Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want you to hear about the horrifying thing an abortionist just did


The Democrat Party continues to move radically left on abortion.

They are now willing to outright support post-birth abortion.

And Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want you to hear about the horrifying thing an abortionist did.

Democrats now want you to believe a baby is not actually human until it is decided that it is no longer unborn, regardless of whether the child was delivered or not.

But in the case of one late-term abortionist, he seems to acknowledge that the baby he is killing is actually a person.

Along with his abortion offerings, he gives women the opportunity to cuddle and take pictures with their dead baby, and to get their feet stamped to remember the baby they killed.

LifeSiteNews reports:

A late-term abortionist is offering women an opportunity to hold their babies “after delivery” or take a picture home as a “remembrance” after ending their unborn child’s life.

These are just a few options suggested in a brochure now being provided by notorious late-term abortionist Dr. LeRoy Carhart, found on his website by Dr. Pat Castle of the pro-life group LIFE Runners.

The brochure, which seeks to alleviate consciences and allay the fears of women considering having a second- or third-trimester abortion, declares that the clinic has been “Caring for women with Kindness, Courtesy, Justice, Love & Respect for over 45 years.”

“Many patients request a remembrance of their baby to take home with them,” according to the flyer.

“Once the process of healing has begun, you may want to consider a token of the precious time with you and your baby had together,” it continues, before offering several post-abortion services available via the Carhart staff:

• Viewing your baby after the delivery
• Holding your baby after the delivery
• Photographs of your baby
• Cremation services referral
• Funeral arrangements referral
• Footprints
• Spiritual and ceremonial accommodations
• Remembrance certificate

This abortionist is admitting that the baby being killed is special enough to warrant a picture to remember them.

Democrats don’t want that to be the case.

They want people to believe that the babies being killed are nothing more than lumps of cells with no human qualities at all.

But pro-life Americans understand that is a lie.

Are you pro-life?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. “I have always thought it peculiar how the liberal and conservative philosophies have lined up on the abortion issue,” observed Rosemary Bottcher in her article “How Do Pro-Choicers ‘Fool’ Themselves?” which originally appeared in the Tallahassee Democrat.

    “It seemed to me that liberals traditionally have cared about others and about human rights, while conservatives have cared about themselves and property rights. Therefore, one would expect liberals to be defending the unborn and conservatives to be encouraging their destruction.”

    Rosemary Bottcher criticized the American Left for its failure to take a stand against abortion:

    “The same people who wax hysterical at the thought of executing, after countless appeals, a criminal convicted of some revolting crime would have insisted on his mother’s unconditional right to have him killed while he was still innocent.

    “The same people who organized a boycott of the Nestle Company for its marketing of infant formula in underdeveloped lands would have approved of the killing of those exploited infants only a few months before.

    “The same people who talk incessantly of human rights are willing to deny the most helpless and vulnerable of all human beings the most important right of all.

    “Apparently these people do not understand the difference between contraception and abortion,” concluded Bottcher.

    “Their arguments defending abortion would be perfectly reasonable if they were talking about contraception. When they insist upon ‘reproductive freedom’ and ‘motherhood by choice’ they forget that ‘pregnant’ means ‘being with child.’ A pregnant woman has already reproduced; she is already a mother.”

    At a speech before the National Right to Life Convention in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, on July 15, 1982, Reverend Richard John Neuhaus of the Evangelical Lutheran Church said:

    “I have a confession to make. I am a liberal. More than that. I am a Democrat… I know that among some pro-life advocates liberalism is almost a dirty word. I know it and I regret it. I know that among others there has been a determined effort to portray the pro-life movement as anti-liberal and, indeed, as reactionary. I know it and I regret it.

    “We are today engaged in a great contest over the meaning of liberalism, over the meaning of liberal democracy, indeed over the meaning of America…Will it be an America that is inclusive, embracing the stranger and giving refuge to the homeless?…Will it be a caring America, nurturing the helpless and protecting the vulnerable?

    “…The mark of a humane and progressive society is an ever more expansive definition of the community for which we accept responsibility…”The pro-life movement is one with the movement for the emancipation of slaves. This is the continuation of the civil rights movement, for you are the champions of the most elementary civil, indeed human right—simply the right to be.

