Michelle Obama and Tom Hanks just announced a socialist scheme to fix the 2020 election


Hollywood actors like Tom Hanks are doing everything they can to defeat President Trump in November.

That’s why he’s been teaming up with Michelle Obama on this cause.

And the two just announced a socialist scheme to fix the 2020 election.

The Obama family have ignored previous norms for outgoing Presidential families.

While historically, past Presidents have opted not to criticize their successor, they can’t help but bash President Trump with every chance they get.

Michelle Obama in particular has been a vocal Trump critic.

She has gone on news shows, and late night talk shows to blast the current First Family.

But she isn’t just using her words to attack him, she is organizing to help stop him from winning re-election in November.

That’s why she has launched a non-profit voter registration group called When We All Vote.

And her group isn’t just registering voters, they are also trying to enact controversial vote-by-mail policies, more aptly known as “cheat by mail” due to how ripe it is for mass voter fraud.

Her group is now working alongside with Hollywood actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson for this cause.

And they are working alongside the socialist activist group MoveOn.org to do it.

The hyper-partisan group was formed during Bill Clinton’s impeachment to defend him.

In an email from the group, their partnership with Hanks and Wilson was announced.

“Join Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson by adding your name to fight for safe and fair elections,” the group writes before linking to a petition page which includes messaging from Obama’s group.

“With the threat of Covid-19 looming over the November election, Congress must act to ensure every American has the ability to cast their ballot safely and without unnecessary risk,” MoveOn says at its petition page. “Tell your elected officials to expand access to vote-by-mail, early voting, and online voter registration.”

They then push the falsehood relating to the recent Wisconsin primary election, claiming that “thousands of voters risked their health and defied a stay-at-home order to exercise their right to vote.”

In reality, coronavirus infection rates in the state went down in the two weeks after the election date.

They are trying to claim that their vote-by-mail scheme has all to do with safety, when in reality it is entirely meant to help Democrats.

The policy would mail ballots to every single registered voter in the United States, making it possible for activists to harvest ballots to fill out with their preferred candidate.

Ballot harvesting is most lucrative in inner city areas, which are known to favor Democrats.

Do you think vote-by-mail is a bad idea?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. I think that if Michelle Obama had taken even Elvis Presley to her team – we do not need her absolutely – neither as an ex-president and in any other qualities.

  3. Just one more nail in the coffin of Dems Freedom of Speech. As if their collective policies weren’t escape and cover from personal commitment and liability. Their leadership is working on the belief that conscience only affords fall guys or suckers. Why should their average voter feel guilty but evidently they do. Brainwashing thru the years?

  4. Dems foster the myth that their people can’t afford to vote their consciences. They’re saying use the politicians as your scapegoat and fall guys.

  5. Shame on you Tom- I know,already said–this is disgusting= vote by mail- no ID needed–lets see how many times can a person vote??????

  6. Here’s what’s really going on: President Trump is trying to bankrupt the United States Postal Service — and if we don’t take action now, Congress might let him get away with it. That’s because during this financial crisis, Congress has spent hundreds of billions to bail out corporations — but won’t give the USPS any of the funding it needs. And without action from Congress, the Postal Service — which has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic — could be bankrupt in the next few months. But President Trump says he’ll veto any stimulus bill if it funds the USPS.

  7. Michelle is no different than her husband who used the government to spy on a political opponent and set a trap for Flynn in hopes of overturning a United States presidential election.
    You have to understand these people think you are stupid for voting for Trump and therefor they believe it is their obligation and responsibility to make that choice for you. This is how elitist college professors think.

  8. Vasu Murti, Trump is not trying to bankrupt the U.S. postal service. Trump just doesn’t want pandemic relief money to be used to bailout failing government agencies. That’s why Trump doesn’t want money going to states to bailout their underfunded pension liabilities either, like Illinois. The U.S. postal service has always been underwater, and why is that? They collect postage for every delivery so why can’t they make ends meet and balance their books? Why should tax payers have to bailout mismanaged government agencies?

  9. “With the threat of Covid-19 looming over the November election, Congress must act to ensure every undocumented immigrant has the ability to cast their ballot safely and without unnecessary risk of deportation,” MoveOn says at its petition page. “Tell your elected officials to expand access to cheat-by-mail to everyone living in this country, early voting, voting often, and online voter registration.”

