One actor just floated this wild theory about the coronavirus


The Chinese coronavirus has caused major disruption around the globe.

Hollywood is one of the industries that has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic.

And one actor just floated this wild theory about the coronavirus.

It seems as though some Hollywood celebrities are going stir crazy without constantly being in the public eye.

Many of them are posting videos on social media, and some are even melting down.

British singer Sam Smith began to cry during a quarantine livestream.

Now another British celebrity is flying off the handing in light of the coronavirus.

Acclaimed actor Idris Elba, who tested positive for coronavirus but hasn’t had any symptoms, had a crazy theory about the coronavirus.

During an online interview with Oprah Winfrey, Elba said the coronavirus was Earth’s way of striking back against humans.

“Our world has been taking a kicking. We’ve damaged our world and, you know, it’s no surprise that our world is reacting to the human race,” Elba said.

This radical environmentalist talking point is nonsense.

Earth has endured catastrophes far greater than the coronavirus before man roamed the planet.

The degree to which human activity affects climate change is unknown, but that doesn’t stop activist environmentalists from using the topic as a scare tactic to glom power.

Elba continued, “There’s no surprise that a virus has been created that is going to slow us down and ultimately make us think differently about our world and ourselves . . . That’s like for me, that’s a standout thing that’s very obvious.”

The lesson we should take away from the coronavirus scare is that wet markets in South China are a terrible idea and should be shut down.

Wet markets that trade in exotic animals carrying all sorts of dangerous illness have been the source of several deadly outbreaks.

Also, the Communist Party of China suppressed evidence of the virus and spread disinformation.

One study shows that 95% of the outbreak could’ve been contained had the Chinese government acted sooner.

Elba added, “This is almost like the world’s cry out to like, ‘Hey hey hey, you’re kicking me, and what you’re doing is not good. So I’ll get rid of you,’ as any organism would do is try and get rid of an infection and maybe this is it for the world.”

That line of thinking has been used to justify nightmarish ideas like authoritarian population control.

What are your thoughts about Elba calling humans “an infection”?

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  2. Where did we come from – another planet, dimension? We ARE the Earth’s creation and creatures as much as any other. We have, in some cases, created a complex set of cultures and history, but we are not an alien pestilence. Idris should review his basic school courses and wake up from his Hollywood sci-fi fantasy.

  3. We are not the earth’s creation. We were created by God. The earth is nothing more than a ball of rock and water. The earth is not a god or a living organism. The earth does not take revenge.
    Because the left rejects God, they have created their own god, called mother earth, and their own savior we call the state, (government). This religion is called secular humanism.

  4. If one thinks this COVID-19 is bad …wait till you see a second sun appearing on the horizon…
    Will you panic, party or get on your knees praying it will not come close???

  5. I agree that this virus could be a warning to humans about our rejection of decency, but not a warning from mother earth but from the Creator of the Universe. I personally believe that at some point God must say enough! Enough hate of God and the people who confess Him as our Savior. People openly condemn Gods people and we should all know that, “God will not be mocked,” so at some point He will correct the sinful ways of men and women.

  6. Who is this person that many people, including me have never heard of until he got sick. This is one of the many stupid statements coming out of their mouths. Our earth as endured so much worse and never gave us this. Wake up all you egotistical rich idiots. So sorry you can’t get your face on TV any other way. WAAAA Stop crying and start trying to help with all your money. Donate what you can and quit whining. A lot of people have it a whole lot worse. Wake up. President Trump has done an amazing job and all he gets is crap. You should be on your knees thanking him for all hes doing and has done for this country.

  7. The idiot who is 1. an actor; and 2. given access the media; and add 3. a person with the virus of the day needs to be shut up and the media, including her majesty Oprah need to stop allowing such stupid opinions out into the real world. Add to that, outlets such as Culture Watch News should be loudly shouted down by the any legitimate media left on fostering stupidity by such as Oprah and the afore mentioned “actor”.

