Nancy Pelosi was caught spreading one lie about the Bible that angered Christians to no end


Slate Magazine is notorious for its left-leaning “fact checking.”

But even they couldn’t protect Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi from this outrageous lie she has been spreading.

And you’ll never believe the lie that she has been saying about the Bible and Christianity.

Nancy Pelosi recently addressed a group of presidents from Christian colleges across the nation in Washington, D.C.

In her speech she shared her “favorite” Bible verse, saying “To minister to the needs of God’s creation is an act of worship. To ignore those needs is to dishonor the God who made us.”

Her goal was to use the Bible to justify pushing her socialist plans.

Pelosi said the verse is “in there somewhere.”

However, her only problem is that no such verse exists throughout the entirety of the Bible.

Slate Magazine writes:

Nancy Pelosi addressed a gathering of presidents of Christian colleges this week in Washington, where she thanked the evangelical community for its leadership on immigration and refugee policy reform. To this end, the speaker of the House quoted a favorite bit of biblical wisdom in her opening statement: “To minister to the needs of God’s creation is an act of worship. To ignore those needs is to dishonor the God who made us.”

OK, actually, she said, it might not technically be from the Bible. “I can’t find it in the Bible, but I quote it all the time,” Pelosi said as she introduced the quote. “I keep reading and reading the Bible—I know it’s there someplace. It’s supposed to be in Isaiah. I heard a bishop say, ‘To minister to the needs of God’s creation … ’”

To clarify: It is not “there someplace.”

“The Pelosi passage is not in the Bible,” Will Kynes, an associate professor of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament at Whitworth University, told me by email.

Pelosi got one thing right: She does in fact “quote it all the time.” The earliest example I found comes from the Congressional Record in 2002, in a speech honoring a prominent Catholic priest in San Francisco who had recently died. “The Bible tells us that to minister to the needs of God’s creation is an act of worship,” she said on the House floor. “To ignore those needs is to dishonor the God who made us.”

Slate did find that she was truthful about the fact that she quotes it “all the time.”

In fact, between 2002 and 2018, she quoted that fake verse 11 times in her Congressional Record.

This time in front of Christian college professors.


When even the liberal “fact checking” media can’t protect her, she can be sure that she has screwed up.

Sadly, her lie is more indicative of the leftists’ position on Christianity.

Democrats constantly “cite” the Bible to spin this narrative that Jesus was a socialist hippie, and that God is against the Border Wall.

They don’t actually care about true Christian beliefs and viewpoints.

Instead they just make up lies to try to dupe Christians into supporting their agenda.

Nancy Pelosi, and her fellow Democrats, would be hard pressed to find many Bible-believing Christians that fall for her false narrative.

And she would be better off not trying to cite a book she probably doesn’t believe in.

Maybe she could try the Qu’ran.

Do you think Nancy Pelosi cares about what the Bible says?

Tell us what you think in the comments below.


  1. How can she even state that she is a Christian? She’s against everything that Christians stand for. She is such an evil person, a liar, a hypocrite and she’s so anti-American. She cares more for illegal criminals than her own constituency. When are these people going to wake up and push her out of office?

    • Concerning Pelosi and her ilk; The Bible says, “…..and ALL LIARS shall have their part in The Lake of Fire!”, which was prepared for The Devil and His Angels!! One of the most important facts in the AGENDA OF THE REPROBATES, is that they have to continually LIE in order to deceive the Populace!!

      • Amen to this!! U are so right!! Pelosi cannot state what the Bible says because she has never studied it! She is not really for Muslims either, she just knows politically they will be easier to get inline with their beliefs because the Christians are much more knowledgeable about her schemes!! Pelosi is an Aethist!! All she knows is what she has heard…from Priests who do not use the Bible, they have their own book form for the Catholic Chirch.
        Then she just repeats what she’s heard….not knowing if it is truth & not caring as long as it meets her needs.

      • My thought exactly she says she is quoting the Bible and then supports abortion. Once again showing how hypocritical the Democrats truly are

      • You know she comes from a mobster family. She is VERY WELL CONNECTED. She is a Moll (Mobster Doll) herself. No integrity, no care for anyone but her group of sucking up syncophants, who do what she tells them to, i.e., See white coats at the SOTU address!

