NFL top prospect Nick Bosa deleted this tweet about Donald Trump and the reason why will leave you fuming


The NFL has suffered big time in the last couple of years.

Their support for National Anthem-kneelers has upset many Americans, including President Donald Trump.

Now, NFL top prospect Nick Bosa deleted a series of tweets about the President and the reason why has Trump supporters fuming.

The Ohio State defensive end is projected to go in the first handful of picks in the upcoming NFL draft.

And because of the political stances by some teams and players in the NFL, Bosa felt the need to scrub his Twitter account clean.

Bosa has never shied away from controversial opinions on his Twitter account.

During his career at Ohio State, Bosa called Colin Kaepernick a “clown” in a now-deleted tweet and even tweeted out a picture of Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan with the caption “Goats.”

“Goat” is the acronym for “Greatest of All Time.”

But Bosa had no choice but to delete his pro-Trump tweets.

“I had to, Bosa said.” “There’s a chance I might end up in San Francisco.”

His reference to San Francisco has everything to do with it being Colin Kaepernick’s last team he played for where he made kneeling during the National Anthem a national issue.

Bosa could easily be the number one draft pick.

But if he doesn’t go first, San Francisco owns the number two overall pick, and everything seems to indicate the 49ers have heavy interest in a pass rusher.

Everyone knows it’s also one of the most left-wing cities in the county.

The issue of kneeling during the National Anthem divided the country.

And we don’t blame the young 21-year-old for distancing himself from politics on Twitter.

After all, in today’s current political climate, you can disrespect the flag in the NFL, but as Nick Bosa shows, you can’t support a Republican president without fear of the leftist Twitter mob.

Even New England Patriots QB Tom Brady has had to shy away from his support for the 45th President because of the immense hatred the progressive Left throws at you.

No doubt the fact that a Trump-loving superstar could end up in San Francisco while Colin Kaepernick has yet to return to the NFL because no team will take him will surely upset many on the Left.

Should Nick Bosa be forced to hide his support of Donald Trump, while many other NFL players are free to bash America without any repercussions?

Let us know in the comments.


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  2. Bosa, must be an overgrown child for not showing “cojones”.
    Kapernick is an ugly dick who should be whipped by a good “defensive end” until he craps in his pants.

  3. This young man should be able to show his support for President Trump! it’s time to put this nonsense in the garbage! this is AMERICA where we’re suppose to have “freedom of speech”! seems as if everyone has “freedom of speech” except supporters of President Donald Trump! time we ban together & take back our country from this hateful group of people that believe only what they believe is the right way! God bless America! God bless President Trump!

  4. Don’t think I would want him on my team.he folds up like a cheap accordion when the pressure is on. Remember the real men that signed the Declaration of Independence. They lost everything they had.

  5. To be silent is to agree!

    There are more Republicans in CA then anywhere else in the country…the democrats who are in office bused illegals into CA to vote for them.

    BIG mistake!!! Trump supporters buy NFL tickets and watch the game. Illegals do not. Why do you think the biggest coward NFL kneeler is no longer a SFO 49er?? Get a clue, son!! Im a BIG Ohio State Fan….stand tall, you dont have to stand up and piss everyone off but dont be a coward. Surround yourself with other like minded NFL players, be professional, be excellent in everything you do and say, praise God for your success….and IF you have to speak, “tell them you play football to the best of your ability, that is your focus, you are not a political expert who is going to tell others how to vote! DONT LET THEM BULLY YOU!!

  6. Hard to top the comments already made. This divisiveness must stop but it only will if we remain strong and steadfast in our beliefs.

  7. Seems unless you’re a Trump supporter you aren’t allowed to say anything anti trump, thank God our forefathers didn’t have the mentality many have today, remember ol King George and his followers were against the patriots who fought against them too.
    I guess Freedom of speech is only one sided now a days!!!!!

  8. Stand your ground young man. You have the right to your true feelings, do not run away and hide show the rest how great you can be on the field as well as you stay true to your convictions. The cowards that will not stand for our anthem and country are the cowards, do not let their actions change your mind stand tall and show them who the better man is.

  9. And both sides think only thier side has the right to freedom of speech.
    EVERYONE needs to start acting in the interest of America and not along “party lines.”

  10. He can’t sabatage his future if he goes to Sanfransisco. They have the highest percentage of LGBT people in the country. Sorry But he has to play politics if he expects to survive?

