No Christian will ever vote Democrat again after their latest announcement on abortion


In recent years, Democrats have shifted radically to the Left.

They aren’t even comparable to what they were ten or twenty years ago.

And now no Christian will ever vote Democrat again after their latest announcement on abortion.

At one time, radical extremists like Bernie Sanders were on the outskirts of the Democrat Party.

In fact, he has served as an Independent for decades, despite generally caucusing with the Democrat Party.

But following his 2016 Presidential campaign, his radical ideas are moving from the outskirts of the Party into the mainstream.

Politicians like Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar are taking leading roles in the Party, and Sanders is proving that a socialist like him can win the Democrat Party nomination for President.

And in Sanders’ current race for President, even if he doesn’t get the nomination, his policies will push the Party much further Left for many years to come.

That’s why his new plan on abortion, titled the “Reproductive Health Care and Justice for All” plan should be terrifying to any Christian.

He outlines exactly where Democrats stand on the issue in this comprehensive plan that goes into major detail.

His plan repeals the Hyde Amendment, which currently prevents taxpayer funding from paying for abortion.

That is an issue that has been contentious in the Democrat Party until recently.

For decades, Joe Biden has favored the Hyde Amendment, citing his Catholic faith.

But in his current run for President, he announced he is now in support of repealing the pro-life Amendment.

In Sanders’ plan, he also calls for “free” over-the-county contraceptives for all Americans, along with “significant” increases in “funding for Planned Parenthood, Title X, and other initiatives,” specifically for the cause of abortion.

The Sanders plan will also restore foreign aid to abortion providers as well as the United Nations Population Fund.

He also calls for a ban on abstinence-only sex education, and an end to federally-funding of crisis pregnancy centers that focus on alternatives to abortion.

His plan also promises only to appoint judges who are 100% pro-abortion, with perfect ratings from groups like Planned Parenthood and NARAL.

In his plan, Sanders states that he will work “with reproductive justice and advocacy groups to fill vacancies with highly qualified, principled judges who will protect reproductive rights at every level.”

He also touts his long record of pro-abortion views.

“In 1972, before the Roe v. Wade ruling, Bernie criticized male politicians who ‘think that they have the right to tell a woman what she can or cannot do with her body,’” the announcement declares. “Bernie has never wavered on the issue of reproductive freedom, and, as president, he will protect and expand reproductive rights.”

This sort of document is clearly the path forward for the Democrat Party.

At this point, there doesn’t seem to be a way to be both Christian and Democrat.

Do you think voting for rabidly pro-abortion Democrats like Bernie Sanders is a sin?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. No Christian would have ever voted democrat even before Sanders came along.
    Abortion, Sodomy, Christian bashing, removing religious symbols, banning prayer, forcing Christian bakers and photographers to cater gay weddings, propping up Islam & Muslims, banning free speech, corruption, hate crimes, anti-Semitism, and social ism.
    Not exactly on the side of Christianity.

  3. A liberal Christian is like almost being pregnant. The most damning cult to the Church is not the cults outside the Church because the Church knows those cults deny essential Christian doctrine. The most damning cult to the church is the cult of liberalism within the church. Although God’s Word demonstrates, among many things His grace, there is no evidence of Him being liberal or legalistic in nature. Being a so-called Democratic Christian reveals their inability to look at anything from an objective viewpoint. The Democrat does not rely on God’s Word but rather their own interpretation of the Word because to them there is no absolute truth, only relative truth.

  4. If you are voting democrat, you are either NOT a Christian or a very deceived one. God forbids what the dem party stands for and they have thrown God out.

  5. Demo vomits are the underbelly of society, they are anti American, anti Christian, anti Semitic, simply destructive disgusting things

  6. An aetheist acquaintance once said, “You can’t be a Christian and a liberal”. He is correct

  7. They are killing future democrats but when they have a abortion they should be fixed so they never reproduce if this many women would have had one between the constitution and when the libs put their own meaning to it there woud be no America but I guess women had morals back then

  8. Democrats for the most part represent the SATAN AGENDA for our nation. Their progressive left leadership and ideology project that they are smarter then god and the teachings of the bible. WHEN YOU VIEW AND CONSIDER THE DEMOCRATS OF TODAY; BEWARE OF THE GREAT DECEIVER !!!

  9. Is voting for a pro-abortion candidate a Christian an option? No!
    Abortion is legalized murder. It’s murder of a helpless, innocent preborn & now newborn baby.

    The Bible is clear, children are a heritage.. a blessing from God. And the taking of a human life is a sin.

