Obama’s most radical plan for the U.S. Military is on the verge of becoming reality


Barack Obama badly hamstrung the U.S. Military.

He cut defense spending while entangling the country in more foreign conflicts.

But Obama’s most radical plan for the military is on the verge of becoming reality.

One of Donald Trump’s first actions as Commander-in-Chief was giving the armed forces what they needed and rolling back dangerous rules of engagement instituted by Barack Obama.

The result was the swift defeat of ISIS.

While Obama forced the military to fight with one hand behind its back, he also strained resources by requiring top brass to permit an expensive social experiment.

Obama allowed transgender individuals to serve in the military, which resulted in 161 surgical procedures and $8 million taxpayer dollars spent.

Trump ended that practice despite a legal challenge from activist judges in lower courts.

But one Democrat is pledging to reinstitute Obama’s transgender policy.

DailyWire reports:

The head of the House Armed Services Committee, Democratic Rep. Adam Smith of Washington, has made it clear that in 2020 he will push for legislation in Congress to permit transgender troops in the military, a perspective which the Trump administration has generally opposed.

Smith stated, “Even if we know (Senate Armed Services Committee chairman) Sen. Jim Inhofe and Donald Trump won’t change their minds, do we want to take another run at it and how? We’ll be discussing that with a lot of people,” as Military Times reported.

In March 2019, the Defense Department approved a policy largely barring transgender troops and military recruits who were transitioning to another sex from joining the military.

Not only was the “progressive” social engineering costly, it potentially weakened the lethality and readiness of the armed forces.

Transgender people suffer from gender dysphoria, which is listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5).

Transgender individuals also have an astronomically high suicide rate of around 40%, even for post-operative people who didn’t find the mental peace they sought.

This is a tragic situation, but the military is not the battleground for such issues.

People are barred from serving for issues far less challenging than gender dysphoria.

Nevertheless, radical leftists will still push to use the military as their plaything.

Do you think putting people with a high suicidality in the armed forces is a good idea?

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  2. Anyone that presentes a mental or physical problem with the performance of military functions “must” be banned. Most, if not all, transgender people are suffering from some form of mental instability and this alone makes them unfit for a strict military commitment.

  3. So … it’s okay to spend millions of taxpayer dollars to appease someone’s mental disorder but it’s not okay to spend millions to protect our borders …. sounds like some people in high places also have mental disorders. It’s not up to the taxpayer to pay for someones whim to deface their body.

  4. ANYONE that has any doubt we Conservatives are not correct in our way of thinking, all they have to do is actually SEE what the demon party is promoting and standing for! These mentally challenged ” transgenders” will be signing up to join our military just so they can get their surgeries on the taxpayers dollars! Then be ruled unfit for duty. Not to mention weakening the defense of great country. But that’s all part of becoming part of the NWO, isn’t it?? TOTAL control over it’s people. Good God these Leftists are TOTALLY insane!!!

  5. How many years was allowing transgender surgeries available? 2, maybe 3 before President Trump stopped it, and they did 161 changeover surgeries at a cost of 8 million to us taxpayers. Just like illegal aliens, you give them free stuff and they will come. Allowed to continue the TG recruits would probably double or triple each year until it wud take half of the military budget just to take care of the medical needs of people whose suicide rate is 40% even after they have had the surgery. I like the old policy of “Don’t ask. Don’t tell”

  6. Paying for Transgender Surgeries is like paying Planned Parenthood to Abort Babies. You want that done, do it yourself with out Taxpayer funding. Its like paying for the Alaskan Bridge to Nowhere. It only makes others feel like hey I need to get this done, so I am going to demand that Taxpayers pay for it. No Way No How.

  7. This is exactly INSANE to feel the taxpayers should be responsible for a person’s personal desire, and for our military strength to be weakened for the same.

  8. my cousin was rejected from the service because he has bi polar so it galls me to see them wanting to allow transgenders to serve. Bi polar can be controlled by taking inexpensive librium while transgenders use the service primarily to get tax payer funded unnecessary surgery and hormones to make them into something they are not and can never be!