  11. I am on the fence on this one I absolutely despise what Kaepernick and these other players that kneel it shows a disrespect to the Military and Country. I don’t watch any Awards Shows because all they do is bash Trump. All people want to do is watch sports and movies and not hear about their political beliefs. So if we don’t want to hear all the Trump bashing I guess the Democrats don’t want to hear about the Trump supporters. So I am for keeping politics out of sports on both sides just play the games. If the players don’t want to do that then Bosa should show his support for Trump.

  12. The United States constitution defines anarchy as a crime punishable by death….and yet the democrats are nothing BUT anarchists….and they are permitted to run free as much as they want. I don’t blame Bosa for deleting his support. The time is not yet right when law enforcement the nation wide let these fools and universities keep the country and god-fearing people under their thumbs. His future depends on his abilities and not his political beliefs, yet the the leftist anarchists will make sure that he pays for whom he supports. When the cops start bashing those criminal bas*ards over the head and start filling up the jail cells with them, then we can make our stand known….but until then, Bosa, like the rest of us, must play the cards he was dealt and count the days until we can reclaim our country. Common-sense must prevail, a trait sorely missing from the stupid democrats.


  13. Whatever this weak person does means nothing to me, what does is HUGE disappointment in Brady caving to the scumbags. I would have thought he was above that but I guess I was wrong- he’s a wimp.

  14. Great post. All these tough guys with the “be tough” comments were never taught not to poke at a rabid skunk with a stick. Stick to the game, that’s why we pick the sports channel and we don’t appreciate the political distractions. If asked tell what you think. Otherwise, play football.

  15. The NFL took it to the People and the people gave it to them in their response with half empty stadiums. I stopped watching Pro Football when that happened and I haven’t watched a game since then. The Media took their Fake news to the People. I stopped watching the FAKE NEWS. I voted for Donald J Trump and i’m going to Vote for Donald J. Trump again in 2020. Stand up for what you believe in and be honest in doing so. Don’t back down for fear of what some dung head might say. Build the WALL.

  16. I totally agree 100% with Dianna. We need to stop the left from dictating and threatening us just because we love our President and our country. This whole thing has gotten way out of hand and if we all don’t start fighting back against these leftist liberals demoncrats progressives hate will continue to spread like a wild fire. It’s time we ban together and take our country back and stop going to football games, stop shopping where the left is, stop eating out, etc to show we are sick and tired of their bs. Thank you

  17. Nick, you have to stand for something. You have to stand for something when standing for something is the most difficult. It’s the difference between being a MAN or being a WIMP.

  18. What are you going on about? The left bashes Trump 24/7/365 with bs that isn’t even true. And shouts down with mob mentality anyone who dares to disagree. The right is sick of it with good reason. We don’t object to differing conversation, but we are done with the the never ending lies.

  19. Agree but the article said Tom Brady pulled back his remarks. Is Tom Brady under the same scrutiny given to Bosa.

  20. Wendy, well said. It’s high profile people like Bosa that need to stand up for their beliefs. If this kid is afraid of tweets then he needs to grow a pair.

  21. If a man stands for nothing then he falls for everything. Mr Bosa, stand tall and don’t shrink like a snowflake. Millions of our Military have given their lives so we can have freedom of speech. Don’t let the Communist beat you into submission. I’m 65 and it will be a cold day in heck before I’m told what I can say. As Charlton Heston said ” Over my cold body”

  22. I respectfully request Open Season on ALL leftists, no matter what letters they hang on their names. It’s for the common good of the Republic. Oh yeah, and for the children.

  23. For a better part of our adult lives we Servicemen and women have defended this country against all enemies foreign and domestic. We have done so under good, bad even horrific combat conditions while wearing the Flag of the United States of America. We have done so to keep the people of this Nation Free. We didn’t play a GAME or make a huge fortune. We did what had to be do because freedom doesn’t come free. If you kneel in front of our flag it better be to pray for those who died underneath her to keep your liberty for you. Amen

  24. Okay folks. This is Bosa showing how mature he is. In the interest of his NFL future, he is doing the correct thing.
    I’m proud of him and his response to questions asked about it. The actual problem is the INTOLERANCE of liberals. That this young man has to play politics to try and secure his future is disgusting. Compare his behavior to Kapernick’s and you can see that he appears to be a fine young man. Bosa, go to the Patriots where you learn how to play as a member of a team.

  25. With all due respect to Nick Bosa, the NFL sucks. I was once an avid fan, and now I will never watch an NFL game again. Anti-American politics of the players, and the League’s rollover and huge money to divisive racist groups have changed me into a no-NFL person.