        • Just like tRumpy!! He has been involved with the “mob” and the Mafia all his adult life. You all know it too – just won’t talk about it!!


          • Sadly you care little for our country. You know tRumpy lies every day. He wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him in the a**. Please come out of your fantasy world and into the real world and acknowledge that your “hero” tRumpy is a bald-faced liar.

          • Where is the proof that President Trump is now in the mofia or anyuther anti-American group.

          • I wrote Mafia, but “mofia” if that is what suits you Judy!! I read it somewhere – same places you all read all the stuff you write about Democrats!! You don’t seem to need any reason to report where you get your information, so I get a pass too!!

    • This among other anti American traitorous things, and the rral joke, this worthless thieving lying bitch calls herself a CatholicY’m surprised she’s not been excommunicated! In school the nuns warned us about ‘false Catholics”. This she devil is bad for America and how sho got another term to basically F**K us deeper into the hole than the libeaals alka ‘dumbocraps’ done to California, ‘nasty’ navcy’pigliosi’s’ district, unbelievable!

    • They need her in there to protect their evil positions. She acts like she is chemically altered most of the time–aka alcohol or other drugs. She and her husband are known for their criminal activities with their business and banks. She professes to be Catholic, but supports hatred and the killing of babies.

    • I wish to make one correction to Eleanor Dumbroski’s comment. “She cares more for illegal criminals . . .” My correction is that she cares more for illegal VOTES!! She wouldn’t give give a rats ass for any illegal presence or actions. Any crimes they commit, starting with being here, are all President Trump’s fault, somehow. Remember, the left and their various satanic minions are squeaky clean?!

    • My favorite verse in the Old Testament is when the Supreme Being says “Nancy Pelosi is a POS, has always been a POS, and will always be a POS, end of verse”.

    • She lied about what the Bible says about Wall over a Country. Solomen Built Walls and fenced cities. To keep certain people out. Second Chronicles. Other Scriptures. Such as Nehemiah Chapter 4.6, Proverbs 18:11,JOEL 2:9, Hab 2:11, Revelations 21 verse 12.

  2. Actually, God meant for us to have borders. When the Israelites entered into the land of Canaan where they would live, did they just go wherever they wanted?? No, the first order of business was to give each tribe the land that God wanted them to have. And when Jesus was here, He respected borders.

    • The wall around Jericho was brought down so the Israelites could defeat the cities occupants. Democrats would have our wall with Mexico brought down so South Americans can defeat American Conservatives. Walls are not immoral; they are necessary.

    • BJ: In the Book of Nehemiah (The Old Testament) Chapters 2 & 3 tells about Nehemiah’s prayer being answered when he tells the King Artaxerxes why he is sad, because of the wall being torn down in his country of Israel (Jerusalem) The king sent his army officers & cavalry w/Nehemiah (as safe passage/protection) w/
      letters giving permission for Nehemiah to rebuild the wall.

  3. If Nancy Pelosi even read the Bible then she would know that all the problems that plague mankind are due to our desire to “do it Our way.” If we quote what we Think should be in the Bible it still doesn’t make it part of the Bible. The Bible tells us that one kings desire to brag about his riches caused the entire nation of Israel to be overthrown and sent into captivity. So is it wisdom that tells her we should not build a wall or foolishness?

  4. where does she get off trying to quote scripture when she has no idea what she is talking about….”I know it’s in there somewhere” in reality means “Who cares where is comes from as long as it sounds like it’s in the Bible…….AND here she is speaking before a group of evangelical leaders trying to quote scripture…can you imagine them sitting there hearing that and saying to each other….”What the heck is she talking about, listening to a pastor’s sermon and thinking his sermon is word-for-word taken from scripture??? This lady really needs to spend some time in adult religion classes and actually read God’s Word before she starts spouting “I read the Bible all the time and I know it’s in there.”……..Nancy if you read God’s Word as much as you say you do, you would know that no such verse exists

    • Nancy claims to be a Catholic (why she and other Leftists who claim to be Catholics haven’t been excommunicated leaves the Catholic Church morally remiss), which explains why she has little to no knowledge of the Bible’s content.

