Michelle Obama just insulted black voters with this unbelievable statement


The Obamas refuse to leave the spotlight despite being out of the White House for four years.

Now former first lady Michelle Obama has a new documentary coming out.

And in it she just insulted black voters with this unbelievable statement.

The left-wing media and liberal elite were obsessed with Barack and Michelle Obama.

They graced the cover of style and fashion magazines, and signed a lucrative Netflix producing deal upon leaving the White House.

They produced the Oscar-winning documentary “American Factory” in which one of the co-directors literally quoted the Communist Manifesto during her acceptance speech.

Now Michelle Obama has her own documentary coming out, and one line in the film could rankle black voters.

While speaking to a group of black school kids about the 2016 election, she said, “You know, the day I left the White House, it was painful to sit on that stage, and then a lot of our folks didn’t vote. It was almost a slap in the face.”

Black support for Barack Obama was understandably through the roof, but support for Hillary Clinton in 2016 receded back to normal trends over the last several general election cycles.

It turns out that the “Obama coalition” was not foundational.

It’s a slap in the face to black voters to suggest that they’re obligated to vote for the Democrats in order to protect Obama’s legacy.

The Democrats have taken the black vote for granted for several decades, and it cost them dearly.

Trump did better among black voters than did Mitt Romney in 2012, and polls before the coronavirus showed Trump’s support against black voters as high as 30%.

While Trump getting 30% of the black vote is highly unlikely, if he were to get 10-12%, the Democrats are in serious trouble come November.

Obama continued, “I understand the people who voted for [President] Trump. [But] the people who didn’t vote at all … that’s when you think, ‘Man, people think this is a game.’”

This is a disingenuous statement because there’s no way she would’ve been fine with more people voting for Trump so long as voter turnout was higher.

People want to vote for someone they believe in, not simply out of obligation.

Obama continued, “It wasn’t just in this election, but every midterm, every time Barack didn’t get the Congress he needed, that was because our folks didn’t show up. After all that work, they just couldn’t be bothered to vote at all. That’s my trauma.”

Again, she’s blaming black voters for an adversarial Congress.

The Democrats lost both chambers of Congress because of the wildly unpopular ObamaCare and the energy behind the Tea Party movement.

Michelle Obama can blame black voters all she wants, but the Democrats need to blame themselves for the 2016 election.

Will Trump receive more black voter support than the eight percent he had in 2016?

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  2. Just proof she is a piece of racist dung. She does not care about America’s blacks. She just wants their $$ and prays they’ll keep her rich. Her values are anything but American!

  3. Again she proves that she only thinks and uses the blacks for her own gratification when she needs them, other wise she has no use for them in her circle.

  4. Like all Black people fundamentally she is about ethnic cleansing and if there had been any Black person running she would have voted for it too. No this won’t change any Black person’s opinion. They’ll just say she’s playing the media game.

  5. Blacks didn’t vote for Obama because he’s a progressive. Blacks voted for Obama because he’s black.
    The crazy thing is a lot of blacks tend to be conservative in their personal lives yet they keep voting for the progressive party. It must be tradition. Blacks have always voted for the plantation party despite that party doing nothing for them but make their lives worse off. The plantation party uses blacks like pawns.
    Its too bad so many people chose to be ignorant of what’s going on around them.
    Blacks pull the lever for democrats just like they’re flushing a toilet.

  6. We get the representation we deserve. If you vote for someone for any reason other than you agree with their “promises”, you deserve the mess you create. If they do not live up to their promises, vote them out. But politicians survival depends on the short attention span of the electorate.
    Remember GREED is insatiable.

  7. Sounds like she believes black people should vote based on their race, and laments they aren’t racist enough.

  8. Michelle Obama is a liar and a fake, like her husband. Once again the Democrats are out lying to the American people in their attempt to make news rather than report news. She would not be an effective official. She would just become another pawn of deception by Democrats to steal control of America from the people.

    “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

  10. Michael odumbo does not care a thing about black people. He & the hubby never came back to IL. while in WH. They did nothing for the blacks of IL. They are just people to control for their vote. Look what’s happening now with black mayor. Another power crazy lesbian demoncrap!!!

