Michelle Obama just teamed up with more Hollywood celebrities in her scheme to take down Trump


There are few people more furious at President Donald Trump than Michelle Obama.

He has destroyed her husband’s legacy, which is the only thing she will be remembered by.

That’s why she just teamed up with more Hollywood celebrities in her scheme to take down Trump.

Besides the Deep State and Fake News Media, there is no Obama ally stronger than Hollywood.

They control virtually all of the entertainment that Americans consume.

And with that, they promote their own political agenda while trashing everything President Donald Trump stands for.

The Obama family even has their own production company that creates television shows and movies on Netflix, which hundreds of millions of Americans use.

After her friend Hillary Clinton lost the election, Michelle Obama came out ready for revenge against President Trump.

And her most effective tool seems to be through voter registration.

She can run her voter recruitment drives through non-profit organizations funded by her billionaire pals.

Obama knows that these voters will almost certainly vote against Trump after all.

She has done previous voter drives featuring Tom Hanks and other Hollywood heavyweights, and has also worked with the socialist organization MoveOn.org.

Now she is taking things up a notch, and is doing a “virtual concert” to register voters.

The concert will feature Katy Perry and the Black Eyed Peas, along with a star-studded lineup of her celebrity friends.

In a statement, Katy Perry states that young Americans are sending a message “loud and clear” in favor of her progressive values.

“I’m excited to be a part of this kickoff to Democracy Summer 2020 with so many amazing talents, activists and speakers,” she said. “The young people of America are speaking loud and clear on the streets and online, and come November, it will be more important than ever to fight for justice and equality, and against systemic racism, with our ballots.”

The event will be cohosted by Logan Browning and Rosario Dawson.

The artist and speaker lineup includes from the likes of Ne-Yo, Big Freedia, Lucy Hale, Amara La Negra, Saweetie, Sklyar Astin, Max, Leslie Grace, Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Rich Brian, and Michael K. Williams.

It will also feature politicians including Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and Julian Castro.

This will be nothing more than an anti-Trump hate fest with a link to register viewers to vote.

Do you think Michelle Obama should stay out of politics?

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  2. Trump isn’t undoing Obama’s legacy out of spite or because he’s a racist.
    Trump is undoing what Obama did because that is exactly what he was elected to do.
    Voters had enough of Obama’s failed social ist policies, and wanted to turn the ship in a better direction.

  3. I can see Elizabeth Warren trying to look cool tapping her feet in time with the music and all smiles like she’s in her element. “The younger generation.” That’s Lizzie or should we say “lezzie”? If only to make an attempt at political correctness which has become literally impossible.

  4. satan is using the dems for his evil takeover and they are willing pawns. Either you vote for this extremely corrupt evil party whose goal is total destruction of this country or you have a brain and know the truth and vote for Pres. Trump and the freedom our founding fathers gave us. God gave us a reprieve last election by giving us Trump for president. There is a great battle raging between God and His people and satan and his people. This next election will tell whether satan will rule and we lose this country or if we come to our senses and keep our nation and our freedom with Pres. Trump

  5. Here’s what’s really going on: President Trump is trying to bankrupt the United States Postal Service — and if we don’t take action now, Congress might let him get away with it. That’s because during this financial crisis, Congress has spent hundreds of billions to bail out corporations — but won’t give the USPS any of the funding it needs. And without action from Congress, the Postal Service — which has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic — could be bankrupt in the next few months. But President Trump says he’ll veto any stimulus bill if it funds the USPS.

  6. Remind me again why I despise the Obamas and their Hollywood Sycophants!! Never will I watch anything produced by these America haters. I still hear him saying “America was never great” and it makes my blood boil! As an Immigrant to this Country in 1966, I came to the Greatest Country in the World. One that the Obamas hated and worked against in their 8 years!!

  7. I’ve never heard of any of those in the “lineup”. We elected President Trump because we were sick of everything BHO did to take down our country. Hollyweird does not run this country, we do. And I guess none of them know that the USA is not a democracy, we’re a Constitutional Republic. TRUMP 2020!

  8. She is fat, she is ugly and she is a criminal. HOW DARE a racist 80 y/o little white woman ask her for help reaching for an item the little lady couldn’t reach. How DARE. This is NOBODY you are talking to you little white racist.

