Netflix is releasing a Jeffrey Epstein documentary and attempting to conceal something dark about his past


Netflix has started using their popular streaming platform to influence public opinion, advance their radical left-wing agenda, and even impact elections.

But their most recent documentary is taking things way too far.

Netflix is releasing a Jeffrey Epstein documentary and is attempting to hide something dark about his past that the Left doesn’t want you to know about.

Any debate over whether or not Netflix has a left-wing bias is over.

The streaming service now has strong ties to the Obama family and many of his allies.

In fact, the Obamas have a multi-million dollar contract with Netflix and have published a documentary on Michelle Obama.

On May 27, the streaming service will release “Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich” a documentary based on Epstein’s criminal activities and rape of underage women.

The trailer features Donald Trump in a short clip in what is a blatant attempt to try pairing the two figures together to undermine the President.

The trailer seems to miss including both Hillary and Bill Clinton with whom he had deep ties and a friendship with.

Not only was he a major donor to the Clinton family, he also invited Bill Clinton to fly with him on his private jet over 20 times.

These two men were great friends and both have records of tremendous sexual misconduct and criminal activity.

So far, Netflix has chosen to omit this information and deceive viewers into believing Donald Trump was Epstein’s great friend.

The media is desperately trying to put their own spin on the events that occurred with Epstein’s relationships, his disgusting criminal activity, and even the details around his death.

Epstein’s death is a widely disputed event and many people believe he was murdered before he could face a public trial.

Netflix omitting Epstein’s relationship with the Clinton family is a gross distortion of the truth.

Any credibility the makers of the documentary had will vanish instantly if the Clintons are not included in the full documentary.

What do you think?

Is Netflix trying to cover up Jeffrey Epstein’s relationship with the Clintons?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. Will they show Epstein’s cartoon drawing of Bill in drag hanging on Epstein’s wall?

  3. The Obama’s still think they are relevant.
    Barack probably actually believes his own lies that there were no scandals under his administration, and Michelle believes people really care what she has to say.
    They are as insignificant as the loud mouthed Hollywood celebrities that think people want their opinions.

  4. To try to trash Trump and leave out Clinton’s out is dishonorable and disgusting NETFLEX leaders should burn in hell!!!

  5. Netflix must think everyone in America has blinders on and earplugs in their ears. Any attempt to conceal the fact that the Obama’s and Clinton’s didn’t have a thing to do with Epstein is a grossly partisan view. Everyone who is on the internet has seen the pictures of them together and don’t forget there other buddy Harvey Weinstein. Give me a break!

  6. Anyone who thinks Netflix is going to put out a factual, truthful documentary hasn’t been paying attention, especially since they are all Google eyes over the Obamas. Totally disgusting Obama’s haven’t faded into the woodwork like most former Presidents do. How anyone can think any of the Obamas are so great has mush for brains. He belongs in prison and the “she” belongs in prison if nothing more than as his accomplice.

  7. History will show that the Clintons and the O bumbas were all crooked and very bad for our country and perhaps that the Clintons were responsible for some deaths especially in Arkansas before coming to Washington.

  8. This is nothing new for the left mega stars. If you cross them you will be dead or…dead.

  9. I hate to agree, but Clinton and Prince Charles should be included, just at Trump and Epstein raping the minor girl, after he was told of her age. all of it should be in there.

  10. So Netflix why isn’t there a list of who flew on air Epstein? Who spent time on sex inland? Oh because it was prince charles, obama, hillary, bill clinton, bill clinton, bill clinton, biden, biden, biden, schiff, nadler, schumer, Anthony wiener, weinstien, cuomo, bloomberg, streyer, Soros and gates!

    Well that seems pretty bigoted of you. sounds like you just don’t want the criminal organization known as the KKK originated democrats to look bad.

    you know who did not fly air Epstein or go to Epstein’s sex inland: Trump.

    Netflix you kind of suck in a big way.

  11. Disgusted that the media is hyping upon Epstein — a pedophile who owned an island comprised of underage sex slaves and frequented by buddy Clinton (over 20+ visits per private plane flight log). WHEN will they focus upon themes of honesty, family values, romance, ethics, moral compass? Infinitely, more entertaining, without leaving a bad taste. Icky and gross.

  12. We should start a movement to get everyone who thinks this is wrong to drop Netflix. Loss of money is the only thing that will send a message to them.
    Don’t just drop them without telling them why we are doing this. I’m dropping them today!

  13. Purposely omitting facts regarding Epstein and the Clintons relationships, creating a false implication about Trump and using deceptive, dishonet, unscrupulous details to fit their radical far-left ideals and agenda needs to be stopped. If a Trump supporting media outlet used the same underhanded tactics in a documentary about a democrat, dem lawyers would be issuing Cease & Desist Orders. It’s time the attorney general step in and take necessary measures that will either bring down these fake news and media outlets, or establish regulations prohibiting them from these types of surreptitious tactics. The truth must be told, no matter the party affiliation.

  14. Alright people! First, you have the wrong prince. It wasn’t Charles, but his younger, better-looking brother, Andrew. Second, Netflix is part of the liberal media and as such, hacks. There is no other way to look at it. Third, Yes, Jeffrey Epstein was very likely murdered as a lot of the people who had dirt or crossed the Clintons have. It might be coincidence, but I doubt it. Please keep in mind however, ol’ Jeff had dirt on a lot of highly placed and rich people. Anyone of whom could have paid for/arranged his death. It might have been more than one of these individuals. We may never know. A documentary that is set out to obfuscate the facts of the case won’t shed any light on the subject, but will keep the thoughts and questions in our minds. Their exclusion of the Clintons should raise alarms all over the place in this country. Only idiots won’t notice that.

  15. “Is Netflix trying to cover up Jeffrey Epstein’s relationship with the Clintons?”
    Yes, of course – but that is only a sideline of it:
    It’s not the ‘forget Clintons’ – It’s: Bring in Trump!!!
    The difference would be devastating for the “Dem” election:
    A. Bill Clinton flew 23-times with Epstein in the “Lolita Express” – and Hillary did or said nothing about it –
    instead, the glorious “democratic” couple accepted millions from Epstein for their funds!!!
    B. Donald Trump saw Epstein a few times, when Epstein was at formal events – once or twice even at mar-at-largo – but Trump banned Epstein from all his properties, a soon as he was sued in court the first time!
    That is what a film with Obama’s influence cannot show: That Difference!
    The Clintons deserve it double: Genocide (a million dead: him in Iraq, her Libya, Syria); Moral Depravation.
    For Obama, we know, so far, only the Genocide, together with Hillary Libya, Syria; on his own Ukraine – but a lot still needs investigation: the death of the “family man”s Lovers Larry Bland and Donald Young, his background with drugs and rich white gay men, and the bath-house called “Man’s Country” in Cicago.

  16. I am really bugged about so many things I read about or hear on TV. Why are there so many grammar morons mis-using the word “impact” to mean affect? Why isn’t the public up in arms about the controlled demolition of [THREE] World Trade Center Buildings. Why was Obama illegally vetted and allowed to present false documents as evidence of eligiblity for office. Why are the Communist party Democrats allowed to subvert the Constitution of our Republic and the Bill of Rights. Why are there so many dependent morons voting for these political dictators.
    The list of what should be Constitutional Americans grievances is nearly endless.

  17. Pam and Joseph moore said it all. If you agree, get rid of netflix. If netflix is all fired up about protecting the reputations of some of the dirtiest criminals in our history, why are they not announcing the date of the expo about Epstein.


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