  9. These people don’t need to be coddled as it’s now coming out that many are regretting their surgeries and want to reverse the process. It’s no wonder they are mentally unstable and it seems as if those that encourage this are also. Those that convince these unstable people to do this will answer to God since they think they can play God. Our God has said “I will not be mocked.”

  10. Democrat Rep. Adam Smith can take his Mental Deficient Transgender desire to allow the freaks in the Military and stick it where the sun does not shine


  12. Graham Says Trump’s ‘Biggest Lie’ Is of Islamic State’s Defeat
    October 7, 2019

    “One of Donald Trump’s biggest defenders in Congress rebuked the president’s decision to step aside from Kurdish allies in Syria while Turkey’s military advances, saying it would result in the re-emergence of ISIS.

    “ISIS is not defeated, my friend. The biggest lie being told by the administration is that ISIS is defeated,” Senator Lindsey Graham told “Fox and Friends” in a phone call Monday. “The Caliphate is destroyed, but there’s thousands of fighters” still there.”


  13. Social experimentation is not a good idea in the Armed Forces. Women belong and men belong, but a male wanting to be a women or vice-versa does not.

  14. Put ALL of the TGs in a single company and cut orders for them to serve in the ME. Let’s see how many of them follow orders and how many blue-on-blue incidents occur. I suspect they will just kill eack other rather than the enemy.

  15. Oh, come on guys……you just have to do what King David did—-put them on the front line and let them swing their purses for defense. Solving two problems with this. The demoncrats get what they want and we eliminate the problem.

  16. As long as Trump is our President we won’t have to worry what Congress passes because he has to sign it into law.

  17. Dear Queer people.

    Not being rude, just straight forward and honest with you.

    Science is a real thing, so here goes.

    Sex has two separate functions:

    PROCREATION: For the continuation of the Species.

    REcreation to ensure the PRIMARY ROLE of sexual intercourse.

    For Conception to occur, there needs to be a Living Sperm Cell from the Male participant, AND a Living Ovum from the Female Participant, thus LIFE PRECEDES Conception.

    There are ONLY TWO Genders, because any more are Unnecessary for the PRIMARY FUNCTION of the REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS.

    Now, all this ‘sciencey stuff’ may seem scary and hurtful, but it is REAL SCIENCE and if you don’t like it, then that would make you a SCIENCE DENIER and you don’t want to be a SCIENCE DENIER do you?

  18. This is just like our government to have zero commonsense. They want to pay for transgender problems but our discharged vets are living on the streets.

  19. I am a war veteran. All of this allowing individuals with a high rate of suicide, to participate in battle, is absolutely absurd. I can assure that the people that are driving this, have never been in a war battle situation.
    I can also assure you that if you were to fire a weapon next to one of these people, they would probably feint.
    I can not believe that the United States is even allowing these kind of discussions. It is pathetic. The politicians that are driving this, just to gain their votes, need to be assigned to an active war zone for a tour or two.

    God Bless America!!!

  20. This is the height of insanity. Taxpayers should not foot the bill for gender reassignment surgery. Let Obama pay for it. If he can have 3 multi million dollar homes, he can certainly pay for hundreds of surgeries. What a buffoon was he?????? Also, he could house homeless vets in a couple of those homes. Nasty Narcissist .

  21. All transgenders are disfunctional. That’s what makes them transgenders. Being transgender (not accepting reality) isn’t a physical abnormality; it’s mental, and it can’t be fixed by surgery. Those who think it can also have a mental deficiency.

  22. Same old tired right-wing garbage . Yawn . Obama did not ‘weaken ” the US military in any way . Trump lied when he accused him of doing this , because he’s a pathological liar . eE don’t need to “strengthen” our military . It’s already the biggest , most powerful and technologically advanced military in world history .
    But Trump is using this lie as an excuse to waste billions and billions on totally superfluous military expenditures which are desperately need for other things in America : rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure ,
    improving our public schools, creating jobs, improving our terrible medical care system, which is the worst in the industrialized world , providing help for college students with tuition , making life affordable for Americans etc .
    Trans people in our military have done absolutely no damage to it. They’ve shown they can be every bit as good at their in the military as other people . Firing first rate people merely for being transgender is grossly unfair and barbaric . And these people are NOT “mentally ill “. All the more reasons why Trump must NOT be reelected this November ! He’s done more damage to this country in only three years than all the previous presidents combined !