  10. As a Christian, you cannot support evil actions that the Bible specifically states as a sin. Try to sugarcoat evil actions if you want to, but evil actions are evil actions. So many in America are breaking God’s heart but He will prevail. Christians! Vote! Get all who you can to VOTE! Our lives and Country depends on this election. God will not continue to bless America if Democrats win and continue their agenda.

  11. Mr. John T Mattison Jr. God has already done everything He is going to do for us. He sent and sacrificed His Son Jesus for forgiveness and mercy. It’s already been provided, what you decide to do with it is up to you and every other individual.

  12. For years I have advocated that it is impossible to be both a Christian and a Democrat. This is a no-brainer for anyone willing to stop and take a look at the dichotomy of the two positions.

  13. My Dad voted Democrat for several years while I was growing up. He’s been gone almost 30 years, so I know if he were still alive he would vote Republican. But, can anyone tell me what the thought process was, the important issues of those decades during the 40’s-80’s that lead a person to support the Democrat party? Truly, they have moved too far left to be recognizable to anyone who voted Democrat during that time. So, what were the qualities that attracted them to it?

  14. Christianity = Love of life. Anyone who is against this can repent. Remember, this earth is the Devil’s playground.

  15. You cannot advocate the killing of an innocent child at any age of gestation and be a God fearing person of any Religion. It’s time for Pastors, Priests, Clergy, Bishops or any Religious Leader to speak out against this sin. Bishops should do their job in the case of politicians and publicly excommunicate them so that the faithful will know that their Church stands for what it preaches.

  16. “True Christians will vote Democrat.”
    Christians in name only will vote Democrat. Communism does not allow religion.

  17. I prefer to follow God’s revealed word not man’s. In the 10 Commandments he commanded DO NOT KILL and Jesus said YOU WILL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUITS so when ‘abortion’ prevents the birth of a live baby it meets the definition of KILLING {aka MURDER}. While all, even Republican’s, have fallen short of the Glory of GOD the Democrats, IMO, have committed the most egregious transgression.

  18. Yes it is a sin. Because if you vote for a dem who supports abortion. You are condoning it. Murder is murder in the Lord’s eyes. I should say it this way. You are a partaker in another man’s sins.

  19. Vicki Small: Back in those days, there wasn’t as much of a difference. Democrats and Republicans were not really that different, in general. And Republicans also had a secular faction that held some power within their ranks, which made the two groups even more similar. But gradually, each party took their own path, and those paths have become entrenched over time. I guess the easiest way to explain it is that, among today’s liberals, it is just unfashionable to be patriotic or devout. They always prefer whatever puts them on the other side from their mainstream neighbors. For instance, they claim to dislike Christians because of what they call our intolerance. But they will NEVER openly attack Islam, even though it is even MORE intolerant and harsh and judgmental. The reason for this is obvious….Christianity is the norm here. Islam is the religion that real Americans distrust. So, for them, it’s just a knee jerk reaction. They side against their own people, time and again, under any and all circumstances.

  20. Yes. It is a sin to support or vote for Democrats. Joe Biden is no more Catholic than Satan. He should be excommunicated.

  21. Democrats are the Monsters in the destruction of human life and the country .The true SCUM of the Earth

  22. I’m unsubscribing to this pos too. I’ve attempted multiple comments & they haven’t posted any of them.

    I’ll go into shock if this one is posted.

    They damn sure protect their liberal friends by censorship.

  23. I’m unsubscribing to this pos too. I’ve attempted multiple comments & they haven’t posted any of them.

    I’ll go into shock if this one is posted.

    They damn sure protect their liberal friends by censorship.

    Now it won’t post this because it tells me I’ve already posted it. How could I have posted it when I just completed writing it? Another way they censor us.

  24. I must also exclude most Republicans and conservatives from being honestly opposed to abortion as a result of such welfare reforms as the family cap (a provision where a woman’s welfare payments are not increased for another child), and their TOTAL REFUSAL to just fix the pro-abortion parts of Obamacare while otherwise leaving alone its Medicaid expansion and protections for pre-existing conditions. Rolling back the Medicaid expansion in Obamacare or its protections for pre-existing conditions without an adequate substitute is PRO-EUTHANASIA. It is a total mystery to me why such welfare reforms as the family cap are not recognized to be PRO-ABORTION; working families have child tax credits, although the tax reform passed in December 2017 abolished the dependency exemption, at least at the federal level. Most probably, the family cap disqualifies the vast majority of Republicans and conservatives from being honestly opposed to abortion.

