NEW VIDEO shows shocking thing Christians faced for praying at a protest of “Transgender Storytime”


Leftists are growing more and more deranged.

They crossed a serious line having Drag Queens takeover kids’ story times in public libraries.

Now you won’t believe what was desecrated when these Christians dared pray over “Drag Queen Storytime.”

Nothing is sacred to the radical leftists.

A group of Catholics were peacefully praying the Rosary outside of a public library in protest of the so-called “Transgender Storytime.”

Transgender Storytime is when public libraries and schools bring in drag queens to read to children as young as kindergarteners.

It’s the LGBT radicals’ way of exposing young children to deviant sexual lifestyles.

The group of peaceful protesters brought with them a statue of the Virgin Mary.

Then a radical LGBT activist walked up, grabbed the Virgin Mary and threw it on the ground, busting the statue to pieces.

Life Site News reports:

New video from the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) shows a pro-transgender activist damaging a statue of the Virgin Mary as Christians prayerfully protested a “Drag Queen story hour” for children at an Indianapolis bookstore.

The shows a scramble when a woman lifted up and apparently dropped a statue of the Virgin Mary that stood in the midst of Catholics, including children, as they prayed. According to TFP, it was the intervention one of the praying men, Christopher Dunlap, that prevented the statue from breaking on the pavement. Witnesses said that the the young woman wrapped her arms around the statue and threw it to the ground, but Dunlap intercepted its fall.

As a result of the incident, the base of the statue broke off and its crown was damaged.

This is yet another display of the intolerance of the Left’s so-called “tolerance movement.”

You’d think confusing and bewildering young children by parading men in dresses around in front of them and reading them stories would be a line even the most radical leftist wouldn’t cross.

But being allowed to have their “Transgender Storytime” is not enough for the radical leftists.

When concerned parents speak up and peacefully pray in protest, they will be attacked and called “bigots” by the LGBT radicals.

As the video shows, pro-transgender activists have become so unhinged, they’ll even desecrate a statue of the Virgin Mary if you dare oppose them.

We want to know your thoughts.

Will transgender activists see a backlash for desecrating a Virgin Mary statue and holding storytimes for kids hosted by drag queens?

Answer below in the comments.


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  2. This is insane! First to allow transgenders to read to small children in a public library (my kids would not be there) but then for those LGBT people to attack those praying and breaking a statue that is private property. We cannot let the devil win this war! Pray even harder, more often and out in the open so everyone can see we will not be intimidated! God Bless This Country!

  3. These are difficult times. Recall the words: ‘Sin abounds, but grace abounds even more.”
    Christians everywhere need to pray more than ever. Catholics should pray the rosary as well. We must resist evil.

  4. What is being expressed here IS public schools and libraries are being forced to allow little children to be influenced by the deranged life style AS IF it were better than.

    May God Almighty Bless and keep all the children safe of mind and of thought.

  5. There will no repercussions except when they are judged by God. My children would not have been in the library had I known a drag queen would be reading to them. We need to pray for the drag queens.

  6. These LGBT are some really sick people, but the parents of these young children are even sicker.

  7. It’s a shame that our society allows sexual deviates to influence innocent children in promoting their evil life style.

  8. I realize we are a nation of freedom. And many have paid the price for this privilege. But in all things we need to use wisdom and be peaceful. I do not condone these practices but we are a free country so they say. What’s makes me sick is that our great county speaks about freedom for ALL but Christians are denied the basic rights that this nation was built upon. These ungodly kinds of activities or teachings will continue till our Lord and savior comes again. It’s a sign of the end times. People that expose children or even others to a sin that’s against God’s word or His laws will be judge by the Almighty. I feel that these practices are an endangerment to the way of life that God has planned for us. To many times you see things that are against Godly living which are being forced in society but our rights as Godly, Christians are being taken away. No prayer or Bibles in school. This is not freedom or rights. It’s the way of an evil and perverted mind trying to rule and do away with Godly good and His teachings. Freedom is for all but there’s a limit. I pray God directs our leaders to make wise decisions concerning these things so we can all live in peace till His coming. May the Lord open the eyes of those who have been blinded by such teachings. In Jesus name I pray.