    “There is another and authentically liberal vision of an America that is hospitable to the stranger, holding out arms of welcome to those who would share the freedom and opportunity we cherish. ‘Give me your tired, your poor/Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free/The wretched refuse of your teeming shore/Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me/I lift my lamp beside the golden door.’

    “The unborn child is the ultimate immigrant…The analogy between the unborn and the immigrant may seem strained. I fear, however, that it is painfully to the point.”

    According to Dr. And Mrs. J.C. Willke’s 1988 Handbook on Abortion, a poll was conducted at the 1984 Democratic National Convention in San Francisco, CA, asking: “Should there be a Constitutional Amendment outlawing abortion?” It was found that only nine percent of all delegates to the Convention supported such an Amendment, even though it was supported by 46 percent of all Democrats nationwide.

  3. You’d think the unborn-right-to-lifers would immediately understand the animal-right-to-lifers! The case for animal rights should be readily understandable to the millions of Americans opposed to abortion on demand.

    “Although I may disagree with some of its underlying principles,” writes pro-life Democrat Karen Swallow Prior, “there is much for me, an anti-abortion activist, to respect in the animal rights movement. Animal rights activists, like me, have risked personal safety and reputation for the sake of other living beings. Animal rights activists, like me, are viewed by many in the mainstream as fanatical wackos, ironically exhorted by irritated passerby to ‘Get a Life!’ Animal rights activists, like me, place a higher value on life than on personal comfort and convenience, and in balancing the sometimes competing interests of rights and responsibilities, choose to err on the side of compassion and nonviolence.”

    The animal rights movement, representing a cross-section of mainstream secular American society, is NOT “officially pro-choice,” but IS divided on abortion. In a 1992 interview on Dennis Prager’s conservative talk show, when specifically asked about the animal rights position on abortion, Ingrid Newkirk, co-founder of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), admitted, “We’re divided.”

    Former television game show host Bob Barker is a conservative Republican and an animal activist. Tony LaRussa of the Animal Rescue Foundation is a political conservative. Vegan labor leader Cesar Chavez was pro-life. Vegan civil rights leader Dick Gregory was pro-life. Former Washington Post columnist Colman McCarthy, a devout pacifist, has expressed opposition to abortion, and in the 1980s was critical of Reverend Jesse Jackson for having changed sides on the issue.

    Dixie Mahy, past president of the San Francisco Vegetarian Society, has been vegetarian for sixty years, vegan for forty of those sixty years, and identifies herself as pro-life-and-pro-animal Matthew Scully, a conservative Catholic and former speechwriter for George W. Bush identifies himself as “Pro-Animal, Pro-Life.” Catholic Concern for Animals is pro-life-and-pro-animal. Reverend Frank Hoffman’s Christian vegan website is pro-life-and-pro-animal Compassion for animals is a fundamental tenet of the Baha’i faith, which endorses vegetarianism, says abortion is more a matter of individual conscience, but concludes, without taking a position on abortion, life should not be destroyed.

    John Stuart Mill wrote: “The reasons for legal intervention in favor of children apply not less strongly to the case of those unfortunate slaves — the animals.”

    Animals are like children. Henry Bergh, founder of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), successfully prosecuted a woman for child abuse in 1873, at a time when children had no legal protection, under the then currently existing animal protection statutes. This case started the child-saving crusade around the world.

    In Christianity and the Rights of Animals, the Reverend Dr. Andrew Linzey writes: “In some ways, Christian thinking is already oriented in this direction. What is it that so appalls us about cruelty to children or oppression of the vulnerable, but that these things are betrayals of relationships of special care and special trust? Likewise, and even more so, in the case of animals who are mostly defenseless before us.”

    When told the animal rights movement is divided on abortion, Serrin Foster, Executive Director of Feminists For Life, said understandingly, “The Children’s Defense Fund is also divided on abortion.” Feminists For Life has many vegetarians and vegans. Serrin identifies herself as a vegetarian.