      I Left the Catholic Church because there was no emphasis placed on the Bible. A priest normally reads a short passage from the Bible and proclaims, “This is the word of the Lord” (or something to that effect). He then bends forward with much fanfare to kiss the page, and that’s it.

      It used to be done all in Latin to further distance the people from the Word. When I asked an ancient priest for a Bible study class, I was told, “Well, my son, the Bible is such a complicated text. We don’t have Bible studies, but we do have Catechism classes.”

      Duh! Yes, it’s complicated. That’s why I wanted a Bible study class. And the Baltimore Catechism is nothing but a Q&A of Church dogma, not a study of the Bible. It’s a collection of all the authorized questions and prescribed answers. I told him I had been kicked out of Catechism for “asking impertinent questions,” in other words, questions not found in the Catechism.

      • Don’t know what period of time you are talking about but we have some very well attended bible study programs in our Diocese here in San Antonio and particularly our parish of St. Padre Pio. No lecturing by priest or deacon. Open discussions on all topics. Very illuminating and enlightening. Come back to the church and feel welcome. Join us.

    • Jerusalem, good point. Another thought on her lack of Bible reading, if she read the Bible more and actually followed just a bit of what it says, she would not be so hateful and evil. God can change the worst of the worst.

  5. There are three kinds of stupid:
    1. Ordinarily Stupid,
    2. Painfully Stupid, and
    3. Dangerously Stupid.
    I don’t understand how we, as a country, manage to send the Nancy Peloses, the Maxine Waters, and the Dianne Feinsteins to the Houses of Government, but we’ve done it for most of my lifetime.

    • Stupid or grossly misinformed? Agree, how does the population of the three mentioned reps., continue to return them to office? Which choice? #1,2 or3…maybe a combination of all three?!

  6. Maybe Pelosi found that verse in the book of Hezekiah. That was the book my quoted from when something sounded like it came from the Bible.

  7. Pelosi…please don’t quote or randomly say things that you think is in the Bible somewhere. We know that you are inherently stupid and for you to quote scriptures is absolute blasphemy. You have no moral compass nor fortitude. All you have is you, you and more of you. You are self seeking individual worthy to be thrown in a lake of fire 🔥.

  8. I think Nancy should write a book to add to the Bible. It can be called the book of Nancy and she can put whatever quotes she wants in there. Time we had a ‘new’ book after almost 2 millennium

  9. Nancy witch Pelosi is probably the must hypocrite and digusting person alive in the goverment elite right now, she us nothing but big lie dressed as a person all you need to do is pay attention the crap she spells through her mouth anytime she speaks

  10. If she really read the bible she would see what God thinks about killing children. It says it would be better for them to have a mill stone tied to their neck and cast into the sea. What about that verse Nancy.

  11. She is a sad and scary example of leadership in our country. She must of had a stroke somewhere
    alo ooo oooog the way………………….. She doesn’t have a brain cell in her head and the thing
    that scares me most is not her, but all the people that support her. How dang stupid can you be.

  12. One cannot say they read the Bible and care about people when their heart is filled with hate as Pelosi! She is mocking God!

    • I discovered that you cannot both hate a person and pray for him at the same time, so I pray for them all. Leaves my heart at peace.

      • I do not pray FOR them; I pray that God will either help to vote them out of office, or change their hearts and minds to support life – all life!
        Actually, I emailed the Vatican a while ago, asking why people who support all types of murder [abortions, euthanasia, etc.] are still allowed to partake of our Lord in Communion. They truly need to be denied this beautiful rite, and their Pastors must be given the authority to deny them. Then, if they continue their evil ways, they must be excommunicated!!!

        I do not pray FOR them; I pray that God will either help to vote them out of office, or change their hearts and minds to support life – all life!
        Actually, I emailed the Vatican a while ago, asking why people who support all types of murder [abortions, euthanasia, etc.] are still allowed to partake of our Lord in Communion. They truly need to be denied this beautiful rite, and their Pastors must be given the authority to deny them. Then, if they continue their evil ways, they must be excommunicated!!!

