Meghan Markle said three words that will infuriate Christians worldwide


Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has made a name for herself due to her anti-Trump comments.

The far-left member of British royalty has become both famous over her royalty status and her far-left views.

And now she just said three words that will infuriate Christians worldwide.

Nobody would know who Meghan Markle is if she didn’t marry Prince Harry, making her British royalty.

And by using her position of influence, Markle, who is an American citizen, has promoted her far-left political views – even attacking President Trump on multiple occasions.

Recently, she took things even further.

While guest editing the upcoming September issue of British Vogue magazine, Markle honored transgender actor Laverne Cox, calling the man who thinks he’s a woman a so-called “woman of impact.”

LifeSiteNews reports:

The duchess of Sussex, also known as Meghan Markle, helped to edit the upcoming September issue of British Vogue magazine, which features celebrity actors and activists, among them transgender actor Laverne Cox.

The official Instagram account for Markle includes a copy of the cover for the September British Vogue, titled “Forces for Change.” The announcement said Markle chose a “diverse selection of women from all walks of life” while asserting that they have “driving impact” and raise the bar for “equality, kindness, justice and open-mindedness.”

In keeping with the popular magazine’s coverage of fashion and self-indulgence, the cover also offers a mirror so the viewer’s face is included with the selected women (and man), including Irish disability rights activist Sinead Burke, American actress Jane Fonda, Swedish leftist Greta Thunberg, and Mexican actress Salma Hayek Pinault. Also included is Laverne Cox, who, according to a bio at, was born in 1972 and was given the name Roderick Laverne Cox.

It isn’t just the inclusion of Cox that is angering many.

“Good Morning Britain” host Piers Morgan went after Markle, who was born in the United States, for refusing to meet with President Trump during last month’s state visit, claiming she is too busy caring for her baby.

“Two months ago, Meghan Markle was reportedly ‘too busy caring for her baby’ to meet the President of her own country on his state visit to the UK,” Morgan said. “Now we discover she was in fact preoccupied with the birth of another elitist production – Vogue magazine.”

During Trump’s 2016 campaign, Markle said that if Trump were to win, she would move to Canada.

In response, Trump said that the comment was “nasty,” causing the media to attack him as racist, due to the fact that Markle is mixed-race.

What do you think of Meghan Markle?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. I feel sorry for Harry, because he doesn’t know he is married to a shrew. He was so gullible and misled by her.

  3. Just AMAZING how Anybody of color,Can Insult the POtUS day after day,Year after year,And as Soon as he Defends himself and says something about Them,HE*S the RACIST!! If Anybody Cant see this ,they are a FREAKING Moron!! I feel like im in the Twilight Zone with the amount of Complete Idiots there are in the world! This is COMMON SENSE!!How Can*T peoples heads not want to Explode if they here the word RACIST again??? Semper Fi

  4. Megan Markle under no circumstances speaks for the American People! She is a Brit now and at least she no longer lives in the United States . Markle’s comments about President Trump are irrelevant . The fact that she disrespects the President of the United States , Makes me grateful that she no longer lives here!

  5. You can someone a title in Great Britain but that does not mean you have class. Which Markle is a perfect example of that. When she and Prince Harry snubbed our President was so incredibly disrespectful!! The Queen, Prince William and his beautiful wife Kate were gracious and represented their country beautifully..

  6. I think NOTHING of Meghan Markle!! I didn’t even know who in the hell she was before she married Harry! I personally think Harry is going to be sorry he married that one! She’s a phony. A Gold digger. I don’t think Princess Diana would have liked her, Harry’s deserves BETTER!

  7. I agree with your comment. She should just keep her mouth shut. Maybe “The View” will ask her to be a guest. She’d fit right in.

  8. David joe you are spot on. She just another celebrity that is so delusional that she thinks she matters. NOT

  9. If I were Trump I would not dedicate a second of my time for a nobody like Markle, when she married a prince it changed nothing for her here in the USA, here she still is a NOBODY.

  10. Well stated. Next will be the royal family to be disgrace. MM does what she know to do best? Title, wealth, fame or education does not mean that someone has class or commonsense.

