Michael Bloomberg’s latest anti-Christian plan will terrify every God-fearing American


Michael Bloomberg wants nothing more than to become President.

He is willing to spend whatever it takes to get there, having already spent hundreds of millions.

And his latest anti-Christian plan will terrify every God-fearing American.

Billionaire former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is running a Presidential campaign like none in history.

Instead of relying on donations from supporters, he is using his massive $62 billion fortune to buy the election.

He has already spent over $350 million in his race.

Many in the mainstream media believe that with that sort of spending, he just may be able to surpass the Democrat field for president and be President Trump’s challenger in November.

And they want you to believe that he is a moderate who can’t be compared to other extremist candidates like Bernie Sanders.

But Bloomberg certainly is extreme in his own right, and makes that very clear on his new policy plan on abortion.

Labeling it the “plan to expand and safeguard access to reproductive services,” it goes just as far as the other Democrats in the field.

“As president, I will fiercely protect a woman’s right to choose, and I will appoint judges who will defend that right,” Bloomberg declared February 12. “On my first day in office, I will reverse the damage President Trump has done to women’s rights and ensure that every woman has access to reproductive health care.”

But Bloomberg goes even further, making clear that he will support allowing non-doctors to perform abortions.

“Mike will also encourage states to expand the types of medical professionals permitted to perform abortions like physician assistants, nurse practitioners and certified nurse-midwives,” the press release adds.

This puts women in danger, and has often been abused by abortionists.

Former abortionist and convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell delegated parts of the abortion procedure to non-physician staff, including one who was only 15-years-old.

It isn’t shocking that Bloomberg’s plan is this extreme.

He has been a major donor to a number of pro-abortion organizations, including Planned Parenthood.

If he becomes President, he will work to do their bidding, and reverse the pro-life wins President Trump has been able to achieve.

And with tens of billions of dollars at his disposal, he should not be underestimated.

Do you think Michael Bloomberg could beat President Donald Trump in November?

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  2. I may be wrong but I think he is throwing away his money. He should use it to feed and house the homeless. I am 83 and realize that I just don’t think as rationally as I once did. Bloom and Bern are getting up there and I personally think they have both lost their minds. Maybe they should lighten up on the Kool Aid. Just saying.

  3. Bloomberg will never win over comrade Bernie’s base. Not unless he tells them he will use his billions to pay off their student loans.

  4. Bloomberg’s campaign ads, with Obama by his side, are constantly being run in the Tri-state area !Even though it is his money, I can’t phantom anyone spending MILLIONS of dollars on ads with the HOPE of becoming our next president! God forbid!!! Is it because he is the Democratic party’s only hope now?? Well, people who live in NYC or near it know what an incompetent and inefficient mayor of NYC he was. Plus, the VERY inappropriate and disrespectful remarks he made about the farmers in this country. And others as well. I hope all of his previous interviews criticizing our citizens will be aired during this campaign year and people will remember this before casting their votes. And on a personal note, for all the haters that call President Trump an arrogant a**, well Bloomberg makes Trump look like a wall flower in that area!!!!

  5. One final thought. With Bloomberg’s Pro- Abortion stance and pushing for non-doctors to preform these abominations. Not only will he have blood on his hands by killing these innocent little ones, but probably have some of these women having these abortions dying as well. I hope people will come to their senses and take proper precautions NOT to become pregnant in the first place. Ending abortions forever. But I hope they will also remember human life means NOTHING to Bloomberg. They are just a number for him to get elected and nothing more….

  6. Linda, I totally agree with you but I am going to correct you. You mean “fathom”, not “phantom”. A phantom is something that seems real but is not really there. I wish Bloomberg was a phantom and we could just ignore him. But unfortunately we have to put up with him. He thinks his money can buy the highest office in our country. He should never be allowed anywhere near our White House.

  7. Bloomberg is dangerous for America. Whether he’s running for President or sending money to targeted races around the country. In Virginia last fall he spent $2.5 million in targeted ads to usher in an extreme group of leftist legislators as well as some key local officials. His attack on gun rights is especially concerning, as is support of extreme abortion laws.

  8. The heavenly Father wants to know one thing Mike! Why would you kill my children? This is not acceptable and you’re going to give that answer, shortly! So help me God!

