Maxine Waters is smiling ear-to-ear after what liberal activists just did to two theater owners


When Maxine Waters told liberals “to push back on” Trump supporters and “tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere” many thought nobody would take her seriously.

That’s when the media stepped in to rally the liberal thugs to her side.

And you’ll be shocked when you find out the horrible thing that liberal activists just did to these theater owners.

First, two theater owners in Canada were doing what any theater owner in their position would: showing a movie backed by popular demand.

But some liberal activists didn’t think they should be allowed to show popular films in theater.

So they turned to violence, calling in death threats to the two theater owners.

Why? Because they screened the pro-life movie Unplanned, the story of Abby Johnson – a former Planned parenthood Director who became a pro-life activist after learning the truth about abortion.

The two theater owners had to shut down their showings of the pro-life movie because of the threats, fearing their families are in danger.

Christian Headlines reports:

Canadian police are investigating two separate incidents of theatre owners receiving death threats because they scheduled screenings of Unplanned, a pro-life movie which tells the story of Abby Johnson leaving her job with Planned Parenthood to become a spokesperson in the pro-life movement.

B.J. McKelvie, a pastor and the president of Cinedicon, the Canadian distributor of the film, told LifeSiteNews that two independent theater owners received death threats and contacted police. McKelvie said the owners believed the threats were credible and were “fearful for their families.”

The movie’s producers had previously set up a website listing the 46 theaters where the movie would be shown in Canada, but they took down in response to the threats.

There’s no act too vile for Maxine Waters and her liberal activist thug pals.

Tucker Carlson’s life was put in danger by Antifa thugs.

They showed up at his doorstep and threatened his family. . . multiple times

And Trump supporters have been beaten by liberal thugs and protestors.

At London in June, a group of protestors violently attacked Trump supporters who were peacefully showing their support for the President.

And on Halloween in 2018, an 11 year old boy was threatened for simply dressing up as the President.

So it only makes sense these thugs would defend abortion and infanticide through death threats.

Do you think theater owners should fear for their lives for showing pro-life movies?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  2. Joseph Morgan Sr. AMEN!! I can’t figure out why this disgrace can’t be arrested either. I think Trump should start making some positive moves in correcting this kind of deplorable behavior!!Just because this movie TRULY portrays what Planned parenthood is really about and the horror that happens there. Is that why?This b**** is really going to burn in Hell, no doubt about it…….

  3. Because she and her libtard crony buddy politicians control libtard precincts control libtard judges. So they sadly get away with this crap a lot. It’s how they roll. We can only hope and pray and make our votes and voices count and be heard at the polls November 2020. Then President Trump can finish cleaning the swamp or keep cleaning it and make America great again!

  4. Theater owners should hire protection for families and offer free admission to all females between ages of 13 to 45.

  5. That baboon should be locked up.If anyone threatens to cause bodily harm you get charged simple
    as that!

  6. No one is forced to watch a movie. If people don’t come, it will be shut down. The theater can show the movie if they want to.

  7. Would hope to G-d that some laws would be changed – and/or enforced – and anyone found making threats such as these would be LOCKED UP (including Ms. Waters). These ignoramuses are terrorists, period, and should be treated as such.

  8. they should sue waters for the threats on their lives and lose of income and the mental stress put on them and there familys . that thing needs to be put in jail with no bond

  9. If they will kill a a baby after it is born, and kept “comfortable until the mother and doctor decide”, then they are guilty of murder. They make Hitler look nromal

  10. Second amendment is designed to protect against anarchy. That is exactly what Dems are doing. promoting anarchy. Maybe it’s time for all of these militias to wake up and get active. Start with Antifa and move up the line to their “Sponsors” Waters, Soros, etc. If the police wont protect Free speech it’s time for the Militias. Where Antifa goes, so go the Militias.

  11. Maxine Waters had better be careful what she says…there IS coming a day when those words will come back to haunt her.