  11. If you Christians are so easily angered you need to dig a hole wrap yourself in cotton have someone with a rational mind and a spine push you in and bury you.

    I do not care what your feelings tell you if you are born with more XY than XX Chromosomes you are a male and appropriately should be address as a he, or man, not her or lady, even with the reproductive organs of a woman transplanted into these freaks at most 6% of the DNA is transferred from freak to child the rest being that of the father and the woman who donated the female Teproductive organs.

  12. I agree with you Deborah Ann Madden. I never knew who Meghan Markle was until she was in the news all the time about getting married to Harry. Since she is suppose to be an actress says it all. I do not have any respect for 99% of the Hollywood crowd.

  13. She’s a nobody. She thinks she’s all that. Just keep her there in the uk sorry Britain cause you are awesome people. Harry good luck with your choice. Poor Chap!

  14. Markle is a liberal clown puppet show for the world May God have mercy on on her wicked soul.

  15. Hey, garie, the word is spelled none, not noone. Just like all republican RETARDS, you can’t spell worth CRAP!

  16. Yes poor Harry he was using the wrong brain “head” when he decided to pursue her. He will end up regretting his decision. SHOULD have kept it his pants and restrained it with shackles.

  17. Giving somebody the title of president doesn’t mean he also,has Class, something a certain presidential PISS ASS PIG proves again & again every time he opens His Fat, Stupid, Sicko Mouth!

  18. Meghan sparkle, She is just another person that saw her Hollywood star nose diving and being a gold digger at that, she wrangled her self into Harry’s life like a boa strangling his (in this case) her prey. I am sure that the Queen is not impressed with her grand sons ( Harry’s) choice. Even when she would eventually divorce her prince charming I am sure she gets a good going away settlement. She has foresight, you must give her that.

  19. Sue I think you’re right ! One day Harry will realize she’s Trash and there will be a divorce coming . I bet the Queen can’t stand her either ….

  20. She was saying, “ no one, letters ran together, only a Democrat would not be capable to realize that. Harry is a rebel to the core, why does one think he married another rebel if not to be different???

  21. England should study history or they are bound to repeat it!! Pm Churchill would be appalled by this display of disrespect for a sitting US president.
    Prince Harry is a bleeding heart liberal to his core. While I can respect what he went thru with the loss of Princess Diana, and his military service, he will regret his current behavior in days to come! Meghan will be his downfall akin to what Wallis Simpson did years ago to Edward VIII ! If England doesn’t stop the unfettered invasion of Muslims into their society without any acclimation, they will lose their sovereignty and identity within ten years! There are currently more mosques in England than Churches!!
    Queen Elizabeth has to be aware of this destruction and the terrorism that has invaded England!! The disrespect for Pres Trump and his family during the state visit was appalling . I am glad Piers Morgan is speaking out!
    Meghan is not an asset to England let alone the royal family.
    God save the queen.
    The USA will not save England again! ????????????????????????????????
    Trump 2020 ????????????????????????????????????????

  22. Thank goodness MM isn’t married to William. Think how the Queen would react if she were to be the next Queen! She doesn’t hold a candle to Catherine.

  23. Betty is a typical lib . . . always calling someone who doesn’t agree with her a name. Highly intelligent people like Bob have reader comprehension. He recognized what Garie was writing. Libs do not have reading comprehension. They want to attack, hate, and destroy without understanding.

  24. Who put the burr under your saddle? Why don’t you tell us how you really feel?

  25. Betty” I think Garie meant “no one” not “none.” Do you judge everyone so quickly? Just like a Democrat. And I love Cindy Davis’ comment!

