New York is making a change to birth certificates that will leave doctors confused


Last year, New York City passed a new transgender law.

They said their goal was to allow “transgenders” to live with “dignity and respect.”

That opened the door for New Yorkers to make one change on their birth certificates that will leave you scratching your head.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a new transgender law is taking effect that allows residents of New York City to change their sex on their birth certificates.

Residents can mark “M” for male, “F” for female, or “X” for other.

And they don’t have to provide any doctor’s note or other documentation for the change.

Mayor de Blasio tweeted out to remind everyone of this change.

This change means New Yorkers can just edit the gender that appears on their birth certificate at a whim.

Far more questions than answers come from this move.

Can anyone change their gender to be able to attend all-male or all-female schools?

If someone is neither male nor female, can they do whatever they want as both genders?

Can someone change genders at will, as much as they want?

These are questions that the transgender activists cannot answer.

If they were honest, they would find that their transgender fantasies collapse when put to any level of scrutiny.

Transgender activists say they take issue with assigning gender at birth based on sex, but the reality is that there is no other way to approach the issue.

Virtually everyone in America knows this, and this is exactly why President Trump received overwhelming support to legally define sex as “a biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth.”

Do you think Americans should be able to change their birth certificates to Male, Female, or even “X” at a whim?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. What is this all about? People are born male or female, period! This world is becoming crazier and crazier every day. No such thing as “transgender”. They’re people who need serious mental counseling. Amen! Bill DiBlasio and all the other mental midgets (democRATS) need serious help too. Why are all these people kow-towing to these liberal fools.

    • They are crazy to think this is a good law…they are related to the devil… doubt….what makes them think they have a right to change male and female to fake transgender……nuts that’s all….

      • be carefull what you wish for, if you check other, and later want to change from female to male, they really don’t have to pay for it, because it’s not saying what you were in the first place’ even the animal kingdom has male or female

    • I’m in agreement. Why do we, the majority of same human beings have to cowtow to the mentally unbalanced individuals? I see everyone, human beings, first as that then gender.


    • Your right, This thing is crazy but seeing who did i understand he needs help to, he is sick in the head also. Being Ney York is just about right,. That place is one for. The book. It and Cal. needs to disappear from earth.

    • Makes sense for crimals, be on the look out for a x gender person. X is armed and dangerous x has black and purple hair who identifies is a gender-neutral seven-foot-tall Chinese, if you run across this person please approach with caution and do not miss identify this person who really isn’t a 7-foot Chinese but a short fat white guy . Makes sense to me

      • 👋👋👋👋👋👋 Now add another twist to description of an X gender human when their name is known but they were given a gender neutral name…

    • And 15 to 20 years from now when these kids are grown up and going thru puberty and can’t figure what the hell is happening to them, they’ll be jumping off of bridges, od’ing, and shooting up schools. then these same folks who make these idiotic laws will be scratching their heads wondering what happened. . . . .
      What a bunch of morons.

  2. Just more political correctness. It is absurd to think that a person can change his/her sex on a whim. I don’t know how much further the Left can go with their crazy ideas but at some point sanity must return.

  3. What drugs are these IDIOTS taking? All doctors KNOW if it’s a MALE or a FEMALE that was just delivered. There are NO OTHER choices, except a very few babies born with both male and female organs.

  4. So hard to believe the residents consider themselves to be American. They elect absolute loons like Cuomo and de Blasio, even Occassional Cerebral. And think they’re normal! These “things” would fit Kalifornistan just fine.

  5. Ok now we have come to far so if you Mark X then you can be what ever you want to be that day so a male could enter the woman’s restroom attack a woman then just walk out. Great idea.

    • Well, what may happen one day in a public restroom will be a female that thinks she is a male and suddenly finds herself thrust to the floor and raped, and then as time rolls by that belly is going to swell and then it will be known what her real sex is. She might get by though with her claim and say it was a tumor in her belly. America is a laughing stock to the world.

