Meghan Markle is using the Royal family to do something utterly disgraceful


Meghan Markle’s influence in the Royal Family may be one of the most disturbing developments in recent history for Britain.

And things just got much worse.

Now Meghan Markle that is using the Royal Family’s name to do something disgraceful.

It’s no secret that any member of the Royal Family is given instant fame and notoriety.

Typically, the members of the family will use this fame to advocate for certain causes and conduct themselves with dignity in public.

That is not the case with Meghan Markle.

Since the couple’s announcement that they are leaving the Royal Family and potentially moving to either Canada or the United States, Meghan Markle has been in the spotlight.

And now we’ve learned why she is forcing Prince Harry to leave Britain.

Netflix is working on striking a deal with the couple that would make them millions of dollars.

Meghan Markle is attempting to use her recently acquired fame to cash in on the entire situation.

She has already begun working for Disney as a voiceover actress and appears to be working other deals through her husband, Prince Harry.

According to Breitbart, “A video on social media even appeared to show Harry highlighting his wife’s talents and interest to Disney CEO Robert Iger during the European premiere of The Lion King in July.

“You do know she does voiceovers?” Harry is heard saying. “I did not know that,” Iger replied, to which Harry responded: “You seem surprised. She’s really interested.”

It appears that the couple fully intends to make the most out of their public move to leave the Royal Family and simply become Hollywood celebrities.

What do you think?

Are Prince Harry and Megan Markle abusing the Royal Family’s name to get rich and famous in Hollywood?

Let us know what you think in the comments.


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  2. Well they have to make a living somehow, now that they’re cut off from the British taxpayer dole.
    Besides, what’s so difficult about doing voice-overs? Anybody can do it.

  3. They should remain in CANADA! Meghan already said not America because she HATES Our President. I surmise it’s because he knows the truth about the marriage. Too BAD Harry chose to marry a Tranny! Many people are asking where they got ARCHIE. Pictures speak louder than words. Check her wearing Maternity Clothes. Her tummy was on her tummy, fell almost down to her knees and back up again. That’s NOT how Pregnancy works. Check out ARCHIE who is often a BABY DOLL!

    She CHOSE not to attend the Dinner with Our President because she HATES HIM. Why? HE KNOWS THE truth and SHE does NOT want to be exposed for what she really is! Hence, they had to “get out of Dodge” before it hit the fan! LAUGHING: No Titles. No MONEY! GET a REAL JOB! FYI: Prior to this she wanted to have a second baby, but had to get the Queen’s approval. That should be even more exposure!

  4. I have absolutely no use for that woman! She is a ,manipulator and is using Prince Harry to get what SHE wants. Not what is good for the family.

  5. Poor Harry, love does strange things to a couple. However, it seems like he no longer wears the pants in their family. I thought you had more balls than that, Harry, obviously you two didn’t talk this out before you got married – too bad.

  6. Harry needs to get full custody of his son Archie and get back to England . He.needs to drop Meghan like a hot rock ! She is not worthy to be a wife or mother !

  7. The Canadians do not want her either. Harry needs to take the baby and go back to Britain. She is a gold digger and will use anyone she can.
    Those who were her friends while married to Harry, are now not talking to her.

  8. Poor Harry – he left his family for this troll and now he’s stuck with her in Canada. They better stay there, because we don’t want that excuse for a female in our country. It won’t be long before Harry will realize what a big mistake he made. The question is – will his family take him back after the way he sabotaged them for her? He’ll be lucky if they do. But the damaged she did to Harry and his brother will probably never ever be repaired.

  9. She dosn’t bilong to the Roalty Family. She is an actress and how Prince Harry found her is a big sicret. She is not even white, but blackish. Now she put him on the leash and monipulate him and his name. And if she wants to be a Princess in Holliwood, which is in America, but she doesn’t want to live in America, because she hates President Trump. Well she is not only an actess, she also is very radical leftie

  10. She has REALLY cheapened the monarchy. If I were Harry’s brother, I would tear him a new one before talking to him about coming back to England.