  13. The opening day for the movie UNPLANNED in my country Canada, is July 12, tomorrow. Threats were made to two theaters, and the manager cancelled. Another theater received threats, but the manager of that one called for a police presence as protection and the show will go on. The President and CEO of Cineplex, Ellis Jacob, sent out a letter “To our Guests”, having received many phone calls on both sides of the conversation about the film UNPLANNED. He stated that when he emigrated to Canada in 1969, one thing he loved most about Canada was that we don’t shy away from our differences, a country that believes and rallies behind freedom of expression. He further reminds his guests to set aside our own personal beliefs and remember that living in a country that censors content, opinion and points of view because they are different from our own, is not a country that any of us would want to live in. To read the open letter google: Ellis Jacob re: Our Decision to Screen UNPLANNED.
    As of today, UNPLANNED is being shown in 55 theaters across Canada, and list continues to increase, even though at first most Canadian theaters (sales) that we called in May claimed there was no Canadian distributor, had not heard about the film or simply were not interested.

  14. Thats why her constituents love her !
    They see her as a black women, with an iron bra, and an extremely effusive mouth, challenging whitey.
    “Auntie Maxine” is just that. She is the numinous of the black community who still feel that “Plantations” are, forever, a point of contention; The incongruity, is her domicile of separation from her constituents to her plantation, on the hill.

  15. Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. Gwylim, The Legally Elected US President Mr. Donald John Trump should do the very same thing that The Long Past Mayor Of Washington County, Kansas did when a male resident tried to Shoplift in a Grocery Store, Hunted Him Down And Arrested Him, And Put The Criminal Inside A Cage Right In The Middle Of The County Seat/Town Square, Wearing Only A Pair Of Pink Female Panties for a couple of days, made him The Subject Of What NOT TO DO!

  16. She needs to be held accountable and she also needs to be prosecuted and jailed for encouraging violence, even in this case not even in the United States, encouraging anarchy and inciting riots. She is stuffing her pockets with taxpayer’s money and spending the exorbitant expense account also paid for by American taxpayers at the same time encouraging and supporting violence against them.

  17. It is hard to say what to do under these circumstances. It is understandable the reaction of the theater owners wanting to protect their families. However, I would like to think that threats from lowlife thugs and a reprobate politician would be handled with courage and tenacity. Show the movie, and to hell with them all.

  18. It is white people that re elected Hussein Obama. It is Antifa that is terrorizing America. It is the FBI, CIA, IRS, etc that clearly broke the law. As long as there are no consequences, the criminals will continue commit crimes.

  19. I agree with the comments on here . I do not understand why she isn’t arrested . Remove from Congress . She is an obstructionist. Hateful witch!
    People Need to stand up,and fight against her and the lib’s and the Bigot, Bias Media! This is sick bowing down to this racist anti America Bit; letting her get away with it??

  20. DOJ….what a joke….AG Barr…what a joke…no one is doing anything about this pile of feces created, maintained, and dispensed by the DEMONRATS! Something needs to take place…I know I am not alone when I state I am waiting for the second shoe to drop and Civil War to begin!

  21. Vicki would you go on to show the movie if your family were threaten? I don’t think so. Even if they did decide to show the movie then the thugs would threaten to bomb the theater or do some violence to the movie goers. Justice needs to start with the one that incites the movement….Maxine Waters. The example has to be set to stop the terrorism…..

  22. Don’t know about anyone else. But they show at my doorstep. The so called cops who let them get away with this crap best bring lots of body bags. I have had enough. They want population control. They will get what they wish for. them being at the head of the pack. And I care not what color you are. And Maxine needs to be drug out to the public courtyard and EXECUTED right along side of the other traitors. You know who you are. And to the rest of the people of this nation. It’s high time you start pushing back on these uppity Negro’s. Or you will be living (or dying) in the same cesspool they choose to live in. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  23. Maxine Waters should of been arrested and charged for exciting violence. Anyone else would have.
    We are not allowed to show our support in public for our president without risking our lives. If Maxine Waters would have been charged , the violence against Trump supporters would have stopped. But they are not held accountable just like others. Shame on the Democrats in this country. They didn’t go against her either.
    What are we to do I ask?