  11. Being a black man I don’t feel the least bit offended by M O’s remarks. Trump was able to win a narrow electoral victory with Hillary getting the lion share of the popular vote. I guarantee you the brothers and sisters ain’t gonna let that happen again, after having to endure 3 years of this administrations corruption, mismanagement and incompetence.

  12. Secretly Michelle Obuma in her heart considers ALL African American voters as deplorables like Wicked Hillary did to Trump voters. Michelle Obuma is a very negative crude First Lady in ALL of American History. She NEVER ONCE spoke a good word to anyone in her life. She dressed poorly and had very crude manners as a nasty busybody who said, “Do as I say NOT as I do”. Never once did she ever model good examples to our children. She also harbored resentment and racism in her heart.

  13. Yep if you’re a true American you’ll wake up my family was Democrats as long as I remember and my dog life I realize what they’re doing they’re trying to hold people back on welfare and like you said the plantation no wake up America wake up Democrats you got to see that they want to own you they want to own your vote they don’t want you to have a mind of your own you have to think what is better for you what is better for the country there’s something I could never do this expect the country to take care of me I want to take care of myself I don’t want to be alone by anybodyThat’s what the Democrats do they give you supplements and they can’t take it back because they own you long as you keep on receiving the money from the plantation so wake up

  14. Blacks are generally much more socially conservative than many people would expect. They vote Democrat out of a misguided sense of racial solidarity. If they ever begin to vote purely on the issues, the Democrats are pretty much DONE.

  15. James-the economy has been great so far under Trump except for the last quarter due to the “deadly virus.” Don’t know what your occupation is but my family owns a small handyman and property maintenance business. The economy under President Obama was so bad we had to start buying run-down, foreclosure houses, fixing them up and then selling them. We took the equity in our home to fund this business. Now we are so busy we are turning down work because we can’t keep up. I don’t vote race. I don’t necessarily vote party either. I vote for the person I think will run the office they hold for the good of the people. In the current situation, as usual, the government jobs are not suffering. Especially in the really “closed down” states. Those people are collecting full pay and for some, pensions are still being funded. Who pays for that James? All the taxpayers- that’s who. Those laid off, those who have had to shut down their businesses, those on the programs and low income. They all pick up some of the tab thru taxes, rent they pay & etc.

  16. You all act like black people are misguided and don’t know what the’re doing and we’re all on welfare or whatever. It is the Obama administration that got us out of the recession that was brought on by W’s administration and that put the economy back on track. The Obama administration had all the pieces in place to deal with a pandemic health crises which the Trump administration choice to ignore and tried to dismantle.

  17. Hey sherab the plantation ones are the people that want people on food stamps welfare and to keep people in the Getty’s and barrios like micheal!!

  18. Mikey is like, you’re black so you must think like me, a fellow black person. You must Vote like I tell you to because you are too stupid to think for yourselves as persons of color. You must follow the instructions We, The Democrats give you. Do not dare try to think for yourselves like Candace Owens or Kanye West or Professor Thomas Sowell. They are traitors to the black community. Do as we tell you and you will be fine, good little robots.

  19. Big bully…….. Remember that a vote for biden is a vote for a vice-President who will be only too willing to step up!!!!!! Scary!!!!!

  20. I don’t know what I’m sicker of, the corona virus 24/7 coverage or the Obama’s. I guess it’s pretty equal.

  21. Why doesn’t she just become something worthless like making B or C movies. She would be perfect. e.g. Michelle Obama and Michael Moore in Rocky 23.

  22. Sherab…really???? It is the dems who want to keep blacks dependent on government NOT the republicans, who are all for teaching them to help themselves. Have you heard…give a man a fish and he can eat for a day, teach a man how to fish and he can eat for a lifetime??? The dems don’t want blacks to be independent.

  23. James E…You are wrong about Obamacare. There is no way I could afford to have it. I found much cheaper insurance elsewhere. It was designed to fail, which it has.
    And Hillary only got the popular vote because of dead people and illegals voting and people voting more than once. TRUTH!!! Check it out. And you accuse Pres. Trump of corruption, mismanagement and incompetence??? Really??? Look no farther than your own party for that. Both Clintons and Obamas are very corrupt, but that is just fine with you. Yes, you are very misguided. Dare to find the truth that you deny.

