Miley Cyrus released a video wearing a disgusting costume that will make you sick


Miley Cyrus is desperate to save her failing career.

That’s why she engages in publicity stunts that are meant to generate headlines.

But many believe she went too far this time with this disgusting video.

Miley Cyrus now has a long history of supporting Planned Parenthood.

First, she posted a photo on Instagram of her licking a cake with the icing spelling, “Abortion is healthcare”.

Then, she partnered with Planned Parenthood to sell hoodies that read, “Don’t f*** with my freedom” on the front.

Now, she’s released a music video of her wearing a bright read vagina suit that will make you sick.

Breitbart reports:

Left-wing pop star Miley Cyrus donned a vagina catsuit in her “Mother’s Daughter” music video released Tuesday, in which she repeats the mantra “Don’t f*** with my freedom,” the same phrase seen on Planned Parenthood hoodies she’s recently promoted.

The “Mother’s Daughter” video features several celebrity cameos including Angelina Duplisea, Amazon Ashley, Aaron Philip, Lacey Baker, Melanie Sierra, Paige Fralix, Vendela, Casil McArthur, Trydryn Scott, Mari Copeny, and Cyrus’ mother Tish.

Cyrus dons a bright red vagina suit in the music video, which features a naked, obese woman and another woman breastfeeding.

A number of phrases pop up on the screen during the video, including “virginity is a social construct,” “sin is in your eyes,” “tough titties,” and “Feminist AF.”

This is a new low for Miley Cyrus.

It’s unclear if Planned Parenthood directly endorsed or partnered with Cyrus in this video or not.

Given the video’s controversy, Planned Parenthood may soon regret partnering with Miley Cyrus at all.

She’s completely embraced being as offensive as possible in order to create attention.

This strategy may work to get views on her music video, but it is turning off moderate voters from lending their support to pro-choice candidates.

If Planned Parenthood were wise, they would end their relationship with her.

But this is exactly the depravity that Planned Parenthood supports.

Their desire for taxpayer-funded and unrestricted abortion is even more disgusting than Miley Cyrus’s outlandish behavior.

What’s your opinion of Miley Cyrus? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  1. Molly does not understand that the more outrageous you get the more fans you will lose! She was a very popular young lady when she was singing music that the everage person loved including young girls. Now they won’t even listen to her! Filth is not what an audience wants to see or hear.

    • shes one sick disgusting puppy,she can mock now and be gross and disgusting all she want now, but truly she will have to answer to the one true God in judgement days

      • They all saw Madonna get famous being outrageous rather than talent so they figure why not. She supports abortion because obviously she thinks maybe one day soon she will need one for an unwanted pregnancy that she got by being a slut.

    • I believe the Entertainment Industry, as well as many in the Political Arena, are determined to keep their culture of blood sacrifice, perpetually. I believe what’s happening is the same hedonism that was used in ancient times; they are satanist and abortion is their continual sacrifice to BAAL!
      Imagine leading so many young woman down the path to murdering their unborn children…and oh, how those like Miley love it so! It is what gives them their power! End abortion, take away their power!

  2. She is so DISGUSTING. I cant believe her own motheris also in on this. Gee i wonder how her daddy feels and her husband feels about what she’s doing.she was good a few years back but now SHE IS A PIG. I wont listen to her music or watch any of her movies. Grow up and quit acting like a slut.

  3. Who even pays attention to this skank? She can f… her way from Hollywood to Tennessee and we would never watch anything with her in it again. A complete embarrassment for my grandkids and I’m glad that my great grandkids are too young to know about her!! What a sewer rat?!?!

  4. Not quite Eric!!!!!!! From the post you made I think you and Miley could hit it off, you’ll do great together. Stupid and dummy.

  5. This is sad. In the ultra competitive entertainment industry so many young people “wash out” in their attempts to achieve and maintain stardom. Hopefully she will find herself and achieve balance in her life that will enable her to use her talent in a positive way.

    • They turn in to drug addict look alike. ((They are at their peak and are not satisfied with no larger highs and will continue to do anything looking for it. Till their is nothing left ,sometimes they LOOSE themselves.

  6. She doesn’t know what is going on in government. One day she is against an issue and the next thing you know she is defending it. She goes against things and then violates what she herself is going against and doesn’t realize what she is doing. She is one big dingbat. She may accidently start something that will be regretted and will not be able to reverse it.