  9. Just think how much better off this country would be if the mothers of those who are pro-choice had chosen not to have children.

  10. Hope he spends all money he has!And will lose all!He could say Russia made him lose.No the people voted for you to lose!
    MAGA TRUMP 2020

  11. Paul D has a good prospective here and Linda makes a good point.

    Bloomberg is a self centered person who looks down on anyone who does not meet his financial stature.

    Worldly wealth is a temporary thing, a person that “relies” upon it has only a temporary “hope”.

  12. It is everyone’s right to choose but don’t ask us to pay for your choices! Try birth control or keeping your legs closed! When you abort you are killing but that is your choice and you own that choice! Do not expect us to pay for your choice! There are so many birth control choices out there, pick one and stick to it!

  13. Abortion or anti abortions are not the main concerns in the anti-Christian plan. Christian rights have to be defended continuously, as freedom of speech seems to be challenged frequently. According to a former U. S. Navy Chaplain, new Chaplain’s rights are in jeopardy, which started under Obama. During Obama’s term, A Sgt. was punished by his lesbian commander for disapproving of same-sex marriage. Another TSgt. was punished for opposing desecration of the base chapel, from anti-Christian groups. Another Chaplain was punished for counseling a gay sailor regarding his sin or bad behavior. A Corporal endured a court-martial for posting a Bible verse at her desk. An army Chaplain was threated with discharge for refusing to counsel same-sex couples. How would you counsel a couple, that you can’t understand, and you would be punished, if you said anything in disagreement with them? So you’re punished, if you do counsel or punished, if you don’t. I recall these situations during Obama’s term, and more of them. Hopefully, President Trump will stand with these people, whose rights have been taken. Please stand for Christian rights. Are the Muslims being scolded for their rituals on the military base or are Christians being single out? American tradition and standards throughout our history have been to defend Christian freedoms. Many left Europe for their right to worship, and is still why many come here. It is why America was established.

  14. Yes, I have an error in spelling “threatened”, but pray for Christians everywhere. Please let our President’s administration know of any threats, as attorneys are fighting many situations such as these. Our young people in the public school system experience many threats and intimidations by the teachers and their peers. I’m not encouraging arrogance, or pushiness, but rights in our churches and in our lives. Live your life and your choice, but don’t expect everyone’s approval.

  15. Then that makes BLOOMBERG a MURDERER, which is an ABOMINATION in the Word of God, Proverbs 6:17. The ‘women’s right to choose” NEEDS to be changed to a “women’s right to murder” (?!?). This SHOULD be a “child’s right to live and NOT be murdered”. We have no right to MURDER anyone, like it or not. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  16. Kenneth Sloan seems to be completely unable to understand that murder is murder. In the Bible God stated that, “Whatsoever you do to the least of these, you have done it unto me.” Two things are perfectly clear that any child can understand. Killing is wrong, and unborn children are still humans and children, so the unborn are clearly part of the term, Least of these. Ask a five year old child of a pregnant lady, what is in his Mom’s tummy and they will proudly tell you it is their SISTER of BROTHER. Have yet to hear a child say that it is just a bunch of cells.

  17. While Bloomberg is a wolf in sheep’s clothing or, in the political world, a Trump in Democratic clothing, he is right in supporting a woman’s right to choose. Certainly women need professional support during pregnancy whether they elect to continue or abort. Licensed providers, whether doctors, NPs, or nurse midwives, do just that. Letting them do their jobs and supporting women in their choice is the true American thing to do. Using religion to block civil rights is a violation of the Constitution and needs to stop immediately.

  18. HCB…NO ONE has the right to choose to murder a baby!!! It is a BABY from the moment it is conceived. You are truly a fool

  19. HCB.,.This is HUMAN RIGHTS!!!! A baby is HUMAN just like you are. It is just a different stage of development. Why do you come to a conservative Christian site when you have no clue about either??

  20. Pro Choice? I think NOT! Pro Abortion is what they should own up to. Hiding behind that pro choice title just proves what Cowards they really are. Abortion is an abomination! God help us all!

  21. He also has said in the past that elderly people, such as a 95-year-old man with prostate cancer should/would (?) NOT receive medical care because treating the elderly would “bankrupt the country!.

    NO WAY I would ever vote for such a presidential candidate!!!


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