Millennials want to cancel a Christmas activity for a jaw-dropping reason


Cancel culture has gotten completely out of control.

It’s gotten to the point where just about everything in society is “problematic.”

Now millennials want to cancel a Christmas activity for a jaw-dropping reason.

Leftists have become increasingly hostile toward religion.

One town in New Hampshire even canceled Christmas festivities amid complaints from a fringe minority.

But now cancel culture experts want to take a wrecking ball to a largely secular Christmas activity.

Millennials, also known as the “woke” generation, want to get rid of Secret Santa because it gives them anxiety.

Daily Wire reports:

Millennials aren’t interested in participating in the office “Secret Santa,” according to a new study by the British job-hunting website, Jobsite, because the practice is “stressful” and anxiety-inducing.


The study, they say “found that younger workers are often spending more than they can afford on presents for their colleagues” in order to avoid being “judged” for their selection or thought “cheap” by their peers. Even though most Secret Santa groups set a budget, Millennials say they feel pressure to “up their game” in order to fit in with their colleagues.


Jobsite suggests that up to 35% of Millennials say they want to see Secret Santa banned – holiday cheer be damned! — and a similar number is aiming straight at office birthday parties.

Cancel culture has gotten completely out of hand.

Comedians have been the canary in the coal mine on this issue.

Nearly a decade ago, Jerry Seinfeld said he would no longer perform at colleges because the kids are way too sensitive and politically correct.

Many comedians that have sense followed in his footsteps, and that campus political correctness has now spread everywhere.

Anything that doesn’t comport with their worldview must be stopped, and the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

One loud person can literally ruin the fun for everybody.

Arguably the main cause for this nonsense is that millennials, and the generation behind them, have not been taught resilience.

This has terrible consequences, because they deem everything as a crisis that needs some overweening authority to sort it out.

This is a terrible trend that must stop before it’s too late.

Did “woke” millennials go too far by trying cancel Secret Santa?

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  1. The “woke millennials” want to cancel the secret Santa because it’s too much stress on them? Really?? OMG!!
    How are these babies going to handle a really big problem that comes up in their lives if this simple gesture is getting them upset?? I worked for many years and everyone, no matter their religion had no problem with this little celebration. This news is really sad….

      • These woke children are behind the alphabet group getting all their way in everything they demand like genetic male kids being allowed in genetic female locker rooms in Jr and Sr High schools these days. They are too worried about their personal feelings to care about anything outside their personal space unless it’s something as trivial yet can be as meaningful to others as a secret Santa! I have come to never expect something like empathy or sympathy to bubble up out of this group, with a rare exception.

        • “By George I think you got it.” The quote from ‘The Sound of Music’ is the most fitting way I know to say you have found the source of their obvious inability to cope in a world I grew up in. This group won’t make it very far in time. However, I am starting to understand why they don’t want relationships and/or families. They can’t take care of themselves outside of a group being determined to undo the traditions and heritage we so love. Their parents started all this with their refusal to grow a set and put down some basic ground-rules. It was easier to give in and make a basement apartment for them.

    • This corresponds to getting “grief councilors ” for the poor children when one of their friends dies of overdose
      on drugs or gets drunk and crash’s into a tree and dies. They are prevented from addressing these problems
      in school or at home, so when they graduate, they are unable to deal with the everyday problems of life and
      go into drugs, suicide or shock when every day problems arise and they cannot accept or deal with them. Most of the high school graduates cannot handle a check book, let alone any other small requirements of
      adult living. We have lost a complete generation to these inadequate individuals. Its a sorry time when they
      grow up, if they ever do.

      • Wouldn’t you think that with the popularity of abortions that has taken hold in the last forty years, there wouldn’t be enough millennials left to make much of a noise. The whole damned generation is mentally deficient.

    • Because you have a sound mind, you think soundly and post accordingly. These leftists have a mental illness. They can no longer think rationally.

  2. HUH???? So who is forcing them to join in? When I did SS it was a CHOICE to participate or not. These fools have no clue about reality and are going to have to wake up and face it one day

  3. This ‘cancel’ crap is spreading with every success they have.
    I suggest hat if enough people band together wherever these
    a-holes try to impose their asinine objections and organize
    a recall drive for any and all of the City Council members who
    voted in favor of the jerk-off’s whiney complaints, it just might
    shut them down Country-wide.
    To sit back and ‘take it’ is unproductive. If the same garbage
    happens here where I live, you can be sure my neighbors and
    I will yell as loud as the bitchy ‘cancel’ bunch.
    I’m no lawyer. but maybe court action could be effective against
    these schmucks.