  7. cyrus is herself a disgusting joke….looking for attention,,can’t really sing, doesn’t do anything else….LOL…Just another lib joke looking for attention…here is your attention..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.

  8. If Miley was to get pregnant I would do the proper thing and ask her to have the child then let me adopt the child so I could raise the baby with morals that money won’t have an effect on. You can act out with money as an end game, it doesn’t make it right.

  9. Her parents must be so proud of the ho…. been like this since she had her first period! She’s a spoiled , self absorbed rich bitch, GOD blessed her with talent and she just throws it away! Her and a few other dykes ought to start a band titled the Skanks. Let’s hope the coniving twit never has any children to model for!

  10. Her cute look what I can do days are over. I can believe Billy Ray is all but happy with what has transpired. Could this be a repetition of Dennis Wilson. One should know the difference between fiends and friends.

  11. She has taken the evil path, not unusual for young “stars” who didn’t have strong, wholesome, God-fearing parents to guide her. I would expect it’s very difficult in today’s contaminated culture for anyone in the limelight to let their celebrity status become all consuming. Don’t you see a parallel with Madonna, Beyonce, and many decades earlier, Marilyn Monroe.

  12. She behaves like a slut. No one really likes her performances they just endure them. Her father cannot be proud of a sick depraved daughter who behaves as she does.

  13. Miley Cyrus is just one more case of a person ruined by the “Hollywood” paradigm. They find a young person who has either talent or entertainment connections, use that person in ways to construct a base of followers, and then put perversions into that person’s mind. We could not even count how many people have been taken down in such ways. Sometimes a director or a producer offers “the casting couch” opportunity to a young aspiring star, as Harvey Weinstein did, many times. The one making that kind of offer often told the person that it was a requirement, for success in the entertainment industry. The young person would eventually be asked to perform increasingly risqué scenes. It is a recipe for the destruction of a life.

    • Cyrus is a pathetic , uncouth piece of trash. You can imagine what her so-called fans are like. This ‘ Liberal Radical Pothead ‘ should do us all a favor and move to Siberia! Please!!

  14. Miley Cyrus is a disgusting piece of humanity. On the one hand she disgusts me no end. On the other hand, I know that unless she repents of her sins, cleans up her act and goes “and sins no more” she will spend eternity in Hell. That bothers me as it should because as a Christian I do not want any one to spend eternity in Hell. I cannot even begin to think what her father must think. But then again, he may approve. As of now, Miley Cyrus is serving Satan. She needs our prayers.

    • I agree. Sad really, She looks like she’s constantly looking for something, something deep, and fulfilling within her soul, not realizing she will never find it with the life she is living. She will only find it in GOD, and in GOD alone. As disgusting and immoral as she portrays herself to be she needs our prayers. In truth the industry they live in work in they all need somebody praying for them.

  15. What a shame. I am sure that she has broken her parents hearts because I know that Billy Ray is nothing like her and I am sure he is embarrassed by his selfish, disrespectful daughter.

    • Lucille Reeves: Pray for the poor innocent babies ripped apart during an abortion!!These precious ones deserve our prayers and protection….The Miley Cyrus’s of the world are saten’s helpers and chose to turn their back on GOD and his teachings.TOTALLY DISGUSTING !!!!

  16. I think her Dad has kinda gone off on his thinking now. Has her parents divorced or are they back together again. The last time I seen her Dad he was very proud of her.
    She has lost everything that she had at one time. I wonder if she felt the same way during the last President who did nothing to help anyone not even family.

  17. I love Miley Cyrus, but she does not speak for all vegans! You’d think the unborn-right-to-lifers would immediately understand the animal-right-to-lifers! The case for animal rights should be readily understandable to the millions of Americans opposed to abortion on demand.

    “Although I may disagree with some of its underlying principles,” writes pro-life Democrat Karen Swallow Prior, “there is much for me, an anti-abortion activist, to respect in the animal rights movement. Animal rights activists, like me, have risked personal safety and reputation for the sake of other living beings. Animal rights activists, like me, are viewed by many in the mainstream as fanatical wackos, ironically exhorted by irritated passerby to ‘Get a Life!’ Animal rights activists, like me, place a higher value on life than on personal comfort and convenience, and in balancing the sometimes competing interests of rights and responsibilities, choose to err on the side of compassion and nonviolence.”

