They think their childish opinions are important because they are SOMEBODY………in their own minds, that is.

  8. These HOLLYWOOD stiffs have their heads so far up their Asses, they have glass belly buttons, so they can see where they are going!!!

  9. What Hollyweird has forgotten is where they got their wealth. These pampered egotistical creatures became important in their own eyes because “we the people” CONSERVATIVES paid to see their movies and put money in their pockets. Ungrateful SOB’s I say! Politics should not be a part of their curriculum, or sports, or entertainment of any kind – it’s like cutting your nose off to spite your face!!!! Thanks Kirsty Alley for your support of President Trump!!

  10. They’re legends in their own minds. They think that because they act as doctors that they know better than the real ones, what a joke. If they want to do something, they should get up off of their brains and donate some of that cash that we the people spend to see their movies.

  11. I’ve followed Kirstie Alley for her years. Unlike many Hollywood lacquered celebrities’ she’s a real person with problems with things like weight. I’m not surprised that she thinks for herself and not joining the mindless Trump hatred.

  12. Now Hollywood will understand when people no longer go to movie theaters and pay ridiculous prices Even for 2 people to go out….wait…
    Are they ready for the real survival part instead of acting the part?

  13. Thank you Kirstie Alley for speaking up knowing you will get extreme backlash from your constituents. You being a strong Trump supporter is a huge welcome for us! Please keep showing your support, we need so many more like you to help. As you already know President Trump is doing a fantastic job with our country and even with the hatred he has been given from the liberal left he is going overboard to get this virus totally gone. God Bless you Ms Alley and God Bless our president. Trump/Pence 2020👍🇺🇸❤️

  14. Hey Don, WRONG. But you keep believing trumptard, Fox Noise, Breitbart lies. BTW, love your typical trumptard response. You dimwits have the mental capacity of a dead monkey.

  15. Hey Michael, are you an actor or do you just play one on tv cause you sound exactly like the Hollywood gasbags we hear from denouncing President Trump,When President Trump is elected in 2020 Ill bet your panties will really be in a twist.

  16. Gene Hudson-another dimwitted response from another dimwitted trumptard. You idiots are too Goddam stupid to realize everybody is LAUGHING AT YOU. And everybody HATES YOU. When Traitor Trump loses in November all of you trumptards will have to crawl back under the slimy rocks you came from.

  17. Michael H. Your extremely sick hate and name-calling shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that YOU are the dimwit. You are proving that you have a total lack of intelligence. You just come here to spew your sick hate and lies. You have no concept of the truth

  18. ONLY 12,000, MICHAEL are YOU serious? You talk like those lives are nothing! Are you that inhuman in thinking of only numbers?
    Your hatred is scary! Good luck with that!

  19. Michael, look in the mirror to see a total idiot. NOTHING you say is true. Pres. Trump is doing a LOT of good for this country. Name ONE THING he has done that makes him a traitor. YOU CAN’T!!!!!!!!!! He has done nothing wrong. And I know LOTS of people who support Trump and MOST are very intelligent, far more intelligent than you. Judging from your comments your IQ must be around ten. Take your vile hate and name calling somewhere else. This is a Christian site and Jesus forbids it. It is obvious that satan is your master

  20. satan is gaining more and more of a foothold. He will cause as much chaos as he can. The left denies God and follows satan. They are extremely dangerous, as they are using this virus to push their vile agenda. There is a battle raging between God and satan and satan is doing as much damage as he can. But we know that God wins and satan and all who follow him will go to Hell and we will be free of them for eternty

  21. MIchael, not only are you a sick hate-filled liar, you have no concept of the English language. Please take an English course. And you accuse us of being morons. You need Jesus and His great love for you. He will free you from your hate

  22. Thank you so very much Kristie Alley for not being afraid of what Hollywood things of the rest of us true Americans. I am a Christian first and I trust Trump and believe he love our wonderful sorry for the few that can not see that.May God bless us .

  23. I’m not much of a commenter but happened to read this in my Junk mailbox. That being said, I’m astonished at the childish back and forth, name calling, disparaging stuff being spewed here. It’s great to have your opinion because it shows you’re involved with what’s going on in America and I applaud that. However, some of you are displaying childishness as well as a lack of intolerance for the opinions of others. What’s wrong with some of you? I’m sure I’ll be castigated by some of these people who know that I’m referring to them. All I’m saying is that we should respect the feelings and opinions of others, even though we disagree with them.

  24. Barbara, I was correcting one of you other trumptards that said Obama let 100,000 people die when H1N1 was around. Try to keep up, you fkkn idiot.

  25. bj, that was an awful lot of lies you were posting here. It would of been easier and quicker for you to just admit you are a lying, pos, braindead trumptard. You joke.

  26. Michael, read your own sick post. You have proved my point perfectly. What I said is the truth. Name ONE lie. You can’t. Your vile hatred is very clearly there. You need Jesus to heal you. He is waiting for you if you ever want Him, but very sadly you have chosen satan. That is very obvious

  27. “And while Trump’s White House press briefings rack up huge ratings numbers, Democrats are contemplating whether or not they should air them.”
    They don’t like it when they make themselves look like fools.

