Michael Moore just embarrassed Bernie Sanders so badly it could end his 2020 campaign


Michael Moore is one of Hollywood’s most radical Leftists.

Naturally, he decided to publicly endorse socialist Senator Bernie Sanders.

But his endorsement did not go as planned and it could mean the end of Sanders’ campaign.

While speaking at Bernie Sanders’ “Bernie is Back” rally after his health issues, Moore unexpectedly embarrassed Sanders.

Recently, Bernie Sanders was hospitalized after having a heart attack.

This has brought his age and health into the spotlight.

During Michael Moore’s speech at the rally, Moore tried to address those concerns but ended up embarrassing the Senator in the worst way possible.

Instead of discussing Bernie’s health, he suggested they speak about the health of the planet that’s actually dying.

He went on to stress why “It’s actually a gift that we have a 78-year-old running for President”.

The entire speech was a massive embarrassment to Bernie Sanders.

Breitbart reports:

Left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore dismissed mounting concerns surrounding Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) health and age during a “Bernie’s Back Rally” in New York City on Saturday, declaring that he is “glad” that Sanders is 78-years-old and arguing that he would rather “talk about the health of this planet that’s dying” than Sanders’ heart attack.

The Sicko director dismissed concerns over Sanders’ age — he would be the oldest president to take office if elected — and argued that he is “glad” that Sanders is 78-years-old.

“I’m glad he’s 78, and we will benefit for his wisdom and his experience and his knowledge and his love for the American people,” Moore said. “It’s actually a gift that we have a 78-year-old American running for President of the United States. You know why that’s a gift?”

“What has a 78-year-old seen? Bernie has seen many of the things we’ve never seen,” the filmmaker said, naming pay raises, pensions, and the defeat of fascism and white supremacy.

Bernie Sanders instantly regretted having Michael Moore speak at his rally.

The last thing he wants voters in the Democratic primary thinking about is his old age and deteriorating health.

The reality is, Bernie Sanders is not in a healthy condition.

And a number of Sanders’ younger opponents are beginning to chip away at his lead in the polls.

What do you think?

Should Bernie Sanders’ age be a factor during his campaign for President?


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