Nancy Pelosi was stabbed in the back by the last Senator she expected


The radical left wants to force their transgender agenda down the throats of every American.

Anyone who disagrees with them is labeled a bigot.

But a fellow Democrat shut down Nancy Pelosi’s transgender dream bill with this statement.

At the beginning of this Congress, Nancy Pelosi promised LGBT radicals she’d ram their dream legislation into law.

The Left has been increasingly pushing the LGBT agenda on our children.

They’ve also been using the military as a playground for social experiments for decades.

Now Pelosi’s so-called “Equality Act” would force these disasters all over America.

It would make companies cater to the every whim of those confused about their gender or they’d be put out of business.

Hospitals and health insurers would be forced to provide and pay for “transitioning” of confused individuals causing everyone’s healthcare costs to skyrocket.

Pelosi is going to ram her transgender dream bill through the House any day now.

But the bill is far too radical for at least one of Pelosi’s fellow Democrats.

Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia issued a statement concerned with “students transitioning between genders in public schools.”

LA Weekly Reports:

While the Equality Act needs to pass not only the Democrat-controlled House but also the Republican-controlled Senate, and then be signed by President Trump, according to Pelosi there is bipartisan support. In an op-ed for The Advocate, Pelosi and Rep. David Cicilline (D-Rhode Island), the chief author of the bill, write, “We have the bipartisan support of members of Congress and the strong support of the business community. And most importantly, we have the overwhelming support of the American people — 71 percent of whom support the Equality Act.”

As we reported, reversing the Obama policy of taxpayer-funded gender reassignment surgeries and transitioning hormones for military personnel diagnosed with “gender dysphoria” was a major Trump campaign promise.

And the American people overwhelmingly supported Trump’s military transgender ban.

But Nancy Pelosi and the radical left don’t care.

They want to force their transgender agenda on all Americans regardless of how harmful it will be.

That’s because their real motive is expanding their power by using it to divide the American people.

And the fact is, sexually confused people already have Civil Rights just like everyone else.

So by just saying these people need to be included, the Left is insinuating they don’t have rights.

Ironically, if enacted, the so-called “Equality Act” would harm women — one of the Democrats’ favorite identity politics targets.

It would dismantle women’s sports altogether, allowing biological males to compete in any womens’ athletic competition they want.

Worse, as we’ve reported, such sexual orientation and gender identity laws open up bathrooms and locker rooms to deviants and enable sexual assault.

What do you think?

Is Nancy Pelosi’s transgender dream bill destined to fail?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. Groups like Liberty Counsel have referenced the fact that HR 5 includes items similar to what were in place back when Obama was in office, but worse. It removes the ability of people to claim conscience and such which are protected under the various portions of the First Amendment of the US Constitution including: Separation of Church and State, and Freedom of Religion. Why anyone hasn’t used the word UNCONSTITUTIONAL I don’t know, but the fact that the SCOTUS has ruled in favor of many of the people listed or at least described in HR 5 does give motive. The fact that some of the EEOC protections for the LGBT community were removed at the end of the term for the previous Chairperson, also give motive. So why not try to put together an unconstitutional bill?

    • Jeffrey Woods: The so-called “Separation of Church and State” does NOT exist in the Constitution. What it says is that there will be no state sanctioned religion. That is NOT the same thing. This misstatement, or deception, has gone on for too long. Get it right people!

      • Amen Don. As a matter of fact Thomas Jefferson even wrote a paper to the churches assuring them that there would be no State church and the state cannot control the churches or the people. However we the people who attend church can and do actively participate in politics and we vote. So is there really a separation of church and state? NO there it’s not.

      • Totally correct…the reason it was written in the constitution, and the sole purpose was to keep the governing party from appointing a state or federal religion.

    • With respect, the words “Separation of Church and State” are NOT in the US Constitution. They were in a private letter written by Thomas Jefferson to a church congregation. It asserted that the government should not interfere with churches, NOT the other way around. Churches in this nation have been at the forefront of declaring what is morally right. New England churches preached about freedom from British tyranny. The same churches preached against the ills of slavery in the antebellum south. Black churches are still involved in pushing for true equality for minorities. I also respectfully point out that the Ten Commandments are on the doors of the US Supreme Court, and that both the House and Senate have Chaplains. Religion should NOT be removed from our government. Just my humble opinion.