  8. This President is a shock to the liberal left. He can’t be bought. He sounds and acts more like normal thinking american folks, rather than a career politician. He says what he will do and does what he says.
    The president loves his country and its people. Results are what we want. Can’t wait to see what his 2nd term will reveal.

  9. My wild theory: the coronavirus was created in a weapons lab, “got away” and escaped. And, people have been trying to cover up the story and the TRUTH ever since. This sounds as good a “theory” that I’ve seen so FAR . . . Who knows?!? Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  10. We think God has given up on stupid people because they have been multiplying at an frightening rate! These people are just the latest example but they believe they are so exceptional nothing applies to them! Only the commoners must suffer!!

  11. U.S. patent, (Patent # 10,130,701), for “an attenuated coronavirus” was granted in 2018. The patent was filed by the Pilbright Institute. Some of the major backers of the Pilbright Institute include the World Health Organization, the European Commission, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Could be used as part of a vaccine as a carrier.
    Bill Gates is already on record as saying we need more vaccines and vaccination programs because we could reduce the population by at least 15%.
    This virus is apparently weaponized using its capability as a carrier for a vaccine or similar “organisms.”

  12. “Our world is reacting to the human race”
    This possibly is the stupidest statement I have heard or read all week.

  13. This is how the communists will push the Green New Deal. They’re getting what they want all because idiots are fearful of the super flu. Airlines are shutting down now. Thanks a lot.

  14. Actors are the most dangerous critters on earth, when there is no script they think[dangerously} if I make noise about something everybody will think that I know what I am talking about.when in reality they haven’t got a clue. most are given their education not earned by any kind of work. all have no moral compass, ethics, or conscience. just because they have money burn ,that is no reason to think that they are smart….

  15. Comments like these, from Idris, are beyond my capacity to come up with a wiity comeback because these kinds of comments are so backwards, so ignorant and sooo not helpful to real people, real suffering, and real life. Blaming climate change, man made or not , for COVID-19, ranks right up there with the idiots who said the world has AIDS because God hates gay people. Same stupidity, same ignorance

  16. I just had a friend tell me that she saw an older man step outside his house, take a breath and collapse. I replied that it could not have been due to the coronavirus that the man had just inhaled. She wasn’t in a mood to debate and shouted me down so I left. But if that sort of rumor is spread around it can cause more panic and disruption and we don’t need any more of that.

  17. Now that is about the lamest theory I’ve heard so far. He should realize that you don’t have to speak every stupid thing that your brain thinks.

  18. Disease is nature’s way of thinning the herd. It’s happened before, it will happen again. Get over it.

  19. Before we blame another regarding the Covid-19 virus, may we each look at our lives (as no one is perfect-but not an excuse to do wrong things called sin) Did we do any of the following ( a few of ) greed, hate, lie, cheat, accuse without truth re, immorality, sexually, same sex sx, same sex marriage, cheat, abort His creation ( those 2 little that got together to make you, were already programmed with your eye, brains, heart, looks, on and on- all those veins running through your body, on and on and you think He can’t bring back to life those who follow Him believing in truth and ‘faith) try to make His man into a woman and vice versa, putting God on the back burner and plan to be blessed – God is still in charge and if we disobey we get what we chose against God for. Not His choice, He wants obedience and blessing His people. Drag Queens against God’s word, people don’t hate the sinner, they hate the sin and can’t support against God. You can have a personal relationship with HIM but, you have to seek Him with all your / our heart and soul, meaning it. He knows your/ our thoughts, hears and sees all we do in dark or light. Read His Word, get the truth. Satan is busy wanting us to fall from God to eternal damnation as that’s where he goes. Thrown out of heaven, and wants to take people away from God in retaliation. Let it not be us. God is Love. God is great.

  20. Progressivism is a brain eating virus, and most of the Hollywood trash have been infected since long before Chinese virus came about.

