Mike Rowe just issued this sobering warning about what the coronavirus means for workers


There’s rising concern about what post-coronavirus society will look like.

One of the people expressing those concerns is TV host Mike Rowe.

And he just gave a sobering warning about the coronavirus.

Mike Rowe has been a voice for blue-collar workers for years.

He dedicated the show Dirty Jobs to his grandfather who had a rudimentary formal education, but was master jack-of-all-trades.

Rowe is known for dispensing sensible and pragmatic analysis, and he gave an eye-opening warning about the coronavirus.

As a result of the global pandemic, nearly 90,000 Americans have died and 30 million people are unemployed.  But Rowe is concerned about how those unemployed people have been labeled by society.

In an interview with YouTube political host Dave Rubin, Rowe said, “I’m amazed at how we’ve taken 35 million people and deemed them ‘un-essential.’ That, to me, is something I reckon we’re gonna look back on with great linguistic embarrassment.”

Government officials have arbitrarily decided what work is “essential,” and what work isn’t.

That’s how marijuana dispensaries are allowed to stay open while hair salons or churches are not.

Rowe continued, “People are coming to terms with the fact that their vocations don’t matter in the eyes of virtually everyone who has a show to host because in our well-intended enthusiasm to celebrate the essential workers, we’ve done a thing we always do with the language – and I am not a politically correct person, at least I try not to be – but language does matter.”

Rowe is, of course, right.

Late-nite hosts and other Hollywood celebrities have mocked people who are anxious to get back to work and resume their lives.

Leftists have argued that these people are simply dupes of capitalism, but can’t understand that relinquishing all your freedom and purpose to the government is ultimately a dead end.

Rowe went on to talk about how work is more than simply transactional.

Many people find purpose in their work, whether it’s considered glamorous or not.

Big-government politicians and leftists who want to extend lockdown procedures indefinitely have a fundamental misunderstanding of both economics, and what drives people.

Somebody who spent two decades building a business doesn’t want to see it go up in smoke just because someone else condemned it as “nonessential.”

Could calling unemployed people “nonessential” have serious consequences downstream?

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