  4. Lord I would never have admitted something like that to my friends. I would have gotten laughed out of school and every other place I attended. Flipping unreal.

  5. Why don’t we just bend over and kiss their asses while we’re at.
    I’m surprise these anti everything aren’t demonstrating the Christmas Light show that goes on across the country.

    We were always told just ignore the ignorant and they’ll just go away.

    Well that doesn’t work anymore.
    Time to stand up and fight for what we believe in. Before we lose everything.

    • I saw just this past week where one small town genuflected to the woke group in its town and seriously scaled back its Christmas tree and ceremony this year. Now all the woke group has to do is insist it all be shut down next year since they got their foot in the door this year!

  6. Boy these children, and they are children, are going to have a tough time when they get out in the real world!! As many commented, just don’t participate. It’s their choice but they can’t drag everyone who wants to join in down with them.

  7. Just like most who read and comment on Culture Watch articles, I believe the millennials are misled, pampered, catered to and out of control with their whiny demands. But in this case, I can identify! And I am a Baby Boomer. There was always an element of fun in the whole event of the office Christmas party and Secret Santa. But there was also ALWAYS the stress and anxiety that creeped in because you didn’t want to look cheap and you didn’t want to spend too much. I have a very large family and in my younger days, we often tried to buy for each other – of course, that was also anxiety producing. We finally got smart and drew names and even smarter a few years ago when we began doing White Elephant exchange.

    But before that there was a lot of Christmas shopping going on, and as good as I am at managing my finances, I always went in the hole at Christmas time. Anyway, Taking Jesus out, not okay. Secret Santa? Not so sure that’s a bad thing.

    • So why do you worry about what people think of you?. You could have been the nicest person in the office but someone just doesn’t like you for whatever reason, So what !!
      A gift isn’t that important someone will always have more money or be more popular than you…..So what!! Your life maybe a lot happier than theirs!

    • The sheeple of AmeriKa MUST wake up now—OUR entire culture-history-morals AND ethics ARE under massive and obliterating attacks…What will you tell your children and grandchildren? RET US ARMY

    • So WHAT are you sheeple doing to stop this approaching disaster…So do you tell your cousins and friends to stuff it? I DO..Do you keep mum when you see and hear disgust and filth when out in the ‘world’? I DON’T…What will it take to wake you out of your APATHY? WE must bombard our elect CON..gress with wuestions—to exactly see where they stand on America…IF THEY DON’T COMPLY RECALL THEM–STILL NO RESULTS …..REVOLT !

  8. Has anybody complained, especially feminists, about MLK Day. After all, he is reputed to be a women exploiter in a sexual manner.

  9. The only thing that’s stressing these kids out is their warped, brainwashed, minds. They have been told and retold that Religion and anything associated with God is wrong and they actually believe it. It reminds me of the Hare Krishner people and others, years ago, when if a parent really wanted to set them straight they would have to kidnap their own children and get them counseling in order to stop the mind control. They would not listen until they were “deprogrammed”. So sad. These young people need to be taught that there is a loving God waiting for them to come to HIM and not turn away to sin. They have been used and abused in universities and even the lower grades where they get indoctrinated and they can’t see it. They have been taught that they should be given everything and everyone should follow their way of thinking. Millennials need to wake up, if they even can, and learn what is right and just and good. Christmas isn’t and shouldn’t be something to stress you. Not if you understand the real meaning of Christmas… not gift giving or running all over creation trying to find the “perfect” gift.. It is the time we honor the birth of Our Savior Jesus Christ who went as far as His being murdered on the cross to bring salvation to everyone. No need to get all upset and stressed, just to look at the Manger set up and whisper Happy Birthday Jesus. I have no gift to bring, except myself. Help me be the person YOU want me to be.

  10. This is the result of liberals telling these wimps that nothing that is bad in their life is their fault, everybody gets a trophy, winning is bad. Then you have the lefty indoctrination camps which our colleges have become.