  26. Jesus, the only pre-announced religious figure in History.
    The late Archbishop Fulton Sheen always wrote well, but in what he wrote below, he does an excellent job of showing the things the Wise men would have heard. The things that bring home the reality of the yearning for Christ in all of our hearts. ��Maybe someone can get this to Mz Markle.
    “Tacitus, speaking for the ancient Romans, says, “People were generally persuaded in the faith of the ancient prophecies, that the East was to prevail, and that from Judea was to come the Master and Ruler of the world.”
    Suetonius, in his account of the life of Vespasian, recounts the Roman tradition thus, “It was an old and constant belief throughout the East, that by indubitably certain prophecies, the Jews were to attain the highest power.”��
    In the 24th year of Tchao-Wang of the dynasty of the Tcheou, on the 8th day of the 4th moon, a light appeared in the South-west which illumined the king’s palace. The monarch, struck by its splendor, interrogated the sages. They showed him books in which this prodigy signified the appearance of the great Saint of the West whose religion was to be introduced into their country.”��
    “Aeschylus in his Prometheus six centuries before His coming, wrote, “Look not for any end, moreover, to this curse until God appears, to accept upon His Head the pangs of thy own sin vicarious.”��
    “Cicero, after recounting the sayings of the ancient oracles and the Sibyls about a “King whom we must recognize to be saved,” asked in expectation, “To what man and to what period of time do these predictions point?”
    The Fourth Ecologue of Virgil recounted the same ancient tradition and spoken of “a chaste woman, smiling on her infant boy, with whom the iron age would pass away.”��”Suetonious quoted a contemporary author to the effect that the Romans were so fearful about a king who would rule the world that they ordered all children born that year to be killed – an order that was not fulfilled, except by Herod.”
    ��”Not only were the Jews expecting the birth of a Great King, a Wise Man and a Savior, but Plato and Socrates also spoke of the Logos and of the Universal Wise Man “yet to come.”
    Confucius spoke of “the Saint”; the Sibyls, of a “Universal King”; the Greek dramatist, of a savior and redeemer to unloose man from the “primal eldest curse.” ��
    All these were on the Gentile side of the expectation. What separates Christ from all men is that first He was expected; even the Gentiles had a longing for a deliverer, or redeemer. This fact alone distinguishes Him from all other religious leaders.”

  27. I thought royals in a constitutional monarchy were prohibited from expressing political views. This marriage won’t last.

  28. What a hypocrite. What religion did they “Christen” their child? The religion of Satanism? She is nothing but an attention seeker looking for any source she can get. I pitty poor Prince Harry. He will learn eventually. She is using him “royally”!

  29. The only “royalty” ANY of these pompous a $ $es have is being a royal pain in the rear. Bunch of worthless, self-important jack a $ $es.

  30. the sooner these two get sent to Africa the better.canm’t stand the big mouthed witch.and harry is no better.the obama lovers can get stuffed

  31. Megan Markle is a fraud! I wonder how long it will take the British to scorn her.
    My heart breaks for Harry, as she is just using him, and will break his heart.

  32. Trump doesn’t deserve respect because he doesn’t give this country respect or anyone in the world respect with his comments about various Americans, Mexicans, African countries, his own 20 other Republicans contenders in 2016. He is an uncouth mobster, serial sexual assaulter and a brutal racist.

  33. She will never in a million years live up to the Standards of the late Princess Diana, Much to the shame of the Royal Family. She can be compared to Cowmilla though.

  34. I’m glad Ms Markle left the USA and she will prob have to give up her US citizenship. Good riddance

  35. Looks like you think you never misspelled any words or hit the wrong key. Just like an ignominious, liberal know-it-all who derides anyone not of their liberal persuasion.

  36. This half breed piece of ab-so-lute NOTHING is making a name for herself alright. When she makes a big enough ass of herself she’ll wind up in a car wreck or some other ‘accident’. If a BEAUTIFUL LADY like Lady Diana got killed under SUCH questionable circumstances when she had done NO wrong this gutter snipe trash should not stand a chance, in this life. She’s already sealing her fate as far as the next life is concerned. GOD said “Be not deceived, GOD is NOT mocked”. You cannot glorify what GOD says is ‘an abomination’, then lead other people to think wrong is right because you’re famous and ‘get away with it’. And I’ll KNOW she and others who believe the way she does didn’t ‘get away with it’ when I DON’T meet her in Heaven some sweet day.

  37. Megan Markle; you should be careful how you degrade the US president I remember a time when Britain needed US assistance to survive one never knows when they will need a helping hand so be careful burning your bridges they sometimes have to be crossed again.