  23. If you ask me it’s the people who volunteered to join the military that are the ones that have the mental problem. Go Iran ???????? take out the trash in the WH. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  24. When I graduated high school in 1983 I went to join the service I went to all four branches and when we got to the end of the form there was a question that read ” do you have any physical defect that would keep you from military service? ” I had a kidney removed as a child so I was considered ( 4F ) I sent a letter to the Surgeon General asking for a waiver “NO” was the answer, I have gone through life doing all the things everybody else does everyday with no problems, and I was denied ? figure that one out. Now certain government officials want to be P.C. and let individuals enter service and then expect the taxpayer to foot the bill for a sex change operation when I was denied for a kidney, sounds like I was discriminated against by the government back then. So ” NO ” I think this qualifies as a mental/physical defect that is ( 4F ) and would bar you from military service. So Rep. Adam Smith can use his own money to provide their surgeries if he wants this to happen, this is an elective surgery like plastic surgery not a life threatening must have surgery. Do we pay for women in the service to have breast augmentations ? or liposuction ? “NO” we do not, as said before that is elective not necessity and is therefore paid for by the person who wants it.

  25. Allowing people who have a mental disorder into the military is absolute idiotic. Those who choose to have surgery should be paying for it not the government. When they have the surgery it is supposed to make them happy and usually they find that their misery is the same or worse. The reason they are unhappy can not be solved by mutilating their own body. I have recently read several accounts about this very thing.

  26. Allowing people who have a mental disorder into the military is absolute idiotic. Those who choose to have surgery should be paying for it not the government. When they have the surgery it is supposed to make them happy and usually they find that their misery is the same or worse. The reason they are unhappy can not be solved by mutilating their own body. I have recently read several accounts about this very thing.

  27. My ABSOLUTE requirement of the military is that the FIRST standard is READINESS. My number two is SPARE PARTS which relates to the first. ANYTHING that detracts from readiness borders on TREASON because it is theft from taxpayers and detracts from defending our shores. Women in combat positions with men? On ships at sea? Fags? Cross-over deviant fags? Get them out.

  28. maybe, they can fight in a dress and be put on the front lines headed by Adam Smith, and Adam Schiff as cannon fodder!!

  29. I totally agree not having or allowing people who have a mental disorder to serve in the military should not happen.

  30. I agree, it is totally insane. Why should our tax dollars pay for these sick people to have this surgery. Makes no sense at all!!!

  31. You are one sick piece of Camel dung. Go get your sex change but pay for it yourself! Americans have real issues to worry about.

  32. Military is a serious business we don’t need gays or tranny’s or any other pretend life style in our military….

  33. jack, you are an extremely sick deranged TRAITOR!!!!! You belong in prison. The trash was taken out of our White House the day the Obamas left. They were also traitors. So you hate this country and our freedom and do not want it defended. Actually, you are way beyond sick. You are satanic

  34. Very good point to make, except some like Pres. Trump are trying to change that. Its only the Democratic part of our Government that are total idiots.