    Although dominated by secular progressives valuing personal autonomy, privacy and civil liberties, the animal rights movement, representing a cross-section of mainstream secular American society, is NOT “officially pro-choice,” but IS divided on abortion. In a 1992 interview on Dennis Prager’s conservative talk show, when specifically asked about the animal rights position on abortion, Ingrid Newkirk, co-founder of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), admitted, “We’re divided.”

    Former television game show host Bob Barker is a conservative Republican and an animal activist. Tony LaRussa of the Animal Rescue Foundation is a political conservative. Vegan labor leader Cesar Chavez was pro-life. Vegan civil rights leader Dick Gregory was pro-life. Former Washington Post columnist Colman McCarthy, a devout pacifist, has expressed opposition to abortion, and in the 1980s was critical of Reverend Jesse Jackson for having changed sides on the issue.

    Dixie Mahy, past president of the San Francisco Vegetarian Society, has been vegetarian for sixty years, vegan for forty of those sixty years, and identifies herself as pro-life-and-pro-animal Matthew Scully, a conservative Catholic and former speechwriter for George W. Bush identifies himself as “Pro-Animal, Pro-Life.” Catholic Concern for Animals is pro-life-and-pro-animal. Reverend Frank & Mary Hoffman’s Christian vegan website is pro-life-and-pro-animal Compassion for animals is a fundamental tenet of the Baha’i faith, which endorses vegetarianism, says abortion is more a matter of individual conscience, but concludes, without taking a position on abortion, life should not be destroyed.

    John Stuart Mill wrote: “The reasons for legal intervention in favor of children apply not less strongly to the case of those unfortunate slaves — the animals.”

    Animals are like children. Henry Bergh, founder of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), successfully prosecuted a woman for child abuse in 1873, at a time when children had no legal protection, under the then currently existing animal protection statutes. This case started the child-saving crusade around the world.

    In Christianity and the Rights of Animals, the Reverend Dr. Andrew Linzey writes: “In some ways, Christian thinking is already oriented in this direction. What is it that so appalls us about cruelty to children or oppression of the vulnerable, but that these things are betrayals of relationships of special care and special trust? Likewise, and even more so, in the case of animals who are mostly defenseless before us.”

    When told the animal rights movement is divided on abortion, Serrin Foster, Executive Director of Feminists For Life, said understandingly, “The Children’s Defense Fund is also divided on abortion.” Feminists For Life has many vegetarians and vegans. Serrin identifies herself as a vegetarian.

    From 1992 through 2003, James Dawson, raised Catholic and now a Buddhist, published Live and Let Live, a pro-life / animal rights / libertarian ‘zine. The ancient eastern reincarnationist religions Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism all predate Christianity, all oppose abortion, all teach ahimsa, or nonviolence towards humans and animals alike to the point of vegetarianism, all are vegan-friendly, and all teach that abortion and war are the karma for killing animals, and that therefore, we cannot end abortion nor bring about world peace until first we abolish the killing of animals.

    This knowledge, however, does not rest with everyone. Not all pro-life-and-pro-animal people advocate the reincarnationist strategy for ending abortion and bringing about world peace. Shay Van Vlieman, founder of Vegans For Life in the late ’90s, said she doesn’t expect to see a vegan president in her lifetime: she would just be glad to elect a president who will work to overturn Roe v. Wade. And she insists she is not a Republican, but a libertarian!

    During the late 1990s, Rachel MacNair, a Quaker pacifist, feminist, vegan, past president of Feminists For Life, moderated an email list for pro-life vegetarians and pro-life vegans. Rachel is now a psychology professor, and has written several books on nonviolence. In 1998, the Animals Agenda ran a cover story on the debate within the animal rights movement over abortion. Vegan congressman Dennis Kucinich (D – Ohio), one of the most liberal members of Congress, was pro-life throughout most of his political career.

    Pro-life vegetarians and pro-life vegans are found within the “consistent-ethic” movement: pro-lifers opposed to capital punishment. A significant number of “consistent-ethic” Christians are / were vegetarian or vegan: Rose Evans, Ruth Enero, Rachel MacNair, Albert Fecko, Carol Crossed, Bill Samuel, Mary Krane Derr, Mary Rider, Father John Dear, etc.

