Michael Cohen got wrecked on The View for his lies and you won’t want to miss this


Few people have been in the news more over the past couple of years than Michael Cohen.

Now he has a book, which does nothing but trash President Trump.

But Michael Cohen got wrecked on The View for his lies and you won’t want to miss this.

Michael Cohen used to be Donald Trump’s trusted personal attorney.

But like so many others, he turned on President Trump and has attacked him relentlessly.

Unfortunately for Cohen, he fell from the respected attorney to a disgraced criminal through his lies in the past.  

He even served a year in jail after being found guilty of lying to Congress.

Like so many others, Cohen has decided to write a book that does nothing but drag President Trump through the mud.

His new book, Disloyal, has been a hit with the Fake News Media and he is doing a tour now on the major networks to promote it.

While on The View earlier this week, Michael Cohen was confronted about the many lies in his book about President Trump. 

Meghan McCain asked Cohen, “A liar, is a liar, is a liar.  So why aren’t you lying now?”

Cohen responded, “Let me start, first, Meghan, by saying that I believe that your father was a tremendous hero to this country.”

Angrily McCain interrupted and claimed, “That doesn’t get that far with me.”

After she repeated the question Cohen responded in shock by saying, “You do have to look at what the lies were all about.  They were at the direction of, and for the benefit of Donald J. Trump. I’ve said that since Day One.”

You can see the exchange here:

It is hard to believe anything that comes out of Cohen’s mouth about President Trump since he has lied nonstop for the past couple years.  

But like many others, it seems like Cohen is trying to get a quick buck from his book by trashing President Trump with falsehoods.

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