  28. Michael Hylant – I guess you are the liar. And, a very hateful person. SHame on you.
    as of 3/27/20

  29. Saltnlight ANOTHER trumptard imbecile. I was correcting one of your imbecile fellow trumptards who said 100,000 died during the H1N1 virus while Obama was President. Which is a lie. I WASN’T TALKING ABOUT CORONAVIRUS. You stupid, uneducated, illiterate moron. HOW THE FK CAN YOU TRUMPTARDS BE SO GODDAM STUPID?!?!?!

  30. @michael hylant: you have disturbing factors working in your life, i am afraid with your mental state and anger you will wind up suicidal. just relax,take a deep breath and take hope that trump will not cut off your welfare check and food card. last but not least please stop watching cnn and msnbc it is not good for your mental state.

  31. Pelosi.Schumer.Schiff.and Waters are leaders of the little Hollywood swamp rats..keep being corupt and the lord will wash California right out to sea.

  32. Trump has backbone. The dems are spineless jellyfish that kiss China’s ass with well puckered lips! This from a lifelong dem!

  33. Mike H, you really believe your own drivvel?
    12000, 100000, 1000000 . . . any real diff?

    Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!

    « Back. POST IT THEN!

  34. Michael, you are extremely vile and need lots of help. Do you even know that this is a Christian site?? Jesus forbids your sick hate and attacking us. It is obvious that satan is your master. Read the New Testament and find the great love that Jesus has for you. He can cure your hatred

  35. Michael, every time you post your vile name-calling you prove your low IQ. You don’t even have the intelligence to have a decent conversation. You just hate. You are a very sad creature

  36. Michael, I am far from retarded, you fool. I am a college graduate and from your sick comments, it is very obvious that my IQ is far higher than yours.

  37. She said this?
    “Dear Mr. President, I want to thank you for your recent decorum, sincerity, and care towards us. You’re taking charge and leading in a manner needed and wanted for this country. I highly commend you for your boundless energy and willingness to solve problems. Thank you.”

    Gee, I thought she was finished with rehab, so sorry to see her slide backwards again.

  38. It is likely Kirstie Alley knew what the repercussions would be by thanking the president. And still she showed the courage of her convictions to voice an opinion. Good for her.

  39. Liberals always resort to name calling. They have no other ammo in their arsenal. THEY know the establishment flushed America down the toilet.

  40. Kristie thanks for having the courage to say the right think – we don’t see that out of Hollywood !

  41. Michael, you need to post on a site where everyone DOES NOT think youre a moron, if you can find one

  42. I am sure that the fact that my wife and I haven’t been to a movie since the first of the Star Wars pre-guiles and have not contributed our $13 to $15 for tickets or $5 to $6 for a tub of stale popcorn is hardly missed by Hollywood. I refuse to spend my hard earned money on the trash that is produced in Hollywood and passed off as entertainment. The only way to get the attention of the Hollywood elite is to stop going to their movies, hitting them in the pocket book is the only way. This of course will never happen because the Millenials just fall all over themselves just to get an autograph from one of these so called Movie Stars. These clowns make one movie and suddenly they are stars. I have seen some of these stars get caught in an impromptu interview and they struggle to put together a basic sentence, which proves that without a teleprompter they are nothing more than babbling idiots, and these are the people our children look up to. What a sad world they live in. If brains were gunpowder they would even be able to blow their noses.

  43. Great of Kristie to show guts and say what you feel…hopefully the hollywood actors will open their eyes and see what you say is true…maybe if they lived in the real world they would get it..

  44. I have never understood why the “Hollywood Elite”consider themselves to be so right about everything in the world! And why most of them are so liberal. I am an older American citizen and I am a “moderate” if there is such a thing anymore. I certainly admire Kirstie Alley for having the guts to support President Trump. He is doing a fantastic job of leading this country in very difficult times.

  45. Thanks Kirstie, for having the guts to stand up to those Hollywood slobs, we love you! Maybe everyone in Hollywood will get the Covid-19 virus, then board a one way ship to Mars!

  46. The reason why the Hollywood high-brows hate Pres. Trump so much is because they can’t relate to him. This president has the gift of being able to connect with the common man (and woman) who live in everyday America, and that’s the reason his Trump rallies are flooded to the brim with his supporters. People feel that they finally have a president who knows what their everyday lives are like, and Pres. Trump seems to prefer hobnobbing with everyday people….the people who he says are the backbone of our country and yet have never been given a voice….until now. Thank you, President Trump, for taking the time and making the effort to LISTEN to the everyday people!

  47. Hollywood makes good movies, that’s why we even acknowledge them. But they are actors and the ones who claim to know more than the majority of the population who live a different life than they know that they are only actors who live in a make believe world. They should stop believing that they know better than the hard working person who cleans up after them, brings them their meals, and washes their clothes. America is built on the right to have a difference of opinion and they want to take it away from everyone else. Shame on them.


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