Meghan Markle made one baffling statement about the nationwide protests


Nationwide protests over the murder of George Floyd continue across the country.

Hollywood celebrities have gotten in on the act.

And Meghan Markle made one baffling statement about the nationwide protests.

The murder of Minneapolis citizen George Floyd trigged protests nationwide, which tragically turned violent in many cities.

Rioting and looting befell both shopping districts and mom-and-pop shops.

Thankfully, most of the violence has stopped, but the radical Left is just getting started.

They’re now attempting to weaponize the death of Floyd to cram through long-held policy goals, such as defunding the police.

And actress Meghan Markle, who walked away from the British Royal Family with Prince Harry, issued a statement on the protests that made no sense at all.

In a direct address on camera to her followers, Markle said, “I wasn’t sure what I could say to you. I wanted to say the right thing and I was really nervous that I wouldn’t or it would get picked apart and I realized the only wrong thing to say is to say nothing because George Floyd’s life mattered.”

The problem with that statement is that saying the wrong thing will absolutely get someone “canceled” by the cultural mandarins of the Left.

For example, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees said he did not support kneeling for the National Anthem or disrespecting the flag, and he got pilloried by the entire sports world, including his own teammates.

Leftists have created a binary where “silence is violence,” but refusing to toe the line of wokeness will get you canceled.

And it’s only getting worse.

Multiple celebrities have had to bend the knee and grovel for their jobs back.

The bigger problem is that it’s now spread to people outside of the entertainment industry.

Leftists are attempting to build an end-run around the First Amendment by strong-arming businesses into punishing people for “wrongthink.”

Markle and other celebrities are dutifully using their platforms to enforce this pall of silence, which is slowly becoming a form of head-counting; leftists are checking the temperature to see if they have the numbers to shove their agenda down people’s throats.

The only way the problem gets fixed is if people stop apologizing to the mob when they didn’t do anything wrong.

Are celebrities like Markle wrong for pressuring people into speaking up and saying things they don’t believe?

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  2. The left has made their own bed and now they all have to sleep in it.
    You want to live in a country without free speech? The left has brought you just that.

  3. And cities are considering defunding police? Suggesting having people hire private security? I won’t need ANY security because instead of calling 911, I’ll shoot them myself.

  4. She’s a bumbling idiot. Why would anyone care what she has to say about anything.
    The celebrities think we care what they have to say.

  5. Markle is exactly right, Us conservatives are not allowed to go against the left extremist speaking or actions. I also unfortunately (as many of my friends have said), will purchase a gun and follow the beliefs of the USA that I grew up in where I have freedom of speech and can live with freedom and will put down the left “devils”.

  6. The Rioters should all be put in jail especially the ones that did property damage, theft, set fires and the ones that did not follow the guidelines for Covid 19. When the demonstrators turn violent. the police and National Guard should be aloud to restrain the violence with the force necessary. They should protect the property owners and their own safety.

  7. Question?
    What Is The Difference Between A Person Having A Different Opinion Than Others Or Being Forced To Agree With Others, When You Don’t Agree With Them. Example: Kneeling At A Ballgame….If We Won’t Agree To Kneeling Or We Are Being Forced To Agree. Isn’t That The Same As Communism. Once Communism Is In Place, It Will Not Matter The Color Of Your Skin, How Much Money You Have, Or If You Are A Democrat Or A Republican ….We All Bleed Red! Communism Only Has One Ruler And I Promise You, They Won’t Be A Donkey Or An Elephant And Neither Will You!!!

  8. Wo is Meghan Markel.Lol
    Who care what these people say.
    Rearding defunding the police. Let them do it it see the consequences.

  9. All I can say is, if things get worse, believe me when I say, no one has seen worse yet, but they will. People that are pushing the envelope, will be pushing it right toward a time mankind has NEVER seen. When I have said, God is watching, He is and taking notes at the same time. Good people need to pray for their fellowman, for their love ones, and need badly to love God and do his Commandments.

  10. You said said she wasn’t sure what to say and then made innuendos about what she felt. Everybody else is also making assumptions. A lot of your minds not working well.

  11. I believe this: All lives matter, but even more importantly, what matters the most is what one does with that life.

  12. Did she have to make a comment, forced to make one…. this is another one of her me me….. did someone have to ask her to make a comment as intelligence quotient is pretty iffy and the only one person, to whom her comment has any value is her poor hubby….Harry……

  13. She is smart. Anything, any position she would have taken would have been misconstrued.

  14. Markle came here because they wouldn’t allow her to use drugs in Britain. The suppliers kept getting caught.

  15. Meghan had some good thoughts, however, they would have been more useful if I felt she really meant them. once again she is showing her narcissitic self.

  16. Meghan Markle (aka the Duchess of Sussex) can say what she pleases. She is half Black. I remember how happy her mother was at the wedding, and how well she was treated by Queen and court.

  17. Mehgan Markle- Don’t be concerned about what you say because nobody really cares anyway.

  18. Black lives only matter when you’re killed by a white cop.

    Yes and BLM totally disregarded the murder via a rioter of an African American retired St Louis police captain David Dorn who was responding to a burglar alarm at a friend’s pawn shop. Two rioting suspects also African American were finally apprehended in connection with Mr Dorn’s murder.

  19. Meghan is just another idiot in villages over run with them. No one gives a rat’s fart what she thinks. James Woods had the great solution to defunding the police. Issue opt out of police services to every community member. If they call 911 and they have opted out, too bad, no police presence. I believe President Trump should stop all federal funds from these cities that want to defund their police. Let’s see how long that defunding lasts when federal funds dry up.

  20. Great idea to stop funding the states/cities that are defunding police. Who do they plan to call when they are in trouble or need assistance: such as, child abuse, domestic abuse, etc. If I were to advise the police in this country I would tell them, resign and when someone calls them for help just say Sorry dude, you don’t want us around.

  21. How insane are these people? You don’t have a society without police protection. You have to have laws and you have to have people to inforce those laws. Hollywood lives in a dreamworld. They may have private security but even that is not going to be enough if there is no police to back them up. Are they going to be shooting and killing every time a gang tries to rob a home? And without police it will happen.

  22. Celebrity elitist Markel unwelcome in U.S. She brings NO positive attributes. Further, she broke promise not to relocate to U.S with great President Trump in office — immature devolved liar. MOVE!

  23. I too wished Harry would grow some cajones and move back to Briton, and do NOT return to Canada, with that nothing broad he married.

  24. Aunt Jemima was a celebrated millionaire that broke out of real slavery, not a 21st century headliner looking for a platform to create public discourse…

  25. Re: Markle I agree with the Red Queen, “off with her head”. She doesn’t make sense without a script.


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