Mike Pence’s Christian faith is under assault from the last place you’d ever expect


Vice President Mike Pence has never been afraid to stand up for his Christian values – even when he is viscously attacked for them.

Now he’s under fire again.

And you won’t believe who is attacking the Vice President’s faith this time.

The Vice President has become a popular target of the secular left and radical “progressive” base of the Democrat Party.

Pence is regularly ridiculed by LGBT activists for disagreeing with their twisted agenda.

Now, students at a Christian university in Indiana are turning their backs on him, claiming the administration’s policies are not consistent with Christianity.

Fox News reports:

Vice President Mike Pence is getting pushback from Taylor University students and alumni after the small evangelical Christian school tapped the former Indiana governor to be this year’s commencement speaker.

Over 3,300 people have signed a change.org petition to get Pence’s invitation to the mid-May commencement ceremony rescinded, claiming the “Trump-Pence Administration’s policies” are “not consistent with the Christian ethic of love we hold dear.”

One Taylor grad said the school, “should be ashamed…I am physically shaking…I feel personally attacked,” but not all alumni agree and Taylor officials said they are standing by their decision.

Kevin Holtsberry, a Taylor alumni, told “Fox & Friends” Monday morning the outraged alumni and students are mistaking disagreement on political issues with personal attacks, while also thanking the school for “standing firm” and not pulling Pence’s invitation.

The left is doing everything they can to embarrass Vice President Pence before his speech at Taylor University.

In 2017, liberals organized a shameful walkout when Pence gave a commencement speech at Notre Dame.

Now, they are trying to pull off the same stunt again.

Famed evangelist Franklin Graham admonished the outraged students and alumni through Facebook using the Apostle Paul’s words, “You foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you?” (Galatians 3:1)

Graham noted that so far the University’s President has stood firm and the speech is still scheduled as planned.

Should Mike Pence still deliver the commencement speech?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  2. The wheat and the tares will grow together and on that day of judgement God will separate the wheat from the tares.

  3. Thank you to the Administration, students, faculty, alumni and Franklin Graham for standing their ground on Faith basis. It is time for the silent majority to speak up for our Christian beliefs and not allow the Left step on our Rights. Good (God) will conquer.

  4. NOBODY noticed YET…..ALL CHRISTIANS are under ATTACK, NOT just the Vice President…We have CHRISTIAN PERSECUTION going on AGAIN around the WORLD, thanks to that UN-AMERICAN/ISLAMIC so-called former president…..!!!!!

  5. Once again, our wonderful know-it-all youth speak up but for what????? VP Pence could teach them a few things, and if they don’t like it, then go to a more liberal college where they like “snowflakes.”

  6. Oh, you have to remember, there are Christians and then there ARE Christians. Most of Christianity has become very liberal and anti-God and refuse to except the NO’s in God’s word and only opt to believe/listen to the YESes. Jesus said there would be many that would come to him in his name and he will say to them “depart, I never knew you”. Only those who obey his commandments some of which go against the grain of this ungodly world will be accepted by Christ. The others will be in for a huge surprise. Jesus said a man must be born again. Most churches now say you just have to be a nice person. Well, lots of nice people without a true commitment to Christ and his teachings (all of them) are going to be very surprised on their last day on this earth. I take no joy in it. Jesus said that would happen – he asked the question, will I find true faith on the earth when I return. He will, but it will be a remnant and not the entire so called Christian in name only facilities.

  7. All faithful Christians must come together and push back against this continual onslaught from the Left. We have been silent for too long. This attack against Christians is not just limited to communist countries such as China. It has been here in the USA for quite some time now.

  8. This is just liberals attempting to embarrass the VP but all they are accomplishing is embarrassing themselves. If the liberal students want to make a political statement they shouldn’t try to falsely frame it as a religious statement. They should make their political statement politely without disrupting the VP’s speech or graduation. They should just skip the graduation which seems suitable as they don’t demonstrate the maturity or wisdom to actually graduate from a college.

  9. Tony, I agree. Part of the problem is true Christians are just sitting back waiting for the Lord to return but Jesus said we must be ‘salt’ on this earth. We must continue to stand for the Lord and what is right everywhere we do and in everything we do. We can’t just be passive and hope for the best. And we need to vote. Vote in every election available to us. The unbelievers do. And so should we.