  38. I am thinking the use of the word “Retards” is politically incorrect. Democrats should play by their own rules. Name calling makes any argument you have, legitimate or otherwise, much less persuasive.

  39. when is the Queen gonna disinherit Prince Harry & his woman? she’s only known cause she married Prince Harry & now she’s making a fool of him!

  40. Well let us see this. She does not like Trump. So she decided to stay away from him and not embarrass herself and the Royals with a meeting. So she politely said she had other things to do.

  41. Betty, a good example of a retard is someone calling a group of people retards. It’s synonymous of a racist, because even a LIAR has to know what lying is.

  42. Her comment is hilarious,a “woman of impact.” I am a Christian and her comment doesn’t upset me. She is a U.S. citizen and has the right of free speech. It gave me a great laugh.

    Although Markle probably didn’t see it this way but a man who thinks he is a woman likely allows anal sex and becomes a “woman of impact.” She has coined a new phrase for male homosexuals.

    Reminds me of the comments by the patriarch of the “Dynasty Ducks” some time back.

  43. Honestly, I believe that she was hired to be Harry’s beard and to carry a child for him. She has virtually no female shape, so he wouldn’t find her completely repulsive. The contract she would have signed will of course have a parachute for her to leave with enough money to make it worth her while to leave the child behind and never speak of the royal family again. I figure the marriage will last somewhere between 5 to 8 yrs and then she will go back to her trashy life and running her mouth for attention.

  44. i agree,,, she needs to lose her American citizenship,,, we don’t need that big mouth idiot,,, we have enough like her here now,, she is a disgrace to USA and to the crown,,, harry is a wimp to let her tell him what to think,, he is not welcome here again,,,
    harry only think what she tells him to,,, wimpy idiot

  45. Shell,
    I’ve read lots of replies of all kinds. Poor spelling and poor grammar is certainly not unique or limited to the Republican party.

  46. Betty,,, if you don’t like the president or country why don’t you move to England with Markle and her wimpy husband,,, Harry,,,, you should have to live in a country that has no freedoms like middle east,,, for a year ,, then you would appreciate everything about this country including the president,,, who was freely elected by the people of this country,, like it or not,, get some common sense,, stop parroting what other stupid dems say,,

  47. No WONDER People want her to be removed from ROYALTY! She makes NO SENSE whatsoever when she espouses the Left Wing Liberal mindset like THIS. Doesn’t she have a functional brain, much less one that actually WORKS?!? Someone needs to “give her the boot”! She is a disgrace and an embarrassment . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  48. Also an embarrassment to America, too! Prince Harry must have been blind-sided by her! I don’t foresee a long future for this marriage.

  49. I TRY to Devote as Little THOUGHT to her as Possible….. BUT She Keeps INSERTING Herself into My “LINE Of Thought” by hogging so much press time

  50. Let her stay in the UK..with the leftist morons ..She’s very disrespectful too a lot of people..How can you call a transgender equal..There are only two genders created by the man upstairs ..Transgenders are referred too as ( its ).Shes royalty alright ,royal pain in the Queens backside..

  51. These people don’t live in our every day world! They are pampered; coddled; waited on hand and foot; who cares what she thinks?! It’s people who think that they themselves, are really something; that are of no account! Like Jimmy Stewart said, in “It’s a Wonderful Life”; it’s us, the common people, who do most of the living and dying in this world. Do you know what that means? It’s us who our the producers who keep everything going. This new, so called, Princess’ opinions don’t mean diddly-squat!

    Just know this… you go be the hero of your own life, and a hero to those you love and who love you. That’s the true worth of each of us. And, you can’t put a price on it!

  52. Speaking of RETARDS you should learn to read what is said before trying to dismiss someone for a space not being put in or skipped. It is supposed to read NO ONE, not none. Just goes to show how illiterate and stupid you are yourself. You poke fun at Republicans because you are a demon loving, satanist DUMBOCRAP that is probably still crying that your Queen KILLERY lost the election and someone much better suited for the position was DULY ELECTED by WE THE PEOPLE!!!! Get a life and quit trying to think your comments here matter to anyone. Get a life BIATCH!!!!!!!