  26. If you can not stand up for what you believe, what can you stand up for? Being a wimpy DE! Either you believe in this country or you don’t and it seems apparent you self esteme is based on Money! I hope you do go to San Francisco and not my team.

  27. All he has to do is say he won’t play for Frisco period. John Elway did that to Baltimore and got away with it.


  29. New England has a policy against players kneeling for the National Anthem, as do a few other NFL teams w/ owners, who have the cajones to do so, regardless of the Left leaning Media’s criticism. This kind of surprises me though, because New England States are so Liberal!

  30. Wrong! There definitely are not more Republicans in Left Coast California than any other State. Have you been drinking or smoking the Wacky weed??? Agree w/ a lot of other things you said, like standing up for your belief’s regardless of the opposition.

  31. He’s just choosing money over principle, so who needs him?
    If he were true to principle, he would do like Eli Manning and announce that he won’t sign with San Francisco. They would have to trade his pick.

  32. I agree with you. It is such a shame that in order to get along you have to hide your opinion from the radicals. He does have to protect his future.

  33. Matt, Lorene,
    . . . . A man without courage and honor has nothing. He has sold his soul to the soulless. He will pay for this betrayal of himself in the end.
    American: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  34. That’s the problem in America today……..Celebrities, Media, Universities, have become a new breed of “GUTLESS AMERICANS”, who go along with the crowd’s direction for fear of standing up for what is right & good……..”Give me Liberty, or Give me Death”!!!!! and Stop Immigration too!

  35. Still not watching the NFL and that is not going to end for me. I detest anything that demeans this country and the NFL knealers have disrespected this country. No money, nada for the NFL.

  36. I agree 100%! It’s not like he apologized. He still believes in his original stance. He’s not going to let politics dictate his football career. I too wish him the best. I will miss watching him play though since I do not watch the NFL anymore.

  37. Don’t do it Nick! Come to Cincinnati instead! New coach, new team, most troublemakers gone! Center of real America!

  38. Get an agent, skip the draft and go where you are not going to be in a situation that at any time you will be targeted for being an American citizen. If you got the skills then be a man. God doesn’t like cowards! Not does he much care for the fool.

  39. Who would want to live in San Fran, Liberal City !
    Speak Your Mind Son, All who matter will be with you. Don’t sell out go Play ion New England and get your self a RING !

  40. Charles,
    . . . . Your comment makes no sense at all. Would you please clarify?
    American: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  41. And isn’t that a sad commentary about where we are as a nation? If you have a different opinion in this country, you run the risk of being shamed, denied jobs, denied admission to the college of your choice, etc. You can be shamed in schools, even if you’re a child. Perhaps they should start teaching a class on just exactly how amazing the Constitution and Declaration of Independence are and wake people up before it’s too late. What the young man doesn’t know yet is that it’s very hard to get back a god given right once you’ve given it up.

  42. Keep politics out of it. Politics belong in the voter’s booth. No one needs to know anyone else’s political affiliations. This entire country is out of hand. The Dems more so because they throw public temper tantrums in the streets and destroy things. Very sad state of affairs these days.

  43. I remember the time when before facebook, twitter, even before the media when they actually had a true journalist. I remember before the nfl got political when folks could unwind and toss down a few beers with their friends and espn had nothing but sports facts…Sad that this new generation will never have this simple time again. I refuse to turn on espn and even tried to cancel this worthless channel but it is added in my basic channel where I cannot. I also refuse to watch any more NFL games but this is alright. Get to enjoy supporting our local high school team and cheer them on.

  44. this young man should stand up for JESUS & Almighty God will shower him with many blessings! Praise be to JESUS! Glory be to Almighty God! can’t this young man refuse to go to San Francisco? would other teams be afraid to hire him if he stood his ground for Almighty God?

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  49. Doesn’t make any difference. Patriotic Americans have given up the NFL and Sunday football since Goodell decided to place the NFL squarely on the side of the political left. Most of us will NOT be returning.

  50. Mr Bosa. President is a great president,don’t be ashamed of your faith in him. Play the game the best you possibly can and forget the politics. There will always be naysayers , don’t let them take away from your game .May God bless you and keep you safe from injury.

  51. Your civilization has failed when entertainers make more money than teachers!!! When it’s people respect a sports entertainer more than a First responder!! We have officially let a group of people who have never in the history of man created a civilized society become a part of one.. what did you expect to happen??? It’s all down hill from here my friends, better luck next time!!!!!


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