  35. It is a good thing you were not around in the 1940’s along with the prevailing attitude of today because if this did exist to the extent it does today we would be speaking German on the East coast and Japanese on the West coast. The men and women who enter military service do this so that you do not have to fight the enemy in your country or on your door step where your family lives, you should really think about that when you kiss you wife and kids goodnight everyday and get up every morning to a freedom most countries do not have. I salute and I am grateful for these brave men and women. If Iran is such a great country to live in please move there you will not have the rights you have here to criticize your government or make the choice you do in your everyday life under the fear of death for speaking out ,they do not use rubber bullets during demonstrations over there

  36. exactly. The purpose of our military is to defend us against our enemies. Any detraction from performing their duties is dangerous

  37. I graduated from Wiltshire School of Electrology in 1975. 95% of the people that we worked on were transsexual. We spent more time with them than their shrinks did and I learned a lot. I’ve heard and seen it all. My tax dollars payed for one individual to get Brest implants, hormones, and thousands of dollars in hair removal and psychological therapy (California go figure) Now modern medicine says that they can tell the difference between a male brain or female brain. Duh!!! So this person I spoke about decided not to go through with the sex change at the last minute and to be a guy again.

  38. I thought that one of the requirements of being in the military was that your WERE NOT MENTALLY DISTURBED!!! What has happened to those regulations?

  39. jack, Iran is a muslim country. NO FREEDOM!!!! PLEASE move there since you like it so much. You have no concept at all of what it is like there. You attack Pres. Trump who has done nothing but good for this country and for you. You are truly a braindead fool

  40. For what because I don’t support or bow down to your GOD/KING. DOTARD is about to get his war I hope it comes back to haunt him,

  41. All human beings are concieved from a male and a female. If you don`t know which one you are you don`t belong in our military.

  42. Our biggest problem is we have too many politicians in Congress that haven’t a clue why they are there. They aren’t there to screw up the nation but to enable and help the nation function better. The people having to pay for the medical fantasies of the weird ones is not fair. We don;t need mentally deficient individuals in the military further degrading the chances of the serving people from completing their mission because of the strange ideas of the very few problem individuals. Obama should have never opened that can of worms !

  43. BJ have you ever been to the Middle East either on business, pleasure or deployment. Have you ever been in a mosque. How diverse are you.

  44. Why are Democrat’s so nuts. I remember when they were not so unstable. I leads me to believe they have gone mental, reference, “new green deal”, “give everyone free everything”, “no border walls”, wanting illegals to have free medical care”, free schooling including college for illegals”, “free schooling for all”, “let everyone out of jail because they didn’t really mean to steal, murder, dis-obey the laws of our country”. God help us, the only way to solve this is to vote, and get all of them out of office, and I mean all.

  45. You are truely fkn stupid if you actually think Obama didn’t weaken our military.you can’t be that fkn stupid,or being a liberal maybe you are

  46. It’s bj, and so what????? Only God knows when He will send Jesus back here and when He does satan and all of his followers will be sent to Hell. No more need to fear ISIS or anyone else. No dems, atheists, muslims, communists. All who deny God will be gone. You have the same chance as everyone else to come to Jesus and be saved from your sins. He died for all.

  47. OK, the real issue is that there is no zero possible justification for allowing anyone with known long term medical issues or mental issues in the military at all. Specifically there is no justification to allow federal money to support any part of gender change, ever.
    If you think you need to have your junk changed, then do so at your own expense…no one else’s, no insurance, no federal or state agency. That is theft FORM THE PEOPLE. EVEN USING INSURANCE FOR SEX CHANGE IS THEFT BECAUSE IT RAISES EVERYONE ELSES PREMIUMS AND INCREASES PROFITS TO THE INSURANCE COMPANY. If you want your junk changed earn it pay for it and have it done. I dont care. Do not come to me or this country of the military asking for anything. Not even the “right” to serve. No deal

  48. jack, you should be very thankful that there are those who are willing to fight for the freedom that you don’t even begin to appreciate. Take your sorry ass to a communist or muslim country. You don’t deserve your freedom here or even to breathe our air

  49. Jesus is King. But you deny Him to your eternal regret. Pres. Trump has done nothing but good for this country. But your SICK HATRED won’t let you see the truth. You are a very sad creature

  50. Jack, islam is our ENEMY, you sick fool!!!!! The goal of islam is TOTAL world control. Either you serve Allah or die. Infidels must be killed. That means YOU. Oh, wait, you must be muslim. That makes you the enemy of this country

  51. My goodness, flat footed men are rejected, women and men with dysphoria should be banned for the mental psychoses they are experiencing. Soldiers with long term separation from women will be raping the she/ he’said in the fox holes placing them in unattainable conditions.