  53. Betty, no one would be correct, not none. He forgot to space between the words. Maybe you need to learn to read instead of calling some one names. Looks like you are the lib retard.

  54. Take a chill pill. Have you never mis-spelled a word. If that is all you are concerned wi5. Please go somewhere else to be stupid. Damn girl.

  55. Markle is Harry’s mistake to live with and we’ll see for how long. Harry was always the family idiot and now he has infected the host with this abomination. Good luck U.K. and Royal Family. You need it.

  56. Why is this news worthy, she is no one to listem to, she swallowed and the Prince that will never be a king liked it.

  57. Old politically incorrect white guy: What’s Betty’s problem? Well, she was born and then became a Democratic. Hope that answers your question!

  58. Craig Michael Vandertie: What in the world are you talking about? I think you are on the wrong story.. And as far as your remark about Christians go, we follow GOD. Not your opinions. Thank you.

  59. These people such as Mrs. Markle live in a dream world. She has no respect except for the people who think as she does. I didn’t vote for Obama on his second term and I do like him, but if I had been invited to meet with him, I would have as he was our President! I was raised to respect others! Mrs. Markle is a racist and this goes to show it. It is a shame that she didn’t even support The Queen! Yet another way of showing disrespect. But, I guess it goes to chow you can make a Silk-Purse out of a Sow’s Ear!

  60. I agree 100% she’s an embarrassment to the crown.she’s only out for herself and if she really loved Harry she would be happy to maintain the protocol that comes with royalty

  61. Betty: Your life must be miserable if that is all you have to do is go through comments trying to find a grammatical or spelling error. You remind me of the typical liberal: have nothing to say, no positive comments, so then their action is to complain, complain, complain.

  62. Right now I cannot remember this king’s name but there was a king, maybe more than one, that married numerous foreign women and it was the ruination of his kingdom. Think maybe history is repeating itself.

  63. CMV: I was with you until you ended Teproductive organs….I thought you meant Teradactyle (sp.) and that really got me confused. I’m better now.

  64. Cabin 1954: Speaking of Kings & Queens….I wonder if the Queen will have a talk with MMs’ hubby to tell him to tell her to shut up.

  65. Who cares what she says? She’s nothing more than another anti Trumper and doesn’t deserve the time of day. I am more important than her and nobody knows my name. She should get over herself and concentrate on her baby.

  66. You would think that after hundreds of years of British Royalty they could sniff out a fake. To bad for Harry, who I always liked to get stuck with such a ‘princess pig’.

  67. I suspect as some have said that Meghan will be an embarrassment for the British royalty. I am sorry
    for Harry!

  68. This broad is SO full of herself it is nauseating! SHE may think the rest of us worship her, but no person on earth can compete with her own self worshiping! Just because she buffaloed that royal pretender into servitude means nothing to rational people. Kiss off “princess”, we care not for your ramblings.

  69. Exactly! I hope it’s soon too. Then she can’t waltz back into the USA to try to cause trouble. Personally, I think Trump was lucky to be spared enduring the little twit!

  70. Exactly! I’m sick of idiots playing the race card because they can’t form a coherent statement! I’m backing Trump. Again!

  71. Yes, she is and she is certainly overstepping the boundaries of royalty. I can’t say that I care much about her anymore, and also Harry is not the same happy guy he used to be, but then again that is just my opinion. And, my message to her would be that she has no clout over Trump, as he is a perfect president; he doesn’t want to kill babies at birth, let murderers, rapist, and drugs in our country, and he loves our America and he is a very good man. And, the one she loves gave Iran billions of dollars for nuclear weapons, evidently to blow our asses up with.

  72. Betty, I’m a Republican and smart, all American, and love our president. Oh, and I’m like all the rest of the pubs, I’m not full of hate like you libs.

  73. Yes, and she is both white and black, so why does that make Trump a racist??? Liberals use that word all the time and it is getting to be sickening. It’s just a ploy to keep people up in the ai and against each other. Shaneful!

