Michelle Obama is teaming up with Hollywood on a scheme to destroy Trump in November


Despite her husband no longer being in the White House, Michelle Obama is refusing to stay out of politics.

She has taken a major role in the anti-Trump resistance movement.

And now she is teaming up with Hollywood on a scheme to destroy Trump in November.

There may be no political figure Hollywood loves more than Michelle Obama.

She has her own production company, which she runs along with her husband.

And she was awarded a Grammy for her recent audiobook just this year.

Now she is hosting a voter registration drive called Couch Party 2.0, alongside Hollywood heavyweights like Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson.

“We can still make a difference even as we #StayHome. Excited to join @whenweallvote’s #CouchParty tonight with my friends Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson!” Obama announced in a tweet. “And of course @djdnice will be playing a live set while we spread the word! Join us at 7:15pm ET.”

“Join our #CouchParty 2.0 to come together with the When We All Vote community and our Co-Chair Michelle Obama to talk about how we can continue to make a difference to help safely register and turn out our communities to vote,” the event website reads.

The group sponsoring the event, When We All Vote, claims to be non-partisan, but is run by a host of far-left singers, actors, and sports figures.

Michelle Obama is the co-chair of the group, which featured partisan sponsors like Vote Latino, the NAACP, the NBA, the NEA, the National Urban League, the XQ Institute, and many others.

The group is also backing efforts to implement nationwide mail-in voting, which opens up the virtual certainty of widespread voter fraud that will harm Republicans like President Trump, who do not have as much of an advantage in voter fraud hot-spots like inner cities.

Tom Hanks also promoted the event on his Twitter page, writing: “Groovy #CouchParty today for, like, oh what’s the word? DEMOCRACY, that’s it. @WhenWeAllVote. I’ll be there.”

Wilson also promoted the event, stating:  “TODAY! I’ll be joining @WhenWeAllVote‘s #CouchParty 2.0 with fellow co-chair @MichelleObama to help register voters during this unprecedented time. Join me and @TomHanks on the action call at 7:15 PM ET before we get the party started!”

With Michelle Obama they are clearly aren’t targeting all Americans with their effort.

Obama has continued to take the unconventional approach as a former First Lady by attacking the current President.

Do you think Michelle Obama should stay out of politics?

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  2. How is all this remotely related to politics? Michelle’s idea of politics is fun, fun, fun! Sensationalism or when it comes to “her own” sappy sentimentality bordering on slobbering “puppy love”. This isn’t political. It’s entertainment and plain as the nose on her face. Character assassination is no substitute for political ideology or alternatives.

  3. The Obamas are worse than the Clintons, wont they ever go away.She belongs with the other Hollywood phonies

  4. There is no voter suppression in this country. Everybody has two legs, and some form of identification.
    Illegal aliens are not allowed to vote. If you don’t like it, vote to have the law changed.
    Democrats are trying to use this pandemic to change the laws making it easier to engage in voter fraud in hopes of stealing the November election, and all future elections.

  5. What about quadriplegics and double amputees? The point is Republicans have made every effort to cull certain peoples from the voter rolls and hold elections in the middle of a pandemic. Most people have two eyes but fail to see reality as it actually is.

  6. Michelle Obama is a disgrace and always has been. She is not the sharpest knife in
    the drawer and doesn’t seem to realize it. She keeps opening her mouth and making
    a bigger fool of herself than she was before. I guess she will be trying to register the
    illegals who legally can not vote but that has never stopped this nimrod before. The
    law means nothing to the Obama’s. Nothing should stand in the way of their wants
    and desires. It would be interesting to have her investigated in-depth to find out what
    and who she really is. I don’t trust either of the Obamas any farther than I could throw
    them. They are corrupt and always have been.