    From 1992 through 2003, James Dawson, raised Catholic and now a Buddhist, published Live and Let Live, a pro-life / animal rights / libertarian ‘zine. The ancient eastern reincarnationist religions Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism all predate Christianity, all oppose abortion, all teach ahimsa, or nonviolence towards humans and animals alike to the point of vegetarianism, all are vegan-friendly, and all teach that abortion and war are the karma for killing animals, and that therefore, we cannot end abortion nor bring about world peace until first we abolish the killing of animals.

    This knowledge, however, does not rest with everyone. Not all pro-life-and-pro-animal people advocate the reincarnationist strategy for ending abortion and bringing about world peace. Shay Van Vlieman, founder of Vegans For Life in the late ’90s, said she doesn’t expect to see a vegan president in her lifetime: she would just be glad to elect a president who will work to overturn Roe v. Wade. And she insists she is not a Republican, but a libertarian!

    During the late 1990s, Rachel MacNair, a Quaker pacifist, feminist, vegan, past president of Feminists For Life, moderated an email list for pro-life vegetarians and pro-life vegans. Rachel is now a psychology professor, and has written several books on nonviolence. In 1998, the Animals Agenda ran a cover story on the debate within the animal rights movement over abortion. Vegan congressman Dennis Kucinich (D – Ohio), one of the most liberal members of Congress, was pro-life throughout most of his political career.

    Pro-life vegetarians and pro-life vegans are found within the “consistent-ethic” movement: pro-lifers opposed to capital punishment. A significant number of “consistent-ethic” Christians were / are vegetarian or vegan: Rose Evans, Ruth Enero, Rachel MacNair, Albert Fecko, Carol Crossed, Bill Samuel, Mary Krane Derr, Mary Rider, Father John Dear, etc.

    Mary Rider, a practicing Catholic, wrote in Harmony: Voices for a Just Future, a “consistent-ethic” periodical in 2002:

    “So we teach our children to walk softly on the earth and to embrace nonviolence as the only legitimate means of conflict resolution, on both a personal and a global level. We are aware of the excessive, privileged life we lead as educated, first world U.S. citizens and of the responsibilities to which our privilege calls us. We try to live simply. We eat low on the food chain. We try to buy nothing new… We try to respect all life and carry that message forward in all we do… Because we value people and relationships over things… First world consumption kills people around the world… Pollution, environmental devastation, corrupt governments, war, sweatshops… all are a are a result of our desire to buy more at a lower price… We believe each person has a right to live a valued and respected life free from hunger and discrimination…”

    The threat of overpopulation is frequently used to justify abortion as birth control. On a vegan diet, however, the world could easily support a human population several times its present size. The world’s cattle alone consume enough to feed over 8.7 billion humans. Even if abortion advocates argue shifting to a plant-based diet, a vegan diet, isn’t enough to stave off overpopulation, in light of the data showing the depletion of energy, food, fresh water, land space, raw materials and resources as well as the heavy contribution to air and water pollution, deforestization, and global warming caused by a meat-centered diet, how do abortion advocates — warning about overpopulation consuming the world’s resources — justify consuming animal products?

    If vegetarianism were merely about “fit” or following a peculiar set of “dietary laws” why are pro-lifers offended by pro-choice vegetarians and pro-choice vegans? Clearly, they’re offended because they know vegetarianism involves the animals’ right to life, and thus these pro-choicers appear to value animal life over human life under some circumstances. And issues like animal experimentation, circuses, and fur have nothing to do with diet, eating, nor food, but do involve the animals’ right to life. Leonardo Da Vinci, Count Leo Tolstoy, Mohandas Gandhi, George Bernard Shaw, Susan B. Anthony, Percy Shelley, Rosa Parks, etc. were all vegetarian, and none of them were Jewish nor Muslim.

    For Love of Animals: Christian Ethics, Consistent Action offers an introduction to animal rights ethics within Christianity alongside directly related sanctity-of-life issues, like the possible rights of unborn children. The book’s foreword is written by Mary Eberstadt, senior fellow with the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, DC, a Catholic who identifies herself as “Pro-Animal, Pro-Life.”

