Maxine Waters couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw what bill was introduced in her state


Pro-abortion politicians have had their claws on California for years.

Their goal is to use the Golden State as a test case to ram through radical abortion legislation everywhere else in the United States.

But now, one bill that was just introduced in California will leave your jaw on the floor!

In 2018, California pro-abortion legislators introduced an “Abortion Pill” Bill that would force public universities to dole out the abortion pill right on campus.

This bill went all the way to the governor’s desk, but was vetoed by the former far-left Governor Jerry Brown over serious safety concerns.

However, this same bill (SB-24) was reintroduced in the California legislature.

And it just passed both the Senate Education and Health Committees.

Christian Headlines writes:

A California bill that would force public universities to provide women easy access to the abortion pill so they can “stay on track” passed a legislative committee Wednesday.

The bill, SB 24, passed the state Senate education committee 5-2, three weeks after it also passed the Senate health committee, 7-2. Its next stop is the appropriations committee.

If passed, it would require “each student health care services clinic” on a “California State University or University of California campus” to “offer abortion by medication techniques,” according to the bill’s text. Each campus would receive a grant of $200,000.

Abortion, the bill says, is a “constitutional right and an integral part of comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care.”

This Abortion Pill Bill is not only a major threat to the lives of countless unborn babies, but also the lives of the hundreds of thousands of young women on college campuses in California.

The Abortion Lobby’s goal is to make abortion seem no different than popping an aspirin for a headache.

But an aspirin doesn’t end a baby’s life in the womb, or cause harm to the mother.

RU-486, the Abortion Pill, does. And the FDA’s own reporting has linked the deaths of 22 women to the Abortion Pill.

The good news is, this bill has been stopped in its tracks with the help of major pro-life organizations like Students for Life, the leading student-based pro-life group.

In fact, Students for Life is already launching new efforts to prevent this bill from ever rearing its ugly head in the California legislature again.

And putting pressure on California’s new Governor Gavin Newsom is going to be critical to seeing that happen.

Do you think handing out abortion pills on campus is a good idea?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  2. What a travesty !!! If a boy/girl or man/woman can’t be responsible enough to take prior precautions, then they aren’t old enough to be engaging in sex acts at all. Certainly by the time they reach college they are intelligent enough to make better decisions than unprotected sex. Irresponsibility is irresponsibility is irresponsibility….no denying that.

  3. Sorry Californians – but murder should never be legal! Women who want to kill their babies should think oh that long before they get pregnant.

  4. There r some people (REALFA/SOCOMS/WILD EYED RADICALS) who should definitely NOT reproduce.
    That of course would include many politicians.


  6. Really, if you are Liberal, live with n California and want to kill your offsping? I don’t care. Do it. Less Liberals.

  7. I’m pro retroactive birth abortion. As long as it is for ones who would vote for a bill like this. And maybe their parents for having such stupid kids too.

  8. Isn’t this a pill that is given within 2-3 days or so, after intercourse to prevents the implant in the uterus. This does not require a surgical abortion. This should be made clear if that is the pill they are referring too!
    Find out the right info before sounding like you can personally have an real
    abortion without medical help!

  9. Abortion is NOT a ‘constitutional right’. Murder is a criminal act. Abortion is murder, plain and simple. God is NOT dead, and He says “Thou shall not kill”. —

  10. The abortion pill is just as bad as a regular abortion. It kill a living person and possibly the Mother as well. It s murder in a different form,that’s all. It is against GOD and can send you to Hell. Planned Parenthood is one of the most EVIL organizations on earth and should be prosecuted and punished for their evil deeds.

  11. I’m 68 years old and was born in California. Please don’t judge all of us by some,
    My husband is 94 served in world war 2 and the Korean War and is very proud to wear his red hat.
    We both love our flag, the United States and President Trump, and God is first in our lives. So please don’t judge the good people of California by the jerks who live here ( especially Hollywood).

  12. Abortion is murder and should be treated as such but because it is only Democrats more power to them.

  13. NO PILL – the above comment is right on – California is a very bad Liberal/Anti Trump State – Vote for Trump in 2020… That’s the only way we can win back are Beautiful America…
    A Proud Marine Corps Veteran and Patriot.