  24. So you missed the whole point of the article? You apparently either can’t read or can’t process what you’ve read. So instead of embarrassing yourself, maybe you should shut your mouth.

  25. I agree! Why are the Marxist slobs of antifa and sjws allowed to cowardly beat LONE Conservative journalists or LONE old men??

  26. This is the leftist party of the DNC. Any patriot, Christian or veteran who votes Democrat needs to wake up.

  27. Uh, anyone trying to remove that toad will be labeled a racist, bigot and sexist. It is how they getaway with murder these days, hence the term, “dindus”.

  28. It is hardly fair to criticize Barr, when he came in after Waters made that stupid remark, and has way bigger fish to fry than her at this point. Don’t you think we’re better served investigating the witch hunt against Trump, and all the corruption in the DOJ, FBI, CIA etc, rather than something Mad Max said over a year ago? Her time will come, it’s just not now.

  29. Isn’t it against the law to incite violence. Maxine Waters should be arrested and charged and thrown out of Congress.

  30. If we can’t arrest her maybe Canada should try to have her extradited to Canada for making terroristic threats.

  31. fuk this black azzed n—-r, IT WILL someday pay for her filth one way or another, unfortunately I won’t, I’m older than methuselah NOW.

  32. If you want something done you can’t sit on your dead ass and wish for it you have to take action, write, phone and or email your representatives and senators and demand it like I do! If enough Americans stand up and speak out we can do anything, we are a government of the people, by the people, for the people!

    We are the government, the people in Washington, our state capitals our Mayors and other city leaders were elected to serve us, not rule us! WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA!

  33. Maxine Waters is such an embarrassment to America. She should sit down
    and shut up. No
    decent American agrees with her.

  34. In the early morning hours of November 13, 1988, Mulugeta Seraw was heading home to his apartment in Portland, Oregon when three skinheads in steel-toed boots and camouflage jackets approached him on the sidewalk. The 28-year-old was studying business at Portland Community College, and working two jobs as a janitor and at a car rental company, sending money back to his wife and young son in Ethiopia. The skinheads, members of the East Side White Pride gang, were on the prowl for what they called “mud people.” When they ran across Seraw, they started beating him with a baseball bat. Friends who had just dropped him off tried to intervene, and were beaten too. Two teenage girls watched from the skinheads’ car, yelling “kill them!” After a few minutes, Seraw was left in a pool of his own blood, brain dead, his skull smashed in.

    The three murderers—Kenneth Mieske, Kyle Brewster, and Steven Strasser—would be tried and found guilty not long after. But it was the civil case that followed that proved the death blow for the White Aryan Resistance (WAR), the white supremacist organization run by the infamous Tom Metzger.

    During the 1980s, white supremacist groups were morphing and spreading across the country. Early adopters of the internet, they used computer bulletin board systems to network, spread racist propaganda, and recruit new members. Two years before Seraw’s murder, attendees at the 1986 Aryan Congress had claimed Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana as their white ethnostate. That year, they were involved in crimes in 24 states, but the Pacific Northwest appeared to be ground zero. Seraw’s murder was the third known skinhead killing nationwide in less than a year. In response to the killing, Lenny Zeskind of the Center for Democratic Renewal said, “What we have here is just the embryo of a future problem.”

    At first glance, Metzger, a former Grand Dragon of the California Ku Klux Klan and founder of WAR, appeared to have nothing directly to do with the Seraw murder. A television repairman by trade, Metzger did run the self proclaimed “most racist newspaper on earth,” and popularized fellow white supremacist Louis Beam’s theory of leaderless resistance, which encouraged individuals to act as “lone wolves” carrying out hate-crime campaigns. “I was the first in the country to recognize skinheads and befriend them,” Metzger said.

    But his son John ran The Aryan Youth Movement, the youth arm of WAR, and in 1988, the vice president of the Aryan Youth Movement traveled to Portland to organize East Side White Pride — the same outfit the men who murdered Seraw belonged to. Rumors began to swirl that the Metzgers and WAR were giving the orders for skinhead violence.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center and other anti-racist groups had been tracking the Metzgers and their organizations, looking for a way to take down the larger white supremacist organizations. They wondered if Seraw’s murder could be used to put an end to WAR once and for all.
    Kenneth Mieske was convicted for the murder. He would die serving a life term in prison in 2011.

