Michelle Obama just scored a huge Hollywood film role that could put her in the White House


Despite spending her entire career leeching off her husband’s accomplishments, the Left looks to Michelle Obama as a role model.

They continue to shower her with praise and awards.

And she just scored a huge Hollywood film role that could put her in the White House.

After leaving the White House, Michelle Obama has done everything she can to stay in the spotlight.

She has refused to take the lead from other former First Ladies by staying out of politics, and instead has used her platform to bash President Trump.

Now, along with her husband, she has partnered with a film studio, which pushes movies to Netflix.

Along with this, she released a new book, Becoming.

The audio-book version even won a Grammy Award, showing just how much Hollywood loves her.

But the book isn’t enough for her.

Netflix just announced they are releasing a documentary focused on her 34-city book tour for her book.

Becoming is an intimate look into the life of former First Lady Michelle Obama during a moment of profound change, not only for her personally but for the country she and her husband served over eight impactful years in the White House,” a Netflix press release states.

“The film offers a rare and up-close look at her life, taking viewers behind the scenes as she embarks on a 34-city tour that highlights the power of community to bridge our divides and the spirit of connection that comes when we openly and honestly share our stories.”

This documentary will surely add to their massive fortune the Obama family has amassed since leaving office.

Her book deal alone was reportedly for $65 million, with their deal with Netflix netting another $50 million.

The couple even bought an $11.5 million home in Martha’s Vineyard on top of their two other homes.

This new documentary also fuels speculation that Joe Biden will choose the former First Lady as his Vice President pick to challenge Trump in November.

Biden has stated that he would pick her “in a heartbeat,” but that he isn’t sure if she will take the job.

She may be more than happy with her Hollywood fame.

In her eyes, having to serve as second in command would likely be seen as a demotion, especially with somebody like Joe Biden at the top of the ticket.

Do you think Michelle Obama will be Joe Biden’s Vice President pick?

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  2. Proves that most of hollyweird is nothing but a bunch of perverted greedy physicos who live in a world of diluted fantasy and think only about themselves.

  3. Gene, YES, they will go away. They and all others who deny God and follow satan will join him in Hell and we will never have to deal with them again. God wins. They lose

  4. Michelle can’t run for president because all of the democrats, including Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have already endorsed Biden. It’s too late for her. She shouldn’t have procrastinated.

  5. This is a prime example of liberal delusion. There is no way in hell that Michelle Obama could be elected President. She has far less to offer than that deadbeat husband of hers did and we all saw what a disaster his 2 terms were. What fools these liberals be…

  6. Rats’! I though she’d auditioned for the female Wookie role in a new ‘Star War. No way she gives up this 1% lifestyle. Much easier and profitable to remain a gutter snipe.


  8. Time to move on – that administration is behind us and sold us off to China – look what China is doing to us now. They have nothing to offer us. Leave the past in the past – time to move forward – need new ideas.

  9. We can only pray that she doesn’t.She may have been in the White House at one time, however, everyone knows she was his backbone.She is just,if not more as much of a liar and con artist as he IS! Biden is more spinless than Obama ever was.So if,if she were to become vice president ,who do you HONESTLY believe would be in control our country again.NO ONE wants ANY more of ANY Obama deceptive, lieing,theiveing, back stabing, ruthlesses again.

  10. Very telling if this is the BEST that the Dems can offer. What the hell are her qualifications? Did you read her thesis? What crap. Like kids who are promoted because of attendance and age rather than accomplishments, Michelle skated through University(s) based on her minority status. I am surprised that Barack is still with her (him). Gives him a free ride to continue his quest to “change America” to pay back for past colonial policies. What did America do to Kenya?

  11. This is an outrage ! How dare anyone accuse Michelle Obama of “leeching off of her husband’s accomplishments ? Our current first lady Melania Trump is a totally undistinguished woman with no accomplishments other than having been a nude model before she married Trump . How very “classy ” and ” presidential ” . She’s not a bad person like her awful husband, but she’s a total mediocrity and nonentity who marred Trump for the money and who has brought her Slovenian parents here to become citizens .
    Trump thinks it’s just fine for people to become citizens as long as they’re white .
    Michelle Obama is a brilliantly accomplished and highly educated woman who has spent her life trying to help the poor . She does more good for America in one day than either Trump or Melania have done in their lifetimes . And if SHE had been a nude model before marrying Barack, there would have ben mass outrage eon the part of the conservative press, Republican politicians , leaders of the religious right et al , and they would have demanded Obama’s withdrawal from the presidential race in disgrace But it’s perfectly OK for Trump to have a wife with such a questionable background .
    Their hypocrisy knows no limits ! Michelle Obama has been one of the world’s most admired women for years !