    Author Charles Camosy responds to criticisms from academicians Peter Singer and Lynn White, Jr., that the misinterpretation of “human dominion” (versus compassionate stewardship) is responsible for the current ecological crisis. Camosy indicates that Christianity cannot be blamed if humans with their imperfections distort their own religious teachings, that Christianity did not give rise to the industrial revolution, and that real Christianity — as it was meant to be practiced — is at odds with market-driven ethics and mass consumerism (a point made decades ago by liberal Protestant theologian Dr. Harvey Cox). Camosy concludes: “I became convinced that, if I wanted to be authentically and consistently pro-life, I should give up eating meat.” Dozens of books have been written on Christianity and animal rights. Camosy merely provides an overview of animal ethics in Christianity.

    Steve Kaufman, head of the Christian Vegetarian Association, was raised Jewish, and is now serving in the United Church of Christ, America’s largest pro-choice Protestant denomination. Steve expressed interest in Democrats For Life, his only reservation was whether Democrats For Life favors criminalizing abortion. Some animal advocates and activists (like Catholic vegan columnist Colman McCarthy) oppose abortion, but don’t think criminalization is the answer.

    In 2004, on the Democrats For Life email list, Maria Krasinski mentioned a poll which found animal activists evenly divided on abortion. This either indicates animal rights really are a bipartisan cause which conservatives can support alongside liberals, or it indicates many liberals are uncomfortable with abortion!

    In 2014, Kristen Day of Democrats For Life said: “Roughly a third of the Democratic Party is pro-life. And while many do not call themselves liberal, they share the values which seem to identify with liberalism, particularly a commitment to helping the vulnerable and providing a social safety net.”

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

  4. This has to be one of the demented, sickening and horrifying things I have ever read! These women are aborting a full term baby, then murdering them. But it is proposed they pose with the baby they just murdered and then have a memorials keepsakes of this whole atrocity ? What in the hell is happening to this world and the supposed human beings living here??? This is actually making me ill. Dr. Carhart has certainly earned a special place in Hell for this. As well as these creatures that are having abortions. In this day and age, there is no reason why any woman should get pregnant in the first place….

  5. There is an esp. heinous place in hell for people like this. God will send them to an eternity of horrible torture, as they deserve. Life begins at conception. That is a fact, but dems deny facts. They are truly deranged.

  6. vasu…Don’t you ever get tired of copying and pasting the same old crap??? You are just a trained robot and have no mind of your own. sad

  7. It is one thing to take a “morning after” pill to prevent implantation and development of a fertilized egg, terminate an ancephalic fetus. It is entirely another to “take pictures or cuddle” a full term baby that you’ve now decided that you do not want. At that point, how is adoption any less of a break in continuity without the murderous aspect?

  8. I cannot fatham any women killing her own child no matter what the circumstances. How can you live with that horror scene for the rest of YOUR life? You are a demented individual who will burn in hell.

  9. No Democrat alive today is More DERANGED than CRAZY donald & D for DUMB, That Oval Office Walking, Talking PILE OF SICKO CRAP, That presidential PISS ASS PIG, & Every Single One Of His ASSSHOLE KISSING republican RETARDS!

  10. “A DEMENTED INDIVIDUAL WHO WILL SOMEDAY BURN IN HELL”, Thanks sharon, for such a Perfectly Fitting Description Of Both d & m trump, That Oval Office INSANE IDIOT & HIS LATEST BRAINLESS BIMBO!

  11. too bad the parents of this doctor and most of the democratic party parents didn`t get abortions.the world would be a lot better place.

  12. Hey, sharon, Plainly, you never Heard Of Susan Smith & The HORROR Of What she did one day involving a Lake, a Car & Two Beautiful, Innocent, Helpless Little Boys!

  13. Nobody In The World Is Better In “DENYING ” FACTS Than That WALKING, TALKING PILE OF CRAP, DERANGED donald trump With His SICKO MIND & DISEASED BRAIN!

  14. Betty; You are nothing but a foul mouth ignorant fool. You never say anything coherent or stay on topic! This story is especially disturbing. But just like a typical Leftist, you ignore the horrors YOUR PARTY endorses!!! You just post your insane rants against PRESIDENT TRUMP!! And then YOU call us republican retards? YOU are the one that seriously needs mental help.. Seek it soon. YOU REALLY NEED HELP!!!!

