New York is suing pro-life activists for this outrageous reason


As the Biden administration continues its public war against conservative values, Americans are seeing more of their freedoms taken away.

Along with the loss of freedom, the Left is using lawsuit after lawsuit to try and stop anyone who might be speaking against their communist propaganda.

And now New York is suing pro-life activists for this outrageous reason.

Recently, the state of New York filed a lawsuit against a pair of pro-life activists that it says have blocked access to a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.

The complaint was filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James against Bevelyn Beatty and Edmee Chavanness.

According to the complaint filed by James, Beatty and Chavannes engaged in “obstructive, threatening, harassing, and violent activity” against the Planned Parenthood of Greater New York.

The suit alleges that the two frequently held protests at the clinic throughout 2020.

Chavannes has been accused of screaming threats in a staff member’s face while maskless.

Both individuals were accused of physically blocking the health center’s main and side entrances and preventing staff and patients from entering.

Beatty and Chavannes, who are black, had a run-in with the law last summer when they were arrested for defacing Black Lives Matters murals in New York City.

Viral videos of them from last July showed them smearing black paint over a yellow BLM street mural.

They called the BLM organization “a domestic terrorist organization.”

In response to the incident at the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, the AG’s office accused the women of weaponizing the threat of the coronavirus to impede access to the facility since they did not wear face masks.

In the complaint, the state of New York seeks to force the activists to pay compensatory damages for each violation of state law and legal costs the state incurred to carry out the lawsuit.

The state is also asking for a buffer zone around the abortion clinic to guarantee safe access to the facility for staff and patients.

Governors have shut down churches in the name of safety, but the Left is suing to get protection around an abortion facility because two pro-life activists are trying to stop the murder of innocent life.

The hypocrisy among the Left is mind-boggling.

“Let me be very clear: no person, no business, and no government body has the right to deny or limit a woman’s access to an abortion, and I will continue to do everything within my legal power to support the reproductive rights of women,” New York AG James stated.

But apparently, the government does have the power to deny Americans access to their houses of worship.

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