One actress is protesting the Heartbeat Law by telling men they should be forced to do something unimaginable


Leftists are having a total meltdown over Georgia’s pro-life Heartbeat Bill being passed into law.

Alyssa Milano has even started a “sex strike”.

But one actress’s protest takes the cake when she demanded men do something unimaginable in response to the new law.

Normally, Alyssa Milano leads the fight in Hollywood as the most unhinged, radical leftist.

She’s led the effort to get Hollywood to boycott the state of Georgia and corralled an army of celebrities to join her.

But this time Evan Rachel Wood had the honor of the most insane form of protest.

The actress tweeted that all men should be forced to undergo mandatory vasectomies instead of banning abortion after six weeks.

Breitbart reports:

Hollywood actress Evan Rachel Wood took to Twitter over the weekend and joked that men should undergo mandatory surgical sterilization in response to Georgia’s “Heartbeat” abortion law, which prohibits a woman from aborting her pregnancy in the state after a heartbeat is detected.

“Please. We have been abused and used enough. They want control of our bodies. I cant even begin to explain the terrifying implications of this. Help. Please,” the Westworld star said. “They are going to try and overturn Roe vs Wade and countless women are going to die. Everyone STAND UP.”

Evan Rachel Wood later added a much more serious take on the issue which has kicked off a Hollywood-backed boycott campaign in Georgia, over the legislation Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) signed into law earlier this month.

Evan Rachel Wood’s tweet was greeted with a massive response of extreme left-wing activists retweeting her in support.

Hollywood hasn’t been this upset about something since Donald Trump was elected to the presidency.

These celebrities would rather use their fame and fortune to promote unregulated abortion than promote a cause to feed the hungry.

Alyssa Milano, Evan Rachel Wood, and the sea of celebrities dumping millions of dollars into Planned Parenthood all have the power to effect great change.

Instead, they’d rather force the state of Georgia to have unlimited and unregulated taxpayer-funded abortions.

What do you think?

Should these celebrities focus their attention on real issues that everyday Americans are dealing with?


  1. GOD prohibits abortion…..You have a problem with that?…Take your problem to HIM…..Have a blessed day….

    • If you don’t have sex outside of marriage 99% of the abortion problem would be resolved!!
      Committing adultery is also against God’s commandments!!!

    • God prohibits abortion but at the same time the states who are passing these extreme laws are doing it, not to appease God, but to test Roe v. Wade in the Supreme Court.
      One thing they may not realize is that the Supreme Court may as easily rule for the existing ruling “Roe v Wade” and find the states ruling unconstitutional.
      States have the right to intensify what the high court rules but not to reduce the meaning or actions.

  2. This whole question of Abortion or not is so concerning or should be to all Americans. Look at what happened in China back in the (70’s or 80’s ) I dont remember which, the Chinese government mandated strict family size concerned about over population. Families were supposed to be kept only as replacement of parents no additionalchildren. Especially hard hit females, many new born female babies were put to death. They were concerned woth a shortage of male workers and over population of unemployable females. It was during this time that many American couples looking to adopt here found our restrictions (more big government regs) were so severe many couldnt qualify so many of these couples adopted Chinese female babies. Now tghe hinese have found they are very short of people in this age group a whole generation is in trouble. Here in America we are making abortion a life style statement but at a time in the future we will be short of people paying into our retirement system be it Social Security or what ever to maintain the retiring members. So the killing of babies to harvest the body parts and for a life style statement will priove to be a bad situation

    • Bill – so now you want more babies so that the Social Security system won’t run short of money!! Rather selfish of you don’t you think?? How about you take over having some of these babies, rather than leaving it all to the women. As I’ve said repeatedly men want women to be “baby breeders”, especially “old white men” who control the legislatures in most states. And your story about China is full of holes and half-truths!!

