Mike Rowe just issued this sobering warning about what the coronavirus means for workers


There’s rising concern about what post-coronavirus society will look like.

One of the people expressing those concerns is TV host Mike Rowe.

And he just gave a sobering warning about the coronavirus.

Mike Rowe has been a voice for blue-collar workers for years.

He dedicated the show Dirty Jobs to his grandfather who had a rudimentary formal education, but was master jack-of-all-trades.

Rowe is known for dispensing sensible and pragmatic analysis, and he gave an eye-opening warning about the coronavirus.

As a result of the global pandemic, nearly 90,000 Americans have died and 30 million people are unemployed.  But Rowe is concerned about how those unemployed people have been labeled by society.

In an interview with YouTube political host Dave Rubin, Rowe said, “I’m amazed at how we’ve taken 35 million people and deemed them ‘un-essential.’ That, to me, is something I reckon we’re gonna look back on with great linguistic embarrassment.”

Government officials have arbitrarily decided what work is “essential,” and what work isn’t.

That’s how marijuana dispensaries are allowed to stay open while hair salons or churches are not.

Rowe continued, “People are coming to terms with the fact that their vocations don’t matter in the eyes of virtually everyone who has a show to host because in our well-intended enthusiasm to celebrate the essential workers, we’ve done a thing we always do with the language – and I am not a politically correct person, at least I try not to be – but language does matter.”

Rowe is, of course, right.

Late-nite hosts and other Hollywood celebrities have mocked people who are anxious to get back to work and resume their lives.

Leftists have argued that these people are simply dupes of capitalism, but can’t understand that relinquishing all your freedom and purpose to the government is ultimately a dead end.

Rowe went on to talk about how work is more than simply transactional.

Many people find purpose in their work, whether it’s considered glamorous or not.

Big-government politicians and leftists who want to extend lockdown procedures indefinitely have a fundamental misunderstanding of both economics, and what drives people.

Somebody who spent two decades building a business doesn’t want to see it go up in smoke just because someone else condemned it as “nonessential.”

Could calling unemployed people “nonessential” have serious consequences downstream?

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  2. Cannabis has been illegal forever but now it’s essential. How did that happen?
    How can something that used to be bad for you, and illegal, become essential?

  3. the libtards couldnt find their butts at high noon with both hands. nonessential would be all of congress. every job is essential for everyone as they have families to support; why are they (??) discounting them? Everyone who had a job should go back to their job, safely protected from the virus and get on with their lives. This is absolute ignorance and just what the dems want, everyone dependent on the government which we know does not work. Where do they (??) think the $6 trillion will come from not to mention the massive debt piled on during obamas 8 worthless years??

  4. The Government is wiping out the middle class, it’s their plan to create class warfare. They are conditioning society to accept a more community mindset of structure on food distribution, when we can shop, where we are allowed to venture out, crowd control, for easy police roundup. Limiting access to government interaction, courts, Schools, library, public parks.

  5. We respect a Plumber, Electrician and even a Waiter or dishwasher a lot more than the slimy Politicians, Kudos to Mike Rowe for pointing this essential vs non-essential out!!

  6. ever notice in the Constitution how the first 3 words, WE THE PEOPLE, are letters 5 times larger than the rest of the words? That is because WE are the important part of the Constitution. Folks want term limits. They exist already, it is called Vote someone else into office. This is how we show that they govern with our permission, not the other way around

  7. Why is congress considered essential? Anybody notice how government workers always get paid even when they they’re furloughed? Easy for these Congress people to tell the rest of us to sacrifice when they don’t give up anything

  8. I’m so tired of these “Hollywood Stars” coming out and talking about things like this. They should just sit in their mansions and keep quiet.

  9. Every person who goes to work is essential to the job they do. We owe everyone respect for working.

  10. Claiming essential vs non essential is so insulting. Since when is it non essential to put food on your table and a roof over the heads of your family? These politicians are tone deaf and hopefully will lose their high paid positions for which they do nothing. Not a one of them could hold a job in the real world. I would say the House is non essential. Then they have the nerve to give themselves a pay raise. Unbelievable!

  11. Has Joe Biden ever had a real job? Should we ever vote for someone who is a career politician?

  12. Has Joe Biden ever had a real job? Should we ever vote for someone who is a career politician? Would you want your heart surgeon to only have talked about heart surgery but never performed one? America is a business, the biggest business in the world. What experience does Biden have to run this country? ZERO. Good luck to those braindead people who vote for clueless Biden.

  13. Kudos to Mike Rowe Not to recognize that what he says is the absolute truth, and is a reflection of the “DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA”. How very sad for our great country. Referring to any working person as ‘non essential’ is an insult. “DON’T GET ME STARTED’

  14. George, we elected a businessman, (granted a failed one with at least 6 bankruptcies and a few thousand law suites against him for shady business practices) and look where we are. The United States is not a business, it really isn’t.