  13. God will judge her as he will judge all sinners. Only those of us who know our Lord Jesus and why he died a horrible death when he was nailed to the Cross and a crown of thorns placed on his head. All this after he was severely beaten!

  14. The Church allowing her to take communion is a poor reflection on them. This woman and other libs who are for killing babies should not be allowed in the Church.

  15. nancy also says the wall is immorial i guess she dosnt want to go to heaven because in revalation 22 it talks about the wall in heaven how high the wall is and it has 12 gates how about that!!

  16. Big surprise. The left uses the same tactic to claim things exist in the Constitution that anyone who can read can plainly see are not.

  17. No way do I believe the woman has read the Bible or maybe she has her own belief that God is all wrong is the way of his beliefs. I wonder how the Catholics feel about her. Her whole life is about what evil can do to making things right for her. She is the most shallow person to walk this earth. She is a hopeless with disdain for all those who do not agree with her. She is Pure Evil and so is her Evil partner Maxine.

  18. If Nancy Pelosi actually reads the Holy Bible, and truly believes it to be the Word of God, then she should read the last book of The New Testament which is The Revelation. Chapter 22, verses 18 & 19 would put the fear of God in her if she did. Oh wait! She’s part of the government and the democrats are trying to remove any reverence to God from all things government. So I guess while they are on the job at the government the Bible doesn’t apply to them unless they can twist and change it to suit their agenda like she’s trying to do. Boy are they in for a big surprise one day.

  19. Here’s a verse for you Nancy… “You shall not murder.”
    – Exodus 20:13, now tell me again why you are Ok with abortion.
    Maybe you should have read this one before you threw out that little non-biblical reference Nancy, “Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues.”, and you can find that one in Proverbs 17:28.

  20. It is very evident Nancy has never read Ecclesiastes 10:2.
    “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of a fool to the left.

    Fact check:
    Ecclesiastes 10:3
    Even when fools walk on the road, they lack sense, and show to everyone that they are fools.
    Romans 1:22
    “Claiming to be wise, they became fools.”

  21. Nancy u’d be better at saying these things if you read your Bible aren’t you a Catholic, is this what they taught you or did someone tell you this they didn’t know what they were talking about .you people better get your heads screwed on straight same on you .Politics an religion don’t mix never did an never will You have a lot to learn on religion but then you don’t really care do you !!!!!!

  22. Once again, Nancy Pelosi is showing herself to be a fool! “The fool has said in his [her] heart, ‘There is no God.” (Psalm 14:1). By her actions and her comments, Pelosi does not know God and obviously has no meaningful relationship with Him! She would do well to systematically read part of the Bible each day, and understand the word, believe it, and apply it to her life. She would become a different person! So sad!

    • There are a lot of verses about fools and being stupid in the book of Proverbs. If anyone wants to know why I don’t quote anything from this book to show how stupid Pelosi is, WHERE WOULD I START??? There’s too many verses that would apply and not enough room for me to quote all of them. But I got another good laugh out of Pelosi. She out stupids herself every day.

  23. Excuse me ,but I thought Pelosi and her band of demos for the most part want God out of our lives.
    Killing babies, trying hard to take God out of our schools, oaths and disrespecting Christians in general.
    I wish some of the demos would come back to normal and lose their fear of her and some other top officials of the demo party!

  24. shhe is a Liberal lier. She will do and say anything to get her point accross. She can’t be trusted. She needs to go. Her hate for the President is the worst ever. Its contagious. I have never seen so much hate in this country. It has to stop. The democrats need to change their attitudes. Congress and the senate MUST work together to keep This country GREAT.

    • Nancy came from a wealthy family. She has never had to need anything in her life. To Nancy, you must be wealthy to be accepted and happy. How sad for her. Jesus had nothing As he walked among his people. Yet, the people would sit for hours and listen to his teachings. He needed nothing at all. He told his flock not to worry about what you will eat or what you will drink. God knows your needs and will provide it all. People like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and Obama and Clintons, never learned the teachings of Jesus Christ. They lost their souls years ago for the love of more and more money. But most of all Power. They must have their Power to survive. . What is wrong with America today is GODLESSNESS . WHEN WE COME BACK TO GOD AND PUT HIM FIRST IN OUR LIVES AMERICA WILL RISE AGAIN. We have to be careful who we vote for. And we must have a better system to vote.

