Megyn Kelly just smacked down an anti-Trump comedian for her despicable tweets at the President


Self-proclaimed “comedian” Sarah Silverman is about as looney as they come.

So it wasn’t surprising she got triggered when Trump pointed out how sad Amy Klobuchar looked announcing her 2020 campaign challenging Trump on “climate change.”

But your jaw will hit the floor when you see how the former Fox News star jumped in to humiliate her.

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar announced her 2020 presidential campaign by giving a speech at an outdoor park in Minneapolis.

But things got awkward when she vowed to fight against so-called “global warming” in the midst of a snowstorm after a polar vortex that brought record-breaking low temps nationwide.

President Trump devastated his wannabe challenger in a single tweet.

It was literally snowing in Maui, Hawaii. but when Trump pointed out Klobuchar’s terrible timing, Sarah Silverman threw a temper tantrum.

Silverman, who voiced a character in the recent Disney movie “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” responded with a filthy tweet, saying “F*** YOU” and labeling the President with a childish epithet.

Then, former Fox News host Megyn Kelly jumped in calling Silverman out for the foulmouthed tirade.

Kelly wrote, “This woman wants to star in children’s movies produced by Disney.”

The Daily Mail reports:

Former television host Megyn Kelly hit out at comedian Sarah Silverman on Twitter over a foul-mouthed tweet she aimed at President Trump.

Silverman on Monday responded to Trump’s tweet from Sunday questioning global warming and mocking Senator Amy Klobuchar for announcing her candidacy for president in the snow.

‘No point in explaining how mind blowingly stupid this tweet is so I’m just gonna go with F*** YOU, and also add that you are a smelly penis hole with balls that touch water,’ Silverman tweeted on Monday.

‘Eat s***, you greedy t***.’

Kelly, the former Fox News host who was fired by NBC News after her comments about blackface this past fall, tweeted in response to Silverman: ‘This woman wants to star in children’s movies produced by Disney. (And just did, in Ralph Breaks the Internet.)’

It would seem that Kelly has forgiven Trump for skewering her for the loaded questions she asked during a 2015 Republican Primary debate.

As for Silverman, while the foulmouthed terms she came up with are certainly creative, it doesn’t seem very appropriate that someone who says such things publicly — let alone to the President — should be starring in children’s entertainment.

What do you think?

Should there be a backlash against Disney for hiring foul-mouthed anti-Trump liberals like Silverman to entertain our children?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  2. That foul mouthed person should never be in a movie for children. Disney ought to fire her, but they are liberal too. Never thought I would say that about Disney Corp. Wasn’t that way when Walt Disney was live.

  3. She is disgusting……I have never heard such foul words from a person mouth…and she puts food into it? she should be shunned by the public…she needs the old fashion “yellow soap” wash out for her mouth…

  4. Walt Disney would never had stood for some one with a dirty mind and a foul mouth to work for Disney. I hope the people running Disney will hold the same standards the Walt Disney store for.

  5. Disney didn’t know about silverman, and can’t control idiots! I’m disappointed in silverman, Disney should never hire her again. A lot of companies should boycott that foul mouthed twit!

  6. silverman is the same ball park with Cobert the late night host idiot,palosi the loser, scumbag the other loser , the indian nitwit,maxinenut, the whoopster pew show, with joy, the fonda traitor, vietnam jane, and all the nitwits who voted for muslims in our govt and wants baby killing legal.

  7. Disney probably doesn’t care because they are so far left, people should have stopped watching them a long time ago

  8. Wow, nasty stuff. Disney putting up with that too, disappointing. Walt wouldn’t have. That was when family values and decorum meant something. Silverman is just a common dirty mouth pig.

  9. Can you imagine a republican using such foul language against Pres. Obama as Silverman just used against Trump.?? They would have been fired immediately! Then you have ultra liberal Joy Behar showing pix of herself dressed an African woman with dark makeup (aka black face)
    and everyone laughs. But Meghan Kelly mentions black face and gives
    her opinion and she is fired! Anyone else see the outrageous liberal double standard?? And Sarah Silverman should be fired by Disney!! The democrat party couldn’t possibly have lowered their standards any lower than Silverman, or Disney either!! God save us from this liberal insanity!
    Trump 2020 ????????????????????????????????????????

