Meghan Markle slammed the Royal Family with one stunning statement


Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle continue to send shockwaves through the Royal Family.

Their sudden departure from the Royal Family has brought about unnecessary scandal.

And Markle slammed the Royal Family with one stunning statement.

People still have not recovered from the fallout of Megxit.

Prince Harry and his bride Meghan Markle relinquished their Royal Family titles and responsibilities in pursuit of some shallow career as social media influencers and unscripted television producers.

The couple has been cut off from family money and ranks, but perhaps more importantly to them, they’re not to use the Royal Family title in any of their brand content.

This is going to cause a disruption online considering the big money they paid for a website rollout that includes the brand “Sussex Royal,” which is also the handle of their Instagram page with over 7 million followers.

The situation is already a mess, and they haven’t done much to diffuse the matter.

In fact, regarding a recent trip to the United Kingdom, Markle doesn’t seem too fond of her in-laws.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, a close friend of Markle’s laid out her dislike for the family.

“It’s still weird to her that no one hugs and that everyone is so uptight, especially Kate,” the friend said. “She said it’s obvious that Kate and William do not approve of their choices and that you could cut the tension with a knife. Kate barely even looked at her and their interaction was kept to a bare minimum.”

Markle also allegedly called the family “weird.”

It’s unfortunate that the relationship has deteriorated this badly this quickly, but that appears to be where we are.

The Royal Family is no stranger to controversy.  The Queen’s son, Prince Andrew became embroiled in the Jeffrey Epstein case, and gave an incredibly dissatisfactory interview that essentially sent him into hiding.

But this scandal is unique because it’s steeped in one characteristic that nobody else:  ingratitude.

It’s not enough for Markle to be part of the Royal Family and an ambassador and a philanthropist.

Megxit is a move many people simply don’t understand, and Meghan’s and Harry’s actions aren’t helping critics understand the purpose of their departure from the Royal Family.

Do you think the biggest problem facing Markle and other millennials is ingratitude.

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. What on earth does she have to be grateful for? That is the last emotion that I would expect my new in-laws to expect from me. And there is something really sick about any new in-law who expects one to be grateful. The newly-wed couple should be nurtured in their relationship to the family. And if that didn’t happen, the couple had to resort to protecting their own wedding vows and extricate themselves from an untenable situation

  3. Trash, who heard of this c- list supporting tv star who doesn’t even have a movie credit to her name? Suddenly she’s all big and bad after she married the henpecked, lazy Henry? Just because she’s never known how to belong to a family.

  4. A marriage is a new beginning. If parents and in-laws want to be included in THAT new beginning, THEY need to conform! I say humbug on in-laws, too needy, too intrusive.

  5. I think she bit off more than she could chew. Sh is not all that but she thinks she is. It is a-shame that he gave up everything for her especially since she has already one divorce under her belt. Time will tell how this will play out. I think the baby is his reason for staying with her. She ju wants to act and hob knob with Hollywood and Oprah.

  6. Being number 6 in line of those that Harry tried to get , to marry him does n’t show much for meggie now does it to me that’s’s a slap in the face proves she was hard up also!

  7. Prince Harry needs to take his child and get back to England with his family and drop Meghan Markle like a HOT ROCK ! She is a GOLD DIGGER and not worth a damn dime !

  8. Selfish is another good description. She is a narcissist and thinks everything revolves around her. Poor Harry!

  9. Her sister tried to tell everyone what a selfish, egotistic b**** Meghan is but no one believed her. We all thought she was just jealous…well, it appears she was right! She’s taken everything from Harry…his family, his title, his birthright….everything. She got what she wanted when she had the baby. It gave her secure choke hold on Harry that will last all his life. I hope Harry wakes up soon and sees what a harpie he married.

  10. From a dimwitted D-List washed-up celeb! She’s estranged her own family, she didn’t want her Father to come to the wedding. Markle is a loser & wants the World to revolve around her. If that means getting Harry wrapped around her little figure & turn his back on his own family, & that supposed to be right, well she is lining her own coffin w/ hate, betrayal & hypocrisy. I also don’t feel sorry for Harry anymore.

  11. M.M. turned a prince into a frog! Rumor has it she had duties set by the Queen and being an American “movie star” thought it was beneath her! Good luck Harry !

  12. They both wanted their cake and eat it too, but to their total surprise the Queen said no. Harry and Meghan are leftist nit wits who want celebrity with the earth is doomed crowd yet they do not practice what they preach. They are BOTH immense HYPOCRITES. For example, Meghan flew back and forth the same day between the UK and the USA just to take in her friend’s tennis match. She also flew from the UK to NYC for a baby shower she arranged for herself with celebrities. She is disgusting and Harry is no different.

