New York’s Governor just sent a church one demand that could close their doors forever


Churches are among the hardest hit by coronavirus lockdowns.

Left-wing governors are even targeting them more harshly than other places.

And New York’s Governor just sent a church one demand that could close their doors forever.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has become on the top faces in the coronavirus pandemic.

The Left is touting his response as one for the rest of the nation to emulate.

This is despite the fact he is responsible for killing thousands of senior citizens by forcing nursing homes to take in coronavirus patients.

While these vulnerable citizens were dying, Cuomo was spending his time targeting churches, demanding they keep their doors closed.

His ally, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has used his orders to specifically target churches and synagogues, while ignoring mosques.

“A small number of religious communities, specific churches and specific synagogues are unfortunately not paying attention to this guidance even though it’s so widespread,” de Blasio said in March.

“I want to say to all those who are preparing for the potential of religious services this weekend: If you go to your synagogue, if you go to your church and attempt to hold services after having been told so often not to, our enforcement agents will have no choice but to shut down those services,” he added.

But his order isn’t just hitting those in the city.

Central Bible Church in Massena, New York is being specifically targeted over their drive-in services.

These services feature Pastor Samson Ryman standing in their gravel parking lot while cars park and watch from a very safe distance.

They are at a much safer distance than in other car-related situations that comply, which include drive-thru food, liquor, and marijuana sales.

While those are perfectly fine to continue, Central Bible Church was hit with a $1,000 fine over their May 3 service which featured 23 worshipers in 18 vehicles.

With a smaller than normal congregation, these fines are adding up, and could eventually force them to close their doors if they choose to continue in defiance of the orders.

The church is being supported by the Rutherford Institute, who wrote a letter to Police Chief Adam J. Love.

“You are mistaken in your assertion that church ‘drive-in’ worship services are prohibited under New York’s current emergency orders and could result in fines,” wrote The Rutherford Institute.

“Although federal and state governments have adopted specific restrictive measures in an effort to decelerate the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the current public health situation has not resulted in the suspension of fundamental constitutional rights such as religious freedom, freedom of speech and the right of assembly,” the letter said.

Do you think churches should be considered “essential?”

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  2. If the pandemic leaders Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio, instead of closing the doors to churches, would have closed the doors to all nursing homes, then thousands of older people would remain alive and thousands of their children would go to pray in church rather than mourn their dead from KOVID-19 parents in nursing homes.

  3. “The Left is touting his response as one for the rest of the nation to emulate.”
    They must mean when he ordered infected patients into nursing homes.
    Question, what if people refuse to leave the church? Will they be arrested?
    That would look great on the 6 o’clock news.

  4. Let the parishioners decide if they wish to attend their church services. Those that feel scared-stay home-those that wish to attend-attend.

  5. Christians are commanded to pray for the wicked. God tells us in His word that vengeance is His and He repay the wicked in full. They are to be pitied for every knee will bow and confess Jesus Christ is Lord. Everyone.

  6. i say trump will do anything stop that once he hear what mayor gover new york doing have them putin jail thing sues new york usa let them get away with that got one thing comeing

  7. Churches, like everything else, are essential services. What is non-essential is meddling, governmental overreach. They can’t even get dealing with a virus right. Yes, it’s a virus, not the Apocalypse!

  8. These two laughable idiots are so far out of their league trying to run the dog catcher, let alone the whole city. People need their churches now more than ever and these two creeps are keeping them from it. Why not the mosques in your list of crap. You are both so evil, and one day you will pay for this. Cuomo is a murderer and there is no word for the other one. If the people of New York vote them back in, I won’t feel one bit sorry of any of them. You already have the really loony AOC. Stop voting for this clowns.

  9. Cuomo’s rigidity and unreasonable edicts are a drive for power. Sooner or later it will bite him in the butt. The sooner the better. Democrats have a complete lack of respect for the Constitutional foundations of this country. How did this come to pass?

  10. This fuss by the left over drive-in services is about the stupidest of any of the stupid and insane things the left is doing. Our church has been holding drive-in services, and they couldn’t be safer. If you sit in your car, and drive away without getting out, how could you possible catch anything from anyone? That was the way our first service went, and no one was exposed to anything. There has since been some leaving cars and socializing–from a safe distance–but if anyone feels threatened, we are still streaming the services over the internet for those who feel the need to stay home.