    • I don’t understand why GOD fearing CITIZENS send a message to the demoncraps that they work for us not against the CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA I repeat THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and not for them, lets take their retirement from them and their health benifits and make them pay yes pay for it all like we do digging deep into our pockets for the funds when they get it freely. They need term limits for office and pay for medical benefits and retirement, in order to get anything they have to work for the citizens of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA not for theirselves before receiving benefits for 10 yes ten years to recieving anything.

  2. That bigot, sorry I couldn’t help it. All Americans have the same rights, what some are asking for are extra rights. If insurance companies want to offer these different types of coverage that’s up to them. If people want to pay for them that’s their business. But do not expect taxpayers to foot the bill! These are not detrimental live saving procedures.

    • Heartily agree with your comments and approach to this very PERSONAL matter for trans-people. i cannot see any reason for taxpayers to subsidize, and not just ’cause i don’t agree with their “confusion”. “equal rights” does not include me paying for you! i’d like a smaller nose, shapelier legs, etc., etc. will the LGBTQ+Pelosi subsidize those surgeries? it’s a political plot. the ‘RATS should be ashamed of themselves for exploiting these confused people.

      • These people are the very cause in which God destroyed Sodom and Gemorah, with fire -for not repenting from their transgender life styles. Please America return from transgender life styles.

    • They are considered UNETHICAL by THE AMA and psychologists because it is a MENTAL disorder NOT a Biological issue., It violates THE FIRST DO NO HARM mandate of all physicians. John’s Hopkins refuses to do the surgery as mutilation. We as taxpayers should not be funding it and we should not mentally unstable people in our military

    • I agree with you. The same thing goes for abortion. If a woman wants and abortion, let her pay for it. Our taxes shouldn’t pay for something as stupid and changing someone’s sex, which it really doesn’t. We come with hormones for whatever gender God gave us. You can call a man a woman, but he won’t have the equipment or hormones to be a woman. Next, someone will decide they aren’t human but a dog, cow, or some other animal.


    • LOL! I agreed with you, this is getting out of hands. Those DEMONRATS are no longer adults they have become children or more like CRY BABIES!!!!!!

  4. Just perverts wanting to hurt children. Nancy Pelosi and the rest of her nasty party need to be arrested for crimes against humanity. Democrat party has become the stains on America.

  5. This is all ment to happen, The Lord is letting satin have his last stand, making him the leader of man on earth. The lord will come down and put these foul putrid humans to hell where they belong.
    Man has to believe in the lord or parish, this was meant to happen and it is in the bible.
    be prepared for no food no water and no one to help you for one reason,

    • Give me a break. NO, not a transgender, nor gay. I just really believe in the LORD JESUS CHRIST, not sure any of the people above do. So may the Lord forgive all us sinners!

  6. Of all the issues at hand, one would think that time/effort wasted on this type of bill would not even be discussed. This is just another example of how the Left has nothing to show to the American people as far as an accomplishment with their time in Washington or preping for 2020…

    • All they’re doing is pandering to their perverted base of voters knowing the bill won’t get passed. It’s all a show called politics: the art of deception.

  7. So if I feel young at heart and old as hell, does this mean I can get free plastic surgery so my identity of feeling young matches?

    • James: Progreasives will be more than happy to make you feel old and out-of-touch. just like any other snake oil salesman will tell you, the increase in suicide and dysphoria of perversion is never their fault.

  8. Mp,
    Americans need to stop supporting anything these nutbag Democrats propose. All Americans already have their civil rights codified in Federal law. The left is pandering for votes. I will never bow to their idiocy and neither should you!!

