Meghan Markle slammed the Royal Family with one stunning statement


Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle continue to send shockwaves through the Royal Family.

Their sudden departure from the Royal Family has brought about unnecessary scandal.

And Markle slammed the Royal Family with one stunning statement.

People still have not recovered from the fallout of Megxit.

Prince Harry and his bride Meghan Markle relinquished their Royal Family titles and responsibilities in pursuit of some shallow career as social media influencers and unscripted television producers.

The couple has been cut off from family money and ranks, but perhaps more importantly to them, they’re not to use the Royal Family title in any of their brand content.

This is going to cause a disruption online considering the big money they paid for a website rollout that includes the brand “Sussex Royal,” which is also the handle of their Instagram page with over 7 million followers.

The situation is already a mess, and they haven’t done much to diffuse the matter.

In fact, regarding a recent trip to the United Kingdom, Markle doesn’t seem too fond of her in-laws.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, a close friend of Markle’s laid out her dislike for the family.

“It’s still weird to her that no one hugs and that everyone is so uptight, especially Kate,” the friend said. “She said it’s obvious that Kate and William do not approve of their choices and that you could cut the tension with a knife. Kate barely even looked at her and their interaction was kept to a bare minimum.”

Markle also allegedly called the family “weird.”

It’s unfortunate that the relationship has deteriorated this badly this quickly, but that appears to be where we are.

The Royal Family is no stranger to controversy.  The Queen’s son, Prince Andrew became embroiled in the Jeffrey Epstein case, and gave an incredibly dissatisfactory interview that essentially sent him into hiding.

But this scandal is unique because it’s steeped in one characteristic that nobody else:  ingratitude.

It’s not enough for Markle to be part of the Royal Family and an ambassador and a philanthropist.

Megxit is a move many people simply don’t understand, and Meghan’s and Harry’s actions aren’t helping critics understand the purpose of their departure from the Royal Family.

Do you think the biggest problem facing Markle and other millennials is ingratitude.

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