      • Typical troglodyte feminist statement. The lack of knowledge from these raucous, venom spewing women is mind-boggling and seem to be men haters. God designed the human body as male and female for the purpose of creating new life and families. So Nance, men can’t have babies!!!!!! Get it! As for the information about China, it is absolutely correct. You and your minions are in favor of killing off the future generations who will provide for the aged, sick, poor, disabled, etc.etc. who are always with us and as worthy of respect and care as you are. Women need to be proud of motherhood as they used to be. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

        • Cynthia:
          What in hell is a troglodyte?? If that is what I am I deserve to know your definition. And again you are wanting women to be those “baby breeders” to supply more babies!! How stupid can you get?? Immigrants coming to this country will be able to resupply those babies also. Did you forget women will still be having babies no matter what. Why aren’t you paying into your own retirement account, 401K, 403B, etc.? Social security isn’t enough to live on anyway. I know as I am still trying it today. I work part-time even though I am 80 years old.

          • “baby breeders”

            You need to learn REALITY woman have a choice DO NOT HAVE SEX or take the chance on having a baby.

            Normal women actually want to have and raise children because that is what NATURE COMPELS THEM to do just like all other species.

            If you did actual research into how abortion came about you would find that it was RICH WHITE PEOPLE not wanting to care for their children that resulted from ADULTERY combined with those like “margaret sanger” who wanted to control what they call “HUMAN WEEDS” that pushed for them to be LEGAL in the first place.




            The argument that it was about HEALTH or SAFETY of women getting the procedure FAILS when look at how many victims of abortion clinics have DIED or been MUTILATED because the only thing the abortionists cared about was killing the child with no requard to the health of the “patient”.

            Do some actual research instead of just spouting the tired old disproved PROPAGANDA points used from the start of this argument.

          • Nothing says anything about women becoming breeders. Spreading one’s legs and becoming pregnant is not a requirement but a personal choice except in the case of violence since there are a number of different means to prevent pregnancy.

            Humans evolved to fit specific niches as a result of physical and cultural anthropology. Women evolved as nurturers and men as hunters. Women to bear and rear children have certain physical attributes which men lack.

            Throughout history there have been armed conflicts between peoples. It has been men who fought and died in those conflicts. There is a valid reason for this. Those men who returned home were capable of fathering children with more than one women in order to rebuild the population. Women could bear one or more children toward that goal. No man has ever been able to bear a child in order to rebuild a society. Rebuilding a population would take much longer if women fought in wars while men remained at home caring for children since the women who returned would be fewer in numbers thus limiting the number who could become pregnant.

            Essentially, your view is one of wasting millions of years of progress in evolution. Feminism is DE-evolution. Notice that there is nothing in my comment which says God wills it. It is natural selection. It worked fine up until WW2 when women went to work in the war plants to allow more men to go to war. After the war, women decided that they no longer wanted to be responsible for the raising of children. Look around and see what that has brought us.

            Women should be proud of their role in motherhood. It’s a role men can not do.

          • Actually men CAN raise children. When the mom is killed, dies or leaves, there are many men today raising their children. I see stories everyday that disprove what you wrote. Women are even serving in the military now and are gone from the home for months at a time. The dad is raising the kids, whether you like it or not.

          • a. often Troglodyte A member of a fabulous or prehistoric race of people that lived in caves, dens, or holes.
            b. A person considered to be reclusive, reactionary, out of date, or brutish.
            a. A nonhuman ape. Not in scientific use.

          • Thanks, but no thanks. I have already looked it up. That is quite an insult to me, but it won’t stop me. I am a very intelligent woman and have every right to write whatever and whenever I want to this group. You all need someone to disagree with as you seem to all think the same way. Whatever is the reason for a group to exist if everyone agrees??

      • Hey Nancy , how about be responsible and use some sort of birth control or how about a novel idea keep your legs closed !! Talk about selfish satisfaction for one’s self and disregard for human life , the morals of this country have gone to hell in a hand basket !! Twelve days after conception you have a heartbeat !!!

