New York Times tries to destroy Kavanaugh with a new accusation that will leave you speechless


The New York Times published a vicious attack against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh over the weekend.

And it’s a bombshell that, if true, could kick him off the Supreme Court.

In fact, it could spark a nationwide debate bigger than the controversy over his confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Ever since Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court, Leftists have been plotting ways to take him down.

And now they’ve come up with a new conspiracy to do so.

The New York Times published a story with a new accuser claiming that, as a freshman at Yale University, he witnessed Kavanaugh force his penis into a girl’s hands.

The problem is, there is no evidence to support the claim and it looks as if The New York Times could be making it up purely to sabotage him.

Breitbart reports:

The New York Times claimed Saturday that a new accuser witnessed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh committing an act of sexual misconduct as a freshman at Yale University.

The Times‘ Robin Pogrebin & Kate Kelly report, in an article that appears in Sunday’s print edition:

The Times‘ story, HuffPost reports, was marred somewhat by a tweet sent by the Times‘s Twitter account to promote the story that claimed: “Having a penis thrust in your face at a drunken dorm party may seem like harmless fun.”

The Times deleted the tweet and apologized.

During his Senate confirmation hearings last fall, Kavanaugh faced a sudden avalanche of accusations, many outlandish and none proven or provable, dating from his high school and college days.

Leftists won’t admit it, but they are willing to do anything to destroy Justice Kavanaugh.

Their ultimate dream is to impeach him, kick him off the court, and in turn, destroy President Trump’s legacy.

If the Left can successfully start another witch-hunt to destroy Kavanaugh’s reputation, the Trump administration could be in big trouble.

This is another example of the #MeToo movement gone too far.

Sexual assault and harassment must be dealt with and carry serious consequences.

But we cannot put people on trial by social media.

Nor can we destroy someone’s reputation without a shred of evidence.

What do you think? Is this just a pathetic attempt by radical Leftists to kick Justice Kavanaugh off of the Supreme Court?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  2. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party,RINOs,Fake News! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception,Fake News(Russian Collusion & Jussie M hoax)the list is endless!And the clueless minions that follow them!

  3. And what else can you expect from the frenzied propaganda of the enraged democrats? – About the pissing Russian prostitutes on the holy bed of Obamas- we were told by fake democratic media, it turned out to be a lie. About the scammers Ford and her idiot – the lawyer, also wrote and also lies, Well, what are they going to surprise us again if we know in advance that this is again a lie? You just don’t have to read deliberate lies.

  4. I would think IF there was ANY credibility to these new charges they would have been brought forward during the Ford witch hunt . Which was a disgrace and unjust from start to finish, as it was!!
    I must admit I am not fully knowledgeable about the law, but I would hope Judge Kavanaugh could bring a lawsuit(s) against these horrendous false claims and put a stop to these attacks…
    Is there any end to the Demon’s party trickery and deceit?? When will they ever stop?? It’s almost as if they WANT another civil war to take place within this country. And believe me, the people I have spoken to ,are on that verge!! I can’t stand what is happening ! Watching everyday someone within the Republican party being viscously attacked and having their reputations being smeared . ESPECIALLY our sitting president and his family…Utter, utter disgraceful and uncalled for……

  5. Leftism is a mental and spiritual derangement. Leftists eventually become unable to think rationally. This affliction results in a large arena full crowd of Democrat delegates booing a generic god, three times. Democrats want to kill babies in the womb, being born, and after birth. Democrats love illegal invaders more than American citizens, including minorities.

  6. He that is without sin let him throw the first stone — John 8:7
    Do not remember the sins of my youth — Psalm 25:7
    Let the perfect people find perfect people for our offices. Who will
    affirm they have done nothing wrong and be willing for all they
    have done to be publicly exposed? Those who disdain others usually
    have much to hide.

  7. In my humble opinion, the only thing the Democrats are doing is helping Donald Trump get re-elected. They are showing more and more people how wrong they are for America.

  8. If the allegations are proven false, or made up all parties to the falsehoods should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. These wing nuts need to be taught a lesson about making accusations that are not supported by facts.

  9. The more I’ve found out about this claim the more unhinged, I find the Leftists its its really sad that losing an election and a court appointment has them so unstable.

