Michael J. Fox just brutally attacked this major 2020 Democrat candidate. What he said will have you burst out laughing


Michael J. Fox is widely known for being a radically leftist actor who doesn’t shy away from sharing his opinion with everyone.

But no one expected to hear him attack this prominent 2020 Democrat candidate.

And what he said will have you burst out laughing.

Hollywood celebrities are spreading their endorsements thin, due to the size of the field running for President.

Democrat candidates of course chase the endorsements and brag about them to their donors, supporters, and voters in whichever state they are campaigning in.

But most of the celebrities don’t lash out at opposing candidates in the primary.

That’s why Michael J. Fox’s attack was so shocking.

Michael Fox has endorsed Mayor Pete Buttigieg and has even started fundraising for him.

When discussing the Democratic field, Fox stated, “I’m sitting there going, ‘Why are you yelling at me, Bernie, what did I do to you?’” he said as the crowd laughed. “They’re all screaming, but Pete isn’t screaming, he’s just talking to me.”

Bernie Sanders is often made fun of from SNL and others in the media for the volume at which he speaks.

Sanders’ voice can come across very aggressive and even jarring.

And Michael J. Fox is calling him out for it and embarrassing his candidacy.

Sanders is currently falling behind Pete Buttigieg in New Hampshire and elsewhere. In the debates, Sanders’ voice can come across as shrill and it feels as if he is even yelling at voters.

While Sanders has collected a sizeable amount of celebrity endorsements, it may not be enough for him to ultimately defeat Mayor Pete in the upcoming primary states.

Other candidates like Mike Bloomberg and Tom Steyer are threatening to derail the entire race by spending tens of millions of dollars of their own money on Super Tuesday.

What do you think? Is Bernie Sanders falling behind in the 2020 campaign?

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