    More generally, any penalties for pregnancy and childbirth of any kind and for any reason, regardless of whether or not the mother is married, are PRO-ABORTION. In other words, any attempts whatsoever to punish, shame, or stigmatize out-of-wedlock pregnancies and childbirths are PRO-ABORTION, plain and simple. Although it is wrong for those who are unmarried to be sexually active (including ALL homosexual and lesbian sexual activity of ANY kind, regardless of one’s “marital” status), it is much more important to protect the innocent baby after conception has occurred. In other words, once the baby is conceived, protecting the innocent baby from abortion MUST come first, regardless of whether or not the mother is married. I believe that a majority of women who have abortions are unmarried.

    Also, any complaining about out-of-wedlock pregnancies and childbirths, or the taxpayer cost of providing for the children of single mothers (welfare or otherwise) and for anchor babies, or any children for that matter, is PRO-ABORTION. More generally, any complaining about people having children they cannot afford, or the taxpayer cost of raising people’s children is PRO-ABORTION. Besides, some of these women might have been raped or sexually exploited. The #MeToo campaign indicates that such sexual assault is much more common than we may have thought. (Donald J. Trump’s endorsement of sexual assault on women is an implicit endorsement of abortion for babies who might be conceived as a result of such sexual assault, even if some other things he is doing may be pro-life.)

    Those who wish to curtail unmarried sexual activity will have to try to do so BEFORE conception occurs. For example, why not teach people proper sexual morality BEFORE the baby is conceived, including teaching men not to rape or sexually exploit women? Of course, that will not be enough for women who are raped or sexually exploited, but punishing or stigmatizing them after they get pregnant, or after they give birth is not helpful either. In addition, my Catholic faith ABSOLUTELY RULES OUT endorsing or approving of any kind of contraceptive solution here (except possibly after rape). In addition, some so-called contraceptives may actually have abortifacient consequences. Anyone honestly opposed to abortion would at least have to object to potentially abortifacient contraceptives.

    I must also consider any complaining about health insurance covering pregnancy and maternity and baby care, delays in extending the CHIP health insurance program or attempts to cut the CHIP health insurance program to be PRO-ABORTION. In addition, I must consider Donald Trump’s public charge restrictions which attempt to prohibit immigrants who ever used government programs, or who might need to use government programs in the future, to help them raise their children or otherwise provide for their families from qualifying for visas, green cards, or US citizenship to be both PRO-ABORTION and PRO-EUTHANASIA. Similarly, Donald Trump’s crackdown on birth tourism, which restricts pregnant women from coming to the United States, implemented on the very same day as he was speaking at the annual March for Life about the sanctity of human life, is also PRO-ABORTION, flatly contradicting his rhetoric at the March for Life that very same day. More generally, any attempt whatsoever to try to punish people for having babies, or for making use of government programs intended to help parents to raise their children or otherwise provide for their families is both PRO-ABORTION and PRO-EUTHANASIA. Again, working families have child tax credits, although the tax reform passed in December 2017 abolished the dependency exemption, at least at the federal level.

    Honestly opposing abortion ABSOLUTELY REQUIRES a willingness to put up with more out-of-wedlock pregnancies and childbirths in return for fewer abortions; ABSOLUTELY REQUIRES a willingness to put up with immigrant families and others using government programs to help them raise their children; ABSOLUTELY REQUIRES a willingness to put up with the taxpayer cost of providing for the children of single mothers (welfare or otherwise) and for anchor babies, or any children for that matter (working families have child tax credits, although the tax reform that passed in December 2017 abolished the dependency exemption, at least at the federal level); ABSOLUTELY REQUIRES a willingness to accept the existence of health insurance covering pregnancy and maternity and baby care; and ABSOLUTELY REQUIRES opposition to any so-called contraceptives that can have abortifacient consequences.

  25. codeblue…I hope it wasn’t too much of a shock that you got posted. I, too, have problems getting posted, so I reword it. Not sure what’s going on with that??

  26. The late Bishop Fulton J. Sheen once spoke about abortion and the Final Judgment, “That it is a terrible moment of loneliness. You have no advocates. You are there standing alone before God, and the terror will grip your soul like nothing you can imagine. But I really think that those in the prolife movement will not be alone. I think there will be a chorus of voices that have never been heard in this world. They will say to God spare him for he loved us. Democrats like Sanders will I believe pay dearly in the end.

  27. Well put Bob Pascarella. HCB you must not be a real Christian with that statement or should I say Satan


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