  10. If these accusations are not true, then there should be a HARD HITTING lawsuit against EVERYONE that made these false accusations, and SUE THEM into POVERTY. This garbage has been going on LONG ENOUGH, a L-O-N-G time ago (if true, which it probably ISN’T) and this childish nonsense has got to stop NOW! If no evidence, then he’s NOT guilty . . . don’t bring it back EVER again. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  11. New York Times is starting to become a enemy of the state with what they do. Fake news ad false accusations are not good media.

  12. The Democrats LOVED Bill Clinton, who was CONVICTED of perjury, and was a well-known womanizer. But they didn’t go after him. They are a bunch of HYPOCRITES and so evil only an evil person could want them in office!

  13. It takes one to know one” meaning the Democrates must be full of guilt! How dare they go on and
    On! Anyone can lie until they get before a Judge that ask questions that really test their memories,
    Like the past in Kanavaugh’s case, she could not even remember the house she was in or location!!
    She was paid off to do this by another woman in Congress and flown to Wash. To do it!!
    Yes, ppl that lie on the witness stand needs to know they will go to prison or city duty of working a
    While and I would bet this non-sense would stop!
    American ppl are sick of this, poor Kavanagn (Judge) and his nice family and what they have been put thru, shame on all the liars!!

  14. It is time the best defense is a strong offense. The Judge should sue all for millions if they cannot produce evidence to fully substantiate proof of their allegations. Nice people come in second. Go for the Jugular.

  15. Why does the news media refer to stories that happened ‘over the weekend’? Saturday and Sunday are individual days. They should get mentioned.

  16. The New York Times Needs To Leave That Tent Of Anti-American PLD Party Coooks, Because Those PLD Party Members Are Turning Into A Bunch Of Animals, Who Love To Slaughter Anyone Who Does NOT Practice Islam (Coptic, Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran ……), They Are Dirty, And Love Shedding Innocent Peoples Blood, They Would Even Love To Rape Children As Young As 8 Years Old Or Younger, The Male Side Will NOT Give A Darn IF It Hurts Either/Neither!!!

  17. I don’t see anywhere what decade Kavanaugh was in High School and College but he’s younger than I am and I KNOW women have been sexually aggressive since the 60s. Animal House was not just a movie. Alcohol and sex were what the girls went to the frat parties for. They were NOT being forced then and it has not evolved into forced sex over the years. Any man that will come out now and say he saw something being forced on a girl then and he didn’t say something about it THEN is being PAID to lie about it now. If he wasn’t MAN enough to defend her when it was happening the statute of limitations has LONG since run out on this so-called crime.

  18. The NY times is paper I wouldn’t even use in the bathroom it’s so toxic. Why is this stupid rag still around. Soros must be funding them like BLM and antifa.

  19. My sister and I watched the hearing and that woman lied through her teeth. Just looking at her body language, my sister and I could see her lies. When her crying was so fake, and the look in her eyes she was looking into space. She is a WITCH big time just for politics shame on the Democrats. I cant believe that they would stoop that low! How could any decent sensible woman do something like that, a plain vicious lie. Karma is a right behind her ass for trying to destroy a good man’s reputation.

  20. Why do people try to make trouble I guess they are so unhappy with their lives they have to make trouble for everyone else what happened to love one another

  21. If the New York Times is making this up and they have no proof I believe it is time too pull there bisness license for good and shut them down this will keep everyone else on the straight and narrow!!!

  22. Look at that mean alcoholic face. Ford remembered who tried to rape her, what woman would forget an attack from a drunk thug. He is another rich white boy who scorn you white trash but you give him a pass because he is another Trump butt boy. Kavanaugh, Trump, and Epstein and Dershpwitz, now a Trump apologist, are all sexual predators. Yes Clinton is one too and you condemn him, well condemn the others as well. Women who back Trump are truly insane the way he has treated women in work and in his attitude, policies and assaults.

  23. It is time to pass laws by executive order that will require jail time for spreading lies both for persons and the media and social outlets. Media and social media time will be served by the CEO’s of the company since they can’t manage their employees. Enough is enough of this BS. It’s gone on too long.

  24. Don’t believe little Ms Ford! She was not a credible witness! She didn’t remember where she was raped and who did it. She had no business drinking in the first place !