        • {Hey Nancy , how about be responsible and use some sort of birth control or how about a novel idea keep your legs closed !! Talk about selfish satisfaction for one’s self and disregard for human life , the morals of this country have gone to hell in a hand basket !! Twelve days after conception you have a heartbeat !!!}

          That’s right – blame the woman again. She has to be responsible for it all according to you!! Keep her legs closed, take birth control – just where is the man’s responsibility in this whole thing?? Why don’t you think that the man has anything to do?? You are a complete misogynist!!

        • {Hey Nancy , how about be responsible and use some sort of birth control or how about a novel idea keep your legs closed !! Talk about selfish satisfaction for one’s self and disregard for human life , the morals of this country have gone to hell in a hand basket}

          Hey Larry!! How about suggesting that the man in the situation take some control and responsibility for birth control also?? Since when is it entirely the woman’s job to supply birth control?? Oh I get it!! The woman is always at fault – it is never the man!! A woman is always wrong if she gets pregnant. So she has to be punished by being made to carry the pregnancy to full term. I get it that abortion is not the best form of birth control but it is essential to still be allowed as there are so many irresponsible folks out there having sex and making babies!! So Stop blaming the women!!

      • I agree, a long time statement has been…. when a boy has to raise the baby by himself then and only then will males think twice before bringing a child into the world.
        Unmarried people ( usually just kids themselves ) have always been looked at as the boy goes home and lives his life as nothing happened while the mother has the burden of responsibility for the unplanned and usually unwanted ( at that time in their life ) child.

      • Exactly, but is this not part of the “time” when Trump and Republicans think America was at its finest?
        Women barefoot in the winter and pregnant in the summer … and in the kitchen saying yes dear to everything their man said?!

          • How about the lady either insist on the man helping in birth control prior to the act or why don’t they get their tubes tied?

          • Why should a woman undergo tubal ligation when she may want children but at a later time in her life? Or are you suggesting that the man should have a vasectomy??

    • 19,000 children die each day, and you want to bring more children into our world to suffer immeasurably a living hell in poverty, sickness, and starvation? are you going to give these children a good life, free of poverty, sickness, and starvation? the world is over populated, and these are the end times, and it will not be good for people with children, Saul’s God told Saul to kill every man, woman, and child, what do you think about Saul’s God?

    • Thrse women who call for a sex strike or vasectomies are the same women who make a living promoting sex and probably were on a few casting couches.

    • Me too. Sure doesn’t give you a pass. I did it so my wife wouldn’t have to have her tubes tied. Now I still have to hear from all these other whining bitches.

    • Why don’t you get an education, and learn all other ways to give each other pleasure, and show your love for each other, do you know that a woman can have the biggest orgasm ever that she can’t get from intercourse, with anal intercourse, did’t know this, did you, I know 4 ways of natural birth control.

  3. Soon an event will occur that will make California, especially Hollywood happy. Soon all the Christian people will disappear and then you can have it any way you want for awhile. Then things will turn really bad world wide for a few years. So good luck!

    • They will have many illegals and no one to support them. The politicians will be trying to find more money to waste/steal on themselves.

    • Robert – we’ve been threatened with that for years, eons actually. How soon is soon anyway?? Hundreds of years, thousands of years – on and on. It’s a lie but yet you keep passing it on. Please focus on reality. We need to promote adoption. There are literally thousands of kids in foster care that need loving families. Do your good deed for the day and pass it on rather than the falsehoods you have been fed!!

  4. I can’t believe how devastated some of these people are because their ability to kill babies my be limited, or taken away! Poor things! Try hunting rabbits instead!

  5. There is absolutely no reason a debate should even exist on the topic of abortion. If a woman does not want to get pregnant…..simply abstain from sex. Use common sense and be responsible.

    • Abstinence causes adultery how about having sex other that intercourse, I know 4 ways of natural birth control, and 2 ways to give a woman the biggest orgasm ever that she can’t get from intercourse.

  6. I have a better idea for all you hollyweird dipsh**s —- let’s cut out your vocal cords and break all your fingers so that NONE of you can talk or tweet. Makes just about as much sense as your lunacy.