    • let’s look at what has happened with two terms with willy billly and two terms with obuma, we had the clintons crying they were broke, they spent 8 years in the W.H., what have they done, military, don’t ask don’t tell, the oval office willy billy became the champ hide the weenie expert, denied it , but got caught, impeached, nothing happened. hiliary beast, deleted thousands of emails, gave some of them to the jailbird weiner, gave Russia Radium. got Americans killed at Benghazi , made a bundle from speeches in Russia, right they paid clintons to hear their speeches, obuma had to ask for a student loan, clintons cried how poor they were , only job they ever had was in politics working for us tax payers,called half of America tax payers Deplorable’s , they left the white house with millions, her daughter is now worth millions, moved into a 10 million dollar house, mortgage is 10 thousand a month, they charge tax payers 10 thousand a month for Secret service for room and board on their premises, same obuma moved into a 8 million dollar house, remember now only job they ever had was in politics, and the dem libs want to see Trump’s tax returns, obuma put perverts men in the ladies room, gave 13 billion dollars to our enemy Iran, during dem administration, gas sky rocketed ,unemployment sky rocketed, stock market dropped , economy went south, interest rates dropped, now gas getting back to normal, economy on the upswing, biggest day black Friday in history of spending, interest rates for CD’s and savings on the upswing, now the demwits pushing to make murder legal,abortion, killing innocent babies, voted in muslims in our govt, allowing illegals into our country causing billions of dollars to tax payers, want to get the children 16 years old to vote,illegals same thing,make them be allowed welfare, and look what they got running in 2020 looks like the Andy Griffith Show, and then allowing mueller with his witch hunt spending millions, cannot wait till Trump cleans out the swamp.

  9. This issue really came to the forefront recently when girls starting complaining about transgenders winning all of the track meet races. And why shouldn’t they. They are biologically superior to real girls. This is fundamental unfairness on so many levels. If these transgenders want to compete in sports, let them have their own transgenders leagues and sports contests. It will never happen though, unless the government pays schools billions of dollars to set up transgender only sports. Even if they do, there are not enough transgenders to make it viable. So why does this minority hold so much power in the public arena? Beats the hell out of me. They don’t deserve anything special except a room at a mental institution where they belong.

  10. It is obvious that Democrats are Athiest. It is also obvious they are in league with Satan. I’m sure he is really getting a laugh out of them. Infanticide, no morals, not only acceptability of homosexual behavior but actually encouraging it.

    • Amen to your comments. One correction though, the devil, or satan wouldn’t have ’em. A whole new level of evil here.

  11. just to let you know past whatever bill you want for the gays i dont care .You people that are passing these bills are going against gods laws and ill be right there on gods side to send you people to hell for being on the evil side.One day the democracts will open there eyes an see that evil dont care about anybody an lies about everything.So go ahead an try to destroy our country we got God on our side and he will help us defend and kick you out of office.2020 go Trump lets kick sum ass.Read the bible it says man shall not lay with another man,women shall not lay with another women.from the begging there was adam an eve not adam an steve or eve an man one women to procreat.Lets keep God in our country United States Of America.Kick the muslim laws out of our Country.This is a Christain country

  12. Unconstitutional and harmful to women’s sports etc. We all already have equal rights to do what we want. Doesn’t men the taxpayer foots the bill.

  13. The Democrats have turned into the party of crazy. The tax payers should not foot the bill if a person wants to transition. Let’s have some normalcy folks.

  14. Nancy Pelosi has a problem. With her being the age that she is. She should remember that a woman is a woman and a man is a man. Therefor this transgender thing is sick. Just as much as the gay issue. What she and the rest of those thinking like her need to reread the Bible. Plus be put out of office then put in prison. The military asked men and women if they were gay yrs ago for a reason. We now see why. But these people and maybe others don’t.

    • remember in 2016 Palosi announced,quote: you will never see Donald Trump in the White House in 2016 and you can take that to the bank, the bank is still waiting, then they cried hiliary won the pop vote, probably with illegal votes, so what that is like going to race track, you bet on #1 and #2 wins, all tlhe years couple of hundred the Elect colleg. was the way voted by all parties, no one ever complained until ;hiliary beast came along, if the pop vote was in and she won the elect. colleg. she would have wanted to change it back, they are now trying to make the change, they want the law what ever suits them, and what are they ,baby killers,should be charged whether or not Abortion is legal, murder is not, and that type of crime is first degree and calls for death penalty or life in prison, we should have a test case and let our now real Supreme court settle it. do the dems really think they have a chance in 2020 with their carrying on.