  25. The New Yirk Times can not Destroy him. If I recall, ttat first accuser passed a lie detector test concerning what he did to her. He refused to take that test. Just like Trump Refuses their subpoena while not showing us any evidence to support his claim of innocence.He then stiffed employes, he claims that they were not doing the work. Did he file criminal Charges for this .NO!!!!! from what I see the Right beig no more than a bunch of Corrupt criminals.WE are a dead country walking. He is already stiffing the Farmers, and now business that he their costs spike because of Trump’s tariffs. When the economy crashes, he starts the nuclear was with Iran as he flees to Russia, so he will live through this war, but not the next one. Nations can not fight againstThe world will know where that came from.God. When Israel’s foes are destroyed without Israel firing a single shot, I would call that Israel fighting for Israel.

  26. R.F.T. This isn’t an invitation for you and I get into another round of debates. But I wanted to point out some things to you. The N Y Times did not provide any evidence to back up these new claims. So please don’t go pre judging Kavanaugh just because he is a Republican and you hate anyone associated with that particular party. As far as FORD goes, even her own father approached Kavanaugh and congratulated him on his appointment. So it appears to me he didn’t believe her story either ,or was even aware of this supposed attempted rape of his daughter. I’m quite sure he would have been outraged . Not shaking the hand of the man accused of such an act. IF and this is a very big IF, there was any merit to her story, why wait so long before coming forward?? My personal opinion of Ford is, she’s a liar and was used to try and destroy the chances of Kavanaugh being appointed. Nothing more. Ford also comes from wealth and none of her story held water. None….
    You are quite correct in pointing out the fact that any woman will remember any unwarranted sexual act forced upon her. Just not that fake Ford.
    Even though you have once again called anyone that disagrees with you poor white trash and insane. I will once again point out to you, I am not either one…..

  27. I agree Judge Kavanaugh should sue the NYTimes for even printing that trash…just because they removed it and apologized is not good enough. The damage is already out there and done. Everyone who read that crap and believed it may not have witnessed the apology. Stop these news outlets from spewing lies.

  28. Fred Amirault; Do you know why lie detectors are not used as evidence in any case? Because it has been proven they are not completely accurate. You can pass or fail depending on many factors. Any lawyer worth his salt will advise you of this point.
    If you want to view our country as a dead country walking, put the blame on your Nazi party. All they have done was go on their witch hunts against our sitting President and anyone else in the Republican party. Wasting millions of dollars!! They have done NOTHING to improve the conditions our great nation. Which includes the massive influx of ILLLEGAL aliens trying to storm our borders and stopping it…And it is quite obvious you hate Israel. Big mistake for many reasons. But I do not have the time to give you a theology lesson….

  29. So why are they not held accountable? Why should anyone or any source be allowed to knowingly slander and get away with it by a Ops and not suffer any consequences other then sorry! This crap is used all the time, a great deal of non changeable harm has already taken place, and sorry is all that matters? Politicians do it all the time, and it is just ignored, that politics as usual! Sorry, but that does not make it right and that needs to change. If there should be legislation for something it should be for this kind of pure intended liable assault, if nothing more then wearing a sign in public, I can not be trusted to tell the truth.

  30. Pardon me, but did you say that there was a retraction and apology from the NYT? If so, I wonder why this Culture Watch web site did not pontificate about that aspect as well as the original accusation(s)? I don’t know about you but, I am beginning to have my doubts about Culture Watch and their increasing bendiness.

  31. Women remember who sexually attack them, shame on you for believing the thug Kavanaugh who was getting drunk in high school a lot, even references it in his yearbook. There are some women who become misogynists when it fits their insane politics. You are supporting a serial sexual assaulter as President, I guess you approve of that too, Foreign Lauren.

  32. I agree with Richard. Why aren’t these people held accountable that slander an innocent caring good man?
    I think there should be a law that you can’t go back 30 or 40 years to find out a little dirt on someone.
    I think he’s totally innocent, but really does anyone not have something in their youth that they might regret. I know I don’t want people to know some of the things I did as a not very bright teen. But then I grew up to be a very kind respectable human being.
    Kavanaugh is a respectable happily married man…Leave him alone. He deserves a little peace!

  33. KTA; Even though you didn’t direct your comment towards me, I will be replying to you. You made a reference to Kavanaugh and what was written in his yearbook. Did ANYONE write he tried to rape Ford or any other woman? Of course not. Did they make references to him drinking? I never read his yearbook personally but I would imagine that was true. But so what? When I went to college there so many fellow students( men and women) that made the movie Animal House look like a tea party. And as far as I know they grew up to be responsible decent human beings.
    And please stop calling Trump a serial sexual assaulter. You’d better look at your own party’s behavior for that as well. I know what I have written to you will not have any effect on your present perceptions. Because you hate Trump and every other Republican. And that will not change. But at least I know after all the hearings because of Ford and her accusations were done, nothing was proven Kavanaugh was guilty of anything by his actions against Ford. Nothing. Thank you.