  74. Betty: I suspect that you are another highly educated Democrap. You never had letters and/or spaces “lost” by your computer or ISP?

  75. Trump is horrible, housing, the Central Park Park, statements about NFL players, Cummings, Mexicans, Little Rocket Man, it is endless with his uncouth insults, racist and otherwise.

  76. hahahahahhahahha !!!!! It looks like unfortunately that the British people now have one of Americas Radical Liberal Left in their midst! They can have her! Sorry about that Don!

  77. The Royals are a big joke, let them go out and get jobs like everyone else! And send that slut back to her lefty friends in Canada where she claimed she’d move to if Trump was elected.

  78. The world… not merely the clown. I know, you said crown, but I mean the clown she married, too!

  79. Meghan Markle is a disgruntled black woman who wants to ruin the Royal family and bring disrespect to them in any way that she can, in my opinion. She captured Harry like a caged lion and now has his testicles in a special jeweled box! Meghan is controlling and overbearing, and simply doesn’t fit into this new so-called Royal life! She is and always will be a lost biracial girl from California with dreams she is unable to handle! I am anxious to see if this fast paced marriage has longevity! Meghan rushed young Harry into this union before he could think things over for himself! His brother William encouraged him to move with more caution, but being the hothead that Harry has always been, he chose not to listen! Hopefully, he won’t have major regrets later especially since there is a child involved now.

  80. I believe that he has always blamed his dad for his beloved mother’s death, and that is why he married a black woman! His childish way of getting even for the sadness and heartbreak that Charles caused his mother! Harry had such a close relationship with his mother and was so young when she was killed. The situation is really sad for everyone involved!

  81. She has really “worked” her way into something grand, hasn’t she! She’s a very good actress. And now she’s “in.” Quite a performance.


  83. It all started with the extravagant wedding. She was a divorcee. Why was she wearing virginal white dress and a veil? He had already been living with her. The idea that she now has caused Harry to split from Will and Kate is not a small thing. Then to spend over a million dollars in renovation of a newer home and another million in designer clothes shows that Harry who said, “You will want for nothing” has been taken at his word. There has to be a lot of drama with everything she does. Her sense of entitlement started before she married. She doesn’t follow protocol and gets by with it. Frankly, I find both of them boring.

  84. Women all over the world should be proud and thank this neo-royal idiot for putting the opinions of a transgender thing over them as to the value of their opinion. WOW!! Debase half the population of the entire world in one act. Now I have to admit, she is the most powerful person in the world and all women should swoon in her presence!!!

  85. Sorry Betty, your constant “comments” shine the light on your “special tolerance.” The use of retard went by the wayside quite a while ago. Of course, you’re so embedded in your narcissism that you don’t realize your mouth is your butthole. Get a life idiot.

  86. Nobody cares was this mulatto thinks. She needs to keep her political opinions to herself and concentrate on destroying the royal family’s bloodline producing mutt children.

  87. Her husband who has honorably served has clearly made a bad decesion in considering a marriage partner. She contradicts the principals upon which he fought for and for the good men who died on his left and right!

  88. Screw the crown. She doesn’t have to come back to MY country. And I would be proud to meet the President of the United States of America. I certainly wouldn’t want to meet an “actress”. Stay in England with your muslim friends.

  89. Megan Markle is just an American and an actress. Key word: actress. Because she was an American actress she was in with the elite actors and actresses and believes their disgusting left-sided rhetoric and is now doing the same thing to the British Royal Family and all of the UK, taking over and is now a British AOC. She is about to destroy the Royalty on the UK and take them down. Harry is so in love with her that he cannot see what she is doing to him and she will destroy him, too. She is going to try to make sure that Harry will be a future King instead of William, his brother even if she has to murder him for it and she will try the same thing on Charles. It wont happen though because if something happens to William, William’s son, George will become King. I do not trust her. Look at her eyes the next time you see a picture of her. There is nothing there except evil.

  90. Ugly Ugly Betty. Retards is a very ugly word. It is a name that has been used to describe child with downs syndrome. It is also a word that should be long gone in the English vocabulary. As with most democrats, you resort to name calling. My father said people did that because they were not intelligent enough to speak.

