Michael Moore is calling on one Governor to do something despicable


Propaganda filmmaker Michael Moore has become even more unglued.

Donald Trump essentially broke Moore’s brain over the past five years.

Now Moore is calling on one Governor to do something despicable.

The Democrats have realized that COVID-19 is a massive opportunity for them to exert top-down control and justify outrageous spending bills.

That’s why they’re attempting to prolong the pandemic for as long as possible.

Left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore is doing his part to incite panic.

Moore implored Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer to shut down his home state.

He said, “The Governor of Michigan has to shut the state down . . . People need to stay at home. The schools . . . need shutdown, just for a little bit, not long. This is not some long-term thing here. This is just right now, immediately, to try and bring an end to this rapid rapid epidemic in Michigan of the U.K. variant.”

This is absurd.

America is far past “just for a little bit.”

For all intents and purposes, the COVID crisis is over.

Deaths and hospitalizations are down across the country as more and more people in communities are getting vaccinated or naturally achieving herd immunity.

Moore continued ranting, “Shut down the restaurants, the bars, the businesses . . . People, stay home, just for a little bit. Stay home from school, just for a little bit. We made a mistake in reopening the state of Michigan too soon. Stop this back and forth, open [and] close, this isn’t working.”

Moore had previously said that COVID “is probably a three-to-four-year pandemic.”

When he says “just for a little bit,” he is not to be trusted.

The country has gone from “15 days to slow the spread” to “three-to-four-year pandemic.”

That is not going to fly.

Even blue areas like Los Angeles are opening back up.

People have been cooped up inside for a year, and they’re sick of it.

The COVID numbers do not justify the level of hysteria coming from people like Dr. Anthony Fauci, the corporate-controlled press, and left-wing celebrities like Moore spreading fear.

Moore said he’s concerned about the UK variant of COVID, but not even the UK’s schools are locked down.

America is one of the few countries that stopped in-person learning.

The teachers unions don’t want to go back to work, and the Democrat Media Complex is perfectly happy to oblige them.