  6. DiBlasio is another idiotic liberal looking for votes. We are what we were born with; make or female genitals. What one does later in life is their choice.

  7. More ridiculous political correctness with little or no thought given to consequences. How do these left-wing morons pull this nonsense off? Are normal Americans so apathetic that they’re willing to let America slide into the “world abyss?”

  8. Will someone please step forward and arrest this Mayor NOW. Not only is he a felon, as shown over the weekend when his briber was convicted of giving him bribes for “favors” the first of many members of the communities around “unlawful” New York who have been doing so since his election. Now this idiot has birth certificates changed when the baby should have the option to change their birth certificate when they are older, as mentioned in the above comments. This guy is so unethical that it’s beyond the average Americans thinking. How did this man ever get elected. Thank you Hillary for any numbskull throwaway. don’t think he’s finished – another under the table, sneaky deal he has done is “his wife has 19 asssistants costing the TAXPAYERS of NEW YORK over $900,000 a year in salaries. Mrs. Trump has 4. I don’t remember voting for HER do any other New Yorkers remember her election to anything? WATCH OUT -HE IS PRIMING HER TO RUN FOR MAYOR WHEN HIS TERM IS UP IN THREE YEARS – if the City is still standing by then. We are the closest thing to a “third world city” NOW and they can do so much more damage in three years. SOMEONE PLEASE START INVESTIGATING HIM – I MEAN REALLY INVESTIGATING HIM.

  9. You have got to be kidding! At “BIRTH” your gender is determined! How Stupid! What happened to the “Gift” of “Life” that a person is even on this planet! Stop trying to “Be Something U R NOT” Everyone has the “ability” to “achive” that’s what makes it great, would not it be boring if everyone was the Same!

  10. Political correctness has gone insane! Anything to garner votes, whether it is good or not, whether it is real or not! It is time to get our head out from between the legs, and get real!

  11. You are what you were at birth and anything else is due to the results of a chemical brain imbalance a male will never be female and vice versa.

  12. In regards to my last post get on medication and see a rational psychiatric professional since sadly so many of them have deviant minds.

  13. You shouldn’t even be asking this question Writer! You are ether Male or female no mater how much it offends the transgender. Even they know what they are. They are just trying to confuse the issue. Do you know what is in this pandora box. Look up pandora and see how it reads. We have been opening a pandora box every time we we fall for all this crap the women want to change !

  14. More de Blasio ignorance. What the hell is going on in NYC and in CA?
    I live in Californika and still don’t think we are THAT off the rails…even with the prominent Hollywood crowd. NYC mayor needs to have his IQ checked regularly to make sure that there is a thinking/functioning mechanism in his cranium. — AND, his wife has 19 assistants? Well Michelle Obama beat that by 100% with having 38 assistants costing taxpayers many more millions than any other First Lady. But, I guess they need more help.

  15. Pandora’s box has been opened with the homosexual agenda and the depth of stupidity to which we will descend is unimaginable.

  16. deBlasio’s a sick ASSHOLE. The people of New York city who elected this jerk deserve what the have. I never knew that there were so many morons living in my state, but we have a GREESEBALL ASSHOLE for a governor and a real ASSHOLE running New York city. And now the morons elected enough scum sucking democrat bastards to the House of Representatives, this country is doomed.

  17. The once great Empire State is becoming a joke because of imbeciles like DeBlasio, Cuomo, Schumer and Gilibrand. The Democratic Party has become a bunch of brainless morons thanks to the traitor a President Obama’s influence.

  18. This is the dog crap Democrats spend money on. This is why the end of the United States of America is coming soon. This is what the Dems have been doing for the last 50-69 years. Changing laws and legislation to fit their narative.

    I can’t say this enough, to you Democrats, watch what your people are doing. Why, in God’s name would Democrats care more about illegals than citizens? Just look at any city in American, that has been under Democrat leadership for over 10 years. It is destroyed. They spend all the money they can on handouts. Not a penny on hand-ups. That’s why our roads are crumbling. Our bridges are collapsing. Schools are crap, need I go on.