  7. James, it is you who has no concept of reality and it is very obvious that you know nothing at all about republicans. You are a liar. Voter fraud is very real and what the dems are doing to make sure that they win and take control of us. FACT. That is their depraved goal. The ONLY people who should not be allowed to vote are illegals. But I’m sure that you have no clue about that, ether

  8. Those who hate Pres. Trump and this country are very free to LEAVE. Pres. Trump is doing only good for us, but you deny the truth

  9. I’m not an advocate of illegals voting. I don’t see this as major problem at all, just right wing bs propaganda. Just let’s make it easier for all citizens to vote. I know and you know that this would be disastrous to the GOP.

  10. Michelle Odummer is so not important to anything – let alone the Election in November! Please….

  11. My Bible says that WHOEVER comes against authority . . . BEWARE! Their destruction is coming – AND swiftly. These LEFTISTS will be losing ELECTION after election in 2020 because the U.S. Citizen is SICK of the HORRIBLY failed Left Wing Policies and they are showing their HORRIBLY bad TRUE colors. We DON’T want more of the same! One Observant and Disgusted Patriot – Like ALL TRUE Patriots. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  12. James Cottrell anyone who is disabled can apply for a mail in voters ballot, it’s simple just call the supervisor of elections office. While you say that voters fraud is unreal then how do you account for the 3 million votes ( all for Hillary ) in the last election , in California alone. How do you account for the fraudulent votes of those that had groups filling out their ballots and taking them to the poll, later to find out none of their votes went to those they voted for, the ballots had been changed. Or even all the dead voters still on the records, many of them voted ( I won’t say for who for again ). Same would be said about requiring ID’s, some groups say it is suppressing the vote, but those same people have to have a ID to cash their checks, welfare checks, apply for food stamps etc, so they have Id’s, the ones that wouldn’t are illegal and shouldn’t be voting anyways.

  13. She needs to pay more attention and get involved with her daughters who seem to be rebelling since in college. Family is more important than any political agenda.

  14. James, the dem party has thrown God out. They cannot win. In the end they will follow their master satan to Heil

  15. Yes I’ve voted absentee before. As for the 2016 election, most of the electorate simply preferred Hillary. Next up, we need to get rid of the electoral system, simple majority wins. Will Trump look for Russian help again? He’s gonna need it.

  16. Regan was correct “The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they are ignorant ~ it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so!”

  17. The Facts…You are correct. No way should illegals be voting. That is a privilege that should be only for citizens

  18. James you are a FOOL!!!!!! Pres. Trump NEVER asked for Russian help. That is a lie. And we have the electoral system for a very good reason. And NO, the electorate DID NOT prefer Hillary. Hillery did not get the electoral vote and only won the popular vote because of dead people and illegals voting and those who voted more than once. FACT. You have no concept of the truth. You just blindly believe the lies of your dem leaders without question. sad

  19. Mail in voting is just another way of the left taking the 2020 election by fraud. There is no way to verify the votes if everyone’s vote is mailed in. As far As the Republicans stopping people from voting if you believe that your just an idiot. In Georgia the democrat a black woman cried she lost because of voter suppression which was proven false by the highest turn out ever in numbers. She’s still running around crying this lie. You go and believe this crap all you want but it doesn’t change the facts. You don’t need millions to turn an election like the left would like you to believe. All you need is a couple thousand in different districts in different states and the election results turn around. Election fraud is real and hundreds if not thousands have been brought to court and found guilty of it. And 99 % are leftists. The left is making this virus out to be a lot more worse than it is . Millions have it yet under 50,000 have died from it and many of those died from other causes yet they have been counted as victims of the virus. One example is a democrat mayor or governor stated that a new born baby died and had links to the virus. The way he stated it you would think the baby died from the virus when in fact the baby died by accidental suffocation from its mother. The left is totally corrupt and are anti-American. If you vote for the Dems than your stupid or you just hate America. Just look at what they did to both the virus relief bills. They held both up while people died and lost their jobs, just to put their leftist trash in them when all of their crap had no relation to the virus. Yes the Republicans suck too, but at least their not run by communists and want America to die so they can rule like kings. Nuff said!