  52. jack, God is waiting for the last person to come to Him and be saved. Don’t worry, I’m sure it isn’t you

  53. THAT MAY BE PART OF THE PROBLEM. I am for 2-3 years mandatory post high school service for all. Male and female alike (draft). Minimum wage unless enlisted and career. No military benefit post service unless career service member. Anyone who does not serve should not have certain government benefits later.
    This will straighten out a lot of issues, The military does not take it easy on drugs and problem children, the help people grow up.

  54. Robert, you are truly deranged. NOTHING you said is true. You blindly believe the sick lies of your lib leaders like a good little robot. Try getting a brain and think for yourself. Obama hates everything this country stands for and tried his best to destroy it. He is MUSLIM and stands with our enemy islam. He had no business being in our White House. He is a muslim traitor and was born in Kenya, which disqualified him. ALL FACTS!!! Read his own books. Wake up and dare to face reality

  55. jack, you are extremely foolish. You have no concept of the truth. The only explanation is that you are muslm. Your hatred for this country makes you a traitor. Please move to Iran where you will be more at home. And it’s bj

  56. John, it is very simple. The dem party threw God out and satan rules them. Their sick hate and lies are of satan. They are all deranged. JFK would not be allowed in the dem party today, nor would he want to be. There is a battle going between God and His people and satan and his people. God wins. There is no way that dems, atheists, communists, muslims, or anyone else who rejects God is going to win. Not going to happen

  57. John, yes God will help us. All we have to do is keep praying and vote the dems out. God gave us a second chance by giving us Pres. Trump. He knows Hillary’s evil heart and that she would have finished the destruction Obama started

  58. Right on Robert I agree. The folks on here are brainwashed by the Cult of tRUMP Personality they can’t help themselves.

  59. Robert, Obama did more damage to this country than ALL presidents combined and he did it INTENTIONALLY!!! His goal was to destroy this country. What part of muslim do you not understand?? Obama is muslim and stands with islam against our freedom. Pres. Trump is undoing the damage that Obama caused, but you have no concept of the truth

  60. Lorene if you ask me most of the people on here are mentally challenged because they are so brainwashed by the CULT of DOTARD PERSONALITY sycophants.

  61. They can mop floors, clean, wash dishes, clean tables, they can pump gas at a gas station. Not on the flight line but they can not hold a job requiring a Security Clearance. They can not be on the front lines. They can not work in sensitive areas. They can only hold jobs on the lowest rung of the ladder provided it does not require a security clearance. And they must be medically approved before eligibility.

  62. Jack, it will happen one day. ALL who reject God will join satan in Hell and Jesus will reign for eternity. The goal of the dem party is total control of our government and every aspect of our lives. But they cannot fight God and win. I am on the winning side. You can be, too. It is your choice to follow Jesus or satan. You have chosen satan

  63. Jack, WE have brains to think for ourselves. YOU obviously blindly believe the sick lies of your dem leaders without question like a good little robot. Try getting a brain and think for yourself. It will set you free.

  64. bj you did not answer my question but then you probably have barely been out of the south let alone the country.

  65. Jack, your posting would be very funny if not so pathetic. It is very obviously YOU who has been brainwashed

  66. Louis the goal of the dems is total control of our government and they cannot do that if they don’t disarm us

  67. Jack, Jesus is my King, not Pres. Trump. But God gave us Pres. Trump because He knows the wickedness and evil of Hillary and that she would have finished Obama’s destruction of this country. But satan is your master, which explains your sick hatred

  68. To put the purpose of our Armed Forces into a perspective that even the most feeble minded liberal can understand: To kill people and break things.