  7. If society wants the women to have choice in abortion fine but the government MUST NOT PAY….. let the women pay or their insurance pay…insurance could add an abortion approval but the insured would have to pay more monthly…The government should not have ever got involved with paying for abortions. If the person was raped there are charity organizations that would help with payment. Get the government out of it. Because when we say government pays that really means the tax payer pays.

    • I agree 100%! It’s not any of my business what people do in their personal life, as long as I as a taxpayer am not responsible for their expenses. Rape cases have DNA now to help determine the accused. I don’t think it existed when the Roe v. Wade decision was made.

  8. 55 to 60 million abortions since 1973 !! We also are losing population faster than replacing it. Social Security could really use 55 million more contributors ,instead of going broke every 20 years.

    • The problem with statistics is they can be so easily manipulated (and liberals do it so often) no one believes them anymore even when we have an actual accounting from the “medical” community.

      If we took the numbers of every “x people die of x every x” claims we have seen and calculated one years total from them, then added the births for that year to the existing population and subtracted the total from the x dies of claims we would have a negative worldwide population.

  9. God forbids killing the unborn and HE also calls queers a abomination
    and marriage is between a man and woman. so you queers are of

    any church preacher that tells different is of the satanic occult and belong to satan. LIKE IT OR NOT.

  10. It takes two people to create life. are we that stupid that for the past 46 years we have been killing our babies as an answer to a pregnancy. while the so called Plan parenthood can supply all women in America with some birth control pills.. If they want to have sex.. Take the pills so you wont have the kill the baby. I ask are we that stupid? BIRTH CONTROL>> MANY OPTIONS YET THEY CHOOSE MURDER>Will it take another 100 years to see the light? ARE WE that Stupid.. (No sex ,no baby, no murder ,no guilt.) period.

  11. I believe it now.Heard several years ago about a Doctor that was losing eyesight and mind.He threw away the baby and kept the afterbirth.She must be that afterbirth.No morals,Intelligence,or GOD in her life.Just complete ignorance and Stupidity.

  12. I don’t understand. Hollywood has a problem with abortion. There are at least 12 non invasive ways to prevent pregnancy including after the fact. Are they that stupid? Besides from what I see on tv all male actors in Hollywood are gay.

  13. I think we should boycott having sex with Alyssa Milano I’m sure there’s been a line in that hole. We have so many forms of birth control and yet these people want to kill a unborn child because they want to go and screw around without being held accountable for what they do. I wonder if any of them think about what if their mother considered aborting them before they were born or the ones that do have kids and now their kid wonders if mom would have preferred to abort them. Hollywood is a fantasy land they are not above anyone their people stupid ones but just people

  14. Why are we listening to people whose only claim to fame is that they are the best liars in the world. these are twisted people.

  15. America and our children would have much more hope for the future if 100% of Godless democrats/liberals would permanently sterilize themselves with stupid Rachel Wood first in line! These fetus shredding communist sympathizers are exactly who the founders warned would destroy this country.

  16. Abortion is MURDER and murder is against the law, but abortion is against GOD’S law. Only God can decide who lives or who dies. Your body is a temple a temple of God and only he can decide if you get pregnant or not. You who believe in abortion, are the recipes of Satan and you are doing Satan’s work. You will die and sit at the side of you god, Satan and burn in the fires of hell forever.

    • What about the 19,000 children that die every day in poverty, sickness, and starvation? are you going to stop these deaths and give them a good life? well are you? these children would be better off not being born, look at this hell hole of a world we have, Nibiru, the 10th planet that circles the our sun about every 5,124 years came last year closest to us in Nov. and is circling the sun now, and will be coming close to us around July 4, and causing asteroid impacts, it is bigger that Jupiter, as stated in Revelations, a lot of destruction here, keep an eye out for it, and prepare to survive. you can see it in the morning around 12:30 to 4 AM before it gets light out, it’s in the South/ east to South horizon.
      and it will not be good for those with children.

