Meghan Markle dropped jaws when she showed up for this sickening photo op


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have desperately craved the spotlight.

They cannot seem to get enough of it.

But Meghan Markle dropped jaws when she showed up for this sickening photo op.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sat for a nauseating interview with Oprah Winfrey where they slandered the British Royal Family as racists.

But now Markle might have just outdone herself.

Shortly after the horrific mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Markle descended on the town for a photo op.

The cameraman made sure to get multiple angles.

Markle continued the media blitz, stopping by a community center to deliver food, Buzzfeed reported.

Buzzfeed was sure to update their story to make sure that everyone knows just how much food she donated.

Buzzfeed’s senior reporter Ellie Hall tweeted, “The story has been corrected to note that Meghan donated two CRATES of food, beverages, and desserts. Not two bags. I misunderstood [Buzzfeed reporter Kadia Goba] and she very helpfully just now messaged me a picture of the type of containers the duchess used.”

It was very important to know that Markle brought “two CRATES” and not a paltry “two bags.”

But not even Buzzfeed could hide the outrage.

It’s quite telling that Markle flew all the way to Uvalde, Texas when she had no connection whatsoever to the community.

Markle’s half-sister Samantha warned people about Meghan a few years back, saying, “I definitely see a narcissistic personality disorder. I’m not diagnosing her. She needs to see a counselor.” The Duchess of Sussex’s sister added “I feel sorry for Harry. She pulled him away from his family, all of his friends, the life that he knew. He reminds me of one of those kidnap victims who eventually starts to believe that their life was so horrible and they’re in love with their captor.”

Their father Thomas Markle, who has been estranged from Meghan, recently suffered a stroke and according to Samantha, Meghan has not been to see him.

Samantha said to the press, “Those rumors are not true; [Meghan] has not reached out… He loves all of us and he’s been bashed in the media for always speaking out to extend an olive branch to reach out to her… He has been very honest and open in those feelings and the door is wide open. She’s always had his phone number, it hasn’t changed, and his address, so any suggestion that she doesn’t know how to get hold of him and that she wanted to be private is somewhat ridiculous on the grounds that if you want to reach out to your father privately you know how to do it.”

The Harry and Meghan soap opera continues.

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