Nancy Pelosi was fuming after a Catholic Priest said one thing to destroy her top issue


As a Catholic, Nancy Pelosi often finds herself in direct conflict with church teaching.

Her support for a number of issues goes against what her own church believes.

And Nancy Pelosi was fuming after a Catholic Priest said one thing to destroy her top issue.

While many figures in the Catholic Church, including the current Pope, often support Left-wing issues, there are those who are strong conservatives.

And they are unafraid to state what they believe.

One of those Priests is Father Michael P. Orsi of Florida, who recently publicly made it clear he opposes gun control.

In a LifeSiteNews article, Fr. Orsi explains that gun control won’t stop mass shootings.

He also specifically talks about the danger of “Red Flag” gun confiscation orders, which both parties are promoting.

Fr. Orsi wrote:

“Red flag laws” are the latest big idea. These are regulations which would permit local authorities to remove guns from individuals who exhibit behavior suggesting they could present a danger, to themselves or others.

This idea gains popularity whenever a horrific act is committed by someone who “seemed so quiet” or who “seemed like just an ordinary guy.”

Surely, we say, there must have been signs of possible trouble ahead. If only family or friends could have picked up on them and alerted the police, tragedy might have been avoided.

No doubt each of the various plans being proposed has its merits. But all should be examined very carefully, because in our efforts to prevent violence, we may be denying people their constitutional rights.

For instance, the idea of seizing firearms from individuals who haven’t committed any crimes — who, under the “red flag” principle, are only assumed to present a danger — would appear to violate the Second Amendment (not to mention due process). And even if you see the Second Amendment as outdated, or impractical, or out of touch with our current views, or even an actual hindrance to effective law enforcement, there still are reasons we have it.

Of course, Nancy Pelosi is one of the loudest voices screaming for gun control.

But many Catholics who believe in life strongly support the right to bear arms.

It is difficult to truly care about human life while supporting laws that deny people from protecting themselves and others.

Do you support the Second Amendment?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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