  9. “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he shall not depart from it.” It truly is in the oversight and provision of the parents to guide their children. It is not up to the government, the schools or even the church. How sad that the world has so much to offer to destroy our children, families and education. Tolerate the “assault” on our children and families, our faith and beliefs? In this tolerance do we not relinquish what is true for what is deceptive? “…each one doing what seems right in his own eyes..”, does that make it true, right or moral? No! No tolerance for LGBT or Q!, not in my home, not in my school, not in my church! They are they immoral, the effeminate, the real “walking dead”.

  10. The height of depravity in America thru these LBGT activities is totally not going to be tolerated. I will support any local resistance to this movement, especially if libraries and young children are involved.

  11. we have a gay governor in Colorado. Hes slready pushing his agenda. May God have mercy on our souls if we allow this to grow without our protest and prayers

  12. She doesn’t know what a statue is?! Even if she doesn’t know, does that give her a right to destroy something?

  13. They have more power than Jesus. One can speak against God or Jesus but not against homosexuals. They make more noise and there are a lot of unknown people in that lifestyle. We need to start making noise and stand up for what God did and what He said about homosexuals. God does not make mistakes. You are what you were born to be. If you change that it is your soul that if in trouble.

  14. It is one thing to live and let live, but another to flaunt and try to force everyone to agree with your perverse life. It is especially egregious and evil to involve children.

  15. The devil does NOT win this war…Romans 1:18-32 specifically names the sin of homosexuality and its consequence: hell. Those who practice this sin and the sins of transgenderism, lesbianism, and other forms of sexual debauchery (referred to as “abominations” in Scripture) are destined for hell if they do not repent and turn away from practicing these sinful lifestyles. God is willing to forgive anyone who repents, but woe to those who don’t, for although God is patient, there comes a moment when a sinner crosses the line and dooms him/herself to hell…God never sends anyone to hell…sinners choose to go there by their own decision to reject God’s gift of salvation.

  16. Let everyone pray the Holy Spirit will intervene and protect the innocent ones from all places the devil roams, for his days are numbered along with the other wicked souls that walk this earth.
    God protect the children and let no harm come unto them…In Jesus sweet and Holy name, Amen

  17. The Library’s across America banned 50 shades of Gray and now they are letting gays take over our Libraries, Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against gays, some are my friends. They just have a different lifestyle than myself. The ones I know are good, honest, hardworking people. But I think it is wrong to sell them to kids who in time will make up their own minds. It is like Muslims reading to them from Islam teachings.

  18. if i went into the library at story time and tried to read from the bible dressed in biblical clothing…I would be asked to leave as religion is not to be spoken in the present of impressionable children. yet they will let a transgender read from the lbgtq story book. I feel that the public is really getting sick of this double standard…first if my little kid is there to hear a story….let it be a child’s book….whether it is mother goose, or a fair tale….it is suppose to be fun and enjoyable…not confusing. as for this destruction of property I feel that person should of been arrested. the christians were there peacefully but it seems that anything these groups do is okay. BUUT you dont hear about these incidents in the news because the media is okay with all of this.

  19. Next time try praying to God the Father in the name of Jesus Christ and not the Catholic Substitute.

  20. Next time try praying to God the Father in the name of Jesus Christ and not the Catholic Substitute.
    Dragging Mary isn’t the answer

  21. joan M, You know how the letters WWJD stands for What Would Jesus Do? Well if you turn the letters around you have DJWW which means Devil Just Won’t Win. And that is the case here. The devil thinks he’s won with this but he is wrong. I’ve read the back of the book and he is going to lose just like he always does. Jesus is coming soon and the devil knows that his time is short here on this earth that is why he walketh about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8).

  22. Keep in mind, the violence you witnessed in this incident is part of the radical LGBTQ movement. The media,Hollywood, and the democrat party are in unison in promoting and advancing this deviant lifestyle. Parents, all Americans who believe in the judeo-Christian ethic and traditional values and principles, must stand up and speak out.

  23. Why would any parent allow this ? I wouldn’t let my children be subjected to such lunacy and filth!!! This is what’s wrong when we allow the devil a foothold around are children, parents need to rise up and say enough is enough!! This is insane what’s going on in this Country!! This is sickening!!!