  10. I worked at Disney Studios for 12 years and know Walt must be turning over in his Grave over this type of publicity.

  11. Disney, at some point and time long ago, used to be a family oriented producer of family movies and such. Now comes Sarah Silverman with her foul mouth. You would think that she would act a little more adult-like but I do believe her last out spoken rant should cause concern as to Disney’s “Choices of Voices” when it come to Sarah Silverman and future involvement in any Disney films. Hopefully Disney will not employ such an foul mouthed “individual” in their future films for our children!

  12. Disney has been liberal for a long time. The problem is, not enough people will boycott Disney. As long as they are connected to Hollywierd, they will support their own.

  13. Mr. Disney must be rolling in his grave…that said, don’t expect Disney enterprises to fire this foul-mouthed excuse for a human being, even though she has effectively obliterated any credibility as a “comedian,” actor/actress, or, for that matter, coherent, sane human being. There should be consequences for this type of remark. Am not, however, holding my breath…

  14. Yes, Megan, great job! That woman needs her mouth washed out with soap! Disney has stooped pretty low, hiring someone so foulmouthed!

  15. Disney won’t fire her because it’s not the same Disney anymore. There are a lot of Lesbian and Gay homosexuals running the place unless they feel like they will lose a lot of money by keeping her. We will see what happens.

  16. Boycott any work given to Silverman. Disney should never pay her another penny – sick woman with a foul mouth

  17. What has befallen this country What happened to basic manners & etiquette? Is it due to constant barrage we see & hear socially & on T V ?? Is it a reflection of our lower mores ?

  18. Amy is a brilliant, informed woman. Everthing that Trump is not. Megan Kelly is done for. Maybe she’s thinking a job with Trump is better than an isolated has been.

  19. Hooray for Megyn, it is about time she got some good press. As for the would be senator/comedian she could not make a patch on either rear end

  20. Who the hell is Silverman anyway? I have never heard of her and from what she has tweeted, I think I would have more fun laughing when I watch paint dry.

  21. Another clueless Hollywood performer who has lost her mind. She should follow the old adages ie Profanity is no sign of intelligence and It is better to be silent and thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt. I wonder if she uses such language at her home with her family around here or at work with her fellow coworkers. She must be something to work with if she has such a potty mouth.

  22. Well one thing she’s forgetting , the dims are the one stealing all the money Gop are just accussed of collussion !!!!!!

  23. This is not the first statement that Jelly has made that is pro Trump. With the financial settlement she received from NBC, she doesn’t ever have to work again – anywhere! Good for her!

  24. Sarah Silverman should have her mouth washed out with a bar of soap which is what parents did a half a century ago. I feel Disney should fire her for saying nasty things about President Trump, but they will not because 90 % or greater of Hollywood, Movie companies and celebrities are extremely Liberal, despite what sleaze- ball Weinstein did to stars. But the Libs forget about these type of things, conveniently.

  25. We are fighting liberals. Anything goes attitudes. We must stop the hate and vulgarity. What does that accomplish? Nothinng. People like her should not be interviewed or asked to speak in public. They must face consequences of their words. I for one doesn’ care what she thinks and I sure don’t want to hear her vulgar and dispicable language.

  26. I think even though she seem at least for a while, to lean left to a degree, I think that when she see’s something that isn’t “right” in her eyes…she calls it out. She was right on this. Tired of people like Silverman prancing in front of our kids. It’s all about the money. They could care less about the kids.

  27. Despicable, trashy, and totally unnecessary, I am extremely disgusted with any one who displays a deficient command of the English language.
    Disney should reprimand this fortunate elitist!

  28. Disney has lowered their standards of conduct for those who work for them and represent them. We have been boycotting Disney for years but many so not who s should because they don’t really take a stand against anything they disagree with. They have so coscience.

  29. What is the big deal about Disney, the company who has Gay Day Parades. And, they entertain your children? Not mine. Why are you so surprised they hired Silverman?

  30. Her nasty mouth should fit in fine with the NEW Disney. After Walt died they sure did a lot of changes and not for the better. I no longer consider Disney family or children entertainment. But this nasty mouth might even push the NEW Disney !!! WOW ~~

  31. What a vile woman! This is the best you could do Disney? This filthy woman, with her employer being Disney should not be forgotten or allowed to remain….