  25. Romans 5:7-8 For a righteous man some might die; and for a good man some would die. But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. This tells us that Jesus also died for Nancy Pelosi which shows us how much He loves all of us and these two verses are definitely from the Bible. God also says that if His people who are called by His name will humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways and pray, then He will hear from Heaven and heal our land.

    Each one of us will stand before the throne of God and give an account of our lives one-on-one. Let’s pray for all the lost to receive Him and we should ask Him to heal our land.

  26. Nancy must not know how God gave instruction for His people,where He said worship Him and not what He has created. That is my version of it but it’s a meaning of what He was saying about us not worship anything Created but only the Creator.

  27. This awful woman should have been excommunicated a long time ago. Any resemblance between her and an informed and knowledgeable Catholic is purely coincidental.

    • Don’t blame the voters people are deceived I voted for Obama twice and was a lifelong Democrat…
      Obama taught me about being deceived and lied to and now I would lay down my life to keep America sovereign under God who is really in control. 🙂

  28. It always amazes me that anyone who couldn’t care less about what God’s Word says would like to make a Christian think he, or she, knows more about the Bible than the person they are trying to convince. As if a Christian doesn’t study God’s Word!!

  29. I swear this woman wavers between dementia and mental imbalance. Can’t stand this immoral billionaire woman, who used sex in her day in San Fran to get ahead, although done before Kamala Harris, who’s affair with S.F. mayor got her appointed Attorney General.

  30. PEELOOSIE is a working illiterate!!!! She got voted “MISS OILCAN” 1959 in Modesto, Ca. because she had big tit’s!!!!

  31. she and all the non believers will all go to HELL, it is her choice. Matthew 22:21 Jesus said “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.” Romans 13:1 “Let every person be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God and those which exist are established by God.”

  32. I am so ashamed of Nancy Pelosi and all the other elected officials that are so called Catholics that are legislating infanticide. Nancy Pelosi is the Representative of California’s 12th District, San Francisco – The Poop Capital of the USA. (Yes feces everywhere) She is “spreading” her neighborhood’s distinctive sights and aromas to the rest of the country!

  33. Nasty Nancy Pelosi cares nothing for truth or honor, only for appearance and power. As long as she has power and can lord her position over other people, she is happy. She is a wholly corrupt person. Supporting abortion and Muslim expansion, she should be excommunicated from the Church.

  34. Too many can’t seem to realize that Pelousy, well, the Democrat party period, is now built on nothing but lies. If they’re talking, they’re lying.

  35. The Bible says: worship the Creator and not the creation…Worship of the creation is the Global warming religion that is stupefying our youth today.
    Worship is for God alone in the mighty name of Jesus our Lord and Savior!!!
    Pray for Nancy and all her subjects in their satanic trance to be awakened by the Truth in the bible God’s manual for humanity.

  36. GOD Bless President Trump and the Truth he spoke last night!!!

    Imagine Hillary as our president…we wouldn’t even know how horrifyingly screwed we would have been!

    Discernment is a “Gift” from GOD alone, if you believe you’re on the right path so give thanks!!!

  37. democrats support for abortion is now proposing to do what hitler did in nazi germany. hitler had all new borns killed with birth defects. actually he had doctors using killed infants for research,he only wanted the fittest to survive for his master race.

  38. She’s very lucky that the BIBLE doesn’t burn her hands with all the false impressions and Narratives she bring fourth.. Our LORD and SAVIOR needs
    to Strike some fear into her.

  39. Pelosi and her ilk are no where near being one of God’s people. She is oot on His side at all and a friend of Satan. she os constantly trying to remove Him from things.