      • I think you need to do a little more research. There is no such planet and it did not wipe out the Earth in 2003 or 2012 or 23 Sept 2017. Those were years when it was predicted to happen so try again. The dingbat who came up with the idea of this planet did it in 1995 and claims to be able to talk extraterrestrials with a brain implant she has. I think she ad a cranial rectal inversion.

  17. Alyssa Milano Has the best idea,
    This will save the lives of countless babies. It will solve the problem.
    I want Alyssa Milano to find the nearest planet, and take her thoughts
    with her

  18. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Muslim Demoncrat Party & RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception,Fake News(Russian Collusion & Jussie M hoax)the list is endless!And the clueless minions that follow them!

  19. Alyssa Milano is a mindless nitwit! No decent man would want to have sex with her anyway, her big mouth would ruin it! She does for attention because she is a bad actress! So let’s see…no brains, no decency, and no sex. That’s three strikes jackass! You’re out!

    • She is one of the reason they make 11′ poles. Because no right thinking man would touch her with a ten foot one.

  20. I am all for women stopping having sex – that is, at the end of every dinner date as dessert, with the Boss she is trying to seduce, with her favorite pick after the day she is at work in her skirt just below her buttocks and her blouse unbottoned to show all that is legal of her boobs.
    It is about time women become ladies again with morals and a dress code that isn’t meant to be seductive. It is about time that the greatest gift God gave us is to be a Mother, but they are causing this to be prounced another way. WAKE UP! Women are allowing themselves to be used as throw away toys.

    • Peggy – there it is again!! It’s all the fault of the women. Men are never to blame for any of it are they?? Peg, you are on the wrong bandwagon!! How about teaching men to keep their pants zipped?? Why are we raising a generation of boys and men whose only goal in life is to ogle women and get “laid”?? Something wrong with this picture!!

  21. For Evan Rachel Wood to make the statement that men should undergo mandatory vasectomys was and is as moronic as it gets! That is as moronic as saying women should have mandatory hysterectomys! For those opposing anti-abortion laws, let’s not forget WHY the pro-life supporters have raised their heads to fight back! After New York passed their late term abortion law and Virginia came out a week later, or so, with THEIR version of late term abortion law of allowing a mother the choice of whether her baby lives or dies, the “tolerance threshold” of pro-lifers” was demolished. New York and Virginia lawmakers and pro-abortion individuals danced for joy over murdering new born babies!!! It was AFTER these laws were passed that pro-lifers started the mad dash to stop the abortion extremists! Now that states have retaliated, Evan Rachel Wood is saying women are being abused and men should undergo mandatory sterilization surgery! you know, Evan Rachel Wood, that could be a two-way street! Watch what “ideas” you throw out there… Yes, after New York and Virginia passed these bills and danced for joy after doing so, the tolerance level of abortions was destroyed regarding abortions. So, if Roe-v-Wade is reversed, this would fall solely upon the Democrats that took abortions to this new level that teeters on murder. In a murder case where a pregnant woman is killed, the murderer is charged with 2 counts of murder. That is a claim that TWO lives were taken in said murder. That means that the baby, inside of the womb, is considered a living human being. I agree wholeheartedly with that statement. When a heart beat registers, that baby is alive and growing inside of that mother. I disagree that there are no acceptations to abortion, though.

  22. What amazes me most is that some women want abortion to be their legacy. I must be crazy to think that being kind, there for the needy, clothing and feeding the homeless, caring for our service men and women, making our world a better place, is just a few things I consider far more important to do. I have three children that I would give my life up for, not theirs. Are women today really so selfish? I don’t think so. I think they are just caught up in the brutality and hatred that has become the norm in our country. Please, all people, gather together in prayer, for the sick minded people who believe taking a life is their only way.

  23. Oh Please! Its exactly like the Dictionary.Years ago people learned proper English.Then things started to change.New Slang Words were introduced into the dictionary along with words and terms from other areas in the world.WHY?We are English speaking people with particular standards as in Marriage,Religion etc.Those that have come should Stop trying to Change our Basis for Life.Get With The Program!!!!!