  13. I think the Queen was happy for the two of them to leave. Harry does not look much like William or Charles, but he does closely resemble a former security guard of Diana. With Harry not of the Queen’s blood, she is glad for them to go.

  14. I agree with Len
    No foundation no family life
    She’s got no name
    Even though she thinks she’s FAMOUS
    Watch when Harry gets Smart
    DIVORCES and gets A Brain
    He’ll be. PRINCE

  15. And this is coming from a person that has cut off most of her own family connections. I give harry two years before he sheds her and heads back home. She is like a boil on you ass.

  16. Harry, it’s not too late! Get rid of her now, take your son. It’ll hurt now, but worth the effort.

  17. Meghan is a low class piece of trash. Harry should have looked at her relationships with her own family and co-workers and fun like hell. She is dragging him into the dirt with her. I don’t see that marriage lasting very long.

  18. Wow after reading all comments, I realized she is repulsive to everybody (included her own family) except Harry 🤷‍♀️ Poor guy

  19. Meghan Markle is a gold digging, social climbing whore and will never be a classy woman.

  20. New World Meets Old World. Nothing New Under The Sun. Sames as it was in the 1740’s on. You can not over run your in-laws.

  21. Fyi. Meghan was married twice before Harry, she had one annulment and one divorce! She’s equivalent to Wallis Simpson!! It’s very sad to see Harry give up his life, his charities and his military ranking to a selfish spoiled brat like Meghan Markel! He will live to regret it. Karma will not be
    kind to Meghan either.
    God save the queen!!

  22. Meghan is so self-centered that she will not yield to anyone, particularly the Queen. She wants to be the Queen, NOW!!! It will never happen. Get over it and get over yourself. Harry should dump her ass and claim sole custody on the grounds that she is unstable and a threat to anyone around her.

  23. The way she treated her own family should have been a “red” flag. She is a person who thinks she is more important than anyone else. Time will tell how she and Harry’s marriage will last. The first time I saw her, I saw a selfish, camera grabbing wanna be. She isn’t a top notch actress. Harry on the other hand isn’t naive, but likes to party. I feel sorry for the child.

  24. That is England’s problem not the Americans
    All they have to do now is look at the Epstein trail
    ‘ XUse moi’

  25. No surprises here. Meghan Markle had the move to L.A. in mind since the very beginning of the entire strategy. She’ll get Oprah to help her….maybe a home in Monteceito or near-by. Harry already groveled in front of the CEO of Disney to give Meghan a job as a voice actress. She got the job, however small. She’ll work her way up, manipulating, maneuvering…….don’t know where this all will lead to. Meghan Markle is a very low-class woman, not a good actress and a sorry excuse for a mother.
    There is nothing Prince Charles, the Queen or anyone else can do at this point. Harry made his choice, “There was no other option”, Harry said, a statement one would possibly make if confronted by the mob or a blackmailer. This is a sad situation…….the son of Diana, a prince, a beloved child now captured by a she-devil from Los Angeles, California. Anyone guessing how this will end?

  26. Unfortunately, Meghan Markle has an inflated view of herself and it was this hyped-up self-centeredness that caught Prince Harry….just like bait to a fish. Unfortunately, even at age 35, he has yet to reach full maturity, but this is what usually happens when children of the rich and powerful are not taught how to be self-reliant.

  27. Hey Meagan, That “weird” family paid for your $60,000,000 plus wedding.
    What is wrong with you? I hope they complete cut you off and soon! Nobody cares what you do. Go away!

  28. I believe that she should keep her mouth shut has she not notice that the queen has not said anything about her?????but than what can i say about California they have nancy

  29. I just wonder if the Queen is regretting the fact she changed the rules on marriage. The rule was you can’t marry a divorcee…. if the Queen had kept that rule intact, they wouldn’t have had to bother with Camilla or Meagan. Meagan is very selfish and considers no one but herself and has Harry under her spell…. If what I have read is factual, all the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren belong to the Monarchy. At any given time, the Queen could request/demand the return of Archie.

  30. Harry get rid of the tacky garbage please. Glad she/it didn’t stay in Canada because we DON’T want her in our country.

  31. I think one day he will come to regret giving up his family etc for her and realize that she was not what he really knew much about and only had her own interests in mind. She will be gone thinking the grass wasn’t as green as she thought it would be.

  32. Obviously Harry is a spoiled brat. He didn’t hesitate for a moment to abandon his responsibilities. If he was so worried about his wife and son why did he even bother to get married to someone so fragile. He is a weakling therefore he needed a strong wife. Was it jealousy that caused him to leave his brother to carry on without his help.

  33. I just think she is an ungrateful child. this country will turn on her as well. just like how she treats her own family. I think Harry picked the wrong person to be his mate.

  34. Money whore Meghan. Guess your gold digging abilities are suffering. Harry complete idiot


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