  9. Michael is a punk, an anti-God, anti-American punk, and a man not a woman. I can’t comprehend the hate these people have for the land that has given them so much. I have so little yet LOVE this land of opportunity. I could have done better but didn’t but that is my fault. They hate God as much or more than they hate America. Hell awaits them.

  10. Michele did nothing while Barack was in the White House except to spend over $5 million dollars of taxpayer money to fly around the world with friends just for vacations and partying. Oh, sorry, she came up with a crappy idea of starving children in school by trying to feed them food they would not eat, but threw in the garbage — again wasting taxpayer money by the millions. Then she tore up the front lawn of the White House to plant vegetables, leaving the White House lawn looking like crap. NO BRAINS and NO CLASS! Our First Lady now is a true first lady who helps children has much fewer people who work for her, which cuts down her budget by millions each year, instead of a large group of do-nothings for Michele. Michele was a complete embarrassment as was Barack to our country! Face it, Michele misses the huge amount of money she received each year from the hard-working taxpayers!

  11. What a worthless POS. 8 years of nothing. More reason for everybody to ask for Aunt Jemima syrup and Uncle Ben’s rice each trip to the grocery store, and ask your friends to do likewise.
    As far as I am concerned, I would care less if I read in the paper the coronavirus paid the executive suites of Mars, Quaker, NASCAR, etc. a visit with terminal results….

  12. Voters sent a clear message to Obama. We were tired of 8 years of corruption, do nothing crap and ignoring the Constitution. If his he/she wife was so concerned about the welfare of black Americans, she would be using some of her ill gotten riches to help them. President Trump is obviously a man who loves this country and its citizens. Obama and his brown nosing crew did not and it was very clear. Trump 2020. Vote straight RED and get rid of as many democrats in the House and Senate as possible.

  13. Q: WHO interceded to persuade Kim Foxx to improperly dismiss the criminal charges against Jussie Smollett?

    The question has yet to be answered! Clearly, when any irregularity damages a Democrat, especially Michelle Obama, it is ignored. Favoritism is corruption.

    The sham impeachment against Trump wasted taxpayers monies, government resources, and, caused our nation to be diverted from the deadly Wuhan Virus. A new novel nonmilitary war by Communist China participated by Comrades Biden, Obamas, Pelosi, et al. Hong Kong capitulated, we are next.

    Stand for the Flag, kneel for God, vote Trump!

  14. First Lady Melania trumps Michelle Obama — compassion, courtesy, elegance. Definitely, a significantly better woman representing the U.S.

  15. All I can say is that I love my President, and my husband and I will vote for him again this year.

  16. Keep pushing your Hollywood nobodies because it didn’t work for looser Hillary and it’s no going to work for forgetful Joe (who doesn’t know were he is or can’t stick to the subject).

  17. The Obamas should both either shut up or leave the US and go anywhere else. They are both hellbent on hurting America and after eight terrible years we do not need them !


  19. Michael Odumbo & her so called husband are a disgrace to this country!!! Classless POS. If they hate this country so much, GET THE HELL OUT. They both did nothing positive for this country & have put the black race back years with the creation of blm & antifa!!! I guess they haven’t scammed The American People out of enough money yet. So many people have gotten rid of Netflix since their association with it, & vasiline again useless post. At least it wasn’t a book!!! MORON

  20. There is an old but true statement “Give them an inch and they will take a mile” Remember that when our nation is in total ruin and chaos !!!!!!!!!

  21. HE-SHE Michelle , [ Husband of Hussain Obama ] can have all her nit-wit Hollywood RADICAL friends she wants . She was WORTHLESS for 8 years , and is still WORTHLESS !!! All the HE-SHE did for 8 years was support the Clintons , but I really doubt that even Bill would bend her .

  22. Please just stop with the meaness, the unkind words are not helpful for our nation. Post something loving, write a positive statement, we are a Christian nation, there is a line that says “they will know we are Christians by our love.” Why can’t we try that please?

  23. “And her most effective tool seems to be through voter registration. ”

    Imagine, the nerve of her, trying to register people to exercise their Constitutional Right to vote.

  24. ever look at the pictures of obama when he’s got his hand on his face, look he’s giving the finger to everyone

  25. Michelle fits right in with those Hollywood airheads. She is not the
    brainchild she would like for you to think. I am hoping this stupid
    move will blow up in her face and show just how ignorant and racist
    she really is.


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