  10. Michelle Obama knows they can’t beat Trump,
    That why they are pushing mail in vote, it not for safety….that why you wear PPE. Vote in person 2020 Trump

  11. If I were giving caution to anyone it would be to stay away from this group. They truly think that they are ‘Untouchable’. They are not and when they go down it will be their ‘workers’ who they throw under the bus.

  12. No VoterID – NO VOTE !! If they do this mail in ballot CRAP, it is the end of America as we know it.

  13. That’s what happend when people are around the crooked Obama’s .even got Tom Hanks brainwashed.now he is trying to help them cheat with mail in voting..China has corupted Hollywood with sending them moneys for their re-runs.now the obamas partying with them ,got them brainwashed..its all about money to to these people. Root of all evil.

  14. The EVIL democRATS will do ANYTHING they can to cheat and commit fraud to beat Trump… They know that they cannot beat him legally.. they will stoop to anything to cheat … ANYONE who cares at all about this country, BETTER BE AWARE OF THE EVIL THESE DEMOCRATS WILL DO TO SEIZE POWER OVER THE PEOPLE..

  15. “Do you think vote-by-mail is a bad idea?”

    I am a registered Republican in Pennsylvania, and I received this which was paid for “by the Republican National Committee”

    “Voting by mail is an easy, convenient and ‘secure’ way to cast your ballot.
    Return the Official Republican Party Mail-In Ballot Application
    to avoid lines and protect yourself from large crowds on Election Day.”

    I believe it is hypocritical for the Republican National Committee to be paying for a ballot in the Republican Primary in PA.

  16. One thing for certain, they have nothing better to do since they don’t work and they have millions of dollars, thanks to taking advantage of their notoriety and the stupidity of their weak-minded followers.

  17. If someone had done to her husband what she is doing to our current President it would be called Racist.

  18. “FIX” is certainly the right word here! What surprised me is that Tom Hanks has anything to do with this scheme! Perhaps Republicans should follow the lead of the Dumocrats and start printing up some fake ballots themselves! I shutter to think what this country has become! My parents were staunch Democrats all their lives, but I think if they were still around, they would NEVER vote for the low-life in office now!

  19. It’s unfortunate that Tom Hanks recovered from the coronavirus. Would have been great if it took him out.

  20. Vast, as usual, you have no idea as to what you are talking about. Just more liberal garbage false talking points that you hope people won’t notice. Well, here’s a news flash for you, most people have noticed and you will see how much come November. We all know that the Democrats are in extremely deep trouble and they will say and do anything to win. Desperation has set in for the Dems and it’s fun to watch them squeal!

  21. John J. Is Michelle not being smart enough to rig her own bloomers the reason why we saw the bulge in her dresses and pants-remember it swinging when she was dancing on Ellen?

  22. Trump won’t bail out the post office because the post office won’t give us the same good rate they giveAmazon. And I don’t blame him for that. Thanks President Trump for looking after us the American people.

  23. Tom Hanks. I am totally disappointed in you. I was formerly a fan but no more. How dare you team up with Michelleto try and dump Trump. You are digging your own grave with no more fans nearby.
    Rev. Austin Miles USA

  24. There is a huge difference in mail in voting in a primary (within the Republican or Democrat parties with distinct platforms) and trying to sell the same thing in a General Election between Parties with distinctly different platforms, agendas, and World Views. The Democrat moto is count every vote, Dead or Alive, as many times as you can get by with it.

  25. Of course its bad. I wonder how many people [ Dems ] are falling for this and other nonsense, such people like Michelle Obama are putting out or smiling while they make speeches that Trump is the bad guy and they know everything and do it right? People need to look into things so they are educated as to what is really going on.


  27. Vasu Murti:Your an IDIOT, left wing, screwball! Let’s have “Mail in Voting”, so we can assured of MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD! Ya, no I.D. mail in Voting, you IDIOTS complained about Russia, now you can have the election thru”Mail Fraud Voting”! Tom, you have gone over the deep end, partnering with that WITCH!

  28. Tom Hanks – another of the useful idiots of his Leftist masters. “Mail-in” voting (not legitimate absentee ballots) is wide open to fraud. It simply must not be permitted.

