Mike Rowe ripped the Democrats’ disastrous economic plan


The Democrats are on an economic suicide mission.

Joe Biden wants to spend the country into financial oblivion.

But Mike Rowe ripped the Democrats’ disastrous economic plan.

The student loan debt crisis is becoming unsustainable.

Collectively, students are carrying nearly $2 trillion in loans, which cannot be discharged through bankruptcy.

And the Democrats’ brilliant idea is to make taxpayers pay for it.

So people who didn’t go to college, went to college debt-free, paid off their debt, or paid off their own kids’ debt have to pay for everyone’s debt.

Higher education has been exposed as a racket, so much so that Bill Maher even called it out.

Author and reality TV star Mike Rowe has long been banging this drum, and he echoed Maher’s sentiments.

Rowe called out the “profound unfairness of making taxpayers pay the tuition of those who wish to attend a university.”

So progressive millennials saddled with enormous debt want taxpayers to foot their bill while thumbing their noses at people who didn’t go to college.

Rowe added:

“I want people to radically rethink higher education. Toward that end, I’ve always maintained that making a four-year degree ‘less expensive’ is a great symptom, but a lousy goal. The better goal is to make a four-year degree less necessary than it currently is. That’s not an ‘anti-education’ position. It’s a cry for rationality, proportionality, and common sense. The vast, overwhelming majority of jobs that require a diploma from a four-year school, should not.”

Once the government backed education loans, that meant that universities had zero risk, which allowed them to inflate tuition dramatically.

The cost of tuition has skyrocketed well above the average rate of inflation.

Baby boomers could pay college tuition by working a summer job.

Universities hiked prices, students still took out the loans because they were encouraged to do so, and the result is a glut of graduates with useless degrees in gender studies.

Ironically, professors – the chief propagandists – have seen their salaries stagnate while administrators and diversity czars have experienced a boon.

Not only do Democrats want to wipe out debt, they want to add more debt by making community college free.

Community college is already inexpensive, and making it “free” would only be a sop to the administrators and diversity czars who want to keep the gravy train going.

Eventually, the education bubble has to burst.

There simply aren’t enough jobs to justify the mountainous debt.