    We need to stop this lunacy right now. Get our act together. Once we are well and whole, we can go back to being the savior’s of the world again. But we must get healthy first.

  19. No one is born without being male or female or in a few rare cases both or having other deformities. It is impossible to change a Birth Certificate because it records witnessed fact. Therefore this NYC Law is fraud.

  20. Stupidity at it’s finest what does the dr. do ? Flip a coin and decide what gender your gonna be ? we need to put an end to this nonsense.

  21. Again….doctors don’t assign anything at birth. They record the birth according the the scientific, biological genitalia of the live human birth. Sex is a scientific identification, whereas gender is a literary construct. If these SCIENCE DENYERS choose to identify to the contrary, they currently have a plurality of support to do so. They do not however, enjoy the right nor the authority to force the acceptance of their delusion on others, and they must not be allowed to do so.

  22. This transgender stuff is inanely stupid. When people can change their chromosomes, then they can change their genders. So far that is not possible. People can dress as they choose, have any surgery they choose, live any identity they choose, etc., but none of that actually changes their genders. A man living as a woman is still a man, just a man living as a woman. Same for a woman living as a man. Gender has not changed; it is in the chromosomes.

  23. DiBlasio is the dumbest SOB in the world. No one is born transgender. This will foul up birth records and cause more trouble for normal humans throughout New York and where ever these children migrate. These are crazy morons conjuring up these changes in the laws and records and for the dumbest of reasons.. so transgenders won’t get theeir feelings hurt. When has the state of New York ever passed laws considering people’s feelings rather than law? This is stupid.

  24. Unfortunately there are few people that do not want to recognize the facts for reality, “men are men and women are women” from the beginning of time, no matter any level on the food chain. Thus we are here as a result of coitus, that can not be denied. What does an “X + X look like”. What kind of cloths do they wear, how and where do they eliminate waste, where do they live, etc. Maybe there should be ‘MEN’, ‘WOMEN’ and ‘X’ bathrooms based on beliefs. Since the X movement is a fad, the X-s should finance their beliefs. Fortunately, we live in a society in the US that allows people to speak their mind and we should tolerate each other. However we can live within our beliefs of culture and society. The X-s should create their own culture and society based on their beliefs without infringing on historical life. So to level the playing field, “Make your neighborhood so I can come and live there, don’t come into my neighborhood with something that don’t make sense and expect to live with people that have other beliefs”.

  25. Why not just put a box that simply says CONFUSED and let it go at that…..furthermore how will the parents and or the child know just exactly who and or what they are at the time of their birth…… Gee thanks Mr Obumbler for once again causing more trouble than u will ever been worth

  26. People should not be able to change their birth certificates, how can you trust documents if they can be changed at will. I was not born in 1969 but 1979 or I was born in Somewhere America not Somewhereelse Mexico. Is that right and how much trust in these official documents.

  27. A while back I was told there were 63 genders. I was also told that God Almighty created two, Man and Woman. Then I was told that the democRATS made the other 61. Eh?

  28. Is there any limit to the insanity of the left? It’s like each one lunatic tries to out crazy the other. de Blasio is not only the worst mayor New York ever elected but he’s one of the worst people in this country. He truly needs to be put away and never heard from again. He and his administration are literally the inmates running the asylum. How can any rational thinking person see this man as a leader? Jim Jones was a better leader than he is. I sure hope I’m around long enough to witness his demise.

  29. I respect the rights of all Americans to be who they want to be, but I’m getting pretty damn sick of how far it gone, and they’re not done yet. Without getting political or philosophical, Americans need to stand by certain principles, especially those made by nature. I totally believe that whatever you were born, stays on the birth certificate. It IS what you were born, like it or not. You can pursue life any way you want thereafter, and become who and what you want. You were NOT transgender at birth. This is ridiculous!!!


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