  21. Earth’s way of striking back against humans????? Does he have any clue that the earth is an inanimate object and cannot see, hear, reason, or strike? These idiots are getting wackier and wackier. It came from CHINA and CHINA tried to cover it up. Guess he doesn’t care about that

  22. Becky, God is in charge of nature and everything else. All evil comes from satan, including this virus. He knows that his time is short and he will cause as much chaos as he can. Don’t believe in God?? Then what are you doing here?

  23. “This radical environmentalist talking point is nonsense.”
    Yes it is, so why did you call this crazy talk a theory? Theories are hypothesis that have been studied and have considerable evidence in their favor. This is not a theory. If you wanted to be diplomatic you might have used the word “speculation”. But using the word theory is incorrect, a butchering of the language that as a writer you are supposed to know. It is an expected part of your expertise.
    I know people commonly use the term “theory” for every crazy idea that pops into someone’s head, but your profession is a good reason why people misuse this term. You can do better. You SHOULD do better.

  24. The article is mistaken about him exhibiting no symptoms.
    Obviously, the virus has affected his brains…

  25. The “religion” of atheism/human secularism/Darwinian evolution, etc. will not “have the last laugh.” Proverbs 1:24-27, “Because I have called and you refused, I have stretched out My hand and no one regarded, Because you disdained all My counsel, And would have none of My rebuke, I will also LAUGH AT YOUR CALAMITY; I will mock when YOUR TERROR COMES like a storm, and your destruction comes like a whirlwind, When DISTRESS AND ANGUISH COME UPON YOU.”
    The Word Of God has been disregarded by most of mankind, much to our own chagrin !!! The earth is not God, but is only a portion of God’s creation, as are we humans.

  26. Sure miss the good ole days when we had actors/actress with acting ability, morals and conscience. What we have today in Hollywood are actors/actress with little to no acting ability, no morals and no conscience.

  27. I used to kinda like Idris….but now??? These actors should REALLY shut up bc they all look SOOOOO stupid when they speak. They live in their own world – could care less about the people who are their audience – and are attention whores who can’t stand not being seen. Just shut up Hollywood

  28. The virus may be God’s way of thinning our the extreme over population of this planet, how much more do they think it can handle

  29. Ok, I will play the game of “The Earth Is Striking Back At Us” I have a very different, and much more plausible reason, though.
    How about, it is crying out and striking back on behalf of the millions of innocent babies we have flushed into the ground in the past 4 decades.

  30. John J…God has nothing to do with this virus. All evil comes from satan who is causing as much chaos as he can before he is thrown into Hell. He is doing a good job of it. As for overpopulation, God knows how many of us there are and what this earth can sustain. It seems overwhelming to us, but He knows what He is doing and we should not question Him. He will end it in His time and all who follow satan will be gone

  31. Perhaps, COVID-19 is a sign to return to God. To repent.

    To relinquish unGodliness, especially the sacrifice of babies, materialism, consumerism, atheism.

    Revelations: the Bible lives. The opposite and backward of “live” is “evil.” First Commandmant: love thy Lord with all thy Heart, Mind, Soul, and, Strength.

    Thank God for President Trump. In God We Trust.

  32. For starters, I’ve never heard of this Elva person and have no idea who she is. What makes any actor think we should swoon all over them just because they got a few lines in a movie? I don’t take advice from any manual laborer and that’s essentially what an actor is. They don’t produce anything; they just appear in something.

  33. never herad of this idris and if he is in the hollywood sphere of dulusional envirnomentalist.he should just shut up and be home.he comes at people with fear tactics and hate. not someone i myself think is worth wasting two seconds on

  34. Thank you Idris your correct china should become instinct there a dirty country and we should open our industry to stop them. All people getting federal money should have to work & get paid as well as collect there paid to help our country be great again. Dems hold you down trump helps pick you up.

  35. The LEFT has always believed in GOD. Silly Rabbit –
    Humans, always thinking they are so Superior.
    Listen, Learn and React to the TRUTH not lies
    PEOPLE are to blamed for this Pandemic. not God.
    see Superior.


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