  24. James E…You are a fool if you think Obama did anything for this country. Pres. Trump is doing far more than Obama ever did. But just keep denying the truth

  25. Michael, not Michele. “She” was born male. Both Obamas are very sick and vile and very dangerous to our freedom

  26. She just another big mouth that thinks every African American should bow down to her as if she is a queen because she is black. We’ll I think the majority of Africans American are just smarter then that and are just as tried of her B.S. as everyone else.

  27. When will Michelle Obama respond to questions regarding her involvement with Jussie Smollett and his dismissal by Kim Foxx?

  28. Dems do not care about black folks until election rolls around. I am happy to see there are more blacks that are thinking for them selves and not following the party line. God bless them. Need more of those independent thinkers. Lets all keep America Great together!!

  29. During the eight years the two Obama men in the white house did nothing to better the black people’s position after all barass’s big promises, o I forgot micheal goes by the name michelle and pretends to be a woman. so what make Michael think black people are stupid enough to vote for democRATS who promise them every advantage and then when election is over all their promises are like piecrust, easily broken since the democRATS got what they wanted, for years black people have followed the false promises of the democRATS who were the biggest raciest in the US, black people should read a reliable history of the people who formed the KKK who they were and what they stood for, who fought to keep schools segregated and tried to deny blacks an equal school education, I graduated in 1957 and I know what I am talking about, I lived and graduated in TN

  30. James E…It is very obvious that you have no clue of the truth and are very brainwashed by the dems, who don’t even care about you except to get your vote. Open our eyes and see that you have been deceived. A KKK rally??? It is the DEMS who started the KKK and have been proud leaders of it. What we say is the truth, but you deny the truth, which makes you a fool

  31. bj: You sure have a lot to say but it’s you who don’t know s__t. You’re the one who’s brainwashed. I know what time it is. Black men still getting lynched in Georgia. I know the Klan was founded by the so called Dixicrats and it was the Republicans. the party of Lincoln that were the liberals. How things have changed.And what’s up with all you all talking about M O’s sexuality? You mfers are real funny.

  32. bj: You sure have a lot to say but it’s you who don’t know s__t. You’re the one who’s brainwashed. I know what time it is. Black men still getting lynched in Georgia. I know the Klan was founded by the so called Dixicrats and it was the Republicans. the party of Lincoln that were the liberals. How things have changed.And what’s up with all you all talking about M O’s sexuality? You mfers are real funny.

  33. James E. … It is very obvious from your comments that you have been very deceived. You have no clue. You are WRONG!!!!! Try actually reading real history. It was the DEMS who started the KKK, NOT the Republicans. That switching sides thing is s myth. Only TWO of the Dixiecrats switched sides. You can deny history but that makes you a fool. The public schools do not teach history. They indoctrinate and you are a prime example. You need a lot of help with your confusion and hate. I know HUNDREDS of republicans and NOT ONE of them is racist. MOST are Christians. God created and loves all races and all races have the same chance to be saved by Jesus and spend eternity in Heaven. There are only two kinds of people in this world…those who belong to God and those who belong to satan. And YOU get to choose which one you want to follow. As for “Michelle”, it is a fact that “she” was born Michael. BOTH Obamas are very evil. But they will get what they have coming to them. God wins. They lose

  34. James E, this is a conservative Christian site and you know nothing about either one. Read the Bible as if it is the truth, because it is. You will find all the answers you will ever need

  35. Tom Tucker, I don’t have a problem with that. It is the Obamas by far. The virus is way overblown and most people recover. It will go away. The Obamas are determined to keep sticking their sick noses into our lives and won’t go away. Most presidents, when their term is up, go quietly back to their private lives, but not that egotistical idiot. He lied his way into our White House and his whole eight years should be annulled. That muslim traitor belongs in prison for what he did and tried to do.

  36. Bj All you so called Christians are racists, no doubt about it. What do you think about MLK, now that’s a true Christian. But I don’t care about that, I don’t believe in none of that bs.

