Michael Moore left everyone in shock after what he said about Joe Biden’s tragic Afghanistan withdrawal


Famed leftist Michael Moore has always been one to make the most outlandish claims.

And as the nation reacts to the horrors we all witnessed in Kabul, leftists are bending over backwards to defend President Biden.

But Michael Moore left everyone in shock after what he said about Joe Biden’s tragic Afghanistan withdrawal.

No one hates conservatives more than left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore.

The man just spews anger toward anyone right of Barack Obama.

And more often than not, his hatred toward hardworking Americans and their politicians leads to illogical and down right stupid theories.

Just watch the video below of Moore theorizing that Trump wasn’t going to let the 2020 election happen.

And as you would imagine, Leftists were eager to hear his thoughts on Biden’s Afghanistan tragedy.

But any positive outlook on what’s happened at the Kabul Airport would be delusional at best.

Having thirteen service members die in any situation is horrific.

But having them die as a result of the incompetence of Joe Biden is unthinkable.

Well, Michael Moore broke his silence on Afghanistan and is actually praising Joe Biden.

While on MSNBC, Moore claimed that we are “all blessed to have Joe Biden in the White House.”

While viewers watched in disbelief as Moore gushed:

I am so proud of President Biden, who I did not vote for in the Michigan primary. I voted for, and I worked for Bernie Sanders. I have been completely surprised and feeling that we’re all blessed to have Joe Biden in the White House in these last months, his first year in office. All the things that he has done. Not just in standing bravely and never walking it back like a politician and especially a Democratic politician would. They would get afraid of the Republicans and the right-wing telling them that he was a coward and withdrawing from Afghanistan. Democrats have such a history of walking things back like this.

You can watch his full embarrassing interview below:

Not many are upset about leaving behind a 20 year war, which the withdrawal was started by Trump.

The issue is leaving behind United States citizens and allies as our military left them defenseless as our two decade old ruthless enemy took over the streets of Afghanistan.

And as a result, our brave soldiers died and now countless Americans are still stranded in Afghanistan.