New Jeffrey Epstein book could spell doom for Bill Clinton’s legacy


Many celebrities have been entangled in the web of deceased sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

One of the most prominent people in his orbit was former president Bill Clinton.

And one new Epstein book could spell doom for Clinton’s legacy.

During Bill Clinton’s impeachment, the Democrats fiercely defended him against credible accusations of sexual harassment and even sexual assault.

Hillary Clinton wrote off the accusations as “bimbo eruptions” amplified by “a vast right-wing conspiracy.”

But sexual misconduct allegations have followed Clinton since the 1970s when he was Attorney General of Arkansas.

As the notorious exploits of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein came to light, Clinton’s connection to Epstein came into question.

Clinton rode on Epstein’s private jet known as the “Lolita Express” dozens of times and took many trips to Epstein’s resort dubbed “Pedophile Island.”

Now a book about Epstein asserts that Clinton carried on an affair with Ghislaine Maxwell, a British socialite who supposedly worked as Epstein’s madam, securing young girls for him.

The source for the book said, “[Bill] and Ghislaine were getting it on . . . That’s why he was around Epstein – to be with her.”

The source said that Epstein was Clinton’s alibi for his trysts with Maxwell.

“You couldn’t hang out with her without being with [Epstein] . . . Clinton just used him like everything else,” the source added.

Allegations of Maxwell’s years-long affair with Clinton are buttressed by the fact she was spotted with him at several functions, including Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

Since Epstein died under mysterious circumstances in prison, Maxwell has gone into hiding.

There have been no confirmed sightings of her anywhere, although some speculate she would be hiding out in New Mexico.

Clinton’s connections to Maxwell and Epstein are impossible to ignore, but the corporate press has done its best to do exactly that.

A hot mic captured ABC News reporter Amy Robach lamenting the fact her exposé on Epstein was spiked by higher-ups at the network.

Coincidentally (or not), George Stephanopoulos is ABC’s chief news anchor and political correspondent.

Prior to holding that position, he worked in the Clinton White House as an attack dog.

One documentary showed footage of Stephanopoulos threatening a reporter that she’d never work in Democrat politics again if she ran a particular story that was damaging to Clinton.

But as the evidence of Bill’s impropriety mounts, it becomes impossible to ignore.

Will Bill Clinton’s connections to Maxwell and Epstein finally be explored?

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  2. Tragically these people are caught with their pants down where our culture is transforming itself slowly by adopting principles of Equality. Surely the trappings and subterfuges of the past will long be with us but men are addressing that perennial skeleton “raging hormones” as women attempt to disengage from a “pedestal” as sex object.

  3. Really you actually thought Bill Clinton had a legacy…he is total trash just like his mate….this is not shocking at all… I believe all the stories about both Clinton’s and we know there are many more that has not come out yet…but they will….do not waste ur time with being shocked or concerned about this pair…they r getting just a small taste of all their evil actions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. If you had a choice between Hillary and someone else who would you choose. The Clinton legacy is that of a shrew and a rutting pig.

  5. I had a friend who said he knew Bill was a serial molester, and both of them were major crooks but my friend said he had to vote for Hillary because he always voted democrat.
    Needless to say I am not friends with him anymore.

  6. Obama’s legacy has been vaporized too thanks to Trump.
    Trump has undone almost everything Obama did, and the left says it’s out of spite, and racism.
    But Trump ran, and won on a platform of undoing Obama’s agenda.
    So he’s only doing what he was elected to do.

  7. “Many celebrities have been entangled in the web of deceased sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

    One of the most prominent people in his orbit was former president Bill Clinton.”

    Actually, the most prominent people in his orbit is the current President of the United States. Say what you want about Clinton (and it is a lot) but unlike Trump, he was never with underage girls during his romps with Epstein.

  8. Joe, how can you possibly know Bill wasn’t with any underage girls?
    Did you travel with him? The whole point of the island was sex with underage girls.
    That’s like going to a restaurant and ordering nothing on the menu.

  9. ” Joe” is as full of shlt as a Christmas turkey. There are many of “celebrity” sphincters that have scrambled to put their mugs in with a picture with Trump. He’s the real deal, noth those other mutts. Epstein, as well as the likes of sharpton, both clintons, schmuck schumer, and a host of others were always sucking up to him, especially if they were looking for a “donation”. If Trump was such a good “friend” of epstein, he wouldn’t have thrown his pervert ass out Mar a Largo forever, for hitting on the underage daughter of a member. ” Big money” likes to mingle together, but Trump is one of the few that isn’t a suck up to those degenerates like so many others of them are.

  10. George came to me in a dream last night and told me to go break into the nearest Target and grab a couple TV sets. Thanks George.

  11. Unfortunately for Ghislaine Maxwell, the time has now arrived in which she has outlived the convenience of protection by Jeffery Epstein and Bill and Hillary Clinton. So she is in hiding (that is, if the Clinton’s have not already had her “neutralized” or “Arkancided.” The evidence formerly obscured is now coming out into open viewing, as investigators have begun searching through the estate of Epstein, and the travel logs of his pilots who flew the “Lolita Express” to Epstein’s private island – on which those pilots recorded the NAMES of the passengers aboard the airplane. Many celebrities and other wealthy people are also quite worried about being exposed, charged, convicted, and sentenced to jail terms. The money trail will show up in embarrassing ways for many people. This needs to be accomplished, and justice served for the women who were so horrifically victimized by that extremely corrupt situation. They were apparently young girls, back then ; and they have had to bear the trauma of it for many years – with severe ruination to their lives. Justice will be served when those women get to know that the responsible people are receiving punishment proper for their crimes.