  15. Hey, Nancy….If I told you that I had an age dysphoria condition that was impacting my mental and physical health and overall well being, would Nancy insist that insurer’s pay for the plastic surgery to transform me back to my youth? At this late stage in life, I’d easily be satisfied with how I looked (with all my flaws) when I was in my twenties. Oh, I also have financial class dysphoria, so if all of you would please send me cash in small bills, that also would do a lot for my overall self image. I just know I was supposed to be a beautiful princess who never would have to worry about money ! How about the multitudes like myself that suffer the “torture” inflicted on our psyches by Father Time? It sure doesn’t help when the Dems threaten to bankrupt social security and medicare by awarding it to all living in the U.S. to quickly deplete whatever’s left of the money American citizens have paid into it by deduction from our pay before we receive it. We were told by the Democrats that both of those were “insurance policies” to sustain us through retirement and now they demand that we share it with non-citizens who came to America’s back door and didn’t have the courtesy to knock for admittance. No, they just opened the door, came in and made themselves at home and now want part of our planned retirements.

  16. Unconstitutional. These perverts need to pay their own bills. Be what you want to be but don’t expect us to pay and stop forcing change on us and influencing our innocent children. Government stay out of church and state! It’s unconstitutional to begin with!!!

  17. God is looking down on our country and sees nothing but EVIL!!! We must follow GOD’s rules…i.e. The 10 Commandments. This Country is “One Nation Under GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!!! That means We ALL Must Be Treated Fairly!!!!! I am a living, breathing woman and I deserve the same opportunities as every LGBT person. After all, God made Man and Woman to coexist together, whether I, you, or anyone else disagrees!!! You cannot ignore GOD or HE will IGNORE you!!!!!!!!!

  18. Pelosi’s Equality Act Bill must be defeated. It is a Bill to totally support and allow LGBT do whatever they want to do. LGBT needs to be SHUT DOWN. They are destroying the minds of young children and anybody stupid enough to believe what they say. LGBT is a group of Mental Deficient people spreading poison.

    • Gee Larry, as a gay man I’ll have to disagree with you on this issue. We are born gay or straight. This is a medical fact. Being gay isn’t a lifestyle as so many of you uninformed people seem to thin, its a ‘life’. Who in their right mind would choose a ‘lifestyle’ that opened them to being beaten up or killed on an almost daily basis, opened them to discrimination in employment and housing, and classified them and treated them as second class citizens? Really this is the 21’s century and if you have a problem with this, it’s your problem. The rest of us prefer to live and let live.

  19. Thank God I only have maybe 30 yrs of life left. By that time, Pelosi and some of her minions will be six feet under and resting in Satan’s haven. I, on the other hand will be with my Lord God Almighty. So go ahead Pelosi and be the maggot that you are. Satan can’t wait to reward you.

  20. I’m all for live and let live, but I’m not in favor of having to pay for it. I could give a rats ass who you are or want to be, who you choose to live with or marry. I should not have to worry about deviant men using the same bathroom as my wife or my daughters, because that’s who is going to start to take advantage of this insanity. Additionally, after all of the women for generations have fought for their equality, it will be undermined by the fact that anatomical men will take over their cause. It won’t be a women’s cause at that point. This will destroy women’s athletics. I saw it very recently where a transgender guy won the women’s sprint events at an indoor track meet at my son’s college. How is that fair, and how does that advance the cause for women as a whole. I have to believe much of this comes down to the fact that liberals have no real platform to support so they are taking up whatever they can. This is all lunacy!

  21. Democrats want to indoctrinate children, divide this country in any way possible and get votes. It’s sickening and this bill should fail. As a matter of fact it should never come to a vote…………..

  22. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party and RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception, Fake News (Russian Collusion and Jussie M hoax) the list is endless! And the clueless minions that follow them!