  15. I think the Democrats are so dumb, killing babies is not right the the eyes of the good Lord, he would not have blessed people with babies if he did not think they were worthy of having them in their lives. Democrats need to let people decide on their own if they want to save their own babies, I think it out to be ruled out, do not kill babies, this is murder.

  16. I suspect he’s just one of those losers who still lives in his parents basment with no outside life except to cut & paste crap to annoy normal people. Murti, try getting a life loser.

  17. Betty; Mrs. Trump has more brains and intelligence than you could ever hope to have, you foul mouth, ignorant bigot! Grow up and stop acting a child throwing a temper tantrum because your evil queen wasn’t elected president. THANK GOD Clinton wasn’t elected. And stop attacking Mrs. Trump by calling her a whore and a bimbo. Your rants only show how low class you are……


  19. If these “mothers” want something to take home in remembrance of their baby….give them a death certificate, “method of death….brutal murder.”

  20. Betty, with your language, you are definitely a Democrat who deserves no respect and should have your mouth sewn shut because you spout nothing but evil and ignorance. Its too bad you are not more literate and maybe (1) person would feel sorry for you. Take your filthy mouth and ask for God’s forgiveness and become a better person instead of a vile one. I will pray for you.

  21. With a foul mouth like hers I doubt any male (or maybe in her case female) would even look at her. Bet she’s a real ugly ugly loser.

  22. I agree this a horrible thing to do. It has got to be the most gross thing I have heard of. The devil at work.
    Why would any woman want a reminder of the murdering of a baby?

  23. Had an abortion there, Betty and are now suffering an earthly hell?
    You are deranged. Seek psychiatric help and quit listening to the
    deceitful and manipulative left. They’re psychotic.

  24. Had an abortion there, Betty and are now suffering an earthly hell?
    You are deranged. Seek psychiatric help and quit listening to the
    deceitful and manipulative left. They’re psychotic.

  25. Nutzy Palooooozi, weren’t you excomunicated from the church for killing babies? look at all the blood you have on your hands and your black soul! I hope these women carry the vision of their dead babies in their minds for the rest of their lives.

  26. I believe you’re actually right, ‘Vasu’ is a bot operated by the Democrat group that’s plugged in every post. I stopped bothering to respond, since it never even notices, just keeps posting the same programmed crap repeatedly.

  27. I can see a doctor allowing these actions if a mother lost her baby naturally during birth. A mother that truly loved her baby, and wanted to watch that baby grow into a fine adult. But not to a murderer. That is sick. I don’t care about the feelings of that mother, or can I even refer to her as a mother? I think not. She is a cold blooded murderer. Maybe if we call them what they are, women will let their babies live. They can be adopted and lead a good life.

  28. Someone hasn’t taken this BUTCHER, er, “Doctor” to PRISON FOR LIFE yet? Isn’t that the same as an HONOR killing, as they allow in MUSLIM countries? This is an ABOMINATION as found in The Bible (Proverbs chapter 6) and this practice MUST be stopped. The taking of an INNOCENT life, the most helpless of citizens, a FULLY BORN BABY (as well as the unborn) is MURDER and that is against even our U.S. Code of law. How disgraceful is that? SHUT THAT murder mill DOWN! . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  29. Hep granny; Exactly! These sick “keepsakes” for a murderer serves no logical purpose. If she cared so much for this poor little soul, she wouldn’t be aborting it to begin with!

  30. You are truly brainwashed by the Democrats. If you believe anything that comes out their mouth then you deserve to be called a idiot. It’s all about their hate of Trump. Anything to go against what he has done for our country. Remember the home of the free? That’s exactly what they will take from you. Get your head out of you ass and look at the truth. Obama was nothing more than a Clinton puppet to head us in the direction of what Hillary was trying to do. See how that worked out? Now, look at what Trump has done for this amazing country. If you want to keep lying to yourself, then watch us vote a intelligent business man back into office. About abortion you’re murders and should be held accountable!!! You sicken me!!! Where are your morals? Sorry I forgot you have none!!!!

  31. I don’t know how any woman after aborting a baby and then holding it and take a picture of the dead baby. They have no heart. They should not be allowed to have a baby ever again. That is so discussing and the Democrats go along with abortions. They are discussing and getting worse every day. Who ever votes for such discussing people are real idiots.