  32. That’s what Liberals do. They love to use vulgar language. And if Colbert, Maher, could get away with that language on their shows, they would use the same vulgarity against our President.
    DONALD J. TRUMP, 2020!!!

  33. That is really disgusting language and there is no call for it about anyone. Maybe her vocabulary is very limited and she needs to be re-educated. Seriously, she should not be allowed to star in any children’s movies as it reflects badly on Disney! The company should have come out with a reprimand about her language. There is no respect for anyone any more! So sad!

  34. Proud to say that I never heard of this vulgar twit, Silverman. Question is why does such a cretinesque low-life get the publicity she does? She obviously shouldn’t be allowed near a mike, phone, or keyboard.

  35. Margaret: Sarah Silverman is another foul-mouthed Jew, pawn of the Zionist Plan working on overthrowing the POTUS and the USA. Of course her job is guaranteed by the Jewish owned Disney.

  36. What would Walt say? Disney is no longer a family forum. I fact I think If Walt Disney would sue his own company for the misrepresentation of his good name. I don’t think this is the image Walt imagined his company would transform into. I grew up watching the Mickey Mouse Club and had no idea they would ever consider hiring a person with such trash coming out of an employee’s mouth

  37. The movie should be boycotted 100%. The liberals call for boycotts all the time of conservative venues. Turn about is fair play, I say. Also there are pictures of Sarah Silverman in blackface. That should be enough to get her fired from everything. But then, she is a liberal drone. They are allowed to get away with murder if they want to.

  38. Liberal Silverman is an example of garbage in-garbage out! Rotten mouth!
    Send her a free lifetime supply of .99 cents store bought ivory soap & “Listerine mouth wash” ASAP!

  39. We are going to boycott Disney and so are all of my friends none of our grandchildren will go to see any Disney movies.

  40. to Megyn – thanks for pointing out that NO ONE using such foul-mouthed language to the President OR ANYONE FOR THAT MATTER, should ever be considered for any children’s themed picture produced by Disney. People will not honor Disney or their children with their presence at anything in which Silverman has a principal role. She must apologize to the President and the public at large for her comments. Shame on her!! abf

  41. why does this despicable vile pathetic ugly monstrous PIG still have her twitter account????!!!!!! Conservatives has lost their twitter accounts for saying far less!!!!! THE HYPOCRISY AND DOUBLE-STANDARDS ARE ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING AND DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. been sick of Disney for awhile. sick of their having to remake classics for the other lifestyles. sick of the people they hire. just a bad gut feeling when i hear or see Disney

  43. Disney has no moral compass. They lost it a long time ago, right at the time they opened their doors to the sodomites, lesbians, trans freaks, and other sexual perverts. As I recall they even had a special day set aside for these degenerate deviates.

  44. Here we go again with two liberal clowns gumflapping……Amy Klobuchar and Silverman. First, “global warming” has been debunked by actual scientists but political hacks continue to rant. All of these weather patterns have happened before and will happen again, tinkerbell. Many have life cycles that go beyond what the people spouting this BS can. The only do it for money and/or political clout. Grow up. As for Silverman, she’s proven throughout her ugly history she’s nothing but a gum flapping lib with the brain of a termite so, as many entertainers can’t seem to grasp, irrelevant. I don’t see how they ever came to be known a celebrities because they do nothing to celebrate. They are nothing but entertainers, period, that aren’t really necessary to survival int his world.

  45. And the foul mouth is what you get as a result of no God, no morals, no right or wrong, no decency, no respect for others at all……garnished with a dirty heart.

  46. there should be some kind of punishment for people that degrade the President of The United States , what kind of signal does this send to rest of the world

  47. Thank you, Megan. We need more news people to show their “disgust” when called for. I’m happy to see you defend our President when women or men speak such “vulgar” against him or anyone else for that matter. I can’t believe our America has come to this kind of language. I guess it’s called being “politically correct”. GO TRUMP.

  48. There’s a place for all of these stupid asses that condemn the President it’s called north korea. Round them all up and ship them out especially all of those deadbeats in hollywood, furthermore I feel that the name should be changed to DEADWOOD, California.