    Metzger ran a series of racist hot lines and a few months after Seraw’s murder, he said on a taped phone line, “Sounds like the Skinheads did a civic duty, and they didn’t even realize it.” But his approval of the incident was not enough to link him to the crime in terms of culpability.

    But according to Elinor Langer’s book about Seraw’s murder, A Hundred Little Hitlers, one of the killers’ apartment had been searched, revealing a letter written by John Metzger to the leaders of East Side White Pride, introducing them to the killer. This was the missing link the SPLC had been waiting for, connecting the Metzgers to the murder.

    With the letter in hand, the Southern Poverty Law Center supported a civil suit brought by Seraw’s family, spearheaded by SPLC co-founder Morris Dees, who had been on white supremacist hit lists for years. Through a legal concept known as “vicarious liability,” Dees argued that the Metzgers had incited the violence that had ended Seraw’s life—a line of reasoning criticized by many.

    During the trial, one of Metzger’s followers testified that he had been sent to Portland specifically to recruit members for WAR, and that he’d spoken to the three skinheads mere hours before the Seraw killing. Seraw’s 10-year-old son, Henock, sat in Dees’ lap as they awaited the verdict.

    In the end, the jury agreed that the Metzgers had Seraw’s blood on their hands and awarded $12.5 million in damages. At one time, the the father and son had been earning six figures from WAR, and were ordered to pay $5.5 million of that amount personally. Tom Metzger’s five-bedroom San Diego house was foreclosed on, and his trailer and television repair tools were seized. But most notably, the verdict had bankrupted WAR.

    This case sets a precedent on how Mean Maxine can be handled . . . she could be held responsible for inciting the actions of these people who threaten people’s lives!!!

  35. Why is always the “white people” I did not vote for him and do not like being blamed for everything wrong in this country please leave race out of it though in the current state of affairs comments on race and or religion seem to be acceptable not to me

  36. I wish that this was in the U.S. . . . Lock up those thugs! My condolences to our neighbors to the north (Canada). The action to protect families from violence is a noble one. However, we still need to get this message out that abortion mills are murder mills. Pray for the Canadians – they are our allies.

  37. That individual is evil and vile and will get what’s coming to her in the end. But I don’t know which is worse, the morons that voted for her or the spineless cowards we call Republicans and or conservatives. They neither say or do anything about her let alone try to hold her accountable for her hate speech. Not to mention inciting riotous behavior.
    I believe the larger problem are the brain dead morons that support her.
    Unfortunately the scum that listens to her are only looking for an excuse to be the lowlife reprobates that they truly are.
    A doctor was quoted as saying, “ mankind is the only animal on this planet that allows its misfits to live.” I concur.

  38. Why do we let that happen? Either way you look at it that is terrorism and is time we address that and arrest the person involved on such activities, the person incorrigible any person or group of persons to do menacing activities against anybody. After all we are still a free country and speech and believes.

  39. We need to set a trap for these Maxine Waters ass kissers, and have about 50 well armed, legally, men to come to the baits aid, and just beat the crap out of these demonic people, not seriously hurt anyone, but defending ourselves. This day will come, planned or otherwise and the media will have a hard time defending Waters culpability in this violent act instigated by her continuous public statements to violently push back against any Trump supporters. She thinks she is immune to criticism, much less than being sued, which needs to happen.

  40. only problem it cant be proved she is the direct cause of the threats sure, she could be sued but the case would be tossed by her lawyers on a summary dismissal motion. there is no real merit to the suit. now if she said “threaten anyone who shows that movie” (refering specifically to Unplanned) they would have a direct cause to sue her. her call to harrass Trump supporters is sufficiently vague that she cant be sued for what she said. She is no fool, being a lawyer, she knows what she can get away with

  41. Make them reimburse the two owners for the lost profits AND send them to jail for a few years. I am not sure if Canada has laws to do this but I pray the do.