  10. I don’t understand anyone against Pence speaking.as he is a great Christian. I am so pleased our Lord Jesus has him in office, as I am certain he advises Trump at times as to how the Lord jesus would do something. Hate to write it but I believe the school has failed some of its students over the years for them to have developed this attitude. Hard to believe from a Christian University. Please all pray to Jesus to instill some Christian Moral Values into these few radical children (students)

  11. Backing down won’t stop this- They’ll just come on more & stronger. But these are the times when this kind of thing is going to happen. There will be no more fence riding. You will be on one side or the other. Chose, which side will you be on?

  12. Thank you Susan. What you said is the absolute truth. No, true Christians take no pleasure in a person going to hell but they are doing it to theirselves. Jesus said they talk about him but their hearts are far from him. Mans heart is continually evil. Jesus says remember they hated me first so this should not surprise us. I guess I just thought I would never live to see the day but here it is. Out here for everyone to hear and see.

  13. Look these students want their cake and eat it to say they believe in GOD but not willing to give up their perverted garbage drugs sexual abuse and it is an abuse when you climb into bed with someone you just met, and the woman have become much worse than men see it all the time, women don’t seem to have respect for themselves at all just do it yes all Christians are under attack but some that say they are Christians then have women as preachers, queers as preachers, and go as far as making them bishops come on read the Bible the True Bible and it tells you change my words look out and these so called Religious are not even teaching the truth anymore, only what the leftist want so not all Christians are not Christians, and even some support abortion Murder that is what it is, Women use to teach their children right from wrong good from bad there is No gray area now they seem to just care about screwing sorry but have no nice to say it than being Wife Mother with a Moral Way of life now it’s do it do it all such a shame we use to be a much better place than Europe now we are getting much worse

  14. mr vice president -thanks for standing up for TRUE christian values. our world is turned upside down. we need more men and women to stand up against homosexuality abortions etc. keep fighting the faith!! your president needs you too!

  15. Vice President Pence, I pray for you and President Trump and your message and families every night. You both are standing in the face of evil each and every day. The MSM is trying with everything they have in their arsenals to impeach or just plain eviscerate you both and all who would back your policies. Go Trump! Go Pence!

  16. Even the University of Notre Dame has fallen under a Secular Spell. There is a problem with The Jesuits!

  17. Pelosi is for infanticide, lawlessness, and open borders. And…..she says she is, get this, “doing the work of the Lord”. The woman is so so lost, I think a miracle would have to happen before her eyes are opened and she realizes she is actually “doing the work of the devil”. They are sooooo deluded. Eyes that can’t see and ears that can’t hear – Jesus.

  18. The attack on Christianity is happening world-wide, but the last place I would expect this in from a Christian College. Apparently, their are subversive teachers influencing students. Instead of attacking people of faith, Christians need to stand united against the evil forces trying to destroy us. These are dark times and we need to stand strong.

  19. These kids today are in big trouble! Sad what the colleges are teaching them, against god and for murdering innocent babies sad day in the United States of America!

  20. You won’t find a greater and more steadfast Christian tha VP Pence. What does your university teach? It is in plain English in the Holy Bible, “It is a sin for man to sleep with man”. It is also a physical deformity and ruins a man’s body and can cause a deadly disease. What more do you need for affirmation?

  21. Those that signed the petition should not be allowed to graduate this year as they do not have Christian values and morals like VP Pence does.

  22. We applaud you, Mr. Vice President and your family, for showing strength of character by standing with Biblical principles. We pray that Taylor University will continue to stand with scripture as well. We are directed to love the sinner, but hate the sin, and not condone it. God will not always continue to tolerate evil. As many former, Christian Universities have shown, that once they had compromised, Christianity is no longer tolerated. But we are expected to be tolerant. We are allowed equal protection of laws, by the Bill of Rights. Again, “you can’t compromise with evil, for it will overtake you.” Shame on Notre Dame University for turning their back on our Vice President. The person and the position demands better respect than that. Thank God, the Notre Dame Cathedral still stands with a reminder of the shining cross, to lift up Jesus, that all may come to repentance or seek forgiveness.

  23. Did you notice that the liberals who objected did not offer a suggested replacement? They probably knew they couldn’t find a better speaker than Pence.