  40. In all your right but look at her disdain at the POTUS Trump’s SOTU I swore to God a sales floor dummy has more life in it . . . She was ripped that Trump stated that 1 of the terrorist that planned the attack on the U.S.S. Cole was Killed that was in W.J.B4Th.C. last 2 years. I was happy to hear that because W.J.B4Th.C did nothing about it, not even an investigation.
    He demanded that the JACK ASS PARTY to stop fighting what ” WE THE PEOPLE ” want, she was RIPPED that 90% of the gally & 60% of the floor stood for what WE WANT. There was a little girl who just finished Kemo but under O’BamYa no health she would be dead. He also thanked a cop who was shot 9 times as he went after one of the shooters at the school. She was not a happy camper that the new U.S. Embassy is in the city of David. She also was not happy the Trump hinted at the fact that the Mid~East want’s peace there numbers of losses is way up. The bad thing is O’BamYa made our GI’s fight just like Viet~Nam under L.B.J. fact #1 in war is DESTROY EVERYTHING the ENEMY has anything less is of no value . . . Our next move I think will be, should be 15 or 20 BLM-82’s bombed on them it’s how we got Viet~Nam to the peace tables & is well needed here too. This time we should NOT spend or give them a dime of help to rebuild they had nothing before so why give them anything. In addition, 40% of the Opium that has been used in AMERICA since 2002 has come from the very countries we have been at war with so we should burn down 100%, of all the poppy fields NOW to prevent them from making fat money to regroup & try it again. In that act to most of Europe will be happy to be free of that drug too. Then just maybe they too will see the right as we have done. She did not like that NATO that has been mooching off of us since 1945 now has to step up with $100,000,000,000.oo per year for there defense to repay the U.S.A. sure it’s a small bit but it is a start.

    Something else that was not in POTUS trumps speech. it was something 2 or 3 weeks ago that She did. She had 50 of her illegal workes kicked off her $75,000,000.oo vine yard that produces 938,720 gallons of wine a year. All of it worked by illegal alliens. Bad move for with it now POTUS Trump can use it aganst her to get the money for the wall & I think he should do so, in pictular 1 other new thing they have been millimg over is to give $100,000,000,000.oo per year for the next 25 years to African Americans for reperations, now if the Jack Ass Party has that money they have the money for the S~W Wall. Besides as it is Afrcan Americans already get $975,755,000,000.oo in welfare per year as it is that alone is 3.75% more than O’BamYa gave the military over 3 years time as they are fighting not just the 2 he had at the start but too the 13 ” Fire Fights ” he got us burned with, it’s the reason the Nobel boared want back his peace ribbon 2 wars is now 15 because we are still not 100% out of Iraq . . .

    Well Ive has the soap box long so some one please step up & stat youe pitch . .
    Thanks & Be Well America His Peace to your trubled heart . .

  41. It’s pathetic that Nancy Pelosi considers herself both a Catholic and a Christian. Truly neither Catholics nor Christians as a whole accept her pathetic attempt at religiosity, most also reject her blatant self-aggrandizement through the usage of made-up Bible verses.

  42. Once again Queen Nancy mocks God. This time it’s with a “quote” ;that does not exist in the Bible. HEY, NANCY, YOUR “BIBLE VERSE” MAY NOT EXIST, BUT THIS ONE DOES:

    GALATIANS 6:7 “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

    But, hey, walls are immoral, too, yet she has one around her mansion. And abortion is perfectly fine with her; abortion at anytime; any stage. Maybe her “bible” is Anton LaVey’s “Satanic Bible”. After all, he has a “church” in San Francisco – her district.

  43. (formatting a joke to fit the occasion) Three people died and went to the pearly gates to see if they would go to heaven for eternity. Donald Trump stepped forward, and God asked, “What do you believe?” He answered, “I believe in serving my country for the benefit of all its citizens. I’ve done my best to try to accomplish what I could against the odds.” God replied, “Good, come over to my right side and sit on this special seat.”
    Mike Pence stepped forward, and God asked, “What do you believe?” He answered, “I believe in giving support to my country’s President. I faithfully have served him to try to make our country great again.” God replied, “Good, come over to my left side and sit on this special seat.”
    Nancy Pelosi stepped forward, and God asked, “What do you believe?” She answered, “I believe you’re sitting on my throne.”