  14. Here, here. Tell your husband thanks for his service.There are some nice people, just like you, in California. Just not many in Hollywood. God bless you.

    Chuck Nix
    Master Sergeant
    US Army Retired

  15. Per the idiot K. Harris CA, is the trend setting state. Before you know it kids will become disposal up to 7 or 8. Don’t like them or their conduct just throw them away. Only in CA would this be acceptable. Too bad, politicians aren’t disposal that would be worth voting “YES” on!

  16. Hell No, to me that is still murder whether its the baby or mother. These people and organization that push this crap are really sick and EVIL. What is wrong with you people, we should just get rid of you IDIOTS and the problem would be solved. There are too many kids having sex especially at really young ages without protection or the pill. When you get pregnant its not the babies fault, your the one at fault and then you want to MURDER this PRECIOUS BABY BECAUSE YOU made a mistake. Try not having sex by keeping your legs closed, take the pill or use a condom, but quit MURDERING BABYS

  17. Does anyone ever research anything that comes up for a legislative vote? this is a medication folks…not a life-saver ( honestly I didn’t even think about what I just wrote before I wrote it…because it isn’t a life saver). The pill medication itself is dangerous to some women…which ones? No one knows that till it has been swallowed, and is in the blood stream and begins to do what it is designed to do…make the uterine wall hostile to the implantation of the fertilized egg. It also causes the woman excruciating pain…not un-similar to an abortion. The uterine cramping is like nothing she has ever experienced in her life…and can and does cause massive bleeding, which has led some to the ER. There is no stopping this medication from working once it has been swallowed. So it’s called the morning after pill…not so fast my friends…takes a bit longer than that. But no one has calculated who many women’s lives we will lose, while she loses her unborn baby…and I know what y’all are going to say…”It’s not s baby yet!” Well it is to us, I’m an RN, and we fight to save every pregnancy…regardless the length of gestation.

  18. I’LL BE IN PRAYER FOR THE Christians in California, we lived there for one year back in 1958 after moving from N.J. & my husband said, this is too liberal for me !!! so we moved back home & I’m glad we did, now that the liberal are ruining that beautiful state!!!!!

  19. People who are conservative voice your opinue on all our issues, I’m beginning to believe we’re outnumbered by missfits.

  20. EW…you are 100% correct. It isn’t a take a pill, swallow and Voila…no more baby. It can take 24 hours to 3 , maybe 4 days of excruciating pain…and I feel that is justified. You are causing death to your unborn…so why shouldn’t you have to suffer a little ( a whole lot actually!) Maybe during this horrible time period, you will think about using protection the next time you lie down to satisfy your urges and create a life! Adults…BE ADULTS! This is a baby…this is not just a mass of cells, multiplying and dividing…this is a human being about to be finding it’s home in your uterus, and while there, will grow fingers and toes, eyes, eyebrows and lashes, and look like you or it’s father…it is life…and it started in you…give it a chance.

  21. Abortion is MURDER. Plain and simple. Any party that legislates killing babies is a party of Murderers.
    Doesn’t matter which one They are murderers: God said it not I. Read it Proverbs 6:16-19 Six things God hates, one is “Hands that shed innocent blood.” the blood, of these children never given a chance to grow, stains the hands of their mothers and politicians who will stand at judgment before God . Rev 20:11-15 Mothers, killers of their babies from God, and the evil Politicians who legislated the law. Where are the dead babies? They are with the Lord in Heaven their parents to Hell. Note, animals don’t kill their offspring human beings do.Thou shall not kill says God. Is it any wonder why America is falling so rapidly? Righteousness lifts up a nation sin destroys it.Stop killing our future generation. God is angry.

  22. OK ..I get it ..but when will they have a pill, that they can use to kill the child..maybe if the child starts growing blond hair, or blue eyes..or will not brush his/her teeth, or doesn’t want to go to sleep at 7PM …or is dating same sex..where does it stop , when does it stop month before birth. 1` month after birth…5 years after birth, or 1 week before becoming 21 and is no longer a tax deduction …..THINK ABOUT IT ..MAYBE “YOU” WOULD NEVER BEEN ALLOWED TO GROW UP..

