Natalie Portman and John Legend are using the riots to promote this sick agenda that puts thousands of police officers in danger


Celebrities have become completely unhinged in the wake of George Floyd’s murder.

A handful of celebrities are donating millions of dollars to organizations bailing out rioters so they can go back to the streets to continue looting and destroying . . . and that’s not even the worst thing these celebrities are doing.

Now Natalie Portman and John Legend are taking advantage of the rioting to push this sick agenda that could put thousands of police officers in danger.

Hollywood elitists always have what they believe to be brilliant ideas to solve any given crisis.

They are able to push these radical solutions mostly because they are unaffected by the consequences of the policy and are out of touch with everyday Americans.

Initially, celebrities started funding bail organizations so they could release criminals back onto the streets.

Naturally, this has led to more looting, violence, and the destruction of private property.

Now a new idea is gaining traction among Hollywood’s most left-wing stars that is even worse.

Natalie Portman and John Legend are now advocating for defunding police departments across the United States.

These celebrities aren’t talking about a simple budget reduction . . . they are demanding that police departments be entirely defunded across the country.

Not only does this put the lives of police officers at great risk, but millions of citizens as well including black men and women.

Neither Portman nor Legend continue to offer solutions around how city governments would manage crime or keep order.

They also don’t seem to offer any ideas how cities would control the rioting, looting, and fires being started to destroy small businesses.

Instead, they suggest the funds used to operate police departments could be applied to assisting seniors, education, and neighborhood programs.

These Hollywood celebrities are so blinded by their utter contempt for law enforcement, men and women who risk their lives to protect them, that they are willing to endanger millions of lives to prove their point or show how “woke” they are on social media.

What do you think?

Is defunding the police one of the most absurd ideas to come out of Hollywood yet?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. I would support this IF it meant we instead of having mere Police on patrol we had JUDGES like from “Judge Dredd”. Witness, Arresting Agent and Summary Judge, ALL IN ONE. They think George (what’s his name) got treated badly… Wait until we have Judge Dredd world. Also, this George person was being detained by the police because he tried to pass off a counterfeit 20 Dollar Bill AND then pointing a loaded gun at the stomach of a pregnant woman. They NEVER tell you all the details! If I were a cop detaining his criminal ass, I would not have knelt on his neck, instead I would have just shot him and been done with it all. IF the media had the balls enough to report the WHOLE story with all important and pertinent details THEN these riots would likely not have gotten started! the cops involved will go to prison, and that is a tragedy!


  4. Are liberals/celebrities just naturally sick in the head, or does it come with the territory? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!!

  5. Seeing that these asses feel that the police are not needed and should be “unfunded” I believe that all police, fire, ems and Nat’l Guard should be pulled out of the streets and allow these “peaceful” protesters their right to assemble. Then, the local and national politicians should be called (and on site) to fix any problems that may take place.

  6. I wonder how many of them are willing to give up their private security? Probably not one !
    They all have their 14ft fences and armed body guards. But we are not suppose to protect our family.
    Police are protection for your average Americans.

  7. Every occupation in the world has a few bad apples. Most, however, don’t have guns and authority. We need to defund the police unions. Then set the department heads to finding the few bad ones, and weeding them out. This would be one scary world without cops. But we won’t be able to get rid of the bad ones until we can cut some of the power of rhe unions to keep these bad cops on the job.

  8. If they want to defund or remove police then we should demand that they remove their security guards. Then, if anything happens who will they call for help, certainly not the police! There are bad apples, in this world, however not all people are bad. Far as the police the bad apples should be weeded out as with any other organization. We need our protection just as those in Hollywood have their own security, high walls and fences.

  9. Just put them on a national law enforcement do not respond list. If they ever need police aid, it will be ignored. Let them deal with their precious elitist world at the mercy of people with no law enforcement protection.

  10. Legend is a legend in his own mind. Not a bad singer, but I never have and never will buy any “music” from him. If you ever watch “The Voice”, you will notice that he virtually always chooses the black singer. So much for “fair and balanced”.

  11. Lost all respect for John. His foul mouth wife is bringing him down. If he is a judge next season on the VOICE. I wont be watching,

  12. No Police protection ever for the Hollywood scum! These are only two of the braindead Celebs who are so arrogant that they can’t even consider people’s rights all over the Country! Who are they supposed to go to for Security? You have access to security detail and you live in Gated Communities but you have been voted SEXIEST MAN ALIVE! Did that go to your head? Natalie, are you just virtue signaling to your Black friends?? Shame on all of you, we find you despicably stupid morons!

  13. These people are MORONS!!! They would be the first to want police help if these looters & thugscame to their prescious homes & started burning their property. I will not watch anything associated with these people. You can include Timberlake, Carel & any others who justify what these idiots do. Follow the money & you will see who is funding these garbage groups like antifa & black lives matter. AllLivesMatter!!!