  69. ANYTHING that limits U.S. capability, ESPECIALLY debilitating ones that can’t be remedied (such as Obama’s SOCIAL experiments) MUST be eradicated. Obama had NO BUSINESS going through with his INSANELY STUPID social experiments. Thank GOD that TREASONISTIC TRAITOR is gone. Now we need to PROSECUTE him for his crimes ASAP. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  70. Without Senate approval the mutilation of those suffering from the effects of a Minoamine chemical brain imbalance will never be reinstated and when last I checked the Senate is still controlled by members of the Republican party and Republican Senator Jim Inhofe of the Armed Services Committee no more than POTUS Trump will change his mind and vote in favor of free mutilations for those seriously emotionally screwed up men.

  71. Jack: Just stop alright? You have really crossed the line with your comments. Especially the one about go Iran. And belittling our Vets.
    We have painfully read your messages; You hate Trump and you hate us. So what?? All your belittling and name calling will not us turn to your distorted way of thinking. Or force us to become a Democrat. So what purpose does it serve?
    At least show your son some respect.

  72. It occurs to me that trying to force me, and other’s, to accept and approve as normal, abnormal behavior. Such as hormone-therapy after the cosmetic-butchery! Uh……why not take hormone-therapy before the butchery to match up with what you were born with! When you learn how to change your DNA, give me a call!

  73. The bottom line with homosexuals and transgender in the military is this ,and it’s has been proven scientifically years ago, these people cannot be trusted with anything ,”chelsea manning” an example and obama let the queer out of jail……birds of a feather right barry and big mike.

  74. As a former combat soldier from the Viet Nam war, I couldn’t see myself fighting in the jungle with one of these queers. Today they say there are over 200,000 genders, let them pick one and be done. The military faces enough challenges daily to have to deal with these trannies. We don’t need them weakening our military might by allowing them into the military. Let them find a home outside of the U.S. and make room for normal people.
    I don’t want to be responsible for being in combat and one of these freaks gets killed on my watch. These leftists will have a field day because I let this happen to some sexless goon.
    “WE THE PEOPLE” have already spoken and will not let the leftists change our way of life.

  75. You do realize that the country you are supporting, its’ ideology is one of the most ” jackbooted ” countries in the world, if you consider your son a “jackboot ” for his service be it military or police apparently he follows a higher calling to protect not only people but the right that they have of ( life, Liberty,and the Pursuit of Happiness ) something it seems you are missing in your life. The great thing about this country is we can agree to disagree. You should go to another country where these rights are non-existent, let me know how that works out for you if you do it.

  76. we have military men & women needing medical care to LIVE not to have sex change operations! if these people want to have “special” treatment they need MENTAL HELP! they most definitely don’t belong in United States Military! Lord help us JESUS!

  77. jack, it is obvious that you don’t believe in God. God forbids your sick hatred. And God gave us Pres. Trump. He knows Hillary’s sick evil heart and that she would have finished Obama’s destruction of this country. Pres. Trump has done only good for us. Get help with your insane hate

  78. jack, I am far from brainwashed. And I hate no one. You are a very sad excuse for a human being. satan is clearly your master. I am very thankful that I won’t have to spend eternity with you. I belong to Jesus, who forbids your sick hatred

  79. jack, read your own extremely sick postings to see who is mentally challenged. You only come here to spew your sick hate. Hate has taken over what little brain you have

  80. Obama destroyed as much as he could and that was okay by the House. And that his time is over he still blabbing his mouth. Obama retire and STAY OUT where you belong. Military is mostly a play ground, Schooling, gays, pedo and so much more. THIS IS VERY UNSETTLING. Ay least we have a good technology equipment. And yes Lord Help us!

  81. Obama destroyed as much as he could and that was okay by the House. And that his time is over he still blabbing his mouth. Obama retire and STAY OUT where you belong. Military is mostly a play ground, Schooling, gays, pedo and so much more. THIS IS VERY UNSETTLING. Ay least we have a good technology equipment. And yes Lord Help us!