  12. I wish Michele Obama, like Hillary Clinton, would just go away!!
    If BS was music, Michele is a brass band! Just my humble opine!
    Trump 2020 landslide! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  13. Don’t tell us that she could get into the WH!! We have dropped Netflix years ago and they always want to invite us back but after hearing about this Obama show we will never go back to this smut!!

  14. I believe they sold out America they had nothing before he came president not they are worth millions taken from our taxpayers money for there own use would not vote for them send them back to kenya

  15. what a shame who put security at big buck to help her and just look what it cost us for their daughter to play and go to collage and Hillery and she sold us out to chna come old timer when Clinton was in office he played can’t tell you how many he did we have got to make some really big change to this country before it become a communist muslin counrt like minn is becoming that the truth if you think i m wrong look at history

  16. Robert Berger, you’re an idiot. Michelle could never pose nude because she’s ugly, and Trump wants people to become citizens the legal way – not sneaking across the border at night.
    And the only problem we had with Obama was he was a Chicago community organizer with past connections to racists, domestic terrorists, and criminals. Obama couldn’t even serve on his own security detail with his past. That is the truth. I’m from Chicago and I know all about him.

  17. what has s/he actually accomplished on his/ her own. why was s/he fired from the law firm. why are his/ her records sealed? where did his/her money come from ? why is it ok for him/ her to spew white hatred & no one says anything?

  18. She is as corrupt and incompetent as her husband. If she pairs up with Biden and he wins she will become the defacto president from day 1 because he is totally out of it. She will not be writing her book/s. If you saw here senior paper while she was in college, a high school freshman would have done a better job.

  19. Being the wife of a previous president does not qualify you for being the president. The Dems are just out of any credible candidates and are getting desperate. Being stupid is unacceptable, being extra stupid does not override stupid.

  20. Any female of color who runs with Biden will assure his win unless sometime earthshaking occurs-ambitious women and democrats are clumping together on this-pretty scary for our republic.

  21. Yes, I think Joe will appoint Michelle as his VP. I wish he would just admit it and get it over with instead of milking it. I have read many comments over the years that she is transsexual. If anyone has proof of this, please let it be known. So far I haven’t been convinced. But then, I don’t pay attention to her. What I do know of her is that she hates America. She has said that Americans are mean. She is working with Tom Hanks on the fraudulent voting through mail project. She’s bossy. I’m a school cook and we certainly didn’t need her to tell us what good nutrition is. Our school lunches were lessened by her orders. What she replaced some of the foods with were awful. I am not wanting her to be VP, because I know “something will happen” to make Joe Biden step down. If he is incompetent now as a Presidential candidate, then he will be incompetent in January in time for Inauguration. And Robert Berger, your description of our First Lady, Mrs. Trump is very wrong. She is a wonderful woman, and no matter what her past and President Trump’s past has been, I believe them to be Christians now. A person can change over the years. And, if you don’t believe that, Mr. Berger, that is telling about you!

  22. He,she,or it will be President over my dead body😠 Big Mike is an Anti American just like her wife little barry from Honalulu 😳
    To think that America has fallen to these depths is almost unfathomable? but there’s a lot of stupidity and hatred fueled by the complicit lamestream media…
    which are a huge problem. God help us.

  23. If you will stop and think if they can get her in the VP position with Biden, they know he is crazy and a rapist, if they can get in they will find a way to impeach him and then Michele will be president. If they can get the Democrats in office it will be the end of America and every ones freedoms as they will throw the Bill of Rights In the trash, THIS SHOULD BE THE BEGINNING OF THE NEW REVOLUTION.


  24. The Democratic leftist will try anything I guess. I don’t know if she can run this late in the game but she shouldn’t be. It would be like giving her husband another 4 years to finish screwing this country up. He did enough of that in his 8 years. I honestly don’t know how he was elected to begin with. It was all the corruption in this country. The right criminals with enough money must have wanted him in office. He was a nobody. Became a senator out of nowhere when all he was was a door to door worker passing out propaganda. A community organizer. From that was picked to run for president. Elected they say but with some skepticism. Then re-elected. We definitely don’t need his wife giving him another 4 years because that’s what electing her would be doing. Maybe even worse. I believe she hates this country more than he did. They’re only here to exploit it.

