Officials at the FDA are resigning over Joe Biden’s horrible COVID messaging


Before the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan one of the things the Biden administration was most well-known for was its terrible messaging.

Biden and his own Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, are rarely on the same page on any issue.

Now officials at the FDA are resigning over Joe Biden’s horrible COVID messaging.

As if the vaccine debate isn’t already heated, add in possible booster shots and the country has become absolutely incensed over the issue.

Earlier this month, Joe Biden announced the plan was for every adult to get a booster shot eight months after getting the second shot.

The White House announced this amid the “supposed” surge of the delta variant, which they claim has double the risk of hospitalization for unvaccinated individuals.

However, the FDA did not provide guidance to Biden on the issue of booster shots.

It appears the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) and Biden’s favorite government agency, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) spearheaded the decision on booster shots.

So now the United States is stuck in the middle of a battle between medical agencies.

Dr. Mark Siegel told Fox News that the clash between the FDA and the White House has created a “mess for the administration.”

“There’s a lot of confusion, there’s a lot of finger pointing . . . this is a mess for the administration right now,” Siegel stated.

Recent studies out of Israel indicate a significant reduction to the spread of the virus.

But the confusion between health officials and Biden is complicating matters.

“It’s a combination of things where the messaging is coming out of the White House and not of the FDA, and also out of the NIH with Tony Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins has said, ‘Hey, we might have the vaccines for the 5 to 11 year olds in a couple of months’ … well, FDA hasn’t reviewed the data yet. And with the boosters, the president himself said, ‘We’re going to get boosters in a month,’ and the FDA says, ‘Wait, we haven’t reviewed the data yet,’” Dr. Siegel explained.

Now the FDA is saying two Directors at the FDA are leaving over the confusion.

They say the FDA has not reviewed COVID booster shot data therefore making Biden’s statement nothing more than a matter of opinion.

Of course, how this statement by Biden is any different than all of his previous statements, remains a mystery to many.

This has never been about the science to the Left.

Is the FDA just realizing that now?

Biden continues to fail as President, but the Democrats refuse to hold him accountable.

America is in terrible trouble under the current administration.

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