  24. Look the fact is this if a woman so chooses to be alone in the world then it is her choice to render her body to not ever be able reproduce. But to demand that men do is not proper. that is a man’s decision to make when and if he so chooses to end his ability to reproduce as man and his choice alone to make not be forced to make. But to me if a woman ever so chooses to end that ability to ever reproduce than I would never be with such a woman ever. for no reason she would forever be alone and remain untouched by me forever. I would never love her at all or offer her comfort!!!! But no woman is ever going to demand that I end my will to reproduce ever. If I ever married it would then be our choice to talk about it and decide but I still will never my ability for no reason. Again it is her right but if she ever ended her right to have a child I would not be with her at all. But no woman is ever going to demand that I do this to my body.

    • Rickie – oh so you “get” it. You DO want control over your own body. How is that so different over women wanting control over their bodies?? Just because you don’t have the internal hardware to carry and birth a baby, shouldn’t give you the right to decide how women use or don’t use their bodies!! Again, free birth control for everyone should be how this issue is handled.

      • When will the democrats “get it”. NOTHING IS FREE. Someone has to pay for it. Again. The feminist wants everyone else to always pay for them to do whatever they want. FREE birth control. FREE abortions. Well, I’m tired of paying for all your demands. You know what’s the cheapest form of birth control? Keep your legs closed. When married, you and your husband can plan a family, based on your economic situation. That’s what my wife and I did. We planned a family, but realized we could only afford two children, so we then stopped. We didn’t have more children and then say, “we want everything for free for the kids we couldn’t afford to have” Maybe women should think along those lines before they get pregnant with an unwanted CHILD. a live person.

        • Who said anything about “free”?? We are talking about the right of a woman to control her own body?? And again you are blaming the woman for becoming pregnant! “keep your legs closed”. How about “keep your zipper up”!! That is the cheapest form of birth control. A man has the same responsibility to either abstain or do his part to prevent pregnancy. Maybe a man should think along these lines before he gets a woman pregnant with an unwanted CHILD!!

  25. Just more gum flapping by narcissistic village idiots of the left. While I’m not against those men who want one, women have more options to prevent pregnancy than men especially keeping their legs closed.

  26. Talk about DISTORTIONS! This article is so FULL of right wing insanity that I would not know where to begin.

    I will, however, correct what I think was the REAL purpose, of the suggestion, that men be sterilized.

    I would say that, any man, who is anti-choice, SHOULD be sterilized!

    And, by the way, the “left”, as this article refers to us Democrats, are NOT in favor of “drive-through” abortions. In fact, what we are in favor of is giving women the same power, over their lives, as we, MEN, demand, for ourselves.

    I just wish the right wing would STOP placing its own “twist” on Scriptures.

    When the Bible was written, THOUSANDS of years ago, the Earth was about 2-5% populated. This is why the church could write “Be fruitful, and multiply”.

    In the present year, of 2019, this planet is supporting about 150% of what it was designed to support.

    This is why even Pope Francis is calling for smaller families.

    Until we develop Warp Drive engines, and Sub-Space Radio, and can colonize other worlds, we need to act INTELLIGENTLY. Not Theologically.

    It is time for Common Sense, NOT Scripture. We need science, to solve our problems, NOT Bible verses.