  24. Who is on these library boards that they feel it is okay and worse yet they want transgenders and homosexuals reading LGBT so called stories to kids in the library. Have LGBT infiltrated our library boards where no other members of the board say NO. First Boston legislatures and the public schools where homosexuals teach kids how to do homosexual sex, then they kill the St. Patrick’s parade as the Catholic churches are forced to withdraw from what was a celebration of a Catholic who saved women from men, than the Boys Scouts of America, than NY City’s St. Patrick parade and now our paid for by the taxpayers public libraries. Hmmm, seems like LGBT people meaning homosexuals love getting into things where the kids are starting out as pedophiles and getting the kids as teenagers to have sex with. And people on all these boards cannot say no, they act more like homosexuals and people with urges of perversion sexual activity with children and don’t even hide it any more.

  25. This is disgusting and sinful God will take care of them I would get all the signatures I could and take a petition to city council Then get everyone and refuse to pay taxes for something these citazens pay for until they stop this

  26. I am in TOTAL AGREEMENT that to desecrate representation of Our Lord’s Mother and the message of Fatima is an ultimate insult to Catholics and our beliefs. HOWEVER, “You know how the letters WWJD stands for What Would Jesus Do? ” Well, Jesus would not blanket judge a group of people; MY Jesus teaches to love my brother. Instead of condemning your brother, get to know him and embrace him–for your similarities and differences. Who is more in need of Christ’s mercy? the devout religious or the sinner? Jesus teaches that our righteousness surpasses the law. Unless you reconcile with your brother, your reparations are unacceptable to the Lord and you will be judged. (Matthew 5)

  27. are CHRISTIANS allowed to hold reading hour for children? this is getting totally out of control! is library privately owned or is it city or county owned? find out who’s letting these people hold story hour & take it from there!

  28. Leviticus states:
    -do not eat any fat of cattle. How was that steak?
    -anyone who eats blood must be cut off from their people. There’s steak again. How you like it cooked? There isn’t ANY pink color is there?
    -you can ONLY eat animals that have dived hooves AND chew their cud (not 1, both). You are not allowed to even touch an unclean animal because you will be unclean as well. You didn’t ever eat a ham sandwich or pork chop, did you? How about picking up that package of hot dogs at the market?
    -Any Children? A boy ? good, you waited 33 day after he was circumcised on the 8th day before you touched any sacred or went to church to be cleansed? a girl? sorry, unclean for 2 weeks and you waited 66 days to be purified before you defiled any one or thing?
    -Ever have a rash? Wasn’t any hair on that skin, was there? Hope you were isolated for 7 days according to the law.
    -Mold anywhere? you may have had to burn the article. Did you?
    -You are unclean for 7 days of your menses. anyone who touches you is unclean, any one who sit on anything you sat on is unclean,……..
    -None of your men ever cut their sideburns or trim their beard (lest shave it off completely), right?
    -Never said anything ill of your parents because that is punishable by death.
    -Cheating on a spouse? the Lord teaches even in thought it is a sin. punishable by death
    -Never had sex during your period because both of you are cut off from your people.
    -if you injured someone, were you then injured in the same extent according to the law?
    -Never wore clothes of a fiber blend? It’s a No No.

    ALL of these are abominations according to The Law as well. If you look hard enough you can pick and choose passages to condemn anything.
    Romans 2 states that passing judgement on another, you are condemning yourself because your offence is as grave as theirs. So-o-o-o-o, ask for an truly accept the Divine Mercy of Jesus’s forgiveness. We are ALL sinners but ALL is forgiven through His compassion for His children. I’d be the first to admit I was a SINNER; but, I am now the first to say that I walk with Him, He has forgiven my sins and I now attest to His wonders and the urgency of us all to turn to His mercy before we face His judgement. Doing 1 small act of mercy is more meaningful to Jesus that you pointing out someone’s errors. Yours is not to judge but they will be judged accordingly. Jesus loves you; and ….so do I. We’re all in this mess together until we return to our Source; so let make the best of it.

  29. I weep for the next generation. There are no words to describe how disgusting the actions of the left are!

    Like the saying goes “There is a highway to hell but only a stairway to Heaven.” Kinda makes you think about anticipated traffic, doesn’t it.