    Mary Rider, a practicing Catholic, wrote in Harmony: Voices for a Just Future, a “consistent-ethic” periodical in 2002:

    “So we teach our children to walk softly on the earth and to embrace nonviolence as the only legitimate means of conflict resolution, on both a personal and a global level. We are aware of the excessive, privileged life we lead as educated, first world U.S. citizens and of the responsibilities to which our privilege calls us. We try to live simply. We eat low on the food chain. We try to buy nothing new… We try to respect all life and carry that message forward in all we do… Because we value people and relationships over things… First world consumption kills people around the world… Pollution, environmental devastation, corrupt governments, war, sweatshops… all are a are a result of our desire to buy more at a lower price… We believe each person has a right to live a valued and respected life free from hunger and discrimination…”

    The threat of overpopulation is frequently used to justify abortion as birth control. On a vegan diet, however, the world could easily support a human population several times its present size. The world’s cattle alone consume enough to feed over 8.7 billion humans. Even if abortion advocates argue shifting to a plant-based diet, a vegan diet, isn’t enough to stave off overpopulation, in light of the data showing the depletion of energy, food, fresh water, land space, raw materials and resources as well as the heavy contribution to air and water pollution, deforestization, and global warming caused by a meat-centered diet, how do abortion advocates — warning about overpopulation consuming the world’s resources — justify consuming meat?

    If vegetarianism were merely about “fit” or following a peculiar set of “dietary laws” why are pro-lifers offended by pro-choice vegetarians and pro-choice vegans? Clearly, they’re offended because they know vegetarianism involves the animals’ right to life, and thus these pro-choicers appear to value animal life over human life under some circumstances. And issues like animal experimentation, circuses, and fur have nothing to do with diet, eating, nor food, but do involve the animals’ right to life. Leonardo Da Vinci, Count Leo Tolstoy, Mohandas Gandhi, George Bernard Shaw, Susan B. Anthony, Percy Shelley, Rosa Parks, etc. were all vegetarian, and none of them were Jewish nor Muslim.

    For Love of Animals: Christian Ethics, Consistent Action offers an introduction to animal rights ethics within Christianity alongside directly related sanctity-of-life issues, like the possible rights of unborn children. The book’s foreword is written by Mary Eberstadt, senior fellow with the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, DC, a Catholic who identifies herself as “Pro-Animal, Pro-Life.”

    Author Charles Camosy responds to criticisms from academicians Peter Singer and Lynn White, Jr., that the misinterpretation of “human dominion” (versus compassionate stewardship) is responsible for the current ecological crisis. Camosy indicates that Christianity cannot be blamed if humans with their imperfections distort their own religious teachings, that Christianity did not give rise to the industrial revolution, and that real Christianity — as it was meant to be practiced — is at odds with market-driven ethics and mass consumerism (a point made decades ago by liberal Protestant theologian Dr. Harvey Cox). Camosy concludes: “I became convinced that, if I wanted to be authentically and consistently pro-life, I should give up eating meat.” Dozens of books have been written on Christianity and animal rights. Camosy merely provides an overview of animal ethics within Christianity.

    Steve Kaufman, head of the Christian Vegetarian Association, was raised Jewish, and is now serving in the United Church of Christ, America’s largest pro-choice Protestant denomination. Steve expressed interest in Democrats For Life, his only reservation was whether Democrats For Life favors criminalizing abortion. Some animal advocates and activists (like Catholic vegan columnist Colman McCarthy) oppose abortion, but don’t think criminalization is the answer.

  18. Miley is a pig. A disgusting piece of human flesh that probably wishes her parents had aborted her… after she was born. I’m sure daddy is really proud of the pig he raised. Planned Parenthood will go down in flames as everyone of them will certainly roast in Hell.

  19. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party,RINOs,Fake News! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception,Fake News(Russian Collusion & Jussie M hoax)the list is endless!And the clueless minions that follow them!

  20. She is still a silly child. She will probably remain so all her life. Fortunately, she is not part of my family, but she is nonetheless a complete embarrassment. Her parents didn’t teach her too much and her schools obviously failed also. She is just trying to revive a sagging if not completely finished career.


  22. probably because he can not belive he fathered something like that cannot belive she went from such a sweet little girl to a sluty bitch like that

  23. just when you think she can be more slutty ,she is. maybe in her next video she can dress like a dead baby. the butchers at planned parenthood will LIKE that.

  24. I’m glad she grew her hair out! When she butchered her hair, I wanted to MOON her since she deserved to be MOONED for doing it! Now that she’s easy on the eyes again, I’m glad!


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