      • Norman and Nancy, what you BOTH fail to realize, or accept as fact, is the unborn baby IS a person, who deserves the same “rights” as women demand. Women don’t have the right to commit murder. And any way you look at it, the unborn ARE people. Are alive human beings. Below Nancy references “fairness”. What is fair about abortions, or the entire reproductive process. Men can be “ordered” by the courts, the government, to be fathers. “get involved in the child’s life. Be a father, pay child support. FAIR would be women being ordered by the same court to be Mothers. Women claim “the right to choose” because it’s their bodies. What about the baby’s body, the baby’s life. Women claim the right to kill these children. If women want 100% total and complete control of the entire birth process, then they can accept 100% of the responsibility. THAT would be fair. No more courts ordering men to be fathers, women aren’t ordered to be mothers. Men have no say, have zero rights through the entire process. No rights, no responsibility. That would satisfy Nancy’s call for fairness. If you don’t accept that a formed human being is a live child, who just needs to finish growing and developing, and men have zero rights, then go ahead, allow women to make all decisions, just accept ALL the responsibility. No more “trapping” men with a baby. No more deliberate babies by wealthy men, just to get $20,000.00 to $50,000.00 a MONTH in child support. If a women can’t be ordered to be a mother, IE: no restrictions on abortion, then in all fairness, neither can men be ordered to be fathers, therefore NO child support. Women want their cake and eat it too. They want 100% of the rights and decision making ability, then they can accept 100% of the responsibility. Like you said you wanted Nancy, what’s fair is fair, even when it’s not in your favor. But that’s you democrats, you want your cake, and eat it too, dictating others feelings, and even their thoughts.

        • So if the unborn baby is a person, the mother can then start collecting child support even before the child is born, say at 6 weeks of pregnancy?? Now that would be a good thing, so that the mother-to-be could have some income once she is unable to continue working and even after the baby is born. That would be a good thing, don’t you agree?? Also the unborn baby could also get a social security number and be registered to vote. That would surely speed the process of legal business along too. In reality though very few men are held responsible for a pregnancy – and made to pay anything. They are rarely “trapped” into anything!!

          (“But that’s you democrats, you want your cake, and eat it too, dictating others feelings, and even their thoughts.”) And another thing – this dictating to others you accuse me of. This is exactly what “old white men” , you included Joe, want to do to young women. You want to “dictate” how women use their bodies. That’s all this fight for abortion rights is about – controlling women!!

    • There has always been a choice it is called ABSTINENCE.

      Recently science added the medical options of vasectomy or getting their tubes tied. So there is NO LOGICAL call to KILL children once they exist especially in the name of POPULATION CONTROL vs the long list of those who are incapable of having their own seeking to adopt a child.

      This MURDERING of children has already ceased being a CHOICE in some nations and is MANDATORY POPULATION CONTROL just like Sanger and her EUGENICISTS argued for before our congress demanding BIRTHING LICENSES be required to eliminate “HUMAN WEEDS”.

      Had they not pulled/censored the actual video of her testimony before congress I would have linked it here.

  27. #DemocratCultIsDone NOTHING democrats or liberals ever says will ever be AS IMPORTANT as their celebration of BABY KILLING & history will NEVER forget or FORGIVE when ALL democrats voted TO KILL BABIES AS THEY ARE BORN. THAT alone invalidates EVERYTHING they will ever say anymore. The entire WORLD joins in DISGUST of America’s liberals & democrats. History will NEVER forget or forgive the Democrat CULTS heinous act & celebration of killing babies as & after they are born… EVER! The #BabyHolocaust will be told for GENERATIONS to come. Democrats crossed over into CULT. HUGE DIFFERENCE between left & right is the right would GLADLY give their lives for their children & left would kill their child to save their own life and/or make it more “convenient” for themselves…ENOUGH SAID

  28. Being forced by society to carry a bag of cells that a rapist created in a woman’s body seems not unlike being forced by society to run into a burning building to attempt to rescue someone you don’t know who is in the building through no fault of your’s.

    • Which is completely irrelevant to this law or abortion in general.

      Look at the National Crime statistics of RAPE in the US vs the number of abortions per day they are not even close to the same.

      This law is does not STOP ABORTION it RESTRICTS it to be done PRIOR to the development of the fetuses heart.

      In other words to a time frame where you can still argue that it is not a life because there is no detectable heartbeat. As opposed to some ABORTIONISTS who actually kill partially born fully developed babies. An act NY actually tried to legalize after the conviction of several people performing such abortions.