  30. The lbgtetc group sounds as though they have some communist tendencies, maybe a move to china or Russia should be in their future?

  31. This person that attacked the Blessed Mother statue and broke it was evil and a true decipol of Satan.

  32. The perverts are trying to make themselves normal when they are NOT. The catholics put a crown on Mary when JESUS is the only one worthy of any crown Mary was just the chosen vessel for Jesus nothing more.

    ! group straight for hell and satans work.

    another group blaspheming Jesus as the ONLY king.

    Jesus is the only way and Jesus is the ONLY SAVIOR and is coming any time now I pray YOU are ready!!! If you’re not that will be Hell.

    GOD Bless America!!!

  33. Not for long they won’t you and I both know it in our bones.
    Glory to the Lamb of God!!! He will return as the Lion NOT the Lamb. To not choose is to choose.

  34. The Church has been too quiet for too long we need to be as radical as these homosexuals need to feel our wrath as we have felt theirs

  35. Use their own words to fight them. They are intolerant bigots. Religious expression is a constitutionally protected right. Therefore, attacking Christians is religious bigotry and intolerance and the attackers are intolerant bigots.

  36. Terrible example for children who certainly cannot understand the complexities of this style of life. I get it. Maybe when their older they might understand and be able to make a decision of why or why not. But that’s not what is happening here.

  37. Secularism/humanism is a mindset in which people claim to be the highest life form in existence. It denies the existence of God, The Creator of the entire universe. It blindly presumes that all matter came into existence without an intelligent source of cause. However, every effect was brought into being by at least one source of cause, and some with the accompaniment of catalyst(s) such as temperature, pressure, etc. Only God was ever able to design and generate the existence of matter, energy, and functioning order. Those who wish to not be accountable to a higher power attempt to escape God’s judgement ; but they will all eventually die physically, and then be unable to escape God’s evaluation and assignment to an eternal place of destiny of their souls. Each of us writes the record of one’s own life. We shall each be judged by the life lived, measured against the abilities and opportunities we had, relative to the laws of God and of mankind, for the times and places where we were. The popular ideas (among people) are not what lead to everlasting reward with God. Only He is God ; we are not !!! I want to be as “narrow-minded” as described in the Bible, Matthew 7:13-14 which leads to Life everlasting, “…and few there be who find it.” I want to avoid being as “broad-minded” as described in that same passage, which leads to everlasting torment, “…and many there be who go in there at !!!”

  38. Those children were from parents that want their children to become homosexuals / lesbians / transgender / etc. The parents knew were they were taking their children and they supported these sick people and their efforts. If these parents outwardly do this to their children, I really do not want to think about what they do in the privacy of their own homes.

  39. I have to admit I am confused; if these people do not believe in a God why should they concern themselves about something they claim does not exist. Why should they care if someone is praying to a God who is, in their eyes, non-existence? Is it because they think they are wrong and God does exist? Perhaps one of them would like to answer that question.

  40. The first rule in national fundamental transformation (ever heard that before?) is indoctrination of the children. They are the future of everything. That is why our public schools have all been infiltrated by the communist. From K through PHD. I am aware these people hide behind a democrat title but they are communist. Make no mistake about that. But it is not just the schools they have infiltrated it is the main stream media and the government. Both parties it is just the so called democrats have adjusted to communism much quicker and more completely than the republicans. But we do have a few RINO’s in our ranks.

    These communists who pose as democrats are not going to be swayed off their quest for total and complete dominance of America by one conservative president no matter how good and how strong the president is. President Trump is an example of that strong and good president. It will take at least two eight year terms of conservatives so after Trump we will need another conservative I hope it is Pence he has a exceptional teacher in President Trump. However, there are several others like Senator Ted Cruz from Texas. He too can and will get America back on the free American track.

  41. I am ion complete agreement. I have long insisted that after the Russian Revolution in 1917, the KGB began sen ding Russian immigrants to the U.S.. These ‘immigants’ were committed Communist Party members, whose purpose was to infiltrate the education and political process. These people raised their children and their children’s children with this in mind. As you point out they have succeeded in the process and are well on their way to the overthrow of the U.S.

  42. I thought the same thing if the parents didn’t let the children attend maybe the library would stop having these freaks from reading to them. Why subject a child to this.


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