  24. These students at Taylor University are being lead by some people that are haters and disrupters. Glad the school is standing firm

  25. Jesús said “come follow me”. He didn’t chastise the ones that didn’t, He just continued speaking of His Father. He didn’t refuse to speak or say I’m going somewhere else. If only one stood and listened with his heart, Jesus knew Satan would not win. Look at Job, all the bad things happen to him. His family & friends BN thought he was crazy. But through his faith, everything destroyed was given back 10 fold. Look at Noah, he built the ark thourgh all the ridicule from everyone. He believed, had faith. He didn’t say I was told wrong. No when ark was finished/loaded with animals it started to rain day & nite (40 days/40 nites). His neighbors & friends cried out save us, but it was too late. God had gave them many years now as Noah built the ark to repent. No they did not believe the word as it is written. They wanted to believe Satan, who was saying Noah was wrong God wouldn’t wipe them out. It is just like now, Democrats say the wall won’t be built, is waste if time & money. This generation is sitting back getting high/drunk saying Trump and Pence don’t know what they are talking about. As you read today’s news, China which has the same type of government,
    as the Democrats are trying to implement. U.S. doesn’t believe that is wrong. That is way China government is. Wed. the police along with special forces showed up at the new Christian Church that was just built, holding first services. The police and there group started whipping, beating the congregation, killing some. They stole all the money, dish washers, laundry washer/dryer, computers, along with anything worth something. Jesus told us when we see all this end times are here. But this generation doesn’t want to listen to Pence & how they need to quit following Satan and repent. Turn back to the Father.
    So if only one shows Pence shouldn’t feel let down for he has reached one of God’s children with the truth, same with the administration. There job is teach our Fathers word, which by not backing down they are following in Jesus footsteps. Satan tried to discourage Jesus, thourgh the Pharisees, but failed.

  26. Jesus also said, because I was hated, so you also will be hated for my sake. The rainbow society or what you want to say of it HATES the Word of GOD or the Bible as we know it. Who hates God the most is the most beautiful Angel that is also called the devil. So this B. Angel of light blind the ones that are weak to follow him. And so are the groups formed as LBGTQ or whatever they give them a name like Me Too or Antifa or Planned Parenthood. Under the heading “doing good” they destroy. We were taught Not to judge yet Jesus said set them on the right path…but… if they do not want to listen depart from them. Their blood will not be on your hands.

  27. All those that are protesting against vice-President Pence are CINO’s (Christians In Name Only) They are an embarrassment to real Christians. Any on who calls those protester’s Christians have no idea what rear Christians are.

  28. Gerald, that is well said. Those student indeed display an immaturity beyond belief that does not demonstrate how a graduate from college must demonstrate the wisdom they should have acquired from their teachers. They act like a bunch of high schoolers that follow just one voice that have been brain washing them. Not even capable of thinking for themselves.

  29. Christians who fund this school should stop giving to this school which calls itself a Christian University. Money talks

  30. I don’t really care about his faith. Be it as it may. However, I do have a problem when he bases decisions that affect others on his faith. He is part of the most ungodly, unchristian and amoral administration this nation has ever seen and all true Christians should be appalled.

  31. Scott, I guess you missed the JFK administration when JFK was having sex orgies in the white house sauna, was dating girlfriends of mafia bosses, had several girlfriends all while married to Jacqueline Kennedy and while president. Guess you missed that. And I guess you missed Bubba Clinton who was having sex with a young woman on the white house oval desk during business hours and if not for his semen being on the infamous blue dress, would have gotten away with it. Before that, he also had a fling with Gennifer Flowers while he was governor of Arkansas. Plus he raped a woman while president. One woman won a lawsuit against him – Paula Jones. And there is always Lyndon Johnson who had tons of mistresses while president. All Democrats. And you have the nerve to say Trump who had done none of that WHILE president is the most unChristian and amoral administration this nation has ever seen. You need a wake up call and need to study history before you make such a stupid statement.

  32. I know my solution is ridiculous- but it’s DAMN sure what I think “should” be done to stop all this BS- PLEASE get rid of the stinking, nauseating, GARBAGE. This includes flaming big mouth demanding faggots, illegals, AND COMMUNISTS…. goodness gracious I wish we could just shoot them and we wouldn’t have to listen to these ENRAGING BS again! Okay okay, I know that’s asking too much (damnit) so just throw ‘em (REAL REAL HARD) on the other side of the border AND GET THAT WALL PUT UP!! Electrify the top of it so we can have parties watching the sparks fly any time someone tries to climb over it. We could roast marshmallows, or have a big BBQ! We can decide how we want to celebrate later— JUST GET IT DONE!!

