Michelle Obama just said one thing about her kids that will make you sick


Michelle Obama isn’t content with her legacy being as a First Lady.

She is clearly jealous of her husband, who ironically is the only reason anybody knows who she is.

And she just said one thing about her kids that will make you sick.

Since the Obama family left the White House, Michelle Obama has been doing everything possible to increase her profile as a potential candidate for President.

She has released a book, been on countless television shows, founded a production company, and just recently scored her own documentary on Netflix.

In the documentary, which follows her on her recent book tour for her book Becoming, she opens up about her relationship with her husband.

She talks about her desire to be “equal” to her husband, Barack Obama.

The former First Lady explains her struggle to become equal, complaining about the birth of her children put an end to her “aspirations and dreams.”

“My relationship with Barack was all about our equal partnership,” Obama recalled. “If I was going to have a unique voice with this very opinionated man, I had to get myself up and set myself off to a place where I was going to be his equal.”

“The thing that really changed it was the birth of our children. I wasn’t really ready for that. That really made it harder,” the first lady explained. “Something had to give and it was my aspirations and dreams.”

“I made that concession not because he said ‘you have to quit your job,’ but it felt like ‘I can’t do all of this so I have to tone down my aspirations, I have to dial it back,’” she added.

To most mothers, raising their children to be productive people is their “dream” and “aspiration.”

But the Left continues to promote the idea that children are a hinderance toward a more productive life.

This plays into their continued push for abortion, which many pursue so they can “follow their dreams” unencumbered by their children being alive.

But now, with the Obama daughters being adults, it seems that Michelle Obama is trying to make up for the time she spent not following her “aspirations and dreams.”

There has long been speculation that she will run for President.

Joe Biden has even said he would appoint her as his Vice President “in a heartbeat.”

Although, he also stated that Obama likely wouldn’t take the position, most likely because she wants to be the one in charge.

Do you think Michelle Obama is going to run for President?

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  2. I believe Michelle would be harder to beat than Biden because she’s not senile, and they’re always those idiots that would vote for the first black woman president, like they came out for her husband in 2008 to elect the first black man.

  3. She needs to go stick her races/I’m all that head in the toilet and, soak it, until she can get the sh_t out. If she was president she would paint the WH black and we would be calling it THE BLACK HOUSE, that is what she is all about!!!!!!

  4. When Obummer ws elected didnt she say something like “For the first time in my life, Im proud to be an American”?I know thats a person I would certainly want for my Commander-In-Chief, NOT

  5. She was proud to be the first black first lady, the first black family in the White House even though he is half white, this made her shine in the eyes of her people. Sad ending and lesson to be learned, he buried are country in debt, pulled all kinds of fowl/crooked sh_t which is now surfing. I still want to know how that born in africa got in the White House without a real birth certificate when I can’t even get a driver’s license without one and, a social security card and ect. ?

  6. Both her and her husband were the worst residents in the WH. He was the very worst president we have ever had and she was the most classless first lady we ever had.

  7. There is no way that “Michelle” Obama could have given birth to children. And the Obamas’ support of murdering babies is very sick. There is no way either Obama should ever again be allowed anywhere near our White House. Both are very corrupt and hate this country

  8. #Pizzagate. #Obamagate. I don’t think think so Michael aka “Michele” we don’t want you near the WH again.

  9. LOL…her movie got terrible reviews. As for her children, maybe her and dick for brains shouldn’t have bought the two girls from Morocco. That family is a fraud from the begining.

  10. After reading the info on one of our past Presidents wife it was sickening. There is no way America should or would vote her into the position of the President of the United States. She needs to be content to remember she was the wife of one of our Presidents. She already has a title of the 1st Black First Lady. She should be proud of that and proud of her 2 daughters. Yet, the example set sets being all for abortion is not good! She needs to know abortion is murder! so who would vote for a person willing to let innocent unborn babies be killed? would that be someone that should be called the President of the United States? God willing the position of the United States of America President will remain until the end of times a MALE in the office.

  11. She is an egotistical, self-aggrandizing, selfish, racist. No one who has a lick of sense should ever vote for her is she decides to run. Of course we all know that democrats don’t have that lick of sense!

  12. Their children were adopted. If Michelle didn’t want children, he should not have adopted them. Michell is also NOT eligible to be president until 2021. Since he played games with citizenship in order to get out of paying taxes. You can not be president until you have 14 years here as a citizen.

  13. Michael is & has been a disgrace to this country, along with her useless partner. I wish they would both just go away.

  14. Obama was groomed for the presidency years in advance.
    Americans love to see our presidents with small children in the WH.
    Voila, 2 daughters were adopted bc Michelle/Michael is unable to conceive.

  15. She is not somebody you would want in office, it would be all about her. She is only about herself. She really does not care about the American people.

  16. Biden will pick Obama as VP, then hé will eventually end up in a rocker on the front porch of the nursing home. She can take over the job of running America into the ditch. All while she sets up house in her mansion off Marthas Vinyard that she obtained off the backs of the American tax payer. These people have to be stopped or America will fall. As MLK Saïd, Its not the color of the skin, but the content of the character. May GOD Bless America.

  17. We do not need another DISBARRED Obama in the WH.
    BTW…Obama was NOT the first black POTUS. Obama is 50% Caucasian….sorry about that…. and 6.25% African black and 43.75% Arabic. His Arabian ancestors were SLAVE TRADERS… yes they bought black men AND women and SOLD them as slaves at slave auctions.
    He must be so proud of his heritage.
    Both Barack and Michelle Obama were BOTH disbarred by the state of Illinois… most corrupt state in the union.