  25. I cannot even post what I think of that monkey. That is all she will ever be is a talking monkey. At least we don’t have to read the trash book. We can cancel netflix. I did. I thank God that I have those options. That witch and all the rest of the Hollywood mental morons will lose in the end. To hell with them all.

  26. The Hollyweird film featuring Michele/Michael Obama is aptly titled “Becoming” because she/is a tranny. The ‘husband’ is gay and the kids are adopted since the tranny has no female plumbing. Yuk.

  27. I believe there is a position for Michele. I just know if the silverback will go along with it.

  28. The worst thing about this is she is the best they have. Schiff, Shumer,Pelosi,Comey,Sleepy Joe, Any idiot anywhere in the Media….Maybe Howard Stern???

  29. well Gene I guess you will be in hell with your mentally disturbed president and his ilk right~~too bad all youn idiots that follow your “CULT LEADER” don’t realize this fact!~~

  30. You should love her America because she hates you and if she could harm you she will so keep on loving her. P.S. I knew four people who worked in the White House from the time of Reagan thru Obama. These are Democrats. They felt Hillary was insane but they will tell you Michelle absolutely HATED everybody, everything.

  31. The Democrats raised all holy hell stating Donald Trump should be in the White House but they want to put an inexperienced Michael Obama in the White House, they speak with a fork tongue. If they state it’s day time you can sure bet your money it’s night time.

  32. The Mooch (not sure if male, female or trannie) is an arrogant, obnoxious, race-baiter. You can take the lowland gorilla out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the gorilla. OR….you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.

  33. Machell should be Biden’s running mate.They should start running and just keep running until they are completely out of the USA. And while they are running don’t forget to take Obama with them. We sure don’t need them here.

  34. Wow! So much hate here! President Trump has sure done a good job exacerbating this phenomenon of hate. Of course, Bannon. Limbaugh and Hannity have helped Fan the fires – well done! And all of us are to blame. But hey, we fought the hate, belatedly in 1942 and looks like we will have to fight the hate and xenophobia again here in 2020. Substitute Liberals for Jews and President Trump will try to emulate the final solution for us. President and Mrs. Obama are too good for us! They have class – something in short supply in the White House now! Just like cancer, hate will eat you up! Be Happy , Smile and tell your neighbor you Love Them! Live by the Golden Rule – Not The Golden Fool!

  35. The majority of you are a bunch of racists. Unbelievable! And every time Republicans try to deny that they are racists they get really upset. Everytime somebody denies that President Trump and Republicans are racist I am gonna show them these posts ! The proof is in the pudding! Wow! And most of you think that you are Christians – about as devout as President Trump! Good Luck! Try to take that suntan lotion with you when you die! Have A Nice Day!

  36. Netflix!!! Just dropped my monthly subscription for the all the zombie, slasher, vampire, sexually perverted garbage they throw at you. Now this! Glad I did.

  37. Just another way to give him and Barry some more slush fund money that they ‘earned’ while in the WH…. they must have spent all the other money given to them and need MORE. This way no one is the wiser that Moochie and his wife Bozo took any money while in the WH under the table. All the Commies of the left want this monkey for VP so they can knock off Senile Joe and make ‘her’ the president. That would be the final insult to this country….having a president who is a complete fraud of a person and a complete fraud as a supposed woman. That would be just great….Communism produces some pretty weird bedfellows but this would be a REAL travesty…..

  38. I do like movies and have seen a lot of good and great ones also there are a lot more Grade B movies out there aand not one of the brand new actors who became 1 shot actors who no one remembers today! Since she is a self-proclaimed “Daughter of Islam” who in her first speech said she never liked America until Barrack
    became president and he almost gave us to the Marxist’s

  39. I have no doubt that a documentary by Hollywood will be a “documentary” with many omissions.
    One of these will, of course, be the role the ‘Trinity Church’ in Chicago played in so many “marriages” of gay convenience where homosexual men got set up with non-gay women to cover up the ‘gay’ background, because that would be bad for their career.
    And in this context, the violent deaths on Larry Bland and Donald Young, of the same church, who were found shot dead, early into Mr. Obama’s Presidential campaign – notably, after they bragged about being “his Lovers”. And that Chicago’s police, under Mayor Rahm Emanuel never found a trace of the culprits in this crime.
    And, also in this context, such a “documentary would never mention that husband of that “marriage”, publicly shown as “family man” has a life-time membership in Chicago’s richest ‘Gay Bath-House “Man’s Country” – of which Mr. Rahm Emanuel is also a member – which may explain his frequent visits to the White House, as well as the position he got in it.
    What will mot shown either is the personal connection between Ms. Obama’s husband and the, then, Cardinal of New York whom President Obama sent, several times, out as his Emissary – but who was later revealed as the most shameful homosexual priest in the USA. Would that be coincidence? – Surely not, but the “documentary will not mention it.
    So, what can we expect? – Another BIG LIE.