  11. If Prince Harry was in direct line for the throne he would never have been allowed to marry Meghan being half Black and half Jewish. She is turning out to be a thorn in Harry’s side, even though he doesn’t see it yet. The audacity of Meghan to say she is not happy with the type of life she married into. Who did she think she was marrying, no ordinary Joe Blow. I find it interesting that they don’t mention that her Father is Jewish. I’m not prejudice since I am Jewish. I also find it interesting that William’s wife Kate is half Jewish. Her Mother was born Jewish, but became a Christian. Interesting that Queen Elizabeth is living to see all the changes affecting the Monarchy. First Prince Charles and Princess Diana who was treated very poorly by Prince Charles. It is so obvious that Prince Charles only married her to have an heir to the throne. My have times changed.

  12. Prince Harry had plenty of time to shop around for a wife….He was not
    naieve when he married Meghan and has just what he wanted…He made his bed now must lie in it…

  13. that is one EVIL woman & she’s out to get everything she can from that “love-sick” little lap dog! God bless the Queen! Queen may need to have a little “one on one” personal time with her grandson!

  14. Meghan is an evil woman. Please, we don’t want her in the US -I’m sure
    that she isn’t wanted in Canada either!! Love is sure blind – hope that
    Prince William can somehow help his brother to get out of the marriage!!
    Feel sorry for the Queen as she doesn’t deserve this mess at this time of her life! Please, Harry, wake up!!!!!!

  15. Typical millenial trash! How unfortunate the Prince is blinded by this untalented tramp. How unfortunate for the child to have to call that thing his mother and how typical the liberals are eatting it up and supporting this behavior.

    It seems like many countries people are going to h–l in a hand basket. Not all but many anymore have absolutely no respect, pride, dignity, integrity, ethics or class.
    It used to be trash does not compete with class now it’s the reverse and society, especially Hollyweird think these actions are acceptable

    Now decent society is expected to accept and tolerate the trash of society no matter how depraved and screwed up people are. I don’t think so and it’s time people start pushing against the devay and start putting in their place, behind bars and God knows in mental institutions. There are plenty of them roaming the streets now and on TV!

    Harry, if you have any shred of intelligence left you better get your head together and get that child back to the UK under protection of your father and grandmother before your dear gold digging wife takes off from you one day and takes the child with her.

    Stupid move buddy and she isn’t worth it.


  17. I see from the above commenters that most people have her #. Too bad Harry didn’t listen to all those warnings in the wind. Now he not only made his bed, and lays in it, but handicapped his baby son with this awful burden of a mother. His instincts to defend her were misplaced, it may take him decades to realize it.

  18. she seems to think America even wants her back. she’s a brain-dead celebratard and we don’t need her. stay in Canada – don’t bother to come over the border. we don’t want you or your hairbrained friends. i hope harry wakes up to her scheme and it’s not too late for him, but it’s not looking promising

  19. When she gets to where she wants to she will give old Harry the boot.. She will not need him in her plans.

  20. She’s a gold digger and as soon as she get ensconced in hollyweird again, she’s going to give Harry the boot.

  21. Wow, Carol Sims, and all the other commentators, have eloquently described Markle. Actions speak, not words — she is a gold digger. Do not want her in the U.S. We are already overpopulated with narcissistic selfish humans.

  22. Meghan has always been a skank. She couldn’t act herself out of a brown paper bag. Narcissistic doesn’t even begin to describe this low life. The Queen deserves better. Even Canada does not want these two morons. Pitiful.

  23. If you look at any picture of them (even off guard) Megan is always looking at the Camara !!!
    I thought she wanted privacy and live a normal private life !?!? What happen ?!?!?!

  24. All these comments are hateful and racist. Although there have been a black queen in the UK. Many of Britain today’s bigot Whites there are just as racist as many of the White Americans here in the U.S. The news media only mentioned it a few time of all the racist remarks thrown at them. Hopefully they will find peace and happiness as a mixed couple.


  26. meghan is a user’s manipulative, a controller a danger to Harry .Emotionnally he,has been overwhelmed.he should seek counseling to help him adjust and take time to heal ..He should return if needed.She wanted to leave because William was close by and made sure that Harry would not be under Williams more children for Harry not with her,,,remember her mom said” that Meg will be fine anywhere” Hope that Harry,finds his way and able to go forward.She does not deserve him any body for that matter. She has no class!I agree with Gloria


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