  91. She knew what she was getting into with the protocol since she was 36 years old unlike the late Princess Diana at 20 years old. I do think Harry made a mistake in marrying her and I give the marriage 5 years.
    However, she needs to remember the children belong to the crown.

  92. You may have a psychological point. I think both boys believe Charles had something to do with the death of their mother… now finding the evidence would be great. I don’t think the Crown cares for Meghan nor do the Brits. They are stuck with her until the marriage is dissolved.

  93. Hey, truecitizen. Replace the word, “BROAD”, with the words, ORANGUTAN APE, the words She & Her” for the words “Him, He & His” & the word “Princess” for the words “presidential PISS ASS PIG” & you painted the 100 percent, perfect word picture of CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump with His CONCEITED, OVERSIZED, SICKO EGO!

  94. The only thing d trump is perfect at As the “perfect president”? Is proving again & again what an Oval Office Walking, Talking PILE OF CRAP He Is, Always Has Been & Always Will Be For His Entire Stinking, Selfish, Stupid Sicko Life!

  95. Tempest in amazing tea pot! Who cares if the raise their child in a fluid gender home m. He will be around loving relatives and in the world so he will figure it out for himself.

  96. I agree that Meghan Markle is your typical self-entitled Black American who believes the world owes her a living. Sadly, she just happens to be living off the world in royal style. I take issue with the person who made this comment — “She knew what she was getting into with the protocol since she was 36 years old unlike the late Princess Diana at 20 years old.”– regarding the self-proclaimed Goddess Princess Di. Diana, although she may have been only 20, knew exactly what she was getting into. She was Charles’ fifth or sixth cousin and she knew what all it entailed to be royalty because she was born into it royalty herself. Diana was a petulant child that never grew up.

    Yes, Harry made a huge mistake, mainly because his personalty is so much like his mother. He will rue the day he married her. Harry is not much of man if he lets his wife come between him and his brother.

  97. She couldn’t have chosen a better word! WOW! Elvis Presley died in 1977 … he’d gained 20 pounds
    … but at the autopsy we found stool in his colon at utopsy revealed 40 pounds of impacted fecal matter… PRICELESS! SO her ”actor Laverne Cox, calling the man who thinks he’s a woman a so-called “woman of impact.” Yup! Impacted with fake boobs, fake vagina,? fake life, fake this and fake that! Great Job Meghan!

  98. Hey Craig,
    Don’t know what the hell you’re talking about?!? You sound like someone whose brain was scrambled in a fry pan! I’ve heard dumb before and you are really, really dumb! ????????????????????????

  99. Hey Craig,
    Don’t know what the hell you’re talking about?!? You sound like someone whose brain was scrambled in a fry pan! I’ve heard dumb before and you are really, really dumb! ????????????????????????

  100. Betty. Please get help asap for your TDS! Your posts are disturbing and show how sick and uninformed you really are!
    If you don’t like living in America, please feel free to move!!
    Trump,2020. Get used to it!

  101. Hey Betty
    You sound like a low IQ truck driver. You’re so drenched in hate and delusion that you come across as a deranged imbecile! Try uttering something factual and substantive, if you’re capable! Anyone can spew garbage! Peddle your hateful diatribe
    elsewhere! ????????????????????????

  102. Spot on Dee! This unhinged loon is comical and a vulgar embarrassment!
    It’s rich hearing this dim wit lecturing anyone about anything! You can’t fix stupid!! ????????????????

  103. Hey Racists for Trump!
    Look in the mirror you ignoramus! What’s looking back at you is a vile and corrosive
    Leftist Hater! You’re misguided, misinformed and a perfect representative of the most repugnant & intolerant segment of our population! Seek help you loon! ????????????????????

  104. Markle was a nobody in Hollywood and to most reasonable Americans, is still a nobody! She’s a brainless, leftist twit dripping with hate and delusion and no one cares what she thinks or believes! She
    is an embarrassment to the crown and good riddance to that chicken legged fraud! Irrelevant & insignificant! ????????