  14. It would be nice to think that police departments are being smeared by a few bad apples. Unfortunately, the reality is that there are many bad apples in police departments around the country as evidenced frequently these days. There are certainly areas of their funding that needs to be addressed such as the militarizing of the forces. Perhaps some suggestions are not appropriate, but they do bring out points that addressing social issues also addresses policing issues.
    What needs to be done now is change certain laws that allow police officers to duck their actions and switch departments when dismissed for cause. That needs to stop now. Police officers need to be accountable for their actions, even if it means being charged with murder or assault.
    Law enforcement needs to change. We don’t need a Gestapo, although that’s what Fuhrer Trump would like. We need a police force that’s not racist, xenophobic, or otherwise bigoted. We need police that can deescalate a situation in a way that doesn’t threaten a person’s life, but addresses the issue. It’s time to direct funding at that goal.

  15. Remember years ago when the Manson gang murdered the pregnant actress? Sure these Hollywood “elites” have security but we can guarantee that the deranged will target one of them again. Their armed security guards can’t guarantee their safety 24/7. Without police officers, who would be called upon to hunt down and capture dangerous felons? Security guards are there for one reason, to secure them in their gated homes. They won’t investigate and track down murderers, pedophiles, rapists, arsonists, armed robbers…. the “deranged” are now the crazies living high on the hog in Hollywood. They clearly don’t care what happens to the rest of us, they don’t care if our cities become Deadly war zones…. but they will care when it starts happening to them.

    They’ve gone way past being “liberal”. They now are quickly becoming the Hollywood deranged.
    I hope we’ll all give some thought to the type of people living so richly off our dollars when we see a movie. I stopped going to the theaters years ago and will definitely never “donate” to them again.

  16. I’m going to heaven where are the liberals and the celebrities going that have sold their souls to Satan for a physical life of riches and power and fame. I’ll take eternity walking with Jesus over your miserable souls any day of the week. Hope you like it hot Hollyweird.

  17. These celebrities would be mortified and in terror if they, or their loved ones, or property were being attacked. So, get real. Redirect your money to the cleanup of the destruction in your cities.

  18. This Portman genious has married a Frenchman and is living in France. She returns home just to shoot a film and goes back. Why would she even care about police stations around a country she doesn not reside in anymore?

  19. Oh what a bunch of IDIOTS these Hollywood people are! They must hate people that haven’t got the means to have their own security. What the hell is wrong with them? I am flabbergast at who the Idiots are that want to defund the police..Timberlake,Legend? Don’t you care that your Children could be in danger..your Family, ? Is this really what you want. I am telling you that you will be losing many of your Family and I will say Goodbye to you idiots!

  20. If you’re going to disband all police departments, then also outlaw all private security. That way the rich and the poor will all have equal protection under the law.

  21. Defund the police don’t expect any help if they come for you. You probably live in California that’s a rats nest anyway.

  22. I have a solution for Portman and Legend. Dismantle all the police in their area to see how it’s working for them . Then report back to us and let us know how safe they are and the solution to crime and mayhem.

  23. I agree with Connie’s suggestion; remove police presence and responsibility for Natalie’s and John’s areas and let that be publicly known.

  24. its all about them , providing people with life style but not with their money …if the rioters had brains they would go after Hollywooders…see how much they are really willing to give up , take away their security of security systems , body guards , private planes , gated community and their true colors will shine…and they do not get to use any police programs at all. Think about how they would react to have to live by the same rules as everyone…..they need to be violated . They dont give a damn about the people…look how much they donate to other country issues and their lives …starting with OPRAH , just saying…wake up and use some common sense

  25. Seriously! Who cares what these left wing, hypocritical, racist morons have to say about anything? THEY LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE THEY HAVE THE POWER,MONEY,SECURITY BUT NO BRAINS! Hey John and Natalie, you have a right to your opinion because we all have them they are like butt holes and worth about that much so just stay in your ivory towers and just SHUT UP YOU IDIOTS!

  26. Defunding of the Police Department would, of course, mean that there would be fewer police on the streets. I would agree with this if it would mean that ALL Gated Communities would no longer receive protection from or have calls answered by the police. After all with fewer police on the streets they would have still be required to respond to crimes on the streets and would not be able to come to the aid of these Gated Communities. This would include the protection of property after a natural disaster like earthquakes and wildfires. So these gated communities would be on their own to protect their own property from looters.
    Yes, I think this would be a great idea, go right ahead and defund the police and when you are waiting for an hour or so for a police officer to arrive when one of those Peaceful Protesters is looting you home remember that you are the ones who wanted it.

  27. I remember not too long ago when there were LA riots and many celebrities were asking others for guns to protect themselves from rioters after the Rodney King fiasco.
    These high fluten creeps think they can give their opinions and not have any consequences. I highly doubt if their property were being looted, vandalized and set on fire, would they help these people get out of jail? Big talkers but they are full of beans if if ever happened to them. Go back to Israel Natalie and see how they deal with this situation.
    As for John Legend, your mouth talks but I don’t see you marching with your fellow brethern. Talk is cheap when you hide behind closed doors.

  28. There is definitely a simple solution that will satisfy the asshol e celebrities and not hurt othets. Just close all police stations that support the neighborhoods they all live in and work in and let them tend for themselves. Good luck with them fending off the criminals with their plastic movie weapons.
    Even better just close down all police stations in Hollywood also.

  29. John Legend is so-oo brave. He sides with the looters and thieves. The death of that sheriff in California is on HIM. If he had any decency he would apologize to all the families of the Police and Sheriff department officers who have been killed in this nonsense that he IS promoting. What evil human beings he and his ilk are. I hop karma gets him.


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