  29. My My My The Stupid is Strong in Whorelyweird Except for Rapists Real Men have NEVER HAD CONTROL of a Woman’s Body!!! It’s always been a Woman’s Choice to have or Not Have SEX but if that Choice is to have SEX and it Results in an Unwanted Pregnancy Most women Usually Check after a Missed Cycle before a Heartbeat is Detected and can Chose to Abort Than Rather Later When the Child and I say Child because it’s Heartbeat is the 1st sign of life after the Creation !!!!

  30. “These celebrities would rather use their fame and fortune to promote unregulated abortion than promote a cause to feed the hungry.”

    Oh, but don’t you know, Alyssa Milano is terribly concerned about feeding the hungry . . . dogs! Haven’t you seen her pleading crocodile tears begging people to send money to animal rescue organizations to protect tortured pets?

    I don’t have a problem with being kind to animals, but it seems to me her values are totally screwed up.

  31. she has a great idea . . . and all liberals should obey her orders; it can only result in fewer babies being born to zany liberals (those that can escape being aborted or murdered after birth)

  32. All liberal women should be spayed like a feral cat.
    But please don’t release than back into their old or even into a new colony because they continue to spread disease.

  33. Never feed an illegal or a liberal.
    Just like feral cats, if you do feed them, they will stay and it is extremely difficult to get rid of them. They are leeches upon society!!

  34. So the feminazis want to boycott Georgia? Let’s organize a boycott of Harveywood and the state of KRAPaphornia.

  35. Bottom line.. sheeeet is sheeeeet and murdering babies is the most loathsome sheeeet that exists!
    Fu.k off dirty, murderous trash!!

  36. There is never a reason for an abortion if you had unprotected sex or were raped since there is the morning after pill (which is also available to most teenagers as well) not to mention the multiple other methods available (IUD, pills, condoms, etc). Women need to be more responsible for preventing pregnancy if they do not want children. The men can do their part by using condoms with spermicide, vasectomy, or abstinence and communicating before having sex how to prevent it

  37. I wish we could just click a thumbs up on some of the comments. Trapperwv1 & Ronald Harston here is a thumbs up. And the whining women for crying out loud have more respect for yourself, tell the man NO.

  38. If a woman wants no children she can either not have sex, use birth control, have her tubes tied. These women are ridiculous. In one breath they say this is all about their bodies, and in the next the either want to sterilize men or kill their babies. We know half the time they never consult the man about an abortion anyway, if they even know who it is. And killing a poor tiny developing person is not fair to anyone, especially since half of those are baby girls. Just keep your pants on ladies, or sterilize yourself. It is called personal responsibility.

    • Yes, blame the woman again!! It’s all her fault. Men are never responsible in any way for the pregnancy. How about telling the men to use birth control?? Oh no, you can’t do that!! You can never tell a man to use birth control – it’s always the woman who has to be the responsible one. Men are too DUMB to use birth control??? Men have rights that women don’t??

  39. There is a reason why the President has to be over 35 according to the Constitution. Because those under it are not smart enough yet. ERW is living proof of that.

  40. Why should men have vasectomies??? Women get pregnant when they have sex, for centuries this was prevented by abstinence! Now women want to have unprotected sex and when they get pregnant they want a tax-payer paid abortion! Plus now they want men to get vasectomy! WELL LADIES and that is a stretch! If you are such sluts and don’t want to take any responsibility, I say get your slutty selves sterilized then the problem is over!

    • If women have to be sterilized then men have to have vasectomies!! What’s fair is fair. So men let’s see you all step up and take some responsibility for birth control too. It’s not all the woman’s responsibility!!!

    • Are you so dumb that you are still not aware that men are a part of the problem also? Since when is the decision all the woman’s? Both parties to the sex act are equally able to use birth control. So you need to say, “If men don’t want to have children, all they have to do is not have sex”!! Simple as that!! Problem solved!!

  41. Well Nancy probably never had a boy friend or a husband and if she did most likely one or both of them committed suicide to get away from her.

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