  23. When will they invent a “stupid politician pill”. They’d make a fortune!

  24. EXACTLY! No one has the right to murder another human being. It’s not a female RIGHT.

  25. Abortion is murder whether by pill, surgical procedure, coat hanger, or however else a baby is killed.

  26. Actually, they can hand out aspirins to the horny gals, with the directions to “hold it between your legs”… Works better than anything else, other than simply not putting themselves in the position of needing ANY contraception.
    MAGA †

  27. Did I read that College Students are given this pill. What do the College students know, “binge drinking, , sex, drugs, and rock and Roll. It’s the after the binge drinking, and telling another student that she’s pregnant. You don’t get pregnant chewing bubble gum!

  28. Where in the Constitution does it state Abortion is a Right and where does the Constitution make reference to
    “Comprehensive Sexual and Reproductive Health Care”? This is obviously another Democrat attempt to make the Constitution fit the Democrat plan. Where is the Constitutional responsibility to provide abortion pills or any other contraceptive. Our Universities and Colleges have become more of a drinking and sex playground than a higher education facility. If sex, drinking and drugs are top priorities to college students, then maybe they should consider the choices they make instead of having tax payers pay for their playtime. But that will never happen because our universities and colleges are more concerned with leftwing freebies for student stupidity, than it is about educating our college age students, to be productive. It appears the only “Productive” idea on campuses these days, has an “RE” in front of it, ie: “Reproductive”. God Bless America and God Bless Constitutional Conservatism.

  29. U r braver than I am, I was born & raised in NYC but left. There were 2 many boneheads running the metro area. I moved 2 Long Island but the SOCOMS followed me. U probably have heard the once peaceful counties of Long Island have been invaded by illegal criminal gangs. So like many other NUYOKERS I packed up & headed 4 the sunbelt. Guess what? 90% of my family members followed. Don’t know how u intend 2 take back that state but the prospects r not good 4 the near future.
    wishing u all the luck.

  30. Excellent comments. I couldn’t agree more. The only thing I find hard to believe is that Gov Brown vetoed it. Maybe there is a human being with a heart in him. But that being said,the liberals will stop at nothing to get this part of their agenda passed. I don’t care what semantics they use it’s still mureder,plain and simple. Now they want to possibly kill the mother with this pill. Wow. The dismissal of the value of human life astounds me. I’m clear on my position-overturn Roe v. Wade and stop the killing of innocent children. Thank God the conservatives have a majority on the SCOTUS. And Trump isn’t done appointing yet. The buck stops with them and I have an idea this whole pill idea will reach them and you know what will happen to it then. Right in the trash!! Take care. God bless.

  31. Show us where it is located within the Constitution. PLEASE. I ahve yet to find the script dealing with it.

  32. Abortion is the liberal’s form of birth control !!! So killing a living human being; because the fetus or zygote or whatever they call it will be a human being; not a chicken or dog or frog or any other life form. This is pure and simple just plain evil. They prefer to kill a living being rather than use one of a dozen other forms to prevent conception. The government ought to mandate free sterilization after every abortion.

  33. That can be said of a huge number of democrat communist party of America members in Congress today.

  34. That means that the black robed individuals in the SCOTUS way back when must not have had a good understanding of Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  35. I don’t thing this will work, California has gone to far left and it is a lost cause. Real Americans are leaving California by the thousands every year.

  36. The arguments used by the baby killers is totally wrong. Abortion is hazardous to the females getting them and using chemicals to force a miscarriage is worse. The idea of abortion and this pill as a constitutional right is way wrong. No where in the US Constitution does it say there is a right to kill a fetus or that the citizens have a right to Healthcare, no matter what quackery that healthcare may be.

  37. Women say they want control of their own bodies. So why not don’t get pregnant in the first place and you won’t feel as if you have to commit murder on the poor unfortunate life growing inside you. I’m sure you know how to have “protected sex” no matter how uneducated you are.

  38. You’re right. It’s called the morning after pill…THOSE should be given out to all..we really have to see that 12 and 13 year olds have access. They’re most curious at that age.

  39. So is Dirty Waters getting a kickback from the abortion industries, is that why she did not like that Bill?

  40. Show me in the US Constitution where abortion is a legal right. You can’t because it does not exist. Only a fool or a ignorant democrat would believe such a thing.