  20. James The commie dems are all for illegals voting, because of free stuff. If it was a fact that most of those crossing our southern border tended tobe concervative, the dems would have a wall up a long time ago. and also as part of voter fraud, besides dead people voting, and dual state addresses, get to vote twice, In the 2016 elections many counties had more votes cast than the population of those counties, and I’d be willing to bet that every one of those counties had more Democrat vates than the Republicans. Lets end communism in 2020.

  21. No one respects Michelle Obama? These people have not done one thing to help the African-American Community. They are professed Muslim Followers? The exact opposite of What America Was Founded on? AMERICA was founded on CHRISTIANITY! We left EUROPE to start a entire NEW COUNTRY Called AMERICA in order to begin a new with CHRISTIANITY! … EVERYONE worth their salt knows HOLLYWOOD IS CORRUPTED! And based on the “CASTING COUCH” Harvey Wienstien type Role Model? MICHELLE can expect to be a COMPLETE FAILURE if she dips one fake fingernail into the POLITICAL ARENA. Not to mention a LAUGHING STALK and the brunt of most folks jokes? Well, you know why?

  22. That gorila omama and her ape wife should disappear, they stole all they could, that wasn’t enough for them? Demonrats like winning with illegal and death people votes, we all know that but sorry it won’t happen this November. This Presiden for whom I didn’t voted (actually I voted for omama in his time) this actual President will be re-elected so let him govern good let him still making America even greater.

  23. I don’t care for the mail in voting. I will let those who want to cheat in anyway they can. That goes for all political parties. But how can we the people know for sure the count is true even at the ballot box. The only on we can count on for a true count, is GOD’S count.

  24. I lost all the respect I had for Hanks. I used to think he was one of the best of Hollywood. Not now what a disappointment. Someday you will see the light of truth. I will take pleasure in knowing I don’t have to watch any of your films ever again. What a sad day for entertainment.

  25. How can anyone post anything. My post is not correct. The spelling of some words were incorrect spelling. Not of my fault. Sorry!

  26. It’s just like the Hollywood complicit criminal liberals to team up with the criminal / terrorist , warped Michael Obama to do more subversive sedition & treason against America ! How much MORE crimes against America does it take before these worthless cretins get arrested to GITMO with the REST of the terrorists & a cheap rope !

  27. Go Michelle Go You are a true loser just another obummer You will lose in the end you are a true fake in more ways than one. America smart ones will be there laughing when you fall God is on our side But I truly hope God will forgive your kind LOL

  28. If Michelle is anything like her husband, we can NOT trust her. What does she know about politics anyway? How could she possibly judge our president. Her words mean nothing to me or any other smart American.

  29. TDS is pandemic among Democrats. Never in our history have we had a party threaten, harass and bring riots in our streets before. This Democratic insanity is shameful. I suppose their elite Hollyweirdos are going to bring ACORN back to get phony voter registrations.

  30. JAMES .ur an idiot .the only way the corupt demrats win is to cheat, buy off the MSM and have to illegals and the dead to vote by mail…the dems know it and all hand on deck..but the devil never wins,just manipulates dumb people to do his work..

  31. Judical watch has already caught California’.for ddl voting and illegally voting and the dead voting in march .super Tuesday. Check out ..judical watch website .they are not a polical law office..

  32. Michelle Obama is an extreme racist, hates this country and should go very far away. No one I ever talk to cares what she does or what she thinks. She should spend her time and our dollars on therapy to get rid of chip on shoulder and go on a serious diet

  33. More trash from Hollyweird. The Obamas always played to that far left crowd. The last person on earth that I would ask for political guidance would be Tom Hanks or any of the other jackassses like Milano, Cher, Streisand, etc. Obama wins an award just like her husband won a Nobel which he never earned. Let’s get real.

  34. I agree 100% with Jim Nash. Hollywood should use their free time to get together and put their money out and help the homeless , supply food and places for them to sleep. I guess living in their million dollar residents surrounded by tall walls they don’t come in contact with these poor people. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU.