  44. Nancy Pelosi is correct! While humans are starving, half the world’s grain is fed to livestock! Aren’t feeding the hungry; treating the body as a temple of God which should not be defiled nor dishonored through antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, poisons and other unhealthy toxins and unhealthy food in general; the institutionalized killing of billions of animals being directly responsible for global hunger, global warming, the energy, environmental, population and water crises; treating animals humanely, and compassionate stewardship over the environment, over all of God’s creation, all biblical issues? The editors of the Green Bible, which highlights environmentally-friendly biblical passages might think so.

    I see vegetarians as “fellow travelers” alongside vegans. Issues like antibiotics, cage-free, cruelty-free, factory farming, fair trade, gluten-free, GMOs, grain-fed Vs grass-fed, organic, pesticide-free, sustainable agriculture, vegan, vegetarian, etc. are all given serious discussion on the political left, whereas the right won’t even give these issues the time of day.

    The International Network for Religion and Animals was founded in 1985. Since then, numerous books have been written on animals and theology, including:

    The Vegetarianism of Jesus Christ: the Pacifism, Communalism and Vegetarianism of Primitive Christianity; Food for the Spirit: Vegetarianism and the World Religions; The Souls of Animals; Replenish the Earth; Of God and Pelicans; Is God A Vegetarian?; God’s Covenant with Animals; They Shall not Hurt or Destroy; The Lost Religion of Jesus; Good News for All Creation; Vegetarian Christian Saints; The Dominion of Love; Good Eating; Of God and Dogs; Every Creature a Word of God; School of Compassion; For Love of Animals, etc.

    A growing number of Christian theologians, clergy and activists are beginning to take a stand in favor of animal rights. In a pamphlet entitled Christian Considerations on Laboratory Animals Reverend Marc Wessels notes that in laboratories animals cease to be persons and become “tools of research.” He cites William French of Loyola University as having made the same observation at a gathering of Christian ethicists at Duke University–a conference entitled “Good News for Animals?”

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

  45. This woman is the most ignorant person I’ve ever seen in politics. Don’t you think if she was going to quote anything from a book she never read…she would at least take the time to be sure she was using “GOD’s” quote and not HERS, especially when these are presidents of Christian colleges. She’s an IDIOT and someone should put tape on her mouth the next time she wants to address people dealing with things SHE KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT. What an embarrassment to her PARTY AND OUR COUNTRY.

    • Now, now: maybe it was a “parody” provided by Schiff. Her right hand was waving in the air again. Maybe not a parody but an out and out lie?

  46. Bela Lugosi (Dracula) is at it again just as mentally deranged as the rest of the NAZI commie Liberal Demoncrat MOBs! Deep State, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Hollywood, Academia, Fake News, Swamp News and you know the rest!

  47. I loved all the posts. Plainly speaking we all have vented our frustrations but the reality is this
    The Democrats own the House, as very stupid populace allowed them to enter. The hate that those retired or resigned republicans had for DJT also called anti Trumpers knew exactly what they were doing. Giving the house back to democrats to essentially block a GREAT man’s efforts to right an upside down ship. I am a retired Ob-Gyn Surgeon, delivered about 5,600 infants and also witnessed a very barbaric procedure that terminated children’s lives. I am sad that now anyone can and will kill infants and say it’s the law. Anyone ever hear of Kermit Goznell, whomwas prosecuted for this exact killing of children.

  48. There is a verse in the New Testament that the Lord says, “Suffer the little Children to come to me”
    It does not say kill the little children and bring them to me.
    Apology for not adding this into my prior post. God Bless America to do better in the future.

  49. God also told his people that their problems were caused by letting other nations come into their land. Those nation’s gods would cause His people to stumble. It was what people believed, concerning God, that God was against, not ethnicity. Remember, Jesus wanted ALL to be Christians. If people were Christian, they wouldn’t commit crimes. Including, coming to the US illegally.