  42. I’ve wondered why they haven’t arrested her myself, it just shows the power of the bitter Democratic Party.

  43. TRUMP 2020 and we need to change the law so he can run again in 2024. Maybe someday the nasty liberals will finally give it a rest and leave him alone but I wouldn’t count on it.

  44. Looks like the democratic party is historically screwed.
    Maximum watersheds is only a despicable old Washington has been.
    She knows her party is limited to only disappointment approvals, and the other good thing they are turning on each other. It’s now beginning to be the best entertainment available, because holly wood sucks now.

  45. So Mad Maxxy wants to investigate Donald Trump’s tax returns? How about we investigate HERS? I would like to know how someone of such low-IQ could amass so much money during her tenure as a congressional representative.
    Bill Barr- are you also concerned and willing to investigate her?

  46. I dont understand why police have not arrested these people. They deserve fines and jail time. This is not the expression of free speech/ Conservatives have the right of free speech just like any one else and when a group prevents conservatives from having that right, they need punishment

  47. Why? Seriously? Policemen. Changed their title to law enforcement. Today? Agents of the state. THEY WORK for the POLITICIANS.. You now are under the beginnings of a POLICE STATE. EVERYONE is at risk. You get SUED for saying HELLO. Maxine has admitted they CONTROL EVERYONE they want to. WAKE UP.

  48. Makes sense. The thuggish Lieberals have no conscience when it comes to killing babies, so threatening the theater owners is like child’s play to them.

  49. wicked baptist devil who knows nothing of the bible or the lord jesus christ. hell awaits this
    wicked woman yet blacks still support her how blind could you be. psalm 9-17
    the wicked shall be turned into hell and all the nations that forget GOD.

  50. Stephen: I have to agree with Susan. Why is it always the “white people” that seem to be the ones that do everything wrong? The blacks, democrats and others getting paid by George Soros and others are the ones that put Obama in the White House. Now everything has to be “politically correct”–whatever in the hell that is. If it’s not “politically correct” then someone is racists. What a sad, sad country we are becoming.

  51. She is afraid that women who see this movie will see the truth. I saw it and it’s a hard thing to watch but it tells the truth about abortion. Anyone who sees it will never, ever have one and will talk any woman out of having one. It shows you exactly what it is and how it is done. That’s why they don’t want it shown. If they were not afraid of the truth they would not care. They are a party of lies. From abortion to laws to taxes. They make excuses for the violence against truth. They put themselves above the rest of the people. It’s far past the time for them to go. We need to have a turnover of the whole system.

  52. I really can’t believe that people in California really vote for her. I truly believe she is automatically put back in office and they don’t bother to count votes in her area. SHE IS A NASTY WITCH that started most of the violence that so far people are getting away with. THIS NEEDS TO BE STOPPED. And since she is head of the financial wall street business HER TAXES AND HER HUSBANDS need to be looked at instead of this Presidents. They have become millionaires on what I think has been some crooked dealings since she has been in office. A lot of corruption in Washington and Robert Mueller needs to be investigated too for his part of SOME crooked FBI people now and in the past.

  53. Ms. or Mrs. Sue, I would say Bite The Ugly Wenches Derrierre (Where She Sit’s Down Most Of The Time And The Light Does NOT Shine Upon), Who Does NOT Even Live In Her US Congressional House District!

  54. Well, she can be happy and move to Canada. At least the village idiot would be bugging other than America.

  55. No, we don’t need to change the law to allow Donald Trump to run in 2024. We need to put term limits on congress and the Supreme Court. Trumps doing a good job as President, but 2 terms is enough for any elected office. And while they’re not elected to their positions, the nine Supreme Court Justices hold too much power to hold their job for life.

  56. Vicki: I would advise YOU to go back and read the story.TWO movie theater owners received DEATH threats if they showed the movie.Could that be any clearer to you?This movie was also prohibited( due to threats) in our country as well. Even the so called movie critics were ignoring this movie. But was raving about some Satanist film. The democrats do not want the truth to be exposed as to what happens at these Planned Parenthood facilities and what really happens during an abortion.