  35. Michelle Obama may be a darling of the Hollywood set, but she is not so popular among the real world people. Most people see her for what she is – a racist, hateful person, ugly inside and out.

  36. Mrs. Barry really should find a hobby. She’s a tag along that wants to be Pres. In 2024. Pure and simple. Look who she’s signing up. Robt. Diner, Tom Hanks, and other actors who I really respected. No more. I hope it backfires. And it will.

  37. The virus has really emboldened the American Commuist Party. I don’t know if Biden is a member (you could ask him but here wouldn’t remember), but they are backing him so they can kill him off and have a black communist female president. Then a civil war which they have no hope of winning, thus the abject stupidity f o these animals.

  38. Hmm just by your responses Mr Cottrel I’d bet your black. Lack of discipline in your verbiage (m’fer) tells me that. Easily provoked with no discipline, typical. As for Mike Obama he/she should get some class and remove itself from the “democracy” they claim to promote. Couch party says it ALL. Lazy couch potatoes is more like it. Staying at home does not mean sit on the couch. Homes, yards neighborhoods should be SPOTLESS at this time. They need to hold the hands of their party because they are all irresponsible. Freedom REQUIRES responsibility but Hollywood needs to hold their hands and have a hip hop rap crap “party” to ingratitude their base. Disgusting but a pedo like Hanks loves this stuff. Makes his Piccadillos easier to manifest. Yes keep on “handling” your peoples while the real Americans support a real American President by common sense and responsibility. No one needs to promote my vote. Homework was never your strong side I can see. Watch Candace Owen’s she’ll do your homework for you. Then you can look at her paper to pass. Jesus taught responsibility Mr. God helps those who help themselves. In terms you understand
    ” fk your couch potato rap crap party”
    Homey don’t do dat.

  39. Ya gotta love the ODS folks on here. (Obama Derangement Syndrome) for you cultists, Hi bj, my very favorite cultist.

    And the hateful anti-Christian, anti-Americans is astounding.

  40. The media tries to twist our president’s words, but what he said is true. A bio science company with Cedar Sinai has the license, for Ultra Violet Alight technology and in their words have the means through a unique endotracheal devise can disinfect an infected lung. It can remove virus, bacteria and even the coronavirus. Hollywoood, news media and the party people might learn something if they listen. His suggestions have been effective, even Hyrochloroquine. Governor Cuomo agreed of faulty inflated numbers. The President may have backtracked on his speech, because this may be early news released too soon. He’s done his homework America. Let’s get back to work.

  41. Yes, I am a proud “liberal”: I believe in liberty as prescribed in our Constitution ” ALL men( which also includes women) are created equal ( no matter creed, politics, color of the skin, rich or poor) and are endowed by our Christian God with unalienable rights among which (it includes others) are life (which requires health, safe water and air, shelter, food, etc), liberty (of speech, religion, education, social justice …..) and the pursuit of happiness ( you are to be able to pursue your dreams, always respecting others no matter who you are, where you come from,or your political and religious beliefs).
    What I have read here is unAmerican and unChristian (Do to others as you would like others to do to you)

  42. the Obamas are scum bags traitors we don’t want either of you in our Government not now not ever we are sick of traitors

  43. Michelle Robinson Obama: Chicago, Illinois

    Local girl from Southside makes good. Ms. Robinson applied and was accepted into Harvard Law with her application from Princeton University. What credentials! Black girl from the Southside and a Princeton grad. We all know how Ms. Robinson got in to Harvard Law. The question is: How did she get out of Harvard Law? Unless the final exam was 1) Fill in the blank, 2) Circle the correct answer, 3) Which of the following does not apply? 4) Which of the following appears to be correct……….. Or, “all of the above”. If she took at shot at the “answers”, a likely score could have been 60%, enough to graduate.
    Mrs. Obama’s law license was suspended, and she was disbarred from legal practice in 2009.


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