  40. Patricia Brooks…WRONG!!!!! Pres. is very fortunate that Jesus will be his judge and not you. You better worry about your own soul. If you deny God it is you who will be in Hell

  41. I urge all Conservatives to drop their Net Flix accounts . Take away the source of the money flowing to Hollywood that is the only thing that will shut down the Liberal crap spewed from these LibTards.

  42. LJ, you are totally clueless of the truth. You have no idea what you are even talking about. Please show ONE comment on here from republicans that is racist. The truth is never racist. Michael Obama (yes, “she” was born male) is extremely vile and hates this country. That is not racist, that is the truth. And muslim traitor Obama lied his way into our White House. That is not racist. That is the truth. I know hundreds of republicans and NOT ONE of them is racist. And you have no clue what a Christian is. ALL who come to Jesus and repent and accept Him as their Savior and follow Him will join Him in Heaven. Christians are not perfect, but they are saved. Pres. Trump is very fortunate that Jesus will be his judge and not you. What about you???? Do you belong to Jesus or satan? Guess it is you who will need the suntan lotion, but too bad it won’t do you any good at all, as there won’t even be a sun

  43. BJ, almost every other comment is hate filled racism against an honorable President and his wife. Your idiocy about he or she is beyond needing a response. Okay, I will concede that half of your racism and hate can be dismissed because you have such small brains, even so, there is no excuse for racism of this degree in almost every post and if you do not admit it, which you won’t, then we know that you all are as big a liar as our President Trump. How disgusting you and the rest are! That being said, I have peace in union with Christ that your hate cannot touch! So, Good Luck To you and your mates’ hatred and racism, I guess it makes you all feel superior in your little minds! May God Bless You ! I will keep smiling and stay happy!

  44. The only movies remake that Michelle Obama should be in is “Planet of the Apes” –no make-up needed!!!

  45. From what I’ve read from secret service people charged with protecting former presidents and first ladies Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama were the worst people imaginable to serve in that capacity. They had absolutely no grace or simple respect whatsoever. They are literally harpies.

  46. She would be VP in hopes that Biden leaves office for medical reasons or if he passes. Her as VP running mate may give Quid Pro Joe the Presidency because even some Republicans love Michelle. I’m trusting God to not let that happen.

  47. God, I hope not! Can one be a VP or President if they are a Transvestite or just changed gender?
    No one knows anything about her either. Are those two girls theirs or are they adopted. No birth certificates on
    either girl!
    She could star in a sequel: Plant of the Apes. She wouldn’t even need make up.
    She hates this country any way. So why would she want to be in the Oval Office?

  48. Larry-are you saying democrats don’t spout hate? Oh please we’ve had a President spouting against police officers. And it wasn’t Trump. Do you know many were killed because of his comments. How many cities were looted & burnt in protests by the left? They not only spout it, they have acted on it.

  49. “Despite spending her entire career leeching off her husband’s accomplishments” WHAT ACCOMPLISHMENTS?????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. The only way Michelle Obama should ever reenter the White House is if they need someone to scrub the floors. And she would probably not be very good at that either.

  51. I can’t believe so many people are so mean and ugly. Not liking someone is one thing but calling them the names you folks have done is just inexcusable. Do you feel better now that you have dehumanized someone. The big man in campus. Hopefully you have spewed all your hate for one day so no one else will be the recipient of your insatiable appetite for hatefulness.

    Have a nice and blessed day.

  52. We all know if Hiding Biden gets in they will find him incompetent, and will want him to step down, but I don’t think Joe will go for that, nor will his wife, or his children. They will not allow his “ legacy “ ( the one that exists in their heads ) to end by being asked to step down. So I believe they will come up with a plan to kill two birds with one stone. Assassination! This way joe is gone, and Democrats push, and get sweeping gun reform, by rewriting the constitution, getting rid of the second amendment, and forcing all guns to be turned in.


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