NPR just gave cultural Marxists the win they’ve always wanted in the sexual revolution


Despite operating with taxpayer dollars, NPR has become a wing of the radical Left. 

They constantly push left-wing propaganda. 

And NPR just gave cultural Marxists the win they’ve always wanted in the sexual revolution. 

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This article contains highly sexual language, which is necessary to provide context to the story.)

Cultural Marxism is an idea that calls for the destruction of traditional institutions and ideas in order to liberate people from the clutches of their “oppressors,” which they consider to be Western civilization itself. 

Cancel culture, socialism, feminism, the LGBT agenda, and the sexual revolutions are all a part of this insidious idea. 

Its place in the sexual revolution is to change the way people look at sexuality.

Promiscuity and obscenity is encouraged.

This can be seen in modern entertainment, where music and television feature much more explicit content than ever before. 

Perhaps the most disgusting examples of this is a highly sexual song released earlier in 2020 by rappers Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion titled WAP, which stands for “Wet Ass Pussy.” 

WAP contains lyrics that would shock most people, but which became extremely popular. 

In fact, it is so popular that NPR listed it as their number one favorite song of 2020.

NPR states that the song is “Raunchy, fun and infinitely quotable,” adding that the song “flies in the face of those who might suggest these women’s sexuality is a shortcoming.”

The lyrics they are talking about includes a voice constantly reading “There’s some whores in this house,” alongside graphic descriptions of sexual activities, encouraging engaging in them with multiple partners. 

These lyrics being as shocking as they are is the point. 

While it is currently extremely provocative, the goal is to move this sort of language into the mainstream. 

This kind of smut has always been around, but it has been relegated to the back alleys, outside of polite society.

The goal of cultural Marxists is to move their ideas to the mainstream.

They are pushing that agenda in every aspect of American life, whether it be through racist lessons in universities that label all white people as racist, or in pushing gender reassignment surgery for children, it is all a part of their greater goal. 

NPR is helping them achieve this, all while receiving taxpayer dollars.