  41. Yes indeed Blac Knight. There is nothing in the constitution guaranteeing abortion or restricting gun rights. Both things the demonrats want.

  42. Ok, but what does Maxine have to do with anything related to this article, other than you using her as click bait? It’s difficult to trust the information you provide in your story when you were dishonest with the headline to it.

  43. California! Like granola! When you run out of fruit and nuts, all that’s left is Flakes!

  44. No matter where you stand on this issue, God said “Thou shall not kill!” He has the last word. No one will be able to say, “God, I did not know…..” There is no excuse! Each of us has to teach his own children and grandchildren the truth. We have to pray for own. And whether we like it or not, we must also pray for those who do wrong! God help us all!

    Thank you to those who finally brought up the subject of birth control! This is the first time I have heard it mentioned.

  45. a new college course: Civil Rights in the 21st Century – don’t let such things as responsibility, morality, etc. get in the way of having fun and living your life. All consequences will be considered collateral damage. (and blamed on Trump)

  46. Unless campus “health care” has improved in a quantum manner (and I seriously doubt it) this bill to make the abortion pill available indiscriminately is an open invitation to many young women’s deaths. If the woman is NOT under the direct care of a physician, the chances of permanent disability or death skyrockets. This is totally INSANE. I hope that these people who put the health of mother and child first succeed.

  47. There is no constitutional right to abortion. There is judge-made law that allows it. And that idiot that wrote the Roe decision was bullied by his wife and daughter.

  48. no! murder is murder they even want to kill mothers now when are we going to stop all kinds of murder GOD said thou shalt not kill when are we going to stand up and say were not going to allow this any more.

  49. Thank you black knight, I totally agree with you, that was just another lie by an fool or ignorant DEM.

  50. Wow, I think it;s about time to build a fence around California to keep the nuts within it, so their sickness thought don’t spread to the other states.

  51. I also live in California and read the whole piece on the pill so I see it was stopped short. Northern California is a lot more conservative and has little use for L A or San Francisco and little by little we will get things turned around. Don’t have much use for democrats or the rino republicans.

  52. No offense intended but, if a woman doesn’t want to get pregnant; it is her responsibility to kick off her sex partner off her once he starts quivering and shaking meaning that he is about to ejaculate and kicking him off would prevent thecsperm from uniting with the fertile egg in the Fallopian tube preventing a pregnancy. There are other ways, but thst would be an effective one and Incase the partners are married, it sure would be the fastest way to lost a husband just a thought.

  53. The FDA’s own reporting has linked the deaths of 22 women to the RU-486 Abortion Pill and that is a good start. At the moment a female and her abortionist murders a baby the both of them should drop dead – call it One & Done.
    I’ve read that the morning after pill can be purchased from vending machines on a college campus for $20.00 which is ten-dollars less than a pharmacy.

  54. This bill is nothing more than a bill to advance murder. Any person with morals, common sense, compassion and a brain will say no to this kind of tactic. Mad Max is for it then America should be against it, period. Also any person who willingly takes the life of an unborn child should have their life removed also. FDA has not approved this and neither should the American people.

  55. AMEN Linda. You must have had parents who taught morals and the difference between right and wrong based on the Bible. HERE HERE !! Your post is dead on.

  56. No, it should never pass. Abortion should never be an excuse for promiscuous sexual behavior. If they are old enough to have sex then they are old enough to know about pregnancy.

  57. Here in Kern County, California we are your armed allies in the true resistance against democrats and illegal chooks.

  58. Now think men; any reduction in reproduction in states like Ca-lee-for-knee-ia is a positive action. It will prevent additional fools growing up to ruin the country. Think Waters, Feinstein, Pelosi, Shiffless the pencil neck etal. Garbage in garbage out.

  59. To the web site: The comment was not entered previously, it would appear that the web site dictators do not approve and of course, since they are smarter than anyone else, the reply is removed with a liberals excuse.

  60. I think that particular medication should be available on campus, but not paid for by the government.

  61. Maxine doesn’t recognize anything without the word impeachment in it. Why is everyone so surprised?

  62. Maybe Californians will love to pay out many, many multi-million dollar lawsuits, when this kills someone, yet alone when people with remorse sue them for taking the life of their child, or a man sues because California denied him his child’s life. I’d say they may learn after paying out a few billion dollars.


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