  23. remember in 2016 Palosi announced,quote: you will never see Donald Trump in the White House in 2016 and you can take that to the bank, the bank is still waiting, then they cried hiliary won the pop vote, probably with illegal votes, so what that is like going to race track, you bet on #1 and #2 wins, all tlhe years couple of hundred the Elect colleg. was the way voted by all parties, no one ever complained until ;hiliary beast came along, if the pop vote was in and she won the elect. colleg. she would have wanted to change it back, they are now trying to make the change, they want the law what ever suits them, and what are they ,baby killers,should be charged whether or not Abortion is legal, murder is not, and that type of crime is first degree and calls for death penalty or life in prison, we should have a test case and let our now real Supreme court settle it. do the dems really think they have a chance in 2020 with their carrying on.THIS NOT A DUPLICATE PLEASE POST SAME

  24. I have a grandson and friends that are gay but I do not support the Equality Act. Children at a young age are easily confused by things they don’t understand. I am afraid this would further confuse them and by the time they are in high school they would have some real issues that could cause them to be suicidal. It’s hard enough for gay teens to accept who they are and be comfortable with it. Younger children aren’t ready to make those decisions and don’t need someone making them for them. Equal rights 100% yes, don’t we already have laws against discrimination? No one should have more rights than others. We should also not take Federal funds to pay for gender change, the same as I should not expect the Gov. to pay for any elective surgery I want. Dems are pandering for votes, they don’t care about Gays & Lesbians any more than they do for anyone else, they are just a vote.

  25. As usual. Stupid bills being authored by stupid people. And the democrats seem to have cornered the market on stupid. They’re so stupid in fact, they think we are stupid. The vast majority of the American public does not support this. In fact we have the idea. They’re STUPID!

  26. What the hell is wrong with this country??? it is going to Hell in a hand basket. I am glad I’m not young anymore to see what is going to happen to this country with all the stupid people that are voting in these jerks!! If Trump does not get elected in 2020 we are really going to be in big trouble!!

  27. Yes, the Democrats will say and do anything to get a vote. If I needed heart surgery or any kind of surgery I would make sure that my insurance company covered it and if they didn’t, I would get insurance that does. This is exactly what transgenders should do if they want to have surgery done.

  28. I feel that if a person is having a problem with their gender that is their problem not mine. I am not their mother & therefore I shouldn’t be required to pay for their surgery. Not my circus not my monkey.

  29. Some one needs to put the skid’s on the mad madam. She has lost her mind and now the freshman folks in the house are telling her what to do. She needs to be in the nut house.

  30. Nancy DeLesandro, Pelosi and her French counterpart, Marie Antoinette share the same misguided way of thinking; that her way is the best way, and those that disagree? Let them eat cake. Nancy is a bum politician from the old neighborhoods in downtown Baltimore, and always strives, erringly, to rise up and be a Roland Park native. Can’t happen – flawed pedigree.

  31. Also transgender women who were men that either had that surgery or in their heads think they are women need to be banned from women’s sports. The competition is unfair and it is going to ruin women’s sports. Actually it already has. And it is so obvious that they are still men. Women do not really compete with men and that has been that way for a reason. Men win nearly always. Why not just give the weirdos the chance to compete against the males who have become women like them? Make it a tranny competition and leave women alone. Otherwise the women sports are just going to be transgender sports and there are women athletes already noting this. This is as unfair as Bozo deciding that trannies could use women’s bathrooms. And that got a lot of perverts in women’s bathrooms and children molested.

    What about the rights of women? I do not want men in women’s anything no matter how they feel. It is how I feel that is important. So keep them out of women’s anything. We are really fed up with Nanc and her gender change warrior stance just like her illegals are more important than legal citizens stance. You do what you want old lady but women should not be forced to deal with them. We are half the country and sick of idiots of the DNC insane asylum making these sorts of disgusting decisions and not caring about our rights, women’s rights. You are toast Nanc and so it the insane asylum you run as one of the lunatics!

  32. That’s odd, every time this “70+ of / most Americans are for..” thing comes up, I realize for some reason I’m never ASKED what my opinion is…

    In Orwell’s Animal Farm, ” All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” was a proclamation by the pigs who controlled the government.

    For the life of me I don’t understand…
    If someone wants to do something completely against the norm, or human nature, why does it have anything to do with ME ?
    – There was a “guy” at a past job that was turning himself into a woman.
    He LIKED women, but now wanted to be a lesbian liking a woman. Go figure…

  33. Whether they are atheist or not. Numbers 32:23 says that your sins WILL find you out. Unless your sins are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ, your sins will send you to hell and that will mean eternal separation from God and Jesus Christ. And it will be your own fault because God leaves that personal choice up to each person.