  50. She is just a filthy Traitor to American values who gets paid by George Soros from his many funds to her PAC, just like Schumer. In the end, if they do not ask forgiveness and really mean it in their hearts, they will pay the price.

    • Wow!! Talk about a traitor to American values – that would be tRumpy for sure!! After all the confirmed information about his administration’s collusion and meetings with Russia and Putin, and at least 4 of his pals being arrested and sent to jail – you are indeed blind and hypocritical at the very least.

  51. The Bible is used only when nanny and the rats think it might help their cause; never use it correctly. If they did so, they would be forced to change their agenda, to git right with it.

  52. talking about Nancy has people seen the pictures of Ruth Badger how after having lung cancer and surgery in December 2018 she has less wrinkles ? She can walk up stairs all by herself ? How straight she stands now compared to being bent over? Well Nancy I don’t believe in your Miss Doubtfire. The people has a right to know the truth , funny how when she got out of hospital no pictures taken of her great recovery or no headline news reports . WHY I ask as an Christian and a full blooded American ,I have my right to pay respect to Ruth Badger and my President has every right to fill her seat if he so chooses and that’s why more lies and cover up from your clan .
    And as far as you quoting the Bible that I was raised with ,get your story right .Cause just remember your judgement day is coming and God knows every commandment you have broken and every lying scheme you have done to his children .these poor babies just what did they do to you ? You are so full of hate you are doomed to burn in Hell .All you and your clan is after is the power of this country ,you will never get it for true Christians will prevail ,for some states are already over ruling your finger over the abortions and not allowing it in their states,Amen to this ,pray all states stand up against your ruling and you get impeach with the rest of the non American clan . This is American Land Of The Free ! Gods Country not yours USA 🇺🇸 not Mexico 🇲🇽 nor Any other foreign country . My forefathers fought fo this country to keep the likes of you out and those you are trying to bring in .MAGA and he did that’s why you hate President Trump So . I still think that you shouldn’t be allowed to us any government owned vehicle ,planes etc ,for you corrupt fund raising trips they should all be taken away from you and put back in the box like a little kid .God Bless American again and remove all the EVIL !

    • Sarah, our hope lies in our God who we know will take care of all the babies that died as a result of abortions. His Son died for Nancy just as He did for you and me, and until she takes her last breath, she can still receive salvation and forgiveness, which I pray for daily for her and all who think and act just like her. I truly believe that all those who support abortion truly believe they are doing the right thing. They are being lied to and they do not even realize it. I will continue to fight for the unborn as well as against Assisted Suicide as long as I have breath within me.

  53. Pelosi ought to try practicing being a Christian. She is a poster girl of what a sinner looks like. And you can’t hide it Nancy like your hidden passage in the bible. You open your mouth and remove all doubt that you are against loving God and loving your neighbor. The two great commandments.


  54. It would be wonderful if Queen Nancy believed and practiced the truth found in the Bible rather than just quoting what cannot be found in the Bible to support her political agenda. I think God wants her to follow His agenda, not use Him when she thinks it supports her aganda.

  55. While I disagree whole heartedly with Ms. Pelosi, I also feel sorry for her and for all who believe the lies of the Father of all lies, Satan. They are all in my prayers, and I like God, do not want to see anybody lost, but being realistic, I know that many, many will not make it to heaven. Ms. Pelosi is a clear cut example of those who call themselves Christians but their lives and their actions speak louder than their words. For those who continue to refuse to put that bill through the house that will help to save the lives of babies surviving abortions, they do not have a pleasant fate awaiting them, but still I will pray for them as a group.

    • Pelosi is right. The bible is simply a history of the Jewish people. It is a collection of folk tales, repeated and added to over time. There were no miracles, just stories written long after the events happened. People added their own words and “facts” as they weren’t present at those events. That is how miracles and “magical” things came about. Nothing to see here – just move along!!

  56. Nancy Pelosi is a stupid “know it all” she has no idea what the bible says cause I doubt if she knows what it looks like!!!She’s a democrat and the democrats are leftist and are trying to obscure our Christian rights!!!! This country of ours needs to get back to God and his laws!!
    Man has made such a mess of things with greed and power plays in government, and “it ain’t working”


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