  37. I am a Caucasian and I can assure that there are many Caucasians that I would not associate with – So as not acting in defense of anyone least or indeed for Mrs. Obama , I might certainly join an argumentative question of logic in stating that there are many Caucasians that I do not agree with nor would I agree with many others of color (whichever be the case) !! None the less I should add that my sense of social logic would certainly be that of (just maybe) Mrs. Obama might have indicated that there are or have been many Caucasians as well as well as people of color (whichever they might be) . My modest logic is based purely on that of being a student of old, in matters of Social Science , Human Behavior and Psychology.

  38. Best line from the comments above: “Blacks pull the lever for democrats just like they’re flushing a toilet.”

  39. I am black and did not vote for Mr. Obama because I understand the history of the Democratic party and how they deal with black people. It is not good. Mr. and Mrs. Obama are not people that I listen to. They were terrible in the white house representing socialization.

  40. If you want socialization people like the Obamas, Bill Gates, Oprah, Warren Buffet and a few billionaires want to control your life.

  41. Voters had a chance to defeat the neo-Nazi Trump yet didn’t vote. While Hillary was no prize, especially to black voters, not voting got us the authoritarian and his criminal cadre now running the country. The Racist-in-Chief has made everything worse for all working class Americans, especially for POC. Everyone needs to realize their vote matters or a country falls to tyrants like Hitler or Trump.

    FLOTUS Obama was right in criticizing blacks (and, by association, all POC) for failing to vote and letting the country down even in the face of voter suppression by the GOP. Patriotic Americans must defend our country from all forces, foreign and domestic, in whatever way we can, even if all were do is vote. Now, more than ever, we must use that right while we still have it to remove from office the Trumpinazis who would deny us our hard won freedoms, especially for those marginalized people…POC, immigrants seeking asylum and a better life, native Americans, the working poor and near-poor, the elderly, the handicapped, those of all sexual identities, and many more.

  42. Michael Obama can’t wait to get in White House and continue Obama(s) H. work – transition of US.

  43. everyone on Welfare and votes Democrat is a Slave to the Democrat Party, Democrats don’t want you to get a job you get in the real life you ether will vote Republican or not at all.

  44. Oh yeah, Michele is the “genius” who is putting the “statistics” together as to how many black voters didn’t vote. Who the hell is she kidding; this is a continuation of her racist college paper, she wrote. She wants to get rid of all white people…….Her husband, really screwed up America…….(Black Mafia?)……….Certainly undeserving of a Library!

  45. James, it is clearly you who is racist. You are judging people by the color of their skin. NO, I am not racist. God created and loves ALL races. There will be ALL races in Heaven and Hell. And you have no clue what a Christian is. ALL who come to Jesus and repent and follow Him and His teachings are Christians. They will spend eternity in Heaven. Where will you spend eternity??? You either belong to God or satan. satan has you very deceived. sad. You can deny God, but you will know He is very real the moment you die and He will deny you. As for MLK, if he was a Christian, he is in Heaven. Jesus knows who His people are and He will be our judge

  46. HCB, nothing you ever say is true. You are a liar. Pres. Trump is NOT a neo-Nazi. That is FALSE. Your hatred is very sick. This is a Christian site, yet you know nothing at all about God or what He wants of you. Read his book and get back to us and maybe you can have something to offer besides hate and lies

  47. If the Obamas or any other dem gets back in our White House, this country is finished. The dem party threw God out and a nation without God cannot survive as a free country, as our freedom comes from God. satan is waiting to take over and there will be only evil. Thank God satan cannot win. When Jesus comes back we will be free of the left forever and all others who follow satan

  48. What legacy, gun running in Mexico? The Obama’s are disgusting. They think they are the elite but they are morally garbage.


  50. Why would black American voters or any American voter want to vote for the Obama legacy of failure, division and disaster? Obama may have been the first black American elected president but he was a consummate disaster black or white. Black Americans may have hoped that Obama would be a success as the first black American elected president but they were sorely disappointed.