  57. I agree with Ted Cruz Antifa is a domestic terrorist group..MaxiPad should be arrested for inciting violence

  58. I vividly remember that murder. Metzgers got what they deserved. It us unfortunate that SPLC has morphed into a racist hate group. It’s unfortunate also that Portland and Seattle in this current messed up climate would not react as they did in 1988.

  59. she’s pro abortion and a buddy of the racist Louis farrakhan she’s ok with planned parenthood killing black babies. she charges Democrats thousands of dollars for her endorsement. she’s a Muslim brotherhood supporter and black racist and you’re not allowed to criticize her.

  60. Very well said Mr. Morgan ! You have many who support your cognitive thinking. I’m really sick of seeing them get away with being flat out Traitors. I say they get a Traitors Sentence …… death by firing squad; no prison sentence. They will be given 60 seconds to make peace with the LORD God Almighty to repent, and ask for forgiveness.

  61. She should be voted out her hate should not be sent to another country. Movie goers wanted to see this movie what are Waters the DNC and their followed afraid of? OH! A prolife movie.

  62. I actually never believed in evolution until I seen Maxine Waters, Shelia Jackson Lee, Al Green, Al Sharpton, Elijah Cummings, John Lewis, Jessie Jackson and other butt ugly people like them. I mean look at them beasts and tell me.

  63. Maxine, Maxine, don’t you realize that you will be judged according to your works? God will not be mocked. Whatever you sow, that is what you will reap. You will have to give an account for what you have done Maxine. Do you really want to stand before Almighty God and try to justify the evil acts you have committed? How will you explain to God the hatred and violence you have encouraged amongst your brothers and sisters who have been created in His image? Repent Maxine, before it’s too late for you and you die with innocent blood on your hands!

  64. ROFLMAO….Water’s words are as irrelevant as she is…..along with all the Demorats…..just a gum flapping fool….and yes, she needs arrested for inciting riots and violence just like we would be but our justice system, especially at fed level, has been failing us for years.

  65. I would say punish them to the fullest extent of the Law but they are from Canada where doing nothing is their worst on Criminals. Waters and all her fellow Democraps should be charged in every attack on Republicans. Every business which has suffered because of the TERRORIST GROUP ANTIFA should sue Democraps for TRILLIONS plus all court Costs and legal fees. The Democraps should be charged for HATE speech every time they make such IGNORANT statements.

  66. She’s an embarrassment. Hell has a special place for her. Jesus says PEACE is the way.
    She’s gonna bring that same destruction she’s spewing back in herself eventually. Watch!

  67. Some powerful arrests will be made his next term. That’s why the Dems want Trump out. They know they’re on the list.

  68. There’s a law on the books re: Incendiary language. Language used to deliberately incite a violent reaction.
    Today’s antifa is reminiscent of the black shirts of Mussolini and the brown shirts of hitler.

  69. Only a short sited, limited thinking person would make such disparaging remarks about an entire race of folks based on the actions of a few. If one child acts up in a family do you hold all the children accountable?
    I know many black professionals, and blue collar workers who are hard working decent folks. Stop believing what the FAKE news puts out there. They are pushing false narratives about a wonderful race of people to keep others on edge and afraid. It keeps the races at each other’s throats and makes everyone angry and paranoid. If we watch each other we don’t watch the law makers which is what the Dems want so they can sneak in their surreptitious agenda for more power. The more the Dems gain power, it becomes easier for the One World Government to come to fruition. The Dems are endeavoring to take God and Jesus out of everything because if you read Revelations you will be aware of everything the dem party is doing. Please, open your hearts and minds. Stop name calling, it shows your ignorance. Peace and love conquers all in the end. And no matter what the FAKE news says, always remember, there’s no one and nothing greater than Jesus.

  70. Ms. Waters is another example of a politician with advanced senile dementia, along that air head Pelosi, and deserve to be defecated out of Congress.

    Dr. Demento


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