  33. Face adversity with steadfast courage, strength and faith. Do not be intimidated by, or fearful of the godless or the ignorant. The vice president is a man of unquestioning faith, he will stand strong. The college should be commended.

  34. scott you are way off base. the Bible teaches against homosexuality at the end of Romans chapter 1. these arent vice president pences words. president trump isnt perfect but neither are you or me. thank goodness for Jesus!

  35. Yes, the bible does. That does not mean we hate them or anything like that. We just have to side on the word of God as to what is right and wrong and it specifies homosexuality as wrong as it says in Romans 1. And this is what God said, Pence is only repeating it. He has a right to believe what he believes just like anyone else does.

  36. God Bless Vice President Pence and his Family, He is a strong Christian believer, and we need his guidance
    and help to save this Godless nation! I just pray I may have the strength to stand up as Our VP does to the relentless assault by the DEVIL and his helpers. Thank You Vice President Pence!

  37. Who has beguiled these young Christian people to cast aside a honorable
    decent human person because he doesn’t support the Homosexual life style.
    Homosexuality is not something EVERYONE is supportive of, while most
    people have adopted a “live and let live attitude” which is mine. One should
    be careful not to be so ‘open minded’ that everything upstairs falls out and
    you stand for nothing.

  38. Oh, I agree, and didn’t mean to imply he did. Some people think just because we believe homosexuality is wrong that we hate them and that is definitely not true. I have friends who are gay and love them very much but they know how I feel about their homosexuality. Somehow we still remain friends. I never tell them it is right.

  39. We live only 30 miles from Taylor University, & must admit that we were Shocked to hear that a Christian University would allow themselves to submit to Left Wing ideology , and accept their hogwash.
    Rejecting a Hoosier Mike Pence is completely stupid.
    And thanks to one individual who didn’t back down.

  40. You said it exactly right Angelika! Yes our former prez did much damage to our future and he hangs around as if he wants another go at it. He should be sent to Gitmo.

  41. What a shame these so called Christian students are failing to converting a lost world, but are being converted into protecting sin by teachers at this Christian school. Shame on them all. Love covers a multiple of sins, love does not condone and support sin.

  42. Nunyer, you are right. Jesus prophesied that he doubted there would be any faith on earth when he returns. And he also said things would get worse and worse right before he returns which is a good sign for those of us who believed Jesus when he said he would return. Thanks for keeping the faith.

  43. Anybody and their MoMA can sign onto change.org, very doubtful that these “3000 students” are actually Christian or students. More liberal fodder.

  44. You are not Christians for you are the same as the Romans who crucified the Jewish man Jesus Christ.

    May you suffer the same end as the pedophile Roman Catholics.

  45. Yes Christians for all faiths around the world are being attacked or killed… Obama is the reason for this horrific slaughter of men, women and children….. Obama divided America for 8 years and now President Trump is trying to undo everything Obama did to hurt America and its citizens. President Trump is bringing America back to life….

  46. It’s my understanding Pelosi is Catholic…. There are good and bad in everything in life.
    If Pelosi is Jewish why would she be for anti-sematic rhetoric and not call house members who spew such words?

  47. It may get worse in this world but the Democrats are not the ones who can solve the problems… Only GOD can solve the problems and ills of America and the world… However, with politics I will stick with Trump because as a business man I feel he is the only qualified at this point in time to solving problems in America.
    Love him or hate him he gets the job done and can solve the problems.

  48. My question is ,What type of brain washing is being shared with our youth. Trump and Pence are leaders and are Christian men. the Democratic party has slammed these men over and over. Each person has the constitutional freedom of speech and belief but taking our youth and causing great confusion in their minds is not the way any of us should behave. Those that object, you do not have to attend

  49. remember Baraks famous words: “my muslim faith” He said it. Can’t take it back.
    Muslims have one goal: Convert the world to islam by any means. Oh and as an aside, if you can’t convert them, kill them.

  50. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Muslim Demoncrat Party & RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception,Fake News(Russian Collusion & Jussie M hoax)the list is endless!And the clueless minions that follow them!

  51. All these children tell me is they have no idea what Christianity really is. We all sin and have our crosses to bear. The difference is in repentance.

  52. Susan, you are so right. But wen he said it. he meant the seventh day Sabbat, of which he is the ord of.

  53. If all of these so called Christians read their Bible they would know how sinful the lgbqt devils are& where they’re going when they die just like the homosexuals in the Bible .


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