Meghan Markle just made one move that proves she’s a complete fraud


Newly minted royal Meghan Markle has stepped in it again.

The Duchess of Sussex wants to leave behind her responsibilities as part of the British royal family and rekindle her acting career.

But Markle just made one move that proves she’s a complete fraud.

Former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher famously said, “The facts of life are conservative.”

Leftists deal with this truism by being massive hypocrites.

They say one thing and then do the opposite.

And Meghan Markle just exhibited that with her latest move.

When it comes to politics, Markle is a wild leftist.

She preaches about climate change and cutting carbon emissions, but flies around the globe in private jets.

And now she moved her company Frim Fram Inc. from California to Delaware.

Anyone who’s had to deal with the state of California knows exactly what that move means.

California has some of the country’s most onerous tax and regulation policies, which are hostile to business.

People tolerate it because of the location, but even that isn’t enough to keep thousands and thousands from leaving the state.

And Markle is doing that with her business.

Delaware is known for being an incredibly business-friendly state for corporations.

The taxes are comparatively low, and the regulations are far less restrictive.

In Delaware, businesses do not have to publicly disclose the names of their owners.

Markle, a native Californian, can only be moving her business to Delaware because she wants to maximize the amount of money she makes, which is sensible.

But that also cuts against the progressive narrative.

Markle also slid right under the wire and filed the paperwork in late December.

According to The Telegraph, “‘You want to do it on New Year’s Eve simply because if you go one minute into the next year you would owe some taxes to California for the year 2020,’ said Alan Stachura, from financial services firm Wolters Kluwer.”

It’s all fun and games until it’s your money that’s on the hook.

Markle isn’t the only outspoken leftist celebrity to come in conflict with the rhetoric versus the real world.

After Trump announced his tax plan that raised taxes slightly on top earners, actress Debra Messing tweeted in disgust about the increase.

People on her Twitter feed had to remind her that she’s a leftist who’s in favor of higher taxes on the rich and free goodies for everyone.

Rapper Cardi B was also furious when doing her taxes and realizing just how much Uncle Sam was taking.

Many people naturally become more conservative when they get older and realize the liberal narrative they were spoon-fed was a lie.

But Markle and other Hollywood figures live in fantasy for a living, so many of them are hopeless.

Is Markle a hypocrite for moving her company to a known pro-business state while advocating policies that have turned states like California into high tax, high regulation, anti-business states?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  2. Hopefully nobody buys what she’s selling. Write down the name of the company and don’t buy a thing from it, down go see anything the twit is in. No cups or anything else with her & her puppet’s photo on. How long before she’ll either leave him or both will go running back to England!

  3. Markle is the worst (maybe best) example of a flaming “liberal” that I can think of, and now dragging His (former) RH Harry into it as well. Of course, if Harry didn’t want to believe that kind of tripe, he wouldn’t have married Markle at all.
    I feel sorry for their kid being exposed to this kind of lying tripe.

  4. I have thought from the beginning that Prince Harry will rue the day he got involved with and married Megan. She is on the outs with her family from reports and now he seems to be on the outs with his. I believe the Queen deserved better behavior from both of them and from reports, the British welcomed Megan with open arms except perhaps some of Harry’s friends who found her too liberal for their tastes. As an American, I hope she stays in Canada with her liberalism.

  5. Hopefully they will stay out of US. Maybe she should move her business, called flimflam, to Canada. UK is lucky and just haven’t realized it yet. Harry will be back home before long. I knew her plan long ago. Just another nothing.

  6. Meghan Markle wants regulations and higher taxes for thee but not me. Classic liberal like John Kerry docking his Yacht in Rhode Island to evade the high Massachusetts taxes. They want to take everyone else’s money but not their own. They will hide money in Swiss bank accounts and in the Kayman Islands while flying on private jets. Giving lectures to everyone else, really lame if you ask me.

  7. Meghan Markle, made herself available, like a common street whore, to a man that in all respects was a virgin.
    What a love story…..NOT
    Markle is an actress and her life is an act. Prince Harry must just stick to the script, as being the submissive “FALL GUY”.
    Watch for it, coming to a theater near you: ” A PRINCE DEFEATED BY THE FEMALE DRAGON ”
    Free admission.