  34. “Gender Dysphoria”, is nothing more than a mental disorder!!! There are only TWO genders.(Male and Female!) One, has no business, in the “others”, sports!!! BIOLOGICAL unfair advantage!!!
    The LGBT wants everyone to accept “transgenders”, for who they are! But, THEY can’t accept themselves, for who they were BORN as??? How hypocritical is THAT???😕

  35. Nancy Pelosi needs to go back to CA and take care of the problems in her state. She always has some idiotic idea of what should be passed. Why CA keeps voting for her is beyond me, what does she have to offer except her blathering rhetoric of foolishness. Try reading what the current laws are, Nancy!

  36. So her buddy back stabbed her?? Too bad it wasn’t fatal and then we could wait for schemer to start crying cause no one pays attention to him. Well hopefully the broom riding BITCH will voted out of office soon and blow away in the dust of the desert they are making of calif

  37. I read this bill will let the Government take your child if you do not agree for them to change sex. Do you think the Muslims will agree to this bill

  38. LGBT members need to go back in the closet and stay there. We don’t need their perversion. These people are sick on the head. That’s why they call them Queers.

  39. I have an idea: let transgenders pay for their own transitioning, since it is they who want to transition; not the rest of us. And then, they can form their own Transgender Sports League, the TSL. The could even have their own Olympics for all I care. And BTW, a 200 pound behemoth who transitioned into a female, should not be allowed to compete against ‘naturally born young women’. And, don’t go passing a flipping laws giving transgenders all sorts of special privileges. Transgenders all want society to accept them and their choices, then they shouldn’t go around pressuring politicians to pass bills making them a SPECIAL category and expect the rest of us to foot the bill. And finally, stop forcing little children, who are still too young to think for themselves to partake of the Transgender porridge. Let them grow up and make studied choices when they are old enough to think for themselves.

  40. Anna
    This is forcing us all to buy into the same agenda the radical left is peddling. The radicals seek everyone to be like them, of one mind, which is totally crazy! Wise up! Let’s vote them all OUT!

  41. Nanny Piglosi should have her head examined! Is this one of those bills they need to pass just to see what’s in it’s too? Obviously she has not read it, if she has she’s not only hypocrite, she is not a supporter of all these women she claims are her people! Women simply cannot compete with men and I don’t care if they wear makeup, grow their hair long, have boobs, talk softly or paint their nails, their physiology is different than women and they normally are stronger than women. This Equality Act is just another gimmick the Dumocraps headed by the dummest po!itician in recent history is trying to push on Americans. Trying to make us all gender neutral is not normal, we are born female or male and try as you may, you cannot pass a bill and make it all go away. There will always be push back when it comes to opening the door for transgender transitioning and who should be paying for it, you Dumocraps are trying to force the issue so all Americans have to foot the bill, bullcrap! If these men think they need to transition, it is their decision and they should be responsible for paying for it. Most Insurances will not pay for cosmetic surgeries, and if you insist on this Equality Act, Americans health insurance will no doubt be raised!
    Womens facilities will become no holes barred. Although I don’t care if people transition and become LGBT, I do not believe I should not have to pay for it, this new Bill needs to be quashed, that’s what really bothers me! Dumocraps think nothing of spending our taxes on all their dumbass projects.

  42. I can’t even believe we are having this discussion!!!! The American people should ABSOLUTELY NOT be responsible for ANY transgender related issues.
    And, really, they should positively not be allowed to participate in any girl’s sports ….they made this decision to pretend to be a girl , BUT, THEY ARE NOT!!! So very very unfair to “real” girls who are participating in any sports…Same goes as far as bathrooms and dressing rooms go….So unfair to the “real” girls to worry about a “pretend” girl can come waltzing in. It is soooo unbelievable that Dems want to do all this and more….what had happened to their minds? All just following the PIED PIPER….Pelosi…Also very unfair to all the women in the USA , which I feel confident in saying that 99% do not agree with Pelosi’s stupid, and unsettling idea…God help us all.

  43. Kill that stupid LGBT bill. I say is is illegal by making taxpayers pay the Mental Deficient people medical expenses and forcing a Brain Washing on children

  44. I am so pleased to see so many restaurants making their restrooms unisex. Now I have at least two places to pee on the floor!


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