  82. jack, why do you come here? This is a conservative Christian site and it is very clear that you know noting about either one. You are ruled by your sick hatred, which is of satan. You need Jesus

  83. jack, you are clearly on the side of Iraq. You are a sick traitor. Your hero Saddam is dead, so it worked our fine. islam is our enemy. That makes you our enemy for supporting it

  84. Retired Vet. We totally agree with your comment. I don’t know what the hell has happened to our world, but it is INSANITY. Then to think that the taxpayers are paying for these surgeries. My husband needs knee surgery on both knees in able to walk and he is 68 years old, worked all his life, paid taxes and with cop-payments and deductibles for the surgery, we can’t afford to have this done. Now, where is there justice here when we have paid taxes for over 48-years? It would be alright for our tax dollars to support the illegal aliens and we have paid school taxes for over 30-years and never had any children. I just wonder where in the hell is there justice for us. We always supported ourselves and worked for every penny that came into our house? Why should we have to pay for others who aren’t us citizens and in our country illegally? IT IS TOTALLY INSANE AND UNFAIR.

  85. Have to say one thing, Jack, as a veteran who has served under 4 Presidents, the Dems did more harm than good with the gender-bending social experiments in the last 25 years than anytime in the military history. Clinton’s Don’t ask don’t tell brought more hatred, distrust and divisiveness to the military rather than improve it. Transgenders under Obama only exasperated it more. Has not made our military more lethal, it has weakened it with more bureaucracy, more exceptions, and special treatment for special needs. Less than one percent of our Nation’s population can meet the physical or mental requirements to join. Less than that do actually volunteer. Why do we need to make exceptions for those who do not meet the demands and requirements of the most lethal force on this earth? The military should not have to bend the rules, move the goalposts, or make exceptions to their requirements. Those who do not meet those requirements can and should find other ways to volunteer if they have urge need.

  86. No, what I think he wants it for is so he can send you a one-way ticket to a hot place. The one whose flag you are so proud of. Get there fast so you can see the fireworks that will happen if the idiots you back try it.

  87. Hey jack, is that a requirement to post here. Because if it is, I’ve got you beat by a long shot. I’ve lived in and visited that area of the world. I’ve been inside one of the Mosques that the goat herders think is so special. Too bad I didn’t take a leak in it while there. It might have raised the collective IQ of all that visit it. Qubbat al-Ṣakhrah mean anything to you?

  88. Jack, even though bj speaks well and shows strength and integrity, I have to say I believe you are challenging the wrong person.
    Jack, we all hear what you are saying even better than you say it. Your liberty to say it has been bought and paid for by those whom you demoralize!
    We tolerate people like you but there is a point where that grace ends.

  89. The root of all this goes deep. All of this “gender choice” and “gender identity” is NOT A HUMAN RIGHT OR CHOICE!

    Male and female is predetermined and is not a “mistake”, ever!

    People have been lead to believe that it is!!

    The root of this is in death, it’s all a lie, nations have been deceived, and it’s not new. It’s not “woke” as some say. It’s fraud and debauchery!

    It’s hatred of “good”. Tax payer money is the least of how betrayal this is. Call this mental illness?! No!, it is truly reprobate. Many caught by deception!!

  90. How very sad that so many are caught it this “gender identity” lie. Sad how so many have been trained and convinced of it!

    How truly horrible and betraying it is for a parent to destroy their own with it!

  91. Men and women in the military need to be focused to save their lives and ours. They don’t need transgender s with their issues distracting them. Also the medical costs should be their own.

  92. Jack: And one more thing. You tried to belittle bj by saying she has been barely out of the South. But wasn’t it you that claim you are from the South? There are many law bidding, decent , hard working people that live in the South, Jack. That love our great country and surprise, surprise support President Trump.
    If you are going to start a battle with us Jack, choose your words wisely. So far you have shown people you ( as the Obama’s do and the rest of the demon party) hate the USA and you support anything that will destroy it. Very disturbing and sad. But with the grace of GOD HE will not let it continue…

  93. These treasonous hypocrite libs(lying sack of Schiff) don’t know the meaning of the truth! They are at it again and just as mentally deranged as the rest of the Globalists NAZI Muslim Commie Liberal Demoncrats! Deep State, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Hollywood, Academia, Fake News, Swamp News and you know the rest!! ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these lying Fake News deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  94. Jack…..you are obviously a leftist troll attempting to disrupt a patriotic site! Although it is not illegal for you to be here, I would kindly curb your mouth or go somewhere else to spread your treasonous candor!!!!MAGA…..and Trump 2020….and beyond!!!!!