  15. Joe, President Trump did not fail. He is worth several Billion and President. In my book that is no where a failure. It is a remarkable achievement. To my knowledge he never filed personal bankruptcy. He tired and succeeded with a business or closed it down. That is the mark of a good business person. He recognized success and he recognized when to get out. Try it sometime if you’ve never been in business for yourself. Me–I would not mind having just one of Trumps Billions. How about you?

  16. Let’s see, Congress”people” make $174,000.00 a year, have a free healthcare for life better than Obamacare ( which they all refused), and the Speaker of the House gets $220,000.00.They vote in their own raises, sometimes by NOT voting, they just happen automatically. Meanwhile there are young people at MacDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts who work for minimum wage and show up to work everyday!! Time, in November, to go to the polls and show these elite politicos exactly “WHO” is non essential!! Get rid of these professional politicians and vote in “common” people who have a solid grip on reality.

  17. There are many many people who say “We are all in this together.”, while they are working, receiving payment and making a hell of a lot more money then the 30 million people turned out into the street who are NOT part of the “WE ARE ALL …”. Our country needs to unburden itself from the truly unessential people in government. entertainment, Hollywood, sports, fake news commentators, lobbyists, etc.. “The citizen can and will survive without the state. The state has no purpose and does not exist without the citizen.” The cure will be worse than the infection.

  18. Adults know this and the children of the left do too it’s just that they ignore it to push their criminal agenda.

  19. The dems’ goal is total control over every aspect of our lives, but God is in charge, not them. They cannot fight God and win. They will ultimately lose and we will not have to deal with them anymore

  20. Hi bj, I haven’t seen you for a bit, how is my favorite little cultist doing? I’d figure that with the airports and shopping centers closed, you would have more free time than hanging around handing out your literature or asking for donations.

  21. I haven’t worked in 10 years. I just don’t feel like working. I used to live on handouts from the state and federal government until I won the lotto last year. Now I don’t live off the government anymore.
    But we are all in this pandemic together, and we all know who’s to blame.

  22. Why are the school administrators still getting paid?
    There are no kids in school, buildings are closed.
    No disciplinary actions to focus on.
    They need to donate salaries to the people that need it.
    This is a good time to reduce staffing for administrators.

  23. ALL work is essential. We all do our part to evolve. If, a part is minimized and disrespected, ultimately, the entire whole is corrupted. That is the reason that the corruption within the federal government must be revealed. Their agenda is subjective, not objective. They look to fill only their personal coffers. The need to investigate Obama, Biden, Comey, Pelosi, Schiff for their relationship with Communist China must be accomplished now . . . for the safety and welfare of America.

  24. joe, you are a total fool. That is very obvious. You have no concept of what a Christian is or what the Bible teaches. You should read it and you will find out who Jesus is and His great love and sacrifice for you. Free time on my hands?? I am working two jobs, idiot.

  25. Dumpty…Yes, we DO know who is to blame for this pandemic…CHINA!!!! It is China who purposely spread it everywhere they could. When Pres. Trump shut down travel from China, the dems had a fit and called him a racist and accused him of fearmongering. You are a fool in addition to being a freeloader. You are a very sad excuse for a human being

  26. bj, my favorite little cultist, and today you are straying into the debunked conspiracy theory world of the pure nit wits. And like any good conspiracy, they take a grain of truth, and bend it to fit their false narrative.

    Yes, President Trump “banned” certain flights from China, however, with all of his caveats to it, approximately 40 THOUSAND people still were able to travel from China, and, he did not stop flights from other countries who still allowed people from China, thus, they still arrived. And, he DID NOT order any kind of testing at the airports where those folks came from.

    bj, I think it is time for you to go back to the rants about your god, your much more fun.

  27. Welcome back bj, and you must be a heck of a guy, working 2 jobs and still lots of time to post on here. Just out of curiosity, working at Mickey D’s and Wally World, do you even get close to 40 hours?

  28. joe, you prove your sick hate and ignorance every time you post. I do not work at either of those places, although there is no shame in it . I do know someone who works at McDonalds and she does get in 40 hours. And I am not a guy. Three strikes and you’re out. Have you read the New Testament yet?? Jesus forbids your hatred and lies

  29. Hi little MS bj, “joe, you prove your sick hate and ignorance every time you post.” How? Some might have a bit of snark in them, but ya gotta admit, it is well placed. And hate, nope, I don’t hate you, pity you, feel sorry for you, but hate, no.

    “I do know someone who works at McDonalds and she does get in 40 hours.” Good for her.

    “And I am not a guy.” Good for you.

    “Three strikes and you’re out” Only in your cult.

    “Jesus forbids your hatred and lies”. As he forbids yours, but I guess you missed that point in whatever Bible you chose to read.

  30. joe, I hate no one and I told the truth. You have no concept of what truth is. It is obvious that you have no clue what the Bible teaches or who Jesus is. And there is no need to pity me. I belong to Jesus and will spend eternity in Heaven where I won’t have to deal with you. It is I who pity you. satan has you very deceived. He is your master


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