    Just saying…

  8. Meghan Markle, made herself available, like a common street whore, to a man that in all respects was a virgin.
    What a love story…..NOT
    Markle is an actress and her life is an act. Prince Harry must just stick to the script, as being the submissive “FALL GUY”.
    Watch for it, coming to a theater near you: ” A PRINCE DEFEATED BY THE FEMALE DRAGON ”
    Free admission

  9. Sadly, all democrats are hypocrites! They feel guilty about what they want to do so they put restraints on the rest of us to assuage their ‘guilt’ and make themselves look good. They try to ‘rewrite’ how things work to take the focus off of their behavior, yet they don’t understand that things of tradition are of tradition BECAUSE they work. They clearly don’t understand life and how it works or they wouldn’t be this way!

  10. I will give Markle a pass this time so long as she doesn’t go into politics or continues to spout the man-made climate change crap. The other thing that would gain my ire is if she tries to get more regulations in Delaware thus ruining that state for other businesses. Leave the California Crap App in California!

  11. Why didn’t she move her company to Canada since she hates America and will not come to the States until Trump is out of office. I’m voting for him for a third term. But as you can see for the last three and a half years the demented dimwit obstructionist immoral lying demoncrats led by the disfunctional old lady Nutzy Paloooziiiii (io pisciero sulla tua tomba), and Adumb Schitt (his mother gave him some gelt every time he told a lie) the DNC has sunken into the mire of the cesspool they are use to living in.

  12. The best thing the citizens of the world could do is forget the, as though they never existed. Don’t support them, avoid them. It irks me that the media gives them, and others (such as, Oprah, Gore, and the Obamas)a platform to spout their supreme knowledge about racism, climate, and other social concerns as though they are experts! Then the politicians of the world create policy to support their lies.
    The world is smarter than that,I hope.

  13. I can see a divorce on the horizon. Soon, I hope. Poor Harry doesn’t deserve to be treated like this. He waited so long to find the right girl and thought he had not realizing she is nothing but a selfish, lying manipulative trash. She had that baby just to have something to hold over Harry’s head for eternity. Harry needs to just go back home, file for divorce and get rid of her forever. With her lifestyle, I’m sure Harry will be awarded custody of the baby.

  14. She is extremely transparent, as are all the hypocrites demos in private jets, living in luxury, turning California into a ruined state, that taxpayers will have to bail out, when they have no tax base left living there to pay the tab for the failed entitlements on steroids mind set…I say let the Hollywood leftists pay the tab…they will be gone in droves, or running to their tax advisors for loopholes the working class doesn’t have access to

  15. I had a feeling she wanted to get back to acting. I see a spin off of the show SUITS. Suits was done in Canada and the final Suits episode, if you have been following it, Harvey and Donna get married and will move to Seattle to work with Mike and Rachel, (Meghan was Rachel when she did Suits) and I think it will continue in Seattle.

  16. Hey, michael, At Least She Not’s A DERANGED SICKO like d trump, AKA CRAZY DONALD & D For DUMB trump & Every One Of His Party Of republican RETARDS!

  17. Yes, katie, and When A Pair Of trump TRASH Loses In 2020, They Call That Spin-Off Show, Good Riddance To A BULLY & A BIMBO!

  18. Apparently Meghan is just another typical DAIS NAID- Do as I say, not as I do- ala Bernie, Nancy, and so on.

  19. Meghan doesn’t like the monarchy and she thought she could change the rules…she realizes she can’t so now she is pouting and running away to another country…but not when Trump is still President…that’s truly eye opening in and of itself. She is self-absorbed and poor Harry who I think is a good guy…but not so lucky when it comes to finding a life time partner, is her pawn and he’s been forced for choose between her and his family as she is holding Archie over his head. I wish I could be less pessimistic about this move but I smell a rat…if she’s aligning herself with the Clintons as they establish their own charity, no doubt in my mind they will receive huge salaries from the charity coffers and there will be shady dealings.

  20. I never liked her, from the beginning she showed her true colors, I feel sorry for Harry, because he is a good guy, just like his mother was, but this woman will be his ruin, if he doesn’t wake up on time!