  18. Mr Robeson aka Michelle the football played never had any kids how could he and what will it make Barack the first man or will he play the part as the first lady like Micheal did

  19. She and Barack NEED to be indicted and thrown in jail for their criminal acts. I am so sick of how these communist criminals keep getting put in high positions in our government and somehow are able to get elected over and over again. She’s obviously not a woman if she is in competition with Barack. And blames having her daughter’s stopped her ambition. What “woman” even thinks like that. She was able to bring life into this world. Something a man is not able to do. But I guess she doesn’t want to be “equal”, she wants to be the “same”. That’s sick!!! And how are her daughter’s supposed to feel. They are the burden that their mom has. They held her back from “greatness”.
    What’s wrong with these people? And the scum that support them. Demoncrats are the scum of the earth!!!!!!

  20. Both the Obamas have used and abused the American political system to far already. It is time to get the Obamas, Clintons and Nasty Nancy out of our hair. We cannot afford them, we should not tolerate them and we know we cannot believe anything they say.

  21. First of all Michael Robinson Obama did not have any children as men cannot get pregnant. They were born of surrogate parents. Second of all she is not a woman but a transgender. If you do not believe me go to You Tube and put in is Michalle Obama a man and you will get dozens of choices. There is a 15 minute video that scientifically proves he is a man. He is in a blue dress and you can see his package in the picture. Watch it and then you will believe. Barack had a hidden agenda when he was President and that was to bring as many radical muslims into our country as he possibly could. He was successful at that but he did absolutely nothing for the American people and divided our country. There is no way I would vote for this ticket-Biden/Obama. Not only no but hell no.

  22. I do not support anything the Obamas stand for, and I sure don’t want to see them receiving two presidential incomes for life from taxpayers work, which the Obamas have no personal understanding of.

  23. HE SHE never had the kids . Wow what phony’s I doubt if either are native Americans only my opinion They need to go back where they come from


  25. Trump does nothing but Praise blacks and actually Helps them, and the dems and the left made him into George Wallace.She insults Whites right to their faces And they Applaud for her, and she’s treated like a living Saint. What an upside down nuthouse we live in.

  26. Michelle Obama would never be nominated for president, as she is a racist in the first degree, and hates white people, and only after her husbands second term in office, finally, announced that she likes America. Her election to the presidency, would put the white population of this country in peril, including random incarceration, removal of civil liberties, and over taxation to support her inept ethnic population and many other civil restrictions.

  27. Michele needs to give everything back that she and Obama took from the American people! They both did a complete injustice to America, the country they say they love..NOT!!!! They are no more for America and it’s citizens as I am for getting bit by a RATTLESNAKE OR COPPERHEAD here in the state of Alabama!!!!!!
    The Obama family are a total disgrace to our flag, our country and its citizens and needs to be barred from even running for president or vice-president PERIOD! I don’t like them, support them, or have any use for such evil people, send them back to where they came from..PLEASE!!

  28. I wonder what the daughters will think when they get wind of what female/male mom said ? If they get pisstoff enough maybe they will expose daddy for being born in africa, you know they are completely aware of the truth…..

  29. She is already equal to her husband. They are both totally corrupt and only lie when their lips are moving. She is dumb as a rock. If you have not read her senior thesis, it is a mix of Swahili and an ancient Egyptian dialect that is undecipherable. Let her tell you about the job she had in Chicago city hall where she read women’s magazines all day. She would be a great running mate for Sleazy Joe……..Dumb and Dumbest.

  30. I don’t know what Michelle’s problem is. She must be an insecure child. Emily and I have been married to each other for 52+ years. She is my equal in every way: We had four sons together. Had it not been for her love for me and her commitment to our marriage, I would never have become an engineer and teacher. Emily has done all that she aspired to. Our sons called her yesterday(Mother’s Day) and they talked for hours. They love their mom very much. Today, they are successful men, and, so far, have given us seven grandchildren. She was always there for her five guy’s. We will always be there for each other. AND FOLKS, I am a very selfish man. I say this because I want 52 more years with her. I seriously can’t figure out how Michelle and these other pro-choicers(women and men) missed the boat.

  31. Michelle Robinson Obama, disbarred attorney from the southside of Chicago, college graduate, law school graduate, used improper English when she said, “If I was going to…………” The proper way to state her point should have been, ” If I were going to…………..”

  32. Mike hasn’t had a job since 1993 when it lost it’s license to practice law for insurance fraud zero work ethics zero work experience.

  33. As far as I’m concerned I think it is a shame that both of the obamas’ mothers didn’t have access to Abortions prior to their births.

  34. If we are looking for someone to execute a confidence scam on the American public, Ms. Obama has all the skills necessary. She is as phony as a three dollar bill, no matter how much she smiles and tell us that “she has never been proud of this country.” Her role in the Jussie Smollett drama has been sanitized, but clearly she hates this country as much as her husband, but will be happy to take its bounty in a heartbeat. Heaven help us if she ever runs for President, or any other office for that matter.

  35. Who does that? So much for being loving parents. Looks good in public and makes you wonder what goes on behind closed doors. Shame on you. Guess we know your priorities.

  36. Obama’s brother says he was born in Kenya. Both Obama’s hate Americans. Look up their spiritual mentor J Wright. That’s scary stuff. Everyone just loves them but they should find out what they say about so called friends behind their backs. These people are as fake as a $3 bill.

  37. Only thing worse then the phony Obummers, are all the damn dumb democrats & others that voted for them.

  38. Michelle sure finds it so easy to lie. It has been hinted that the kids they claim. belong to another couple that they travel with after all men can not conceive children!


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