  11. All I know is Thank God I won’t be here to see how they will survive after us baby boomers are gone. I pitty their Mom & Dad because Mom & Dad sure aren’t going to get any help from their precious Millennials when and if Mom & Dad need it. So Mom & Dad you better save your money because you are going to pay through the nose for help when you need it. The Millennials are for themselves and themselves only. It is going to be the generation that is coming up behind them that will kick them in the backside.

  12. That is one reason why this country is in the shape it is in,we are now a nation of pansies,we need time
    outs,stress rooms and anything to run to to avoid facing a problem.These morons don’t know the first
    thing about stress,try surviving just one day in the military in a combat zone,then talk about a stressful
    atmosphere,you all are simple minded punks who will never make it through life.

  13. I suggest that EVERY “woke” individual should IMMEDIATELY go back to bed—-AND STAY THERE until they are COMPLETELY rested and READY to waken and face the day!!!

  14. Good grief….I don’t recall in my 49 years of working where it was required that everyone had to participate in office parties and there were always some that didn’t and weren’t treated any differently. These young people sure are whinny, indoctrinated, and brainwashed to not accept anything or anyone they don’t like and everyone else has to cater to them.

  15. ANYTHING That Has to Do With Christmas or Halloween or Easter Bunny Etc. is PAGAN and NOT JESUS !!! Their All Out for the MONEY ( and materialism ) …Santa Clause and Flying Reindeer Who Flies The Entire World in One Night ? Give Me a Break…Halloween Is the #1 Cause of Diabetes in Children and Chocolate Bunnies and Easter Eggs ? What The Heck Does That Have to DO With GOOD FRIDAY AND OUR LORD’s RESURRECTION ??? Even Thanksgiving Is Nothing But The Slaughter and Selling 10s of Millions of Turkeys And .000005% Actually Give Thanks and ARE GREATFULL to The LORD For Their Foods

  16. Maybe we should just ban the idiots, in the millennial generation. It appears the Democrats have succeeded in brainwashing a great percentage of millennials, because they come up with some of the stupidest reasons for wanting to stop or do away with something. They need to quit smoking their dope, decide what sex they are think about what the reality of some of their stupid ideas really is. Maybe they will wake up. If they want to do away with Christmas because they get anxiety, then tell others you do not want to participate in Christmas, but don’t be such a dumbass, to think everyone should stop celebrating Christmas or participating in Secret Santa activities because you cannot handle your ridiculous mental state. Oh, by the way, God Bless America. Does that upset you too? Boo-Hoo!!!


  18. This anxiety over Secret Santa is the result of parenting that coddles the children so much that they cannot function in our society. Congratulations to those mommies and daddies, may your offspring live with you forever!!!

  19. To the millennials stay in your safe space you won’t have to deal with secret Santa or for anyone for that matter. The woke what kind of idiot name is that they should go back to sleep this group of idiots are a joke.

  20. These kids parents are a disgrace instead of being a parent they are more their friends. These kids have no idea what Christmas is about or for anything that matter. These kids spends more time on their stupid phones and playing videogames than know what’s important. Their parents need to take their stupid cellphones away and video games and do something positive. Teach them what Christmas is about.

  21. Millennials if you want to get over stress there is a very simple thing to do. Volunteer to help someone else and think of someone else first and not yourself. The best way to be happy is to be of service to someone else.!! When you want everyone to think your way , and for them to not have an opinion you are nothing but a Communist. Look at China and be damn thankful that you live in the USA. I for one do not hate you ,just feel sorry for you because you are lacking so much in your lives. If you want to change the world do something constructive and quit your bitching about every little thing and most of all GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. let’s cancel MILLENIAL’s Christmas by shipping them VIA a “one way trip” to Venezuela. That way they don’t have to be BOTHERED by OUR Christmas Joy! I WILL be celebrating Christmas whether they like it or NOT. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  23. Who cares, I don’t celebrate X-mas, my kids want me to do the secret santa and I just refuse every year! X-mas is a pagan man made holiday, all I’m interested in is the food! I’m still voting for Trump by the way!

  24. let’s cancel MILLENIAL’s Christmas by shipping them VIA a “one way trip” to Venezuela. That way they don’t have to be BOTHERED by OUR Christmas Joy! I WILL be celebrating Christmas whether they like it or NOT. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  25. Parenting is a skill that the millennials’ parents were never taught! This is another reason to forego a “liberal” education. The USA educational system turns out nothing but little Yes People who no nothing but PC nonsense and worry only about being “WOKE”!