  95. I served for 20 years in the Navy, would I have liked having transgendered people serving under of above me , not only no but hell no. Suicide is a big enough problem in the military let alone adding to the issue.

  96. Would rather see the O’Bum in front of a firing squad than a morally, mentally and physically confused person on any front line in any war… particularly if I were behind them expecting to have any kind of cover from them…..NO TO TRANS GEN! OR ANY OTHER CONDITION WHICH WOULD THEM VOID OF ANY PROBLEM SOLVING CAPABILITIES!!! THE ENEMY BEING THERE IS ENOUGH WITHOUT OUR CONFUSED ENTITIES THANX…….. RICH —— IN GOD WE TRUST

  97. People who join the military do so with honor and pride and help to make us the powerful nation we are. They are to be respected and appreciated.
    But if you choose not to, it’s your right even as you enjoy the freedoms the military fought for folks like you who are unappreciative.
    God bless America and our wonderful military.

  98. The Y chromosome is one of the two sex chromosomes in humans (the other is the X chromosome). The sex chromosomes form one of the 23 pairs of human chromosomes in each cell. The Y chromosome spans more than 59 million building blocks of DNA (base pairs) and represents almost 2 percent of the total DNA in cells.

    Each person normally has one pair of sex chromosomes in each cell. The Y chromosome is present in males, who have one X and one Y chromosome, while females have two X chromosomes.

  99. I see stars whenever this name erupts. All I remember is my Democrat days until Nov 2008 and entering the polling station here in NYC early Election Day before work 9am. A man and woman Jamaican immigrants apparently saw me entering White said “The ballot boxes have been stuffed. Obama’s got this. The conspiracy is over. We don’t need y’all White man’s money.”

  100. I see stars whenever this name erupts. All I remember is my Democrat days until Nov 2008 and entering the polling station here in NYC early Election Day before work 9am. A man and woman Jamaican immigrants apparently saw me entering White said “The ballot boxes have been stuffed. Obama’s got this. The conspiracy is over. We don’t need y’all White man’s money.”

  101. What happened was obama . He was behind Anything that would make Our Military weak ! His plan was to let isis and other Bad actors take over ! You could say he’s Just as Sick as Soros & probably More Dangerous !

  102. I don’t care what any sorry ass politician says, there’s NO PLACE FOR TRANSGENDERS IN OUR MILITARY=PERIOD!! END OF DISCUSSION!

  103. So long as gender disphoria is considered a diagnosed disorder, transgenders should be exempted from military service. Furthermore, gender changing surgery is not a procedure that should be paid by our taxes. If that is the case, I need a face lift and I expect YOU all to pay for it! And believe me, aging looks can make a person emotionally ill!

  104. Hey Jack….ass. The single function the federal government was given is to provide is a common defense and not all of the liberal freebie giveaways you need to survive on……and that includes the transgender debacle which Obozo made us pay for.

  105. First don’t use Bloomberg as a reference and second ISIS among all other muslim terrorists will never be defeated until they are eliminated completely, period, but that IS NOT our job. That belong to the UN which is just as corrupt as they are and worsened since it’s now infested also.

  106. True but also are all liberals. The best way to do something is to re-institute the draft and watch the screaming liberals, including congress, run for cover elsewhere like Clinton did, then pull their citizenship. Removing them would bring sanity back to the country.

  107. I agree with Tom. My brother was in the Army & he said even the normal women were a PIA. So I can’t imagine how much a pain transgenders would be, all I know is that they would be many times more than a woman. Anyway IMHO, transgenders are a PIA ANYWHERE & belong NOWHERE. They are NOT welcome & they are NOT normal. Not being normal, what can they expect?


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