  51. Obama says “the people who didn’t vote at all … that’s when you think, ‘Man, people think this is a game.’” Maybe a lot of them think “The fix is in. Why bother?” The Dems have made such a farce of politics since before election day 2016, and Obama was in charge of it all. But that didn’t work, so they spent three years trying to impeach the President, when Trump should have been concentrating on the first signs of the Coronavirus. Yes, Donald Trump, like Bill Clinton, was not convicted of Impeachment in the Senate. But what did Nancy say? “Impeachment is forever”? Yes, and Schiff’s lies are forever too. I think most Dem voters with half a brain are afraid that it will all come back to haunt them now. The party that brought them the KKK, has now brought them a party of lies.

  52. “While speaking to a group of black school kids about the 2016 election, she said, “You know, the day I left the White House, it was painful to sit on that stage, and then a lot of our folks didn’t vote. It was almost a slap in the face.”

    And, she is right, the overall turn out in historically black districts was lower, thus Trump was elected.

    An example, if, IF, 22,000 more blacks turned out in PA, Trump would have lost the State, less in MI and OH. So yeah, she was correct, and if it ‘insults’ some people, well, just like so many on here, the truth hurts.

  53. Joe-do you understand the essence and import of what you said? You assumed that if 22,000 blacks had voted Hillary would have gotten all 22,000 votes. What does that say about the intelligence and integrity of black people-that they are just pawns and taken for granted tools. How can any of us trust the integrity of black people if what you say is true? You are saying they are mindless children waiting to be told what to do—by white people and Judas blacks.

  54. Actually George, what I am saying is, that if the African Americans had come out to vote, and did as they historically do, and especially in this election to vote against an avowed racists, then the election outcome would have been different.

    From the Pew Research Center, not a left wing organization:

    The black voter turnout rate declined for the first time in 20 years in a presidential election, falling to 59.6% in 2016 after reaching a record-high 66.6% in 2012. The 7-percentage-point decline from the previous presidential election is the largest on record for blacks. (It’s also the largest percentage-point decline among any racial or ethnic group since white voter turnout dropped from 70.2% in 1992 to 60.7% in 1996.) The number of black voters also declined, falling by about 765,000 to 16.4 million in 2016, representing a sharp reversal from 2012. With Barack Obama on the ballot that year, the black voter turnout rate surpassed that of whites for the first time. Among whites, the 65.3% turnout rate in 2016 represented a slight increase from 64.1% in 2012.

    So, if African Americans had voted at the same rate, Trump would have been defeated not just in the popular vote, but the Electoral College.

    Reality George, reality.

  55. yes the truth does hurt as hillary lost the election.get over it!if is one of the biggest words in the dictionary.it’s been 3 and a half years and still hearing the excuses.you must have bought hillary’s low selling book with more excuses than carter has liver pills! you lost get over it!

  56. ” Marvin May 17, 2020 at 3:47 pm

    Like I said earlier. Get a freaking rope.”

    Very Christian of you Marvin, but, what section of the Bible does that come from?

  57. Definitely got the “Balls” to call it like it is. He needed all his own kind of help in those off year elections so BHO could have rammed it further up the Americans A$$.

  58. I am so tired of the media avoiding the truth about Mechelle, however you wish to spell it. Since she is or was a he, why don’t they get upfront about it? Are most black people and some whites so gullible or blind to the truth that the Obama’s are not wanting to admit to the entire world almost, that they were fooled by the Obama’s deception (which they both lost their law license)
    in Illinois for lying to Judges). So do you think they care if you believe them or not? They assume that all black people will vote for them because they are black and good talkers making a lot of promises. These are people without any values (which is a danger to everyone because they have no lines they won’t cross to get their way). They really do not care about any of their voters as long as they get your vote. Tf you know of George Soros(Hitler’s Protege), that is who has been grooming and financing both Obama’s
    I know it’s almost unthinkable someone would go to all this trouble but look where it got him in your pocket’s because he is the best liar in the world among other things.

  59. her opinion means nothing Obama had 8 years to make a change for the better and did nothing why do ex presidents still think they have a say he had 8 years and all he did was sit on his hands

  60. I think that Obama’s should go back to their private lives like most former Presidents do.
    President Trump is doing a good job and will the second time around. Please stop calling people names.

  61. Michelle Obama and her husband are nothing but racist she needs to go and hide in a hole with her husband and kids


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