  21. Sad. Harry was smitten by the red apple. He seems to be completely in love with Megan and she with herself. I hope this story has a happy ending.

  22. I am getting so sick and tired of seeing her face in the news. Is that all they have to do is keep their presence known.. She screwed up big time and should resign from the marriage the screwed up his life also. What happens when they have a black baby, all hell will break loose.

  23. Megan booked herself as some huge Hollyweird actress. When in truth, Americans hadn’t a clue who she was if they didn’t watch the tv show she was in. She was only known when she married Harry. I live very near to Canadian border, so we know many Canadians that come and work here in the States. Canadians do NOT want them living there. This has been all I have heard. Megan is not well liked anywhere it seems. I agree, I don’t give their marriage long.

  24. Not since Wallis Warfield Simpson left Baltimore and snatched King Edward VI, has the Britain seen such a flagrant display of a catch. Meghan Markle is a divorced American actress from a dysfunctional family. She has no “wealth” of her own. She’s done the math…….has found out Harry’s net worth, knows exactly how much he’s receiving from Diana’s estate and the British government, including his pay from the British military. Although he’ll not be receiving anymore funding from the government, he still has money from Charles and his mother’s inheritance. He’ll be left paying the redecorating costs that his wife rang up, as well as the monthly tab of rent at Frogmore Castle, whether he’s there or not. Meghan is a manipulative, self-indulgent person, a whiner and a person who never thought that England would be her permanent home. She had eyes on returning to L.A. where she feels at ease with her mother, Oprah Winfrey and other “friends”. The temporary residence in Vancouver ( leased or purchased), was grabbed so that she could say that she and Harry are still in the UK….”North America”.
    She’s fooling no one. We’ve seen this kind before. Gradually she’ll excuse herself from attending high functions in London, such as the Queen’s birthday celebration and the future coronation of either Charles or William. The girl is on her way out. If she breaks Harry’s heart, the world will not look kindly on this self-centered manipulative individual.

  25. I totally agree with your summary of what has transpired and what will happen in the future. She is a manipulative, conniving woman with a big black chip on her shoulder.

  26. I was surprised she didn’t move her mama into the palace, like queen Michael Obama moved his mama into the White House.

  27. God help Harry… ????????
    Megan will disappear in a black cloud of her own greed and lack
    Of decency for the rest of the world around her. The son she had for Harry… no, she wants to dig in to the money with her own son. God help Harry’s son.

  28. If you consider yourself a true patriot then you had better start petitions to have laws drafted, passed, and enacted preventing Progressives from moving into Patriotic communities they will bring their insane minds with them, waa! I do not like having to support foreign enemies (i.e.) illegal aliens but I am going to turn your community into a Sanctuary community.

    Not to mention they will elect politicians that will not only turn your community into a Sanctuary community but disarm you as well.

  29. Eventually Harry will resent what she has done to him and his family. Maybe 3 years for the marriage is a good guess. It seems like in each picture of him he looks strained, or angry, or unhappy. Spoilers do that to people. And she is always smiling triumphantly.

  30. Nothing wrong with her making a business decision. I moved out of there in 2012. Smart move. Stop picking on the girl.

  31. Susan, please name ONE RULE that Pres. Trump has broken. YOU CAN’T!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has done nothing wrong. Your sick hate won’t let you see the truth. You attack Pres. Trump, but ignore that Hillary and Obama are much worse. BOTH are very corrupt.

  32. She is not different than the rest of them, they use people as stepping stone to be on a life time of Ritzy welfare. greedy b*tch.

  33. I think Markel had a game plan from the beginning. She chased Prince Harry And got him right where she wanted him. I think she was proving to her family that she could do that. And all those people that she act with!
    I am shocked at Prince Harry that he got suckered into this. Just like his brother Prince William told him to get rid of her and he should’ve done that. She’s completely torn apart his whole family And Queen Elizabeth! I thought he was smarter than that! That’s what happens when you marry a divorce who wants to continue being an actress! He should’ve known! He should get out of that relationship As quickly as possible and take Archie with him!


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