  26. Yes, it makes me “stressful” and anxiety-inducing” especially when I have to give someone a gift? Or be nice to others. The Problem with the millennial is their parents forgot to teach them that everyone is not equal if they are not responsible for their actions.

    • Why should somebody feel that he or she “has to” give a gift? The best way to be nice to other people is to give them what the need, and only if they need anything, not what they purely want.

  27. First of all I am sick of that “woke” word being used incorrectly. Second they dont have to participate in secret Santa but those who do should b allowed. This is America where freedom for all should b acknowledged. I am sick of demons who are constantly offended and can stop something just because they dont like it. It is time for us to make a stand and say

  28. The Millennials generation is so incompetent it is unbelievable. They have had so much help in life they can’t deal with purchasing some insignificant gift, Give Me A Break. Or as my Mother would have said GROW UP find the FUN in the gifting. Some of you Millennials should read the other comments above.


    Ronald Reagan

    This statement is so true, we will be lucky if the USA is still here in five years.

  30. Seems to me millenials can’t seem to handle anything more complex than where to meet their friends after work (if they do) or school (if they attend) for coffee. They are so used to being catered to by their parents they think everyone is going to lay down and rollover for their every whim or they will throw a tantrum until they get their way. They think they can just shut down everything that doesnt agree with them. Think again…

  31. Atheist: “a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods.
    “he is a committed atheist””

    That describes me pretty well. It doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the beauty of Christmas with its music, pagents, cheerful color and expressions of good will. It also doesn’t mean i am entitled to spoil the season for those who are theists by insisting that everything that they do offends me and has to be banned. (What DOES gall me is those door-to-door “missionaries” who tell me that I only THINK I am atheist. On the other hand, when I ask them what I’m thinking now, they say they have no idea. So much for them assuming that they know what I think!)

    There is a big difference between belief in a deity and participation in a religion. Or participation in a social club, for that matter. In the US, no one is forced to “belong” to any group. The only thing you HAVE TO DO is pay your taxes and — eventualy — die. Everything else is a choice. You don’t want to be a Secret Santa? OK. Don’t. But you don’t have the right to make trouble for those who voluntarily DO want to participate. The limit to YOUR rights are where mine begin. So long as that limit/beginning is 50:50, everything is fine. Lets unapologetically keep it that way.

  32. What we are witnessing is the result of insane progressive controlled schools, they want to tear down this society, and push us in the New World Order.

  33. I can understand them completely, The anxiety has to be off the charts for someone that wants everything and is promised everything for free. This means that they would either have to get a job or steal the money to be able to participate in the Secret Santa festivities. Maybe we are being too harsh on the little snowflakes. The whole thing behind this is to turn a whole generation into a bunch of gutless little whimps that will be easier to control and like a little baby, all they will have to do is give them a treat or something for free to maintain the anxiety atmosphere they so desire. Parents of these kids should be ashamed of themselves and to start taking a real deep look in the mirror.

  34. One thing they have not thought to attack yet is “BLACK FRIDAY” isn’t that racist ?
    I thought this should be added to the Playbook of “The Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization”, they are running out of options.

  35. I don’t know what a ‘Secret Santa’ is? However I do know that these Municipalities & State/City governments better start realizing this; You don’t kowtow to an overly sensitive minority. The motto of Christmas is: Peace & Good Will to ALL. If you think I’m supposed to accept being admonished for that, I’ll fight to my last breath. People have to realize that what they were taught as children wasn’t all bad & just because some flakes want to say it is doesn’t mean you bend. What is it you think you are guilty of? If there is a dissenting minority, then the majority must shout back. The minority is ignorant & have listened to teachers, professors & politicians for to long & the majority has allowed it. Time to stop & get involved in the educational process & the way the curriculum is presented.

  36. The dem terrorists are using these poor shmucks. They are being dumbed down and made to look like helpless fools. Its easier to control stupid and dependent idiots. Lets see how high the suicide rate goes up among these used bastards. Their parents better start saving now. Funerals are expensive

  37. Let’s see now…they have a full year to save up for this one day so my suggestion is to provide them pacifiers and inform them they need a diaper change because they’re full.


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