  12. joe, you are a liar. YES, Bill Clinton was with underage girls. And NO, when Pres. Trump found out what was going on, he didn’t want anything more to do with Epstein. But just keep denying the truth. That makes you the fool that you are

  13. Hi Ms. j, welcome back, I’ve kinda missed your nasty screeds. A liar, a truth denier and a fool in only 2 sentences pretty good even for you. But what happened to the Satan, and going to hades? Off the cult stuff?

  14. joe, you make your own choice. YOU get to choose whether you will spend eternity with God or satan. No one can choose for you. It’s very simple. Either you repent and accept Jesus as your Savior or you join satan. It’s all in that Book that you have no clue about. And what I said is the truth. But you have no concept of what truth is

  15. The Clintons exploited the presidency and amassed millions of dollars via corruption. But, of course, all allegedly for liberal causes, such as the uranium mining deal in Kazakhstan. For Pelosi to defend Bill Clinton for his longtine friendship with sexual pervert Jeffrey Epstrin is bizarre. Pelosi is probably suffering from extreme menopausal hormonal imbalance resulting in derangement, delusion, and, dementia. She desperately needs acute mental and psychological medication and therapy for psychosis.

  16. Now that is the Ms. j I was missing. Got your shot of cultism and your back raring to go. And just an FYI for you, I believe in a Divine Spirit, call him what you will and that brings peace to my life. Oh, and there is really no such thing as He ll in the Bible, look it up. It was a creation of the Catholics in the 4th or 5th Century.

  17. Joe you are absolutely wrong. Jesus talked more about not putting yourself in the position of you, yourself going to hell. Jesus spoke more on hell than heaven…why.. because he created it and knows how bad it is. Yes the catholic denomination is screwed up in their doctrines and what they teach BUT read the bible and scriptures for yourself with an open heart and you might see the light. But from your comments unless theres change, your next breath most likely will be in hell. Then you’ll know what Jesus was talking about

  18. Joe, you will know the moment you die that Hell is very real. YES, Hell is mentioned in the Bible. But you don’t read it. It is the truth that you deny. satan has you very deceived. And when are you going to take an English course? Your ignorance is showing

  19. Joe, here are a few verses about hell…
    Revelation 21:8
    Matthew 10:28
    Matthew 25:46

    Look them up. They are truth, but you deny truth

  20. Michael, all dems need their heads examined. They blindly follow their corrupt leaders without question

  21. joe, what cult??????? I follow Jesus. All who belong to Him will spend eternity with Him. Sorry about you

  22. I is difficult to condemn Bill Clinton too hard for his affairs, at least for the consensual, adult ones. After all, his wife was in a nearly public affair with her Muslim secretary. The Clintons were/are both garbage.

  23. Joe, Mark 9:47 uses the word “hell” or “hell fire” in the NIV, and King James.
    Its a good idea to read the bible first before you lecture other people about it.

  24. Bill Clinton was a legacy.
    For Blow Jobs.
    That’s a FACT.
    And you were our President. How disgusting was that. Our President was getting blow jobs instead and Hillary ran the country. That’s why she was ok with the blow jobs. Thats democrats for ya.
    You to Hillary.
    Shut Up.
    Tired of seeing your Ugly faces everywhere, everyday of every minute of every second. Horrible to wake up to you every morn.,within your fake news and fake reporters and fake, fake. And you who wear the rags on heads,(4) that stand up and try to look smart, your stupid, dumb and we don’t care about you. Get over yourselves. This includes you ice cream lady, NaN NaN.
    That’s so cruel and torture to the American People you democrats have to be in our faces one way or another.
    Love You Trump.
    No respect for democrats.
    We laugh at you. A jokes, a joke.

  25. Vicki, I think that your full of it. The only time that you see a Clinton or Obama is on Fox, and that is rare.

  26. Joe instead of using a computer info which could be false info, why don’t you pick up the Bible and read it straight from the source OR are you afraid it might burn your hands from the truth and showing yourself in an mirror image of how wrong you really are. I’ve read it front to back twice and amazed more everytime how much God reveals himself to me.

  27. @Michael, why is that? Actually Trump has more to fear than anyone. Even if/when it comes out that Clinton hang out with him, except for the right wing wackos no one really cares, Trump however is another story. When it comes out he was playing with Epstein and his girls, it won’t look good, well except to the right wing wackos and greedy pastors who suck up to him.

  28. Love it. Is the book out to buy? I want it. I’ll bet Hillary and Bill are sweating it out now. Put all the dirty nasty Dems. away. Their so nasty. Rubbing up and sniffing up on women, blow jobs, discustung. Bring everything out about Hillary, Bill NaNNaN, Cortez, Omar, (I get you 2 confused), Woody, Joey, the other 2 aoc numbnuts, can’t remember their names and don’t care. on and on the list goes. Your all Numbnuts in every sense of the word.
    Send em all to Alcatraz.
    Who cares if it is no longer in use. It is a good place for them all. It’s cold and dirty and nasty and full of evil. Its a good place for slithering lowlife snakes. They won’t have to crawl into dark holes. Alcatraz is a dark, dark, evil dungeon. Send them home.
    The demos. are a wasted space of time.
    Go Trump.
    We love you Trump. We want and need you Trump. Your the best ever Trump.

  29. Vicki, what happens if the book details Trump and Epstein raping a 13 year old girl? Will you still love him and need him, or say that he is the best 13 year old raper ever?

  30. NaN NaN,
    You need to get over all of President Trumps fine gifts he offers the American People.
    Your a very envious, jealous, evil and wicked person. You have no soul and no heart.


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