  105. Spot on Gisela
    Another sad little “wanna be” who dried up
    on the Hollywood vine and latched on to something grand in the UK! Doesn’t change her insignificant persona and radically unhinged ideology! ????????

  106. Jerry, Dee, Betty and anyone else who hate Trump so much-Go back and re-read your comments. What you accuse Trump of is exactly what you all sound like. Did you know that if is against the Constitution to bad mouth a sitting president? All of you have committed treason. One day, the authorities will come for you and you will spend the rest of your lives in prison. It is already in the works and because your comments were posted online, it wont be hard to find you. God, can’t anyone be kind, gentile, nice anymore? You should see what we see when your comments are read. You are no different than what you accuse!

  107. Trump is the embarrassment!
    I certainly don’t blame her for not wanting to be a hypocrite. He’s the nitwit for thinking everyone should fawn over him despite the horrible things he says about our allies.

  108. yeah we saw what happened the last time a divorced american woman seduced royalty,the whole path of british royalty changed when edward the eighth foolishly gave up his throne giving it it queen elizabeth. alot of people believe harry was the product of an affair with a red haired american,he doesnt look like charles in any way.they did indeed trace the true heir to the british throne to a small english town working as a forklift the royal familt today arent who should actually be there and now there is a black woman and llets face it the child or prince will be an octoroon or i/8th black since markles mom is mixed if not its 1/6th god help stop letting ((americans)) into the royal family.or they will be turned into a mudrace like the rest of britain is the forklift operator and rightful heir had a strong resemblance to paintings of henry the 8th.this is true .

  109. I totally agree, she knew what was going to be expected of her before she married him and has done everything in her power to do the opposite. She finds excuses as to why she can’t do things or respect protocol and really for her own selfish desires.

  110. Harry and all the royal family get millions from the British government just to be “the royal family”. What a waste of money. They are like an act at Barnum and Baily circus, they are paid to perform.

  111. Here are other examples of name calling on this thread: ” Just like an ignominious, liberal know-it-all”, “Nobody cares was this mulatto thinks”, “You come across as a deranged imbecile”, “You sound like a low IQ truck driver”, “You sound like someone whose brain was scrambled in a fry pan! I’ve heard dumb before and you are really, really dumb”, “This broad “, “big mouthed witch”.

  112. There are many name calling individuals on this thread. There are many on this thread lacking class. But maybe you acknowledge that.

  113. S’ghoerge ye sebb’jan – oust lefvheghweg w tunni’. Jehaurgaon n’rhyygh desl’ omriche “ENDRIGHON”. Blegd d’ory trunniage!

  114. As a woman “of color”, has she ever dated a man of color? She is the racist one. I’d be so happy to see her ignored from now on – no photos of her pie-face on every magazine. Be gone to both of these flies, please – sick of them is an understatement!

  115. Why? No one wants to print the truth
    any more. Unless it’s a Liberal rant it’s
    not worth printing. I’m looking for a
    place to live where govt, politics, lawyers, liberals, and all the evils of society are non-existent. So long, I’m heading for a galaxy far far away. My
    10 year mission is to put as much space between us and them as heavenly possible.

  116. Meghan thinks she is above everyone but is smart enough to invoke the race card so everyone is on her side. She is like a pot of water boiling until it boils over and evaporates. A nasty Over rated person who thought that everyone would be running to get her autograph and she thought her acting roles can be started again. The Queen has slapped the Sussex couple down. Eventually they will fade away like yesterday’s news

  117. Yes, UNBELIEVABLE you are right Megan Market (yes a Market full of crap like a flea market) who nobody knew whom she was until she married Prince Harry because at that moment the Future King William was married and Harry didn’t even have a girlfriend he was felling so lonely (a perfect chance for M Market to set him up, she invited night after night to make him desperate for bed 🤮). Yup, they are just fading away faster than we though Market is being his pit fall. Let’s just ignore her, her miserable life is more than enough, she wanted to move to Canada but Canadians don’t want here there, we don’t want her here and Britain’s kicked her out. Bad enough for both of them, just make her eat her bad words if she tries to be smart with us.

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