  34. especially Blaze ford..she is a lier and a many millions did she get paid form her lies..set up another webb page for her , shes out of that money already…

  35. You’re not Linda M, neither is Colleen, she just needs to cool her rhetoric. I haven ‘t posted much lately,haven’t seen any of her comments. You have to admit there are some bad right wingers on here though.

  36. RFT; I know you haven’t posted that much. Well, not under RFT anyway. But I’m not here is accuse you of switching to different names to post . But you know how I feel about that subject.
    Thank you for not including me or Colleen. I don’t know why she isn’t posting anymore. Her rhetoric, as you call it, is her style. That’s all I can say. I do miss her though.
    Do I feel there are bad right wingers? You are asking me to speak for others and what their motives are. That’s unfair. But bad would not be the word I would use to define them. ESPECIALLY compared to posters such as Spanky, Redman, Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck and Mike O. and a few others as well. They ARE bad. These people are cruel, act deranged , disrespectful and just plain vile and rude. Conservatives( or right wingers as you define us) can be very passionate when they are expressing their feelings , and concerns when commenting on stories. But just like you RFT, they are not bad. They want to be heard. They are upset and for some ,scared! Things are changing within this country and it’s not for the better. And please don’t blame Trump. No matter how much you hate him, it’s not his fault, what’s going on. You don’t have to answer this question. But I want you to really THINK about it though, alright? Look at the squad. These women DO NOT have this country’s best interest at heart. They want to destroy it!! They have done nothing but disrespect this country and it’s values, openly. Trying to rewrite history and doing away with the 2nd Amendment. And these women are Democrats. It’s people like them that bring out the darker side of others, when they are leaving comments. But like I explained, this is MY view as to why this is happening. I know, I know. This explanation can be used to defend you Leftist”s positions too. It is a double edged sword, isn’t it? Kind of like how the North and the South faced off.. Bottom line, I truly believe we all want our country to be united, strong and stand tall. Be a leader for the rest of the world to admire .As it once was… And on a personal note, these sites are meant for Conservatives. So if others aren’t that nice to you , this is also another reason. Also your name you chose to post under, doesn’t sit well with some. It’s kind of like pointing a gun at someone but saying I’m not here to harm you. Make sense?
    Well gotta go. Have my chemo treatment to get to. I didn’t have to tell you that. But I have always been as fair and truthful when posting. See you around!!

  37. The BIG problem is that the news media is reporting the “opinions” of the writers, not the unbiased news. Since the bulk of journalism graduates have been brainwashed in our leftist universities they are unable to produce an unbiased presentation. That’s the tip of the iceberg, there’s much, much more wrong which nobody is willing to discuss.

  38. RFT: I forgot to add something . I know I have stated this to you before, but it does need repeating. I will NEVER support any party that promotes and supports abortions. Especially to the extreme they have now come forward with. Full term abortions??? How truly disgusting , and despicable !!! There is no reason for any woman to get and stay pregnant in this day and age, unless they want a baby. And the Democratic has thrown out GOD. I will never honor that decision.. Got to lay down now.. Feel sick…

  39. These lefties may be using their stupidity to support abortion. Think about if they had been aborted they would not be around to come up with this nonsense

  40. Hey y’all, This is just water under the bridge..
    accusations are just that. In the past, it has been shown that it is all b.s. and that is all it is….b.s.
    The N.Y.T. and all the rest of the lying press is just out to get some kind of dirt on any one, even without proof, and publish their garbage. If you let this crap get to you, then you are actually falling into the trap that they are hoping for. The more crap you hear, or read, the more often you indulge, the more likely you might start to believe their poison. Remember when you were growing up {most of us are grown ups} you were told that if you repeat something 14 times it will become a habit, well guess what, they spew these things more and more and it will come down to normal people will start to believe and this is exactly what the “leftist” want…

    “ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE” Leftist keep going left and soon they will be even more dizzy than they already are!

  41. Why is it that all the lies and dirt come out of NY? The wives of these two men, Trump and Brett, should sue for all these people are worth. Maybe some of these fools will think twice before spewing their lies.

  42. Sue NY Times! For how long they can enjoy smearing and insulting innocent people? The NY Times is an “Enemy of the People” and and somehow their anti-american agenda should be stopped.


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