  49. WoW!Its amazing to see a Major Force like Disney allows us once in a while to see behind the scenes.Sarah Silverman is a Foul Mouth,Ignorant person who Disney chooses as a Representative.Well kids look at the person behind the voice in”Ralph breaks the Internet”.She is a Mean spirited,Foul Mouth and Represents All things We Hate.Disney Be Careful.Many major companies have gone down the drain because of its Ideas.Disney is a out of this world place when it comes to our Imagination.Disney hooked on this premise early in its creation.Hale to its Creator!But,Down with its Moral Compass.Disney likes to Act like it loves All.This is how supposedly equality for all.Really I believe Disney Promotes for Genders other than Male and Female.Also promotes LGBTQ more than Hetero.So to say I love Disney for its Creativity,I hate Disney for its Moral Compass.PS Disney was so much better before it got grossly engaged in pushing The Radical Ideas of the LGBTQ and other Non-Hetero,Non-Christians.”God Bless You All! We Will see You in the Next Life.

  50. She should be stripped of her citizenship and sent to a third world country and see what happens when she makes a comment like that against it leader. Disney should Fire her

  51. I can’t believe that someone who is planning to run against Donald Trump next year would have such a foul mouth and blasting the President of the United States the way she did. I hope all the comments from the above, will let Disney know the kind of person they think should be in contact with any children. WHAT IN THE WORLD is going on with such hatred.

  52. But this is the “new” Disney, they’ve gone way, way down, they say is about the children but is only about money so they don’t care who they hire or represents them.

  53. Twitter? What a joke. Bet Sarah wasn’t banned for the “HATE” speech. But someone says Chelsea Handler is a Hollywood Trollop Cunt and Twitter bans you. And “cunt” is an acronym for “Can’t Understand Normal Thinking”.

  54. This foul-mouthed skank shouldn’t be hired by ANYONE, much less Disney!
    She has no respect for the President or herself with language like that. She is obviously an unhappy person to show such deep-seated anger and vulgarity.

  55. Aware Christians no longer watch Disney movies, with one reason being, sexual immortality is now being glorified in Disney movies. Sarah Silverman fits in fine with these pawns of Satan.

  56. what is nasty Silverman doing at Disney? please leave list of Disney movies she has participated in. I will boycott them. Have never liked her. She is nothing more than an “entertainer” and not even a good one.

  57. Whether you like Sarah Silverman or not (I don’t), swearing and name calling is not appropriate for disagreement.

    I would guess, from the description, that the President was talking about the absurd timing and not so much about global warming.

    I get she doesn’t like him, but can’t we be more constructive in our discourse?

  58. How can these low lifes get away with saying such terrible things to or about the POTUS. In some other countries they would be jailed or even beheaded. Roseanne was fired for saying much less. There must be a double standard going on here. Thank you Megan for speaking out about such filth.

  59. I think she’s trying to get back in Fox’s good graces. Isn’t going to happen. Leaving Fox to go to the leftists seals her fate.

  60. George you told it all ,keep it up. Do you know or heard disney’s response they should never use her again. It comes down to the Bottom line for them. If it cost them they will Submit

  61. Thank You trump truster which in reality is nothing but another name for republican Retard, for your above post describing d. trump so exactly perfect!

  62. Thank you, Megyn for calling out this horrible tweet. Silverman has no credibility. Disney has not been the same since the founder, Walt Disney, passed. Too bad younger generations are subject to vile, foul mouthed “entertainers”, not experiencing real joy producing entertainers

  63. Thanks Megan. You got it right. Even if you don’t like the president, it is no reason to go of the rails with filthy words. It shows that she has no class at all and thus not very well stable in the head. Disney should not be hiring such a person. The foul mouthed persons in the House of representatives under Pelosi’s lead are just as guilty of having NO CLASS and should be remove from their positions.

  64. Democrats lefties are goi g to cry a river of
    Tears when president Trump wins a second term
    fortunately .. the anarchists will be burning buildings and causing hatred throughout the election. This is what they are…this is what they do!


  65. I never heard of her till now but I guess I didn’t miss a thing.
    As far as Disney I dont watch it either.
    And never been to Disney world that place is not worth the money to see it.


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