  32. CHOICE IS not wearing a condom, not using the pill, not having sex, locking the door to the bedroom or your front door. when you become pregnant you’re guarding a new life. TO POSE FOR PICTURES WITH YOUR DEAD BABY IS VERY, VERY SICK.

  33. MURDER is MURDER. Period. It is one thing because of a medical condition BUT because you don’t want the child put it up for adoption. I know of husbands and wives that would love to have children but cannot for some reason.

  34. It appears that Betty is actually Vasu Murti in disguise. You comments always have the same sentences. A cut and paste job same as Vasu Murti. Nothing new or really presentable to comment about, No real thought what so ever. Her only idea is to piss us all off by making silly and childish comments. I think its time to just bypass and not comment on her posts. Just ignore her like Vasu Murti. The more we comment against them, the more they will cut and paste just to take up space and our time. Ignore them and we will all be happier. God Bless America !!! God bless President Trump !!! MAGA !!!! KAG !!!! TRUMP 2020 !!!!


  36. I remember that well & she stood on the shore & watched as they clawed at the car window as they drowned. They should have done the same to her,

  37. Betty, that is YOU. YOU are obviously demented and will join your master satan in hell. God forbids your sick hatred.

  38. Betty, it is your brain that is diseased. You prove it every time you post. You are deranged and need a lot of help with your sick hate. You need Jesus.

  39. Vasu Murti : “Before I was born, You knew me.” Have you, Vasu Murti, ever read a statement similar to that ? Do you actually read a Bible ? You should try it sometime !!! Read Jeremiah, Chapter 1, verses 4-5 : “Now the word of The Lord came to me saying,Before I formed you in the womb I knew you ; And before you were born I consecrated you ; I have appointed you a prophet to the nations.” A human is given a spirit, a soul, at conception. Humans are given spiritual laws and responsibilities, with consequences to follow. Other creatures with life in them are only given instincts, and NO SPIRITUAL REQUIREMENTS OF BEHAVIOR !!! Only humans are to be judged on the lives we lived, and then sent eternally to heaven or to hell. “And inasmuch as it is appointed for men once to die and after this comes judgment….” Other animals are not given that kind of a station in life, or to have life after their physical deaths. God gave the animals, fish, and birds to humans for food ; with distinctions for clean (allowed) and unclean (not allowed.) Leviticus Chapter 11, verses 1-47. Later that was changed to include all meats. First Timothy, Chapter 4, verses 1-5 : “But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons, by means of hypocrisy of liars seared in their own conscience as with a branding iron, men who forbid marriage and advocate abstaining from foods which God has created to be gratefully shared in by those who believe in and know the truth. For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with gratitude ; for it is sanctified by means of the word of God and prayer.”

  40. Hey A–hole, why to you just continue to demonstrate how much of an IDIOT you really are, what with an IQ somewhere near MINUS 127, eh ?

  41. You can pull your head out of your a$$ anytime are a true Demorat. Democrat’s are baby killers, child rapest, murders . So much corruption and forget bunch of lying dirt bags. The next baby you Demorats let die. Go watch it, you sick twisted animals. Let’s take a guess, you people bet on how long the baby lives. U nut bag

  42. Nancy Pelosi it is a shame they didn’t have abortion when your mother was pregnant with you, I am sure she is ashamed of you right now , I know I would be if you was my daughter I would deny you to the world. You are a disgusting old hag that doesn’t deserve to be on this earth

  43. The satanic leftists like nancy pelosi, have sold their souls to lucifer. Abortion is the largest stain upon this used to be republic. Support Pro Life, support pro life candidates, vote against any politician that thinks abortion is ok. VOTE THEM OUT…. Restore GODLINESS to this nation.

  44. Tom, it is the same dark spirit. They are the cult of Progressivism, with child sacrifices to the government they worship. That is why they keep fighting to have their unholy sacrificial altars of Planned Parenthood available in every state.
    There are several good articles online describing how they turned their ‘secular’ movement into such a cult, with all of the trappings of a ‘religion’ with a close resemblance to Islam.

  45. Betty, how do you keep escaping from your padded cell? Looks like they’ll have to start using a straight jacket, and perhaps thorazine. Can’t have you getting out and injuring yourself.


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