  29. They are trying to commit VOTER FRAUD! Don’t let them! I’m from Wisconsin! They tried to commit voter fraud here by forcing everyone to do mail in voting. They tried changing the rules at the last minute to say you did not need to have a witness or show an id. Wisconsin WAS hurt in April because of the games they played. If you can go to the grocery store …then you can go to the voting booth! They came up with wonderful ways of protecting people. But they still did their best to take away our rights as a citizen!!! We were hurt by all the mail in votes. I do THINK that they were partially successful in stealing the election for liberals in Wisconsin! DO NOT LET THEM STEAL OUR ELECTIONS AGAIN! NOT IN ANY STATE! GOD BLESS AMERICA …LAND OF THE FREE AND HOME OF THE BRAVE!

  30. It is well known Michael is a tranny but, it is very disappointing Tom is a backstabber putrid BurroRat, putting the US to shame and disgracing Israel & the Jewish people.

  31. Is it a bad idea NO it’s the worst idea I ever heard. Of course the Demo. will cheat. They’ll get all the dead people from the virus and have them vote. Voting in person with a license is the only way to vote and if voting means anything to you, you would come out and vote.

  32. Michelle Obama is a proven racist and all-around bad guy. Vote-by-mail is one more way to facilitate Democrat election fraud. After feeling cheated (and being told they were by Party leaders and media) in the 2016 election, Democrats now feel justified in cheating in the coming 2020 election. Vote-by-mail makes it easier.

  33. Trump wants the post office to raise their prices for delivering packages . Today Amazon is getting packages delivered way below the cost of delivery , thereby bankrupting their competition with subsidized delivery . The Post office has to either go out of business or pay its own way . Free enterprise has always been the best way to rule everything .

  34. For some reason, to most people, Hanks has always had the appearance of being a straight-arrow, and not involved with the usual celebrity hi jinks. But the fact is, he is and always was just another Hollywood leftist misfit unworthy of all applause and adulation.

  35. Missmell has done it again. That hag should retire. Tom Hanks is a great actor. It is a shame his political thinking is so misguided.

    Dr. Demento

  36. Several fraudulent Communist, Democrat cheaters have already been exposed for altering voting ballots. A Detroit city clerk was charged with 6 frelonies for altering ballots to favor Democrats. A Pa. judge confessed to altering ballots for Democrats, after several years, and a postal worker was recently arrested doing the same. We can’t even trust the Postal Workers. We need machines, that can’t be hacked with matching, identification voting cards. Vasu, my friend and brothers worked for the Post Office, so it is good pensions, union threats and high salaries, that cause bankruptcies, along with mishandling of funds.

  37. Obama and democrats cheated one last 3 elections why the hell would we trust them any more. Walk in with Id and vote. No other way. Citizens only no foreign influence of any kind. Post a border agent at every voting poll to check Identification for false ID.

  38. In my opinion if I can watch these Democratic voters stand in line to crowd into their local Walmart, they can stand in line to vote. If people are required to show ID to get into the Democratic National Convention (that is a requirement, fact check it) then you should also be required to show ID in order to vote for person you nominate at that convention. If these liberal Democratic run states want to allow mail in voting, then there should be two separate elections, one election for state and local positions and one for Federal office. Let the States run the elections for the states and let the Feds run elections concerning Federal Office. No Democrat will agree to this as it will lessen their opportunity to steal the White House and both houses of Congress in our upcoming election on November 3rd!!!

  39. I have long believed Mr. Hanks to be a fantastic actor, but beyond that in questions of politics I see no reason to hold his opinions to be anything even pretending worthy of respect.

  40. Interesting how all you right wing Trump supporters want to do everything possible to suppress the vote – why? because as Trump has admitted the more people vote the less likely republicans and him are to win … why do you right wingers take gerrymandering to such an extreme in states like North Carolina and Wisconsin and cheat with absentee ballots like in the North Carolina congressional election which got overturned for fraud like this – because you can’t win in a free and fair election!! … In the last Wisconsin supreme court election aside from forcing this election at the 11th hour in the middle of the pandemic you guys only set up 5 polling places in Milwaukee when there are usually @200 in a normal election – why?, because you wanted to suppress the vote as much as possible in a big democratic area and will continue with these shenanagins whenever and where-ever you can get away with it – sad for our country!!

  41. She is like others they don’t know how to shut up and go away. Tell us M Obama who are you going to throw under the bus first. How about telling all those Hollywood people you say are your friends what you really think of them and what you really want from them. Obama’s hate Americans and specially rich white people. What they really want from Hollywood is there money. Obama’s want to rule America forever as King and Queen so everyone will bow to them. Biggest fake you have ever seen, trust me I know what I am talking about.


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