  11. Where is the ACLU who is always saying they are there to protect the rights of citizens and Non-citizens in the US? Seems they have been awful quite about this!

  12. Como & DeBlasio may think with all their guards and other protections (to mention the left in general) seem to think that they are untouchable. Suspect they forget what happen ti one beloved for G’d, King David. He became a murderer and an adulterer and it cost him the life of muchly loved son. They are flying in the face of The Almighty and he will with no help for anyone will treat them as He must. Yes, we should pray for them to see the light before its to late.

  13. Why are mosques not shut down?And how many meals did the AS____E from NY city have prepared for his favorite people?

  14. I am appalled at the silence of the US Justice Department letting this abuse go on and on! Trump has been good for Christians. How can he watch this unconstitutional oppression continue while Mosques are excluded? Can’t get much more blatant discrimination. Apply same guidelines for distance and masks for bathroom, etc. would assure re-election!

  15. Cuomo and DiBlasio won’t let Christians and Jews practice their faith. Yet they wholeheartedly allow Muslims and abortionists to practice their destructive agendas!

  16. The Demoncrats are showing their true colours..To close down all Churches and Synagogues. They hate these because they hate the idea that anyone should have freedom. That anyone would worship some one other than them.

  17. Guess that fool didn’t read the first amendment of the constitution. The Democrats are so stunningly stupid. I agree if you want to go..go. If you don’t don’t. It’s called freedom of choice.

  18. ! agree wholeheartedly with Tom. Where IS the ACLU during all this virtual national house arrest? Is there inaction simply another case of derangement over Trump defeating Hillary in 2016, or does it say something about this generation of ACLU lawyers having no understanding of the U.S. Constitution and/or no backbone?
    They’ll never get another penny from me.

  19. The nanny state is all powerful with Tyrant Cuomo in charge. Go to the governors mansion get on your knees and pray to your new God- The Demoncratic Party!

  20. “Great comment, Miss Prescott”. Never in my life have I witnessed those two Mo-mo’s make some of the lamest mandates for the public in their time in office. Cuomo & his brother are arrogant morons, De Blasio is just plain big & dumb.Perfect character traits for the atmosphere hovering in NYC.Trump 2020.

  21. Excuse them for trying to keep people alive. Personally, I see nothing wrong with drive-in church services but it seems to me that they’re trying to be better safe than sorry. They’re leaving mosques open so something worse doesn’t happen. I also can’t believe some Christians who believe that by being washed in the Blood of the Lamb they’re immune to this disease. Protest all you want: it’s a public health issue which “trumps” (ish) your desire to go to church. You can pray anywhere and Jesus has given His opinion on the subject, which I’m sure most if not all Christians are familiar with. I, too, am a Christian and I think those people are crazy.

  22. Democrats have really got a joker in this guy. Who the hell ever elected him with his beliefs? IF he ever runs for office again, I trust NYers will flush him OUT!

  23. Who in Sam hell do Cuomo and Deblasio think they are ? Why has The US attorney general brought these two up on charges as he threatened to do if anyone tried to block the religious freedom of our citizens . Where is William Barr ?

  24. Dear Bob ,New Yorkers have been electing people like Bloomberg ,Cuomo, and Deblasio for years .I really don’t see the voters changing that much any time soon . Ex New Yorker me .

  25. Well, we’re in the midst of a pandemic, and stopping the spread of the virus means banning large gatherings, like sporting events. Americans United for Separation of Church and State merely points out the ban should apply equally well to religious as well as secular gatherings. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, Hindu temples and Sikh gurdwaras are closed down. You’d think all Christian churches would similarly comply!

  26. It is obvious that Governors and Mayors who think they are dictators are unessential and should be removed from office.

  27. Satan has a strong grip on Democratic Governors. Satan has ordered Democratic Governors to close down places of worship and they are obeying Satan.

  28. Closing churches is ridiculous.. freedom of worship is ours. The Lord will
    Deal with them in due time. Cuomo is crazy if he tries to stop people from worshipping. He needs to be in church himself. Praying for the whole selfish bunch. Sally

  29. Hiw did these awful people get to have so much power….. they are really
    Nasty dem bullies, with a horrible platform…. How do they sleep at nigh5??????

  30. It doesn’t matter whether the state of federal government has any right to restrict religious freedom. They are in direct conflict with the Constitution. Nothing in the Constitution gives them the right to prohibit religious gatherings or religious practice. To the contrary it tells the government it cannot prohibit. The practice of individual religion takes precedence over public health and welfare. Those individuals who wish to gather and practice their religion as a preventative or healing faith are guaranteed that under the constitution. If they all get sick as a result then they suffer the results and that is their constitutional right. In this case the governors, governmental agents and law enforcement are breaking the law and it should be a call to arms for all citizens to stand against these constitutional criminal acts and protect those who are being persecuted.

  31. @Lyudmila Loeva: so true and yet they threaten churches for opening but he, Cuomo, can put sick people in nursing homes while a hospital ship could’ve provided isolation…..and deBlasio is jsut as bad.

  32. Cuomo and Deblasio. Two left wing loons who have dubbed themselves as Dictator in Chief. They love seeing themselves on TV and Cuomo can prattle on for hours about how smart he is. Wonder what he will do with the massive class action suit coming for all the seniors in nursing homes that he has murdered.

  33. Governor Cuomo has a family history of being part of the Mafia. When he ordered the assassination attempt on senior citizen in nursing homes by sending Covid-19 patients in their proximity, He demonstrated that underworld criminal connection. He also has a long term objective in spite of some degree of opening up the State to make church and Christianity illegal in New York State. This is evidence of his saying that HE not God brought down the viral numbers. So people of faith in New York, be prepared for disenfranchisement and persecution. Governor Cuomo’s next move would be Confiscation without Compensation of ALL church property in New York State. Even religious landmarks at veteran cemeteries by his rule would have to be removed. Even a part of New York’s history will have to be erased because some of it is religious. St. Patrick’s Cathedral could be closed in NYC under such Roman Mafia Imperialism that Governor Cuomo might coordinate with the Mayor DeBlaiso Mussolini. This is something that is way beyond dealing with Coronavirus and trying to heal people. Its all about the destruction of New York civilization and society.

  34. Vasu Murti contradicts himself. Following his line of reasoning with separation of church and state, that would mean religious institutions are exempt from the shutdowns, unlike secular sporting events.
    But regardless, that is not at all what Thomas Jefferson meant in his letter.
    So many fools on these websites.

  35. When the gestapo comes… make your decision and take the appropriate action. Those who are unwilling to kill and die to preserve their rights, freedoms and property will inevitably and deservedly lose them.

  36. State governors should not be messing with the US Constitution. Especially the first ten amendments (the Bill of Rights). I said my prayers this morning. I would care less if I picked up the morning paper and read that Gov. Cuomo caught the coronavirus with a fatal result. Add his celebrity brother to the list, along with AOC, Dianne Feinstein, Ilhan Omar, Pressley, Schiff, Rashida Tlaib, Maxine Waters, and a few more in Congress….

  37. vasu…There is no such thing as separation of Church and State. Our founding fathers were against it. They left us a nation based on their Christian values, including your freedom to come on here and make a fool of yourself, which you do every time you comment

  38. dems cannot fight God and win. They lose. And there is no way someone can get or transmit anything by sitting in their car. These idiot fools don’t care about the virus, but the power they can have over us. Things are opening up and it’s about time.

  39. I would think that the Governor and the Mayor would would want people going to church and praying for our state and country. But Cumo is a Cino (Catholic in name only) and I don’t know what the idiot Mayor is but anti religious. Both will pay for this when they meet God .

  40. Who do they mean by “ENFORCEMENT AGENTS”? Is that an name for the police officers, code enforcement officers, or fire Marshall. To me they sound like little Hitler.

  41. It is criminal to refuse church services, especially drive-in services. There are churches all over the country that are going this way. It doesn’t violate the 6 foot rule. As a Christian, it is important to be able to attend our services, not just for the message our Pastors give, but for Christian fellowship. With all that is going on we support each other and pray for each other as well as for the country and the world. There is little anyone can do but hope. Why would you take that away from people? Enforcement Agents? Sure sounds like One World Order that the Antichrist is in charge of.

  42. The people of the state and city of New York are Democratic by nature and believe everything that the crazy leftist tell them. Your grandma, grandpa, mom and dads in nursing homes died because of the lefts wonderful decisions . The old saying goes — People usually get the type of government they voted